Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
Feedback: Suit yourself, just no permanent damage, k.
Disclaimer: Just playing with the pretty kittens. Unfortunately, they are not mine, but I will gladly groom and bathe them before sending them back home to Daddy (aka Joss/Mutant Enemy/et al).
Beta: The wonderful [info]kitty_alex, who loves to correct my mistakes and still manages to love the Mys when she ignores her sage advice! :-P
Warnings/Squicks: a bit of BDSM, paddling, light bondage, that sort of thing
Summary: PWP - see AN1

AN1: [info]ladyvirgo1956 asked Mys for Master/slave fic with bondage, paddles, and a cock-ring. Well, Mys doesn’t really do the M/s thing, and only delves lightly into the BDSM arena to begin with, so she hopes this is close enough to what the Virgo-ish One wanted.

Normally, Mys wouldn’t take up a challenge like this, but seeing as it’s our dear Virgo’s birthday in a few days consider this an early b-day prezzie- hope you like it, hun!

ETA: OMGs Mys is a complete heel!!!!!! She totally forgot to lavish praise and thanks and chocolate on her precious Bumbly Bee for giving this the once over and declaring it smut!!!!!!

Peaches and Cream

Cobalt Mystic

Xander ran his rough, calloused workman’s hands over the perfect smooth flesh laid out before him. “For me?” he whispered, always amazed at the lengths his lover would go to for him.

The pale bleach-blonde merely nodded, his sapphire eyes sparkling with mischief and passion. He knew his boy would appreciate this- his entire body from the neck down was hairless, silky, and waiting for whatever delights his boy had in store.

For what seemed like hours, Xander did nothing but touch him, soft feather strokes of heated fingers over his chilled body. His century honed, preternatural senses felt every ridge and valley of Xander’s fingertips. Heat, lust, and love searing the impressions into his memory, until he was certain his lover’s fingerprints were as easily recognizable as his scent.

“On your knees.”

Obediently, Spike crawled onto all fours. His firm peach-like ass presented for inspection.

Those wonderfully rough hands were squeezing and spreading Spike’s cheeks. Xander’s thumbs slid perfectly between the globes of Spike’s ass, rubbing tantalizingly over the vampire’s wanting hole.

Spike whimpered, but didn’t speak as he forced himself not to push back and take what he wanted. That wasn’t part of the game. Xander was in control here. Xander would decide when and how to pleasure him. And, if the past was any indication, Xander would have him begging and cumming so hard, he thought he might pass out. “Yes,” he breathed, imagining what was to come.

Without warning, Xander’s hand came down on Spike’s pale ass and the vampire whimpered. “Did I give you permission to speak?” Xander’s voice demanded.

“No, Sir. Sorry, Sir.”

Xander got up from the bed, feeling Spike’s piercing eyes on him as he moved to their toy chest. He carefully placed himself between his vampire and their toys; he still didn’t feel he had much to offer in these games, but anticipation was something he could do. Coming back to the bed, Xander sat behind Spike; positioning himself to make it difficult for the blonde to see what was coming. “Apology accepted.”

Again Spike whimpered, this time in disappointment.

“Still, I think a punishment is in order.” Xander knew his lover enjoyed his ‘punishments’ and would often ‘misbehave’ just to get them, and he had to stifle a giggle at the almost palpable relief his declaration brought to his vamp.

“Thank you, Sir.”

Pulling the toy he’d chosen from behind him, Xander ran the soft velvet side of the paddle up his lover’s bare leg as he eased himself up Spike’s body. “You’re welcome, Baby,” he whispered huskily into a pale ear. His lips and breath as soft a caress as the velvet running up Spike’s thighs.

Spike’s eyes rolled up and he hung his head, trying to calm himself. His beautiful, precious boy had no idea how incredibly hot and sexy he was when he was like this- dominant and in control.

With a thwap Spike was brought out of his thoughts and back to the silky voice in his ear saying, “Just one rule- no cumming until I say.”

Another smack of the paddle and Spike was moaning his understanding.

Xander kissed Spike’s cheek, next to his ear, and whispered, “Good boy.” As he sat up, he let his free hand wander over Spike’s well-muscled back. He could feel the tension there as his lover waited for his next move. Settling himself once again behind his vamp, Xander rubbed the velvet against Spike’s ass and upper thighs, enjoying the hitching breaths it induced. He wanted to touch, to feel his lover’s body under him, feel him clenching around him, feel the internal spasms as Spike came for him at his command.

Xander forced himself to take a shaky breath before his playtime was over before it properly started. “Your skin it’s so white, smooth, like fresh cream.” He brought the paddle down on Spike’s ass- first on one side, then the other. “So beautiful with a hint of colour.” Twin smacks echoed through the small room. “Mmm and it’s all mine.” Xander emphasized his statement with two more consecutive strikes.

With the last hit, Spike let out a cry, somewhere between a moan and a sob.

“Shh,” Xander flipped the paddle over so the cool satin side glided over his vampire’s now rosy flesh. “’s okay, Baby. ‘m not mad.” He continued to roll the paddle in circles over the abused flesh, while his hand drifted between the vampire’s legs, lightly stroking the sensually hairless thighs, stopping just short of Spike’s balls, but close enough so that the heat from his hand radiated up to the blonde’s sack creating a feeling as real and intense as any physical touch.

Spike moaned and bit his lip. He was so close. He needed to get himself under control and fast, otherwise it wouldn’t matter whether or not Xander had given him permission to cum yet or not. He bit down harder and tasted the coppery tang of blood flow into his mouth just as Xander brought the paddle down on the centre of his tender ass. “Master!” he cried as he came, wave after wave of cool semen spilling from his untouched cock onto the bed.

Xander’s own erection twitched and pulsed painfully, still secured in its cloth confines. He was shocked, Spike didn’t lose control. It just did NOT happen!

After a few more body wracking shakes, Spike attempted to speak. “Master, ‘m sorry. Master,” he panted virtually gasping for unneeded breath. When no reply was forthcoming he dared a look behind him, “Xander? Master? Sir…”

Xander stared transfixed at the cum covered sheets and his lover’s spent leaky cock. He’d done that? Made William the Bloody, Master Vampire, cum without even touching him? He licked his lips hungrily wanting nothing more than to dive between his lover’s legs and lap at the milky, salty seed. Silently, the young man scooped up a handful of the cool liquid, darting a quick taste before drizzling the remainder over his vamp’s waiting hole. Gently, with all the care and love he possessed Xander prepared and stretched his lover.

Only when Spike’s pleas of “More. Master, please, Sir. I’ll be good,” became a continuous litany did Xander speak.

“On your back, babe,” he ordered as he eased off the bed and began slowly stripping- his back to the hungry eyes of his vamp.

From the bed, Spike watched his lover undress, following the flex and flow of the muscles along his shoulders down his spine to the full warm cheeks of his ass.

Instead of returning directly to their bed, Xander went once again to their toy chest. When he turned to face his vamp, he couldn’t deny the smile of satisfaction at the look on his beautiful vampire’s face.

Spike knew he was staring, ogling even, but he hadn’t expected the sight before him. He was mesmerized by the image his boy presented. Eyes almost black with desire, chest all tanned and taut muscle, his beautiful thick cock proud and leaking nestled in luxurious, dark curls, and at the base of that lovely shaft- a cock-ring. Spike swallowed hard, his re-awakened erection all but jumping at the thought of his body being pounded into relentlessly as his boy attempted to fuck him to his final death. The magicked cuffs dangling from Xander’s hand weren’t helping dissuade the image.

Xander all but swaggered to the head of the bed. He dragged his fingernails lightly down Spike’s right arm before gently lifting his wrist to the headboard and securing it with one set of cuffs. Taking a deep breath, Xander climbed onto the bed and carefully straddled his vamp’s chest. The swollen tip of his penis bobbing a hair’s breath from Spike’s lips.

Spike knew Xander was upset- he only teased like this when Spike had been bad. It sent wonderful, tingling chills down his spine when his boy allowed himself to play this way.

Fuck, he wanted to taste, to open his lips and let his lover’s flesh slide into his mouth to suckle and lick. He wanted to feel his cheeks hollow and his throat open as Xander fucked his face wantonly, not caring about anything except reaching his own release. And when his boy came deep in his throat, he’d swallow milking every last drop of his essence from the meaty shaft, keeping it in him, part of him, a selfish physical claim in its own right. Spike’s tongue peeked out from between his lips eager for even a hint of Xander’s heady nectar.

“No,” the young mortal’s voice brooked no argument and the blonde quickly pulled his tongue back. Almost methodically, Xander attached the second set of cuffs, assuring his vampire’s hands would be out of play. Task completed, he moved down Spike’s body, settling himself between the vampire’s legs. Xander scratched his fingers roughly over Spike’s chest and down his pale, defined ribs, his palms finally resting on prominent hipbones. It only took a moment for his hands to find their place, almost as if Spike’s body molded to his hands.

As their erections glided against each other like silk on silk, Xander allowed himself a handful of sensual strokes before easing his body lower. His rigid cock instinctively aligning with his lover’s cum slicked hole. As the thick head kissed Spike’s entrance, Xander’s grip tightened on the vampire’s hips, and he began pushing slowly into his lover.

Spike was going insane- Xander was making sweet, gentle love to him. Hitting his sweet spot on every stroke and keeping a pace that was mind-blowingly slow, steady, and intense. The vampire thrashed, pulling against his bonds, legs wrapped tightly around his lover’s waist, encouraging him on, all the while begging, pleading, and gasping for breath. “Master, please. Please! Sir,” the pleas turning to whimpered moans.

“Please what, Baby? What does my boy want?”

“To cum, Sir. For you to make me cum.”

Xander chuckled, though it took all his control to make it sound casual, “Oh, but Baby, you already did- without permission no less.”

“I’m sorry!” The blonde all but screamed. “Master please, ‘m sorry. Never again, Sir, never. I promise Sir, I’ll be a good boy. Please, Master,” a sound verging on tears poured from the vamp’s voice.

Taking pity on his lover, and himself, on the next out stroke, Xander released his cock-ring and slammed into his vamp. His wiry curls pressed firm against Spike’s hairless ass.

Spike gasped, a look of debauched bliss on his face as his Master’s steady pace gave way to more frenzied thrusts of pure passion. He held back as long as he could, whimpering and moaning, writhing and thrashing, revelling in the burn and stretch of his well used and tender hole.

Xander was well past his own threshold, more than ready to let the waves of completion roll through him. “Oh gods, Baby! You ready, hmmm? Ready to cum for me? With me?”

“Master- Xander, please,” the blonde begged.

“Then cum for me, Spike, show me how much you love this- love me.”

With a final powerful thrust, both men’s bodies shook and spasmed with their release. Hot burning seed filling Spike’s cool body, warming it from the inside out. And for the second time that night, Spike’s orgasm ripped through him. His cock spurting wildly, cool cum splattering both his and Xander’s chests.

The young mortal collapsed on his vampire, somehow managing to release the latch of one cuff.

Spike quickly freed his other hand and wrapped his still quivering arms around his precious human in a protective and loving embrace. “I do you know,” the vamp hummed into his boy’s hair.


“Love you.”

Xander smiled, sleepy and content, against Spike’s neck.

“Not gonna give you up, Xan… Master.” He kissed his love’s head, “Never.”

The End

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