I've recently joined [info] lateseasonlove (ie. love for BtVS seasons 6 & 7), and I've been inspired me to write a fanfic for it. Because Spike/Xander is my favourite fanfic pairing, my mind automatically went to the two of them.

I should also mention this is my first fanfic EVER. Maybe I should have included a disclaimer about that?

Rating: PG
Word count: 427
Feedback: Yes please! All kinds including concrit welcome.
Disclaimer: Not mine, Joss owns them.
Summary: Post-Him (Season 7). A brief moment between Spike & Xander.



Xander opened the door and entered his apartment. He turned on the light and toed off his shoes.

“Burn the jacket?” Spike asked.

“Ah! Spike.” Xander said in annoyance, his heart beating way too fast. “Why were you sitting in the dark?”

“It’s quiet.”

Spike was on the couch staring straight ahead.

“Okay.” Xander said, as he walked to his fridge and grabbed the milk out of it. “Jacket’s burned. R.J. is no longer adored by the female population of Sunnydale.”

Xander drank some milk from the carton. If Spike can leave towels on the floor, I don’t have to use a glass, Xander thought. He put the milk back in the fridge and turned towards Spike.

Spike was still staring at nothing in front of him. I really hope he’s not like a cat and can see ghosts, Xander thought. There’d better not be anything dead in my apartment, um, other than Spike.

Xander walked over and sat down beside Spike.

“So what are we watching?” Xander asked.

Spike turned his head towards Xander and raised an eyebrow.


“That’s a relief. I wasn’t in the hosting mood.”

Spike just continued to stare at him.

“It’s been a long night, I’m not being your entertainment.” Xander said, as he leaned over and reached for the remote on the coffee table.

His movement was stopped by Spike grasping Xander’s wrist firmly. Xander sighed and looked at Spike. I’m not in the mood for the crazy vampire routine, he thought.

Spike was intently looking at Xander. He retained his grip on Xander’s wrist, while he reached up and touched Xander’s left cheek with his other hand. Xander was so shocked by Spike’s touch that he just sat there without moving.

“You and the girl should leave town.” Spike said.

He brushed his hand down and off Xander’s cheek. Spike let go of Xander’s wrist, dropping his hands to his legs. Xander could still feel Spike’s touch on his skin.

“It’s okay. Buffy always wins.” Xander said trying to sound reassuring. He reached over and patted Spike’s hand awkwardly.

“It’s coming.” Spike said.

Spike got up and walked into his closet/room, shutting the door behind him.

Xander stared after him for a second. He sat on the couch trying to make sense of what Spike had said. His cheek still tingled from Spike’s touch. After a few minutes he started to feel foolish just sitting there.

Xander got up and turned off the light. He walked through the darkened apartment and into his room, closing the door behind him.

The End

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