To Dream in the City of Slayers

Cobalt Mystic

5 Dreaming 302/Reality 302: Successful Mergers

Xander felt himself waking up. He felt better and more relaxed than he had in days. Nuzzling his face against his Master’s smooth, firm chest, he muttered, “Master,” a satisfied smile brightening his face.

“Xander. Need you to wake up.” Spike tried to keep his voice level and free of the pain and fear that seemed to be running rampant through him. In another time and place he would’ve laughed at himself, realizing he sounded more like William than he had in close to a century.

“Master?” Xander questioned, fearful of anything that would have his lover sounding so serious.

“Xan, Precious, I need you to know somethings,” Spike swallowed hard. He brought Xander’s hand to his lips and kissed it reverently, “First off, I love you, more than you could imagine and I don’t want to lose you… but this has to stop. I can’t let you keep believing you care for someone, something you despise.” Cool burning tears were streaming down the vampire’s marble cheeks, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He was losing his love, and he was doing it to himself. Lightly touching the blindfold, he told his boy, “Take it off.”

Terror and elation warred for dominance of Xander’s mind and emotions. On one hand, Master loved him! On the other… And now he was being allowed to see Master. Gently, Xander removed the blindfold, giving his eyes a few moments to adjust before opening them. With a deep breath the young mortal opened his eyes and looked on the sensual creature he called ‘Master‘.


“Mom! Willow!” Dawn’s cries had everyone rushing into the living room. Dawn turned scared doe eyes to her mother, “He’s crying,” she whimpered.

Joyce knelt by the blonde, petting his head with one hand while holding her daughter close with the other. “Spike’ll be fine, honey. I know it.” Darting a glance at the dark boy, “They both will.”

The elder Summers caught Giles’ eye, the pained look on the librarian’s face left no doubt that he understood hearts, if not lives, were being forever changed in a dream world they had no power over. Clearing his throat, Giles momentarily drew attention away from the fitfully sleeping men, “There are some texts I want to check at the shop and perhaps Anya may have some idea as to what could cause such a prolonged occurrence.”

“Do you need any help? ‘cause you know me, always ready to make with the research,” Willow added quickly, she was worried about her friends- both her friends, and feeling useless wasn’t helping.


A warm hand caressed the vampire’s tear dampened cheek. “You’re beautiful.”

“Xander?” Spike didn’t know what to make of the mortal’s calm acceptance of the vampire. Then heated lips were on his, attacking his mouth like a newly rising Childe attacking it’s first meal.

Breaking away, flushed and breathless, Xander gasped, “Don’t care. Need you too much,” the boy’s charcoal eyes burned with the evidence of his statement. “Master,” he whispered, “Spike, I love you. Please don’t leave again.”

Spike held the boy to him and carded his elegant pale fingers through his lover’s nearly jet black hair, “Xan, pet, you can’t love me. Not really, not out there in the real world.”

“What if I do?”

Smirking, the lovelorn vamp replied, “Then you’re lying.”

“You’re not coming back are you?

“Dunno, pet. Probably not.”

Xander couldn’t fight the stinging in his eyes, so he let the tears silently flow. Spike was leaving, even if it was only dream-Spike, he was still leaving.

And now that he’d seen Master, knew the man he loved was the blonde pain-in-the-ass vamp, he was being forced to go back to a life of snark and quiet dismissal. With barely a waver in his voice, the heartbroken young man asked, “One last time. Please, make love to me?”

“Pet?” Spike’s emotions were on a roller coaster ride the likes he hadn’t felt since the day he was turned- hope, despair, love, hatred, acceptance, betrayal, fear, safety, an end, a beginning, confusion, awareness… The only things he could be certain of were his absolute love and adoration for one Xander Harris and that this would be the last time they would be together like this. Secure in that knowledge, Spike did the only thing a lovesick, not-quite-as-evil-as-he-pretended-to-be demon could do- he kissed his love as if both their lives hung in the balance and proceeded to make sweet passionate love to him.


The bell above the door to the Magic Box jangled jauntily heralding the arrival of a potential patron… or one of the Scoobies. Anya looked up from her intent scrutiny of invoices, “Oh, Giles, I thought you weren’t coming in today.”

“No, no I wasn’t,” hastily he added, “and I’m not. Merely need to check some texts.”

Anya snorted, “Okay.” Then bounced back to her invoices.

Before Giles ensconced himself in his office, “Ah, Anya, you haven’t noticed anything strange about either Xander’s or Spike’s behaviour recently, have you?”

Huffing in the manner of the long suffering and utterly exasperated, “Unfortunately, no.” She crossed her arms defiantly, “And it’s not like I haven’t tried. They’re just so stubborn, so… MALE!” The final word was spat from her tongue with a vehemence befitting an ex-vengence demon. “I’ve tried everything short of locking them in the store-room and that’s only because I don’t think our inventory would survive.” In typical Anya-like fashion, the young woman completely misread Giles’ befuddled ‘what are you on about’ look for a curious ‘do tell’ look which she eagerly indulged. “It would be so much simpler if they’d admit they want to share their orgasms and get on with it. I wouldn’t even force them to let me watch.” Anya pouted for a moment, then continued, “You know, I even had Des help me with a sleep charm when I first realized. I thought if they could see each other without the trappings of vampire and Slayerette they’d work the rest out for themselves. Still don’t know why it didn’t work,” Anya shrugged, dismissing a piece of ancient history.

Swallowing, Giles found his voice, “Anya? What exactly was this charm supposed to do?” The former Watcher-librarian-dabbler-in-the-arcane had a sinking feeling he knew the answer.

“Hmm? Oh, nothing dangerous or permanent if that’s what you’re worried about. They were supposed to be in each others’ dreams for a few days- well as long as they were both asleep.”

Giles sat down heavily, “Dear Lord.”

“Giles?” Anya’s face scrunched up in a look of hurt confusion.

Coolly, “When was this?”

“It was part of why we broke up, not that Xander knows that, so over a year ago.”

“Over a year…” Giles couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was it possible for a dreamlink to last that long? Was it possible for those caught in it to remain sane after that amount of time? Giles forced himself to take several deep calming breaths before he spoke. When he thought he was ready he set his glasses on the table, rubbed his eyes and began very slowly and deliberately speaking. “Right now, Spike and Xander are at Buffy’s- asleep. They seem to be in some sort of shared dream state.”

Anya began shaking her head, “No Giles. There’s no way it could be my charm. For the link to have been sustained for this length of time they would have had to form some sort of bond, allowing the link to draw its’ power from shared and reciprocated emotions and that can’t be.” The ex-demon was getting agitated, “We would’ve seen it. Willow… Tara… Someone would have noticed! Wouldn’t they?”

“Calm down. Anya. Anya, this isn’t helping.” Standing, he exchanged places with the distraught young woman, settling her in the chair he vacated, and began to explain what they knew or at the very least suspected. “According to Joyce, the dreams have been going on for months. Last week, Spike’s dream-lover made plain their feelings and, until she forced him, Spike hadn’t slept since. He told her he couldn’t bear having the fantasy of someone he loved say they loved him when the real person despised him.”

Anya’s eye flashed a strange mixture of concern, frustration, and guilt. “How’s Xander?”

Giles let out a puff of air, “That’s harder to say. Apparently, he’s been having his own sleeping troubles- more than that, we don’t know.”

The shrill trill of the phone broke the heavy atmosphere. Giles, standing and therefore being marginally closer, picked up the receiver, “Magic Box… Willow slow down… We’re on our way, stay with Xander.” Hastily replacing the receiver on it’s cradle, Giles gathered his things- keys, coat, books, Anya- and headed out the door.

6 Dreaming 304/Reality 304: When the Real World Crashes In 2

This was wrong. While mentally and emotionally he felt good (for once), his body protested the uncomfortable position he’d curled himself into. He stretched and it only took a moment for him to realize that the dream, all of The Dreams were over. Xander sat up with a jolt, his eyes instantly seeking out the lean body on the couch. Only he wasn’t there.

A glass of water appeared in front of him, and a shaky voice instructed, “Drink, it’ll help.”

Xander took the glass, gave Tara a weak smile, and drank.


Xander nodded. Just because the inside of his boxers were sticky and itchy from where the dampness was starting to dry and flake, just because his heart was broken and he didn’t think he’d ever felt anything as painful- and considering his Scoobiness that was saying something- but just because those things were true was no reason to worry Tara. “Where’s…,” Xander’s voice cracked.

“He left.”

Xander’s chocolate eyes darted to the curtain covered windows that still allowed a tiny sliver of sunlight to penetrate the room. Tara placed her hand on his arm and gave a reassuring squeeze, “Dawn followed him- he made it to the sewers.”

The young man felt his pulse slow, Spike made it to the sewers- he was okay, “Thanks Tara.”


Spike paced. He needed a plan. He needed to get as far away from the Slayer and her pets as he could, and he wanted to do it FAST! When he awoke to see Xander asleep in the chair across from him with tears staining his beautiful soft features, his heart lurched. They were just dreams, nothing more, they had to be; he couldn’t bear hoping for the alternative. Now he just had to get away. If he could get to his crypt grab whatever he might need then go hide out with Clem until sundown, he might just be able to get out of Sunnyhell before he did something suicidal stupid or the Slayer got hold of him. There, he had a plan and anything else he could sort out later.

With a curt nod to the sewer pipes, the vampire took off towards his crypt.


Anya, being her usual tactful self, barrelled into the Summers’ living room and started spouting questions. “Are you okay? Where’s Spike? Why didn’t you tell me?” She drew out the ‘me’ emphasizing it.

“Yeah. Gone. And ‘oh, hey Anya, I know we’re not together anymore, but I’m having these incredibly intense homo-erotic dreams. Wanna talk about it?’ Not exactly high on the list of things to discuss with your ex.”

Anya pouted for a moment before turning back to the matter at hand. “Xan,” she said softly, sitting next to him, “what happened in the dream today?”
Xander looked around the room at the concerned faces of his friends. How could he tell them? He couldn’t bear to see the pity, disappointment, reproach, and jealousy in their eyes.

A heavy male hand came to rest on the boy’s shoulder. “Xander, we have a theory.”

Round, brown eyes shot up, curious and frightened. “It’s alright. Anya will explain it.”

The former vengence demon had the decency to look abashed, “I was only trying to help. I wanted you to be happy.”

“You put a spell on him! What were you thinking?” Buffy demanded harshly.

“Not a spell! A charm- its’ power should have faded after a week or so,” Anya let the words hang as she studied her friend and former lover. Their eyes met briefly before Xander slowly closed them and nodded. Anya smiled sadly and squeezed the young man’s hand as she continued, “If the power didn’t die off it means a link, a bond, of some sort had to form. A mutual bond.”
Xander stared at his ex as his mind tried to come to terms with the implications of what she’d said. His eyes widened, almost comically, as he looked into Anya’s eyes and she smiled a bright self-satisfied smile at him. Xander’s own smile broke across his face like morning sunshine. Kissing Anya’s cheek, he whispered, “Thank you,” then he bounded toward the door.

“Xan?!” “Xander!” Willow and Buffy called after their best-friend.

The young man turned to them, still smiling, “Sorry guys, I need to see a man about a vamp!”

7 Reality 401: Individual Study/Thesis Prep

Spike took another quick look around the lower level of the crypt. Anything of importance to him he kept down here and away from prying Scooby eyes. The thought of the Scoobies sent a jolt of pain through him. Maybe it would be better to stay here and get staked, at least then he wouldn’t be a pathetic, lovelorn excuse for a demon; he’d be a pathetic, lovelorn, dusty, excuse for a demon. And he was pretty sure that was a step up, but it was also too close to giving up. So, no; back to the plan- grab his kit, hideout ‘til sunset, and leg it. It was a good plan, a simple plan, a workable plan.

As Xander approached the crypt a wave of doubt crashed over him. What was he planning to do? Barge into Spike’s crypt and declare his undying love? He snorted- that was hardly going to work. Shit, he hated this. Hells, he thought, he said he loved me.

Taking a deep breath he gathered his strength. Hesitantly but with determination he knocked on the vampire’s door.

On the lower level Spike nearly jumped out of his skin. What the hell? Spike sniffed the air- Xander. “Should be proud he came to do it himself.” He shook his head, it was almost worth getting staked to see Xander one more time.

Xander pushed the door open slowly, not wanting to accidentally scorch the vamp. “”Spike? You here?” He closed the door behind himself, “Come on Spike! You better be here.” The last words were quietly muttered. Making his way to Spike’s fridge, he checked the vamp’s blood supply- it was low. If things went well here he’d stop by Willie’s later and pick up some O-pos.

“Find what you’re lookin’ for?” Spike’s warm rustic voice cooed.

Somehow managing not to squeak, Xander turned to face the vampire. He was gorgeous. His hair was tousled and imperfect. The shadows fell across his face accenting his already stark cheekbones, and his eyes sparkled from the flare of his zippo as he lit his cigarette. Xander’s lips were suddenly very, very dry and he found himself licking them before he could think better of it.

Beneath half-hooded lids, Spike’s eyes followed the movement of his boy’s tongue. He barely managed to suppress a whimper and he tore his gaze from the mortal’s mouth, only to have it lock with penetrating chocolate orbs.

“I wasn’t lying,” Xander’s voice was rough and heavy- desire lingering on the edge of terror.

Quietly, like a puff of air sighing from a sleeping child, “Xan?”

Xander calmly closed the distance between them as he spoke gently, “You said I’d be lying.” His eyes darted to Spike’s lips, “I wasn’t.”

…and they were kissing. It was exactly like their dreams, only more tangible, more pure, more intense- MORE. It was like returning to something you’d known all your life and experiencing something beautiful for the first time, all at once.

Needless to say, both men were panting and flush (or as flush as a dead man could get) when they finally released each others’ mouths.

Beautiful elegant hands ran up and down Xander’s arms which wrapped around Spike’s waist. “Xander…,” the vamp’s normally strong voice cracked. He swallowed hard around the sudden lump in his throat. “What is this? Can’t be here without you. Can’t… WON’T hide it either.”

Intense cerulean studied the dark mortal’s face for some kind of answer.

Xander smirked and shook his head, “I don’t know what this is, Spike. But I do know that I want to be with you and I don’t want to hide.”

The vamp’s bright smile reached his eyes making them seem to sparkle in the darkness of the crypt. A hand twined into Xander’s hair, pulling him closer so he could claim his human’s smirking mouth. “Wanta feel you, taste you- here, real, now, mine,” Spike growled- the ferocity and confidence returning to his voice combing erotically with emotion and longing.

Sighing, Xander leaned forward to rub his forehead against his vampire’s. “So, my place or yours?”

A rich chuckle rolled out of the blonde. “Get down there, ya git,” he inclined his head towards the entrance to the lower level.

The young man wasted no time scampering down the ‘rabbit hole’ into Spike’s inner sanctum.

A simple low-wattage lamp illuminated the area by the bed. Xander was almost surprised by how cozy it was down here- although he doubted he should be, he could see the man he fell in love with living in this room. Carefully, he walked towards the bed, and then past it to a small pile consisting of a duffle bag and Spike’s duster. “You were going to leave,” Xander’s voice was low, scared.

From directly behind him, “Told you. Couldn’t stay without you.”

Xander didn’t move, “You’ll stay now?”

Powerful slender arms wrapped around the trembling man and cool breath puffed over his neck as his vampire spoke softly, “Got you now- no reason to leave unless you do.” Spike kissed his love’s neck, then took his hand and led him back to the bed. Spike halted them mere inches from the bed. He released his grip on the boy’s hand, their fingers lingering tip to tip as their hands slipped apart. The vamp began to slowly and intently prowl around the young mortal, examining, appraising. Xander took the cue and tore his eyes from the vamp’s face and cast them to the floor.

“Xander,” Spike purred and brought his hands up to cup his precious human’s face, “none of that. This is real. Want you; want you to see.” The vampire smirked, “We can always play games later,” and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

The mere thought of the ‘games’ he and Spike could play sent wonderful shivers down Xander’s spine and he had to fight to keep from throwing the vamp down, then and there. Cool pale hands glided down Xander’s neck and over his shoulders. The quiet strength of those hands, their hesitant, gentle touch, was more erotic than anything from their dreams.
Xander was transfixed- this was real. Master- Spike was real, touching him, loving him and it was REAL!

The mortal’s chocolate eyes sought out his lover’s and he allowed himself to fall into their cool blue depths; floating losing himself in the comforting waters of Spike’s gaze as the vampire began slowly divesting them of their clothes. When Spike ripped off his own t-shirt, Xander could no longer restrain his need to touch and feel the man before him.

Warm, almost burning, fingertips traced the etched contours of the vampire’s torso, exploring in a way they’d never been able to inside the dream-world. The touch caused Spike to suck in a sharp unneeded breath and press into the wandering hand, seeking more of that soft, strong, loving heat. As more of their skin pressed together, it was as if an icy fire encompassed them both, melding their bodies together. Somehow, amidst touching, exploring, and tasting they managed to undress and fall entangled onto the bed.

Pinning his love to the mattress, Spike began moving his mouth down Xander’s dark chest. When lips, lukewarm with stolen body heat, closed on his nipple, Xander let out an airy gasp. And when those lips were followed by a cool lapping tongue, he moaned needily. The vampire smirked around the treat in his mouth and continued to lick and suck the tasty morsel.

Xander rocked against his vampire, wondering how much more of this exquisite torment he could take. Skilfully, Spike slipped a hand between them encircling both leaking erections. His long languid strokes were accentuated by the merciless attention being lavished on the mortal’s oversensitive nipple.

“Gods, please… Spike. Uhgh, need… feel,” the dark Scooby’s voice was wispy and harsh with desperation, “…too close!”

Reluctantly, the blonde allowed the tender nub to slip from his mouth as he trailed moist kisses up towards his boy’s ear. Nipping the earlobe with his teeth, Spike took a moment to lick and tickle the flesh before speaking in his low, rumbling purr, “Then let go.”

Xander shook his head violently. “…feel you,” he gasped, his body shuddering with the effort of holding himself back.

Spike released his pet’s ear as he nuzzled the boy’s face, purring softly, “Later Xander, I promise, luv. Right now I need you to come with me- want you to come with me, please.”

Hearing the vampire’s voice so full of desire and honesty for him- wanting and asking for him- had Xander ready to give in. The mortal tightened his arms around his vamp, his body tensed and his lips ghosted over Spike’s cheek trembling with a silent moan as he erupted surrounded by the vampire’s silken flesh. Spike’s head flew back as he roared his completion, his brow-ridges and amber eyes flashing to the fore as his lover’s scent and heat overwhelmed him. Panting, he continued milking the final traces of their release from their throbbing erections. His body slumped slightly, his eyes squeezed shut as he pushed the demon’s features back.

When Spike reopened his eyes, he was confronted with deep smiling pools of rich cocoa. Without breaking their eye contact, the vampire brought his previously occupied cum covered hand to his lips, inhaling deeply before allowing his tongue to dart out savouring their combined essence. “Nectar,” he murmured.

Hours later, spent, satisfied, and sore in the most wonderful ways, the two men lay curled tightly around each other- sharing heat, sharing a bed, sharing love, sharing the beginnings of a life together, and sharing, what was sure to be, the dreams of a better future.

The End

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