Part Six

Several weeks passed before the boy did anything about the incident between them. Spike had been expecting the slayer to show up as his crypt at any time, and he had arguments ready to try and talk her out of ending him. But nothing happened. They patrolled, the girls gossiped. The whelp was withdrawn, introspective even, for several days. His lack of babble resulted in some gentle teasing from the girls and a few odd looks. But the mood passed eventually, and he was back to being the Scoobies’ donut boy. Spike wasn’t fooled, he’d good reason to know the whelp had hidden depths.

Red had no luck understanding where she went wrong with the ritual, which didn’t surprise Spike in the slightest. Spell prolly did exactly what it was supposed to.

He had that theory confirmed one night when a Hrarken demon attacked them. Its long proboscis pointed to Xander but whatever it smelled made it hiss and withdraw. Seemed the boy wasn’t a demon magnet anymore.

Except for one demon. Spike wanted him badly, wanted the human who had enough balls to tease a Master vampire with a stake. There weren’t many like that on this lovely planet, and Spike was attracted despite himself. He tried to tell himself that it would be the worst fucking idea he’d ever had. His chest was scarred from the stake, a permanent reminder of his foolishness.

Regrets flitted through his mind, emotions he pretended he didn’t feel, but when loneliness became unbearable and his hand was his only comfort again, it wasn’t Buffy’s face he saw anymore. His fantasies were full of Xander, willing and needy, wanting Spike. But that was the only time he allowed himself that, not going to turn into a broody poof like soddin’ Angel.

He could sense the boy all the time though, like a distant echo or shadow when they were separated. He wondered if the whelp felt it too.

Late one afternoon there was a hesitant step outside his crypt and the boy was there.



Spike settled into his armchair while the boy paced. The vampire wondered where this was going, but the boy started in with the babble and Spike did his best to keep up.

“I never expected that. That happening wasn’t even in the same galaxy as this one. It was so unexpected it was like some sort of parallel universe thing, except you should always expect a parallel universe. Wait. Maybe it’s that spell working, but I still feel what I feel. I just can’t believe I feel it about you, cause evil vampire who raped me, so not good. And I’m not gay, I mean, I’ve never looked at another guy that way. Although there could have been an incident with Larry, he probably would have, but he’s dead. And Willow and Tara, I’ve got nothing against the gayness there, sorta hot if you think of it, and not like one of them is my best friend, cause, yuck. But I’m not against gayness as a concept, I’m just against it as it applies to me. Or at least I thought I was, which just shows you that you never know. And you did say never say never.”

Spike threaded his fingers through his hair, tugging on it, feeling almost as bad as he did when the chip fired. “Shut the fuck up!”

Harris gulped, and whispered, “Shutting up now.”

“What are you trying to say?” Spike held up his hand. “Ten words or less.”

“Uh . . . I liked turning you on.”

Spike lit a fag, considering. “If you liked tying me up, that’s not gonna happen again, not unless it’s t’other way around. Demon doesn’t bend for humans. That was a one time deal to square things between us.”

“Why’d you do it?”

“Not concern for you, I tell ya. Didn’t want her Buffyness to stake me, did I?” He puffed, savoring the smoke and then exhaling. “Pure self preservation.”

“Okay. But the tying up wasn’t it.” He stumbled over his words, turning a lovely shade of red. “Ilikedmakingyoucome.”

“Oh? Do tell, pet.”

Harris shrugged. “Not much to tell. It made me feel good. I want . . . more.”

Could be the spell working, could be the boy was just twisted. Spike didn’t much care, as long as it didn’t lead to any personal dustiness.

He leaned back in his armchair. “Right. I can help you with that, boy. I won’t deny that I’d fancy another go.”

Xander made a small sound, like he wanted to argue and Spike nodded, his voice soft, “No, not like that.”

The vampire could feel the mixture of fear and desire coming off the boy, and knew he was inches away from fleeing. “What about this . . . you stay dressed, and I’ll get naked. You’ll be safe.”

“That could work.”

Spike stood up and shucked his shirt off. “Tie this over your eyes. You can pretend I’m someone else, someone you’d want.”

Xander took the shirt hesitantly, but did as he was told. Spike smiled to see that, fuck, the boy had a more courage than was good for him. But maybe there was hope yet, that they could come to some understanding between them. He peeled himself out of his jeans and boots, and sat down again.

“Touch me,” he said softly, careful to keep any note of command out of his voice. He wanted to see how far the boy would go on his own. “No peeking.”

The human moved hesitantly, sliding his feet forward until he found the chair. He bent forward slowly, reaching out until his hand connected with Spike’s shoulder. He went to his knees and the demon was hungry for him, but Spike kept his hands to his sides, determined to let the boy control how they touched. He wanted the boy eager for him, not afraid unless Spike wanted him to be.

The boy was careful with him, big calloused hands skating over Spike’s chest pausing at his nipples, circling them and pinching. The vampire purred his pleasure, his chest rumbling. The fingers hesitated when they found the stake scar over the left one, stopping and Spike could feel his confusion.

“S’alright, pet,” Spike murmured reassurances and the fingers gained confidence.

Spike enjoyed watching the human move. He had a slight self-consciousness, as though he were used to being bigger than everyone else and had to take care not to hurt them.

But he didn’t hesitate to touch Spike, his hands going everywhere, tickling in some places, though Spike refused to give any indication of it. Master vampires didn’t giggle when being serviced by their potential thralls.

When those calloused fingers finally wrapped around his prick, Spike couldn’t stop his hips from arching into the contact, but he stilled again, letting the boy go at his own pace. From what Xander had said before, Spike was fairly certain that the human had never held any other dick ‘cept his own.

“Touch yourself,” Spike purred when he the unmistakable scent of aroused male drifted on the air.

The boy stopped, opening his jeans, working by feel behind the blackness of Spike’s T-shirt. His member was thick, nested in his dark bush. Spike hoped he’d get the chance to show the boy how to dress, cause he was too beautiful to hide under his dreary clothes.

“Lovely boy.”

The boy acted perplexed by the compliment, his head tilted as though he were trying to see Spike, but he soon returned to his task.

Xander seemed fascinated by his foreskin, working it around, tentatively slipping a fingertip under it. Spike let him play, curious as to what this human would do. Xander finally got serious about it, stripping Spike’s cock with the efficiency of someone used to taking care of his own business. The boy had long supple fingers that completely engulfed Spike’s cock, sending him quickly into orbit. Come spurted over the boy’s hands and soaked Spike’s belly.

The boy gripped his own cock and pulled himself off quickly, his breath hoarse ragged pants ending a deep groan as he added to the puddle of come on the vampire. He reached up and pulled the shirt off his eyes.

He looked a little dazed, but Spike could see no signs of panic or fear in his eyes.

Spike smirked, running his fingers through the mess on his belly, and then bringing them to his mouth to clean them. “Nummy.”

“If you say so.”

Spike leered at him and then pushed him up. “Off you go, boy. We’ve both got what we wanted.”

The vampire pulled his jeans back on while Harris fixed his clothes.

“What happens now?”

“Next time is on you. You know where to find me.”

Part Seven

A few days later, Xander came back again, and Spike sensed the conflict inside him. He guessed that the human had thought the last time would scratch the itch and it would go away. It bloody well hadn’t helped Spike out much, other than give him visuals to go with his nightly fantasies.

The boy smelled of healthy male, the blood coursing strongly through his veins and it was soddin’ difficult rein his nature in. He gave off testosterone too, like most males his age. Made Spike want to turn him over the nearest flat surface and have that toothsome ass again. But he held back. He’d not do that again unless the boy asked him directly.

“I want . . . something.”

“Could you be more vague, boy?”

“I don’t know! I think about you when I shouldn’t, how’s that for evidence that fate hates me?”

Spike lowered his voice. “And what do you think about . . . all alone in your bed, perhaps?”

The boy smelt of embarrassment now and Spike grinned. He could still have his fun.

“Yeah, sometimes.”

“Why don’t we take care of that little problem?” He gestured to his easy chair. “Make yourself comfortable. Get the problem . . . in hand.”

“That the best you can come up with, tanless one?”

Xander rolled his eyes at the bad pun and Spike leered at him, glad that they could at least snark at each other again.

“Shh. Now, just do exactly what I say, yeah?”

The boy looked intrigued by the game and Spike leaned against the sarcophagus, staring at the human. His demon side wanted the boy badly, but the part of him that could think straight believed it was still too soon. Spike let his posture slump, feigning complete repose.

“Lets ‘ave those jeans off, pet. But slowly. Push ‘em down past your knees.” Spike lowered his voice, letting the low rumble creep into it as much as he could while he had his human visage.

Xander’s eyes widened and the musk he gave off sharpened, intensified suddenly. Spike kept his smile to himself, as the boy did as he was told. And he held the demon back with difficulty when the human didn’t do anything else, didn’t touch himself, but instead looked at Spike with anticipation in his eyes. So obedient.

Spike made sure to keep the purr in his voice. “Spread your knees a bit, wanna see you.”

He took an unneeded breath when the boy obeyed, unknowingly showing off his dusky balls and already straining shaft. Young human males were so easy to play and this one was more responsive than most. Spike’s tone had gone ragged.

“S’lovely, boy. Beautiful, you are.”

The scent changed, something else lay under the desire, and Spike wondered how often the boy got compliments on his looks. He cleared his throat softly.

“Touch yourself, wrap a hand around your prick. Pinch your nipple with the other.”

The vampire dug his fingers against his zipper, trying to quell his own organ when Xander hissed from the contact on his nipples. Clear fluid leaked from the crown of the human’s dick, and Spike whimpered, wanting to taste, cursing his thoughtless act that made it so necessary for him to hold back now.

“Smear your juice around.”

The boy’s eyes were wide and pleasure dazed as he did what Spike told him to, and Spike added, “Taste yourself.”

Xander brought his fingers to his mouth slowly, hesitantly, but after he got his first taste, he sucked his own fingers in, cleaning them busily, hollowing his cheeks as he worked. Spike couldn’t stand it, ripping his own jeans open and getting his hands on his prick.

“Stop!” Spike winced when the boy jumped. He hadn’t meant to make that so strong. He didn’t want the human to react to the spell, wanted him to make the choice to obey Spike. “I mean, that’s bloody hot, you’ve no idea. Don’t wanna come yet.”

The boy nodded, but Spike could almost see the wheels turning and he knew that he’d given the boy something to use against him. All to the good though, he enjoyed the boy’s dark side.

“Stroke yourself now, nice steady rhythm.” Spike wrapped his fingers around his cock, knowing it wasn’t going to take much to get himself off. If he’d known the boy was this enticing, he would have taken advantage of him when they were still sharing the basement.

He concentrated on the signs from the human, listening carefully to his heartbeat and breathing, his ears and nose telling him when the boy was close.

“Stop.” This time he used the command, and the boy stopped instantly, though he groaned in protest, his breathing harsh. “Take your hand away, pet, just relax a mo’.”

“Spike . . . "

The human wasn’t happy about that, and Spike smirked, but he kept his tone soothing. “Just breathe through it, let it fall back a bit.”

When he could feel that the boy wasn’t near his crisis anymore, he had him start again. But he stopped again before he could finish. Three more times Spike repeated the order and he could feel the frustration emanating from the human. The boy was sweaty and trembling, his eyes unfocused. The noises he made were exquisite.

Spike finally ran out of patience with the game and began to stroke himself in time with the mortal’s hands. “All the way this time, come with me.”

The boy thrashed, his back bowing as his hips thrust against his hand. Spike let go of his own orgasm with a roar, vamping out as he bucked against the stone.

The crypt was full of the scent of sex and human musk, and the boy slumped in a boneless heap in the chair. Spike wanted to lick him clean, the sweat and the come, taste him all over, open tiny wounds and sip his blood.

" ‘m so screwed,” he mumbled to himself.

Part Eight

They met at odd times, then. Xander would work them both into a frenzy until they exploded together. Spike let the boy touch him, but determinedly kept his hands to himself, hoping that the boy would eventually come to want him for more. But Xander never mentioned anything until one night when he leaned against the Taylor family capstone in Shady Hill after they finished patrolling. Spike waited, wondering why the boy wasn’t going home.

“Why won’t you touch me?”

“Wot? Happen I’ve touched you right thoroughly, boy.”

“No, not really.”

Xander seemed to be trying to get his thoughts in order and Spike really hoped he was going to be subjected to more incomprehensible exposition.

“You let me touch you, you watch me while I beat off, and you say all sorts of naughty things to me, which is way hot, by the way. But you never follow up.”

Spike shrugged and fiddled with a cigarette. “You seem to like it.”

“I know what you’re doing.”

The vampire rolled his eyes. “And what might that be?”

“You’re trying to make amends . . . for what you did to me.”

“Evil here. Or did you forget?” Spike snorted. He vamped out, but Xander didn’t flinch.

“Not likely. But I think you regret it. And don’t try to change the subject, blondie.”

“What the bleeding hell do I have to regret? Got myself a nice warm piece of ass.” Spike was starting to get pissed, and he wasn’t gonna tolerate the boy accusing him of being a poof.

“Defensive much?”

“Fucking subject’s closed.”

Spike turned away in annoyance, heading for home. He stopped short when his sensitive ears caught the sound of a zipper. It was a jeans zipper, no mistaking the thick metal sound for those pansy nylon ones. He refused to look though.

“Look what I found here. It’s all hard and throbby.”

Spike cursed and spun around, his growl answering Xander’s low-voiced tease. The boy was leaning against the granite, his jeans pushed down to his knees. His thick cock was framed by the dark hair around it and long muscular thighs. Xander tugged languidly on his prick, smearing the fluid around at the head.

“But I guess some vampires are too sensitive and kind to help me out. I’ll just have to take care of this all by myself. Since the evil un-dead has gone all cuddly.” His voice was taunting as his hand sped up.

“Hey!” the boy shouted through the empty cemetery. “Here I am! Hot mortal! Any vampires around who aren’t pussies?”

The demon roared and Spike moved across the intervening space at full speed. He pulled up short in front of the human.

“Are you looking to get raped again, boy?”

The whelp’s erection wilted at bit at that, and his voice was quiet and serious when he answered. “No. There was not one part of me that enjoyed any aspect of that. No deep seated kink that got off on what you did. I don’t ever want that to happen again.”

The boy started on his dick again. “Why didn’t you use the voice thing on me?

The subject change left Spike’s head spinning. “What’re you on about now?”

“You could have done the magic roofie thing on me, made me take it, not fight you. But you didn’t. Why?”

“Maybe I wanted a bit a torture, been a while.”

“Tell me the truth.”

Spike squirmed, not entirely sure what the truth was anymore. This human confused him more than anyone he could remember, barring only Dru.

Instead he asked, “Would that make you feel better? That I made you do it cause of some fucked up spell?”

“No, it would still be rape.”

“That’s it then. No sense dressing it up as something it wasn’t.”

Spike wondered what it would be like to have Xander, willing and eager. He supposed he’d fucked up too badly to ever find out. But he still didn’t understand the boy’s game.

“So the way it went down was actually you being honest with me.”

“Yeah. No! ‘M not honest, not at all.”

“Okay. If you say so.”

Xander’s hand drifted down to his organ again, stroking it into full hardness and Spike was annoyed that he couldn’t help responding to the show. The boy leaned his head back, closing his eyes, and thrusting his hips out and Spike scented the pheremones pouring off him. The boy was close.

Brown eyes opened, hazy with desire. “Please, Spike. Please touch me.”

Controlling his face with difficulty, Spike hadn’t the will to resist that plea. Maybe that bloody spell worked both ways. Mattered not a bit, though. He reached out, feeling the turgid weight of the human’s shaft for the first time, like a bar of heated metal in his hand. Xander gasped as Spike put decades of experience into the act of whacking him off.

It was the hottest thing Spike had seen in a long time, Xander all needy and losing it because of him. The organ in his hand swelled and stiffened further before releasing its delicious heat. Spike wrapped his other arm around the human, holding him while he spasmed.

When it was over, Spike leaned down and placed a careful kiss on Xander’s crown, before tucking the boy back into his pants and jeans.

Part Nine

Spike pushed sweaty hair out of Xander’s eyes. The moonlight flooding the cemetery lit the strong bones of his face.

“Do you know what I want now?”

“What?” Xander’s question was slightly wary, but Spike could sense no fear.

“A kiss.”

Spike wondered what Xander would make of that, because kissing carried many implications of things other than sex. But Spike loved to kiss and he’d get it when he could.


Spike cupped the boy’s face and pulled him down, hands tightening in his thick hair. He stepped in close, hard against the boy’s body, so much larger than his, nearly as big as Angelus. But this one was full of hot mortal sweetness, enough warmth that Spike thought his undead heart might beat again.

Spike pressed his mouth against Xander’s and it seemed the boy had no squickage about locking lips with a vampire, because he opened his mouth without urging and Spike was falling into the hot depths, pressing himself closer, growling as he tried to get more of the luscious taste of this human boy. Xander tightened his arms, pressing Spike into him, and Spike ground against the boy, pushing him back against the granite tomb.

When they pulled apart, Spike felt dizzy, and the boy . . . his lips were swollen, his breath was heavy, and Spike was becoming addicted to seeing that lost and pleasure-dazed look on his face.

The human licked his lips. “As first kisses go, that was . . . whoa.”

His hands were still twisted in the boy’s dark brown hair, so Spike flexed his fingers, scratching lightly. Xander leaned into the touch unconsciously, his hands around Spike’s waist tightening, pulling the vampire closer.

“What do you want, boy?”

“I’m not sure.” The human sighed. “I think I want you, and that’s giving me a huge case of the wiggins.”

Spike nodded. “I’m a demon and we don’t do things by halves. If I have you, I want all of you. I’ll take everything you’ve got and things you never dreamed of.”

Arousal mixed with uncertainty and a small thread of fear wafted off the boy. His voice was tight. “Everything?”

“I promise that I’ll never take you by force again. And I won’t kill you. But I’ll hurt you some and I will bite you.”

Xander would never know what kind of iron control it had taken Spike to resist tasting his blood all these weeks. The one human he could have and he’d held back, cause he was a romantic fool and he wanted the gift given freely. Perhaps he had the chip to thank for teaching him to control his impulses. That made him want to growl.

“Okay. Can I trust your promises?”

“That’s your decision. I’ll give you time to think about it. But if we do this, you do it completely, no going back, no changing your mind and saying I forced you. Not this time. No crying to your friends.”

Spike wanted Xander to be absolutely certain before they went any farther. If he came to it on his own, the boy would be happy and the Slayer couldn’t say anything. Well, not as much. Spike was certain that she’d have plenty to say. In the meantime, he’d see if he could steal old Rupe’s bit of plastic and have a little shopping spree. Just in case the boy wanted more. Definitely needed some leather. Black, of course.

Part Ten

It finally happened after they were wrapping up patrol one night. Xander mumbled something about having the new Steven Segal movie and did Spike want to watch it. The girls rolled their eyes and advised Xander to get a life, but they weren’t smelling what Spike was and the vampire agreed to the plan.

“Gotta nip back to the crypt and have a bit of a feed, then I’ll be along.”

Xander nodded and turned for his apartment. Buffy mentioned something about aromatherapy and the group dispersed. Spike hurried back to his crypt, getting a bag of blood and eating quickly. What he really needed was the duffle bag stashed in the lower level. Amazing really, the kinds of things you could access from the public library late at night. Clem had accepted the parcels for him and hadn’t asked any questions.

The boy answered the door already in mid-babble. “I don’t really want to watch the movie. I mean, I have the movie in case anyone asks, and I can give you a plot summary if you need it to cover, but really, it’s not a very good one.”

Spike sighed. “Stop. I know it. Smelled you, didn’t I?”

He winked and Xander colored.

“So I’m just a big mood ring to you? How embarrassing.”

“Bit more than that.”

He dropped the bag beside the door and prowled to the overstuffed chair. He saw the boy look curiously at the bag and smiled to himself. He’d let the human wonder before he showed him. Spike relaxed back into the chair, slouching, and pretending he wasn’t anxiously awaiting the boy’s answer.

Xander fidgeted, and then said, “I agree to your terms. Just no rape, no death, and no turning.”

“You’ll do anything and everything I say. And you’ll let me do anything I want to you. Anything. There will be no safety for you, short of death.” Spike wanted it clear what the boy was agreeing to.

The boy’s eyes looked startled and fearful, but his voice was steady. “Yes. Anything.”

The mortal was trembling slightly, his scent a mixture of fear and anticipation, and no small amount of arousal. Spike sat forward in the chair, spreading his legs.

“Right. Take your clothes off.”

The whelp did as he was told and Spike thoroughly enjoyed the show. The boy was full and hard by the time he was bare, strong thighs leading to his dark bush and thick member. Bulky shoulders and deep chest. The boy was a beauty hidden under revolting clothes. Spike kept his stare until long past it was comfortable, reveling in the boy’s embarrassment. Something he’d teach the human, to be proud in his nakedness.

“Very nice, pet.” Spike gave the praise in a quiet, sincere voice and the human’s color deepened. “Stand there, be right back.”

Spike went to the kitchen area, getting out a metal bowl and filling it with ice from the fridge. He returned to the chair and set the bowl on the floor within easy reach. He sprawled out again. The boy was still in place but he moved restlessly.

“Come sit on my lap. Back to me.”

He arranged the boy the way he wanted him, long legs draped over Spike’s knees, his head resting on Spike’s shoulder. “Let your arms dangle over the sides of the chair, pet. Relax, I’ve got you.”

The position left the boy’s front fully exposed to Spike’s hands, cock and balls vulnerable. His hole was in easy reach, too, but Spike wasn’t going to touch it this time. The boy didn’t know that though, and a small tendril of fear scent wove through the overwhelming sexual pheremones the boy was pumping out. A heady mixture that Spike enjoyed completely even as his voice lowered, soothing and reassuring as he explored the human in his lap. Spike picked up a piece of ice.

He ran the cold down the center of the boy’s chest, purring at the gasp coming from the human. Ice circled tender nipples, forming them into little stiff peaks and the boy cursed softly. Spike traced the tendons of his graceful neck, his turn to moan as his fingertips brushed of the life pulsing hotly there.

The human was shivering, partly cold, partly arousal, and Spike smirked. His fingers didn’t feel the cold and he could keep doing this long past the point where it was bearable for a human. He dropped the melted fragment into the bowl and picked up another.

Spike outlined long thigh muscles, wandering up to dip into his belly button. Then he rambled lower, the ice going around the area where Xander wanted to be touched, but never quite getting there, until the boy was mumbling his frustration and trying to urge his hips into Spike’s hand.

“Be still.”

Xander quieted, but then shuddered and gasped when Spike touched his dick with the ice, sliding it up and down the heated shaft. Spike could feel the boy’s struggle to stay motionless.

When the thick bush was wet and dripping, and his balls were drawn up from the cold, Spike dropped the ice and wiped his hands on the fabric of the chair.

He wrapped a hand around the boy’s prick. The boy was silken heat in Spike’s hands and he cupped the full balls with his other hand while he worked the organ. The human was whining incoherently, guttural hoarse sounds of pleasure. Spike intensified his movements and the boy shot quickly, his back bowing and legs stiffening as he released.

When it was over, the boy was panting and sweaty in his arms, and Spike wanted to lick him all over, to take the delicious flavors of life into his mouth. But he knew it was too soon for that. Instead he brought his hand to his mouth and carefully cleaned off every drop of the boy’s spend.

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