Comfort of Fiends

Cobalt Mystic

4 Family and Fiends

As the weeks progressed Xander and Spike’s movie nights became more frequent, and nearly every one ended with the mortal ensconced in the blonde’s embrace.

Just over six weeks after Xander’s ‘confession’, on a Tuesday- Spike would remember that for the rest of his unlife- their routine changed.

Instead of sprawling on opposite ends of the sofa, Xander waited for Spike to settle himself then curled into the vampire’s side.

Surprised, pleasantly so, Spike wrapped an arm around his beloved human, pulling him snugly to his chest.

That night as he drifted on the verge of sleep, Xander felt the gentle press of cool lips against his forehead and a soft, deep, rich voice whispering, “Love you, Xan. Not gonna let anyone hurt you again, not if it’s in my power.”

Xander slung his arm around his vamp, rubbing his cheek against Spike’s firm chest, “Love you, too, Spike. Love you, too.”


In the morning, Xander awoke to the most beautiful azure eyes. The near ivory skin surrounding them giving them an otherworldly glow. Reaching up, Xander cupped a porcelain cheek. “So beautiful.”

“Morning, luv. Sleep alright?”

Xander chuckled, “You know I did.”

“Yeah, can’t blame a bloke for askin’.”

The young man stroked the vampire’s cheek, “I do love you, Spike.”

A pained expression crossed the vampire’s face, he wanted to believe, he craved Xander’s love more than regaining the ability to taste fresh human blood from the source. “Can you? After everything you’ve been through?”

“Spike, you’ve made me believe in myself enough to get a decent job- one I like and I’m good at; you got me out of that hellhole of a basement; you’ve given me a lifeline with no strings attached. You’ve taken care of me, more than that you showed me I can take care of myself.

“How can I love you after all I’ve been through? Easy. I can love you because of all I’ve been through.” He leaned forward brushing his lips against the blonde’s in a sweet, chaste kiss


The following week, Spike moved in.


For the next month, vampire and human shared a bed, ever more intense and passionate kisses, but nothing more.

Spike loved his boy deeply and couldn’t bare the thought of Xander feeling pushed into anything- especially when it came to ‘them’. He wanted to find a way to broach the subject of sex that left Xander in control. The blonde chain smoked and brooded, yes brooded, over this dilemma, barely noticing when the object of his reverie got home. Distractedly he greeted the young man, “’ello, luv.”

“Hey, baby. You mind if I grab a shower before we head to the meeting?”

“’course not, pet.”

As the vamp idly watched the dark boy strip his shirt, unbutton his jeans, and head for the bathroom, Spike had the most ridiculously simple idea…


The Scooby meeting was thankfully boring- no major demon activity, standard patrol breakdown, and a wonderful absence of research. The two men even got home at a decent hour.

As soon as they were in the door, Xander’s lips were on his vamp’s and he was pulling Spike towards their bedroom. Once there, the dark boy laid on top of the vampire, arms crossed over the blonde’s chest. He studied the magnificent pale creature beneath him as strong hands traced patterns over his back. Cocking his head, “Okay Blondie, spill.”

Spike’s brow wrinkled and he replied with an oh-so-articulate, “Huh?”

Chuckling, Xander kissed his vamp’s chest, “You’ve been distracted all night. You might be able to fool the others, but I know my vamp. So what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours?”

“Not sure you want to know, pet.”

“Of course I want to know, you silly vamp- I love you.” The mortal smiled one of his bright, caring smiles; the kind that made Spike’s heart melt and his demon’s protective instincts go into overdrive.

Looking into the open, trusting, and above all loving eyes of the man he cared so much for, “C’m’ere you,” he said as he pulled Xander up for a slow, meaningful kiss. Spike rolled them so that they lay on their sides, facing one another, “I want to ask you something, Xander.”

The young man nodded.

Spike sat up, rubbing his brow; the dark eyed mortal sitting as well. Taking a calming, if unneeded, breath, the vampire asked, “You’ve never actually made love with another bloke, have you?”

“Spike, I told you…,” the young man began- embarrassment and disgust rolling off of him.

The vampire shushed him with a cool finger to his lips. “No, pet. At best, that,” he spat the word, “was fucking. I asked if you’d ever made love.”

Silently, Xander shook his head.

“Would you like to?” Spike’s tone was hesitant, concerned, almost coy.

This time Xander nodded, still too unsure of his mouth to trust it.

“You trust me, luv?”

Xander nodded once again.

“Come on, luv, I want to hear that sunny voice of yours.”

Licking his lips and swallowing hard, “Yes, Spike. I trust you.”

The vampire smiled sweetly and kissed his boy’s forehead. “Then lay back for me.”

Eyes locked with the vamp’s, Xander did as he was instructed.

Slowly, Spike eased his way up Xander’s body, until he was covering the larger man’s form with his own. “Jus’ wanna feel ya for a bit, luv.”

He let his weight rest on the young mortal as his hands slid over Xander’s arms, feeling the muscle and the heat that radiated through his clothing. Spike burrowed his head into Xander’s neck basking in the scent that had comforted and lulled him far longer than even he realized. “You have any idea what you do to me?” His voice rumbling softly in Xander’s ear, “The way you smell, the way you feel, the way you look, everything about you Xander beautiful, perfect.”

Lacing their fingers together, Spike brought their hands above their heads as he ground their still covered erections together, and gently, almost chastely, kissed his boy. His full bottom lip lingering playfully between Xander’s as he pulled back to look into lust laden eyes the colour of fine dark Swiss chocolate.

Xander whimpered, begging for those soft lips to return.

Sensually, Spike ran his nails down Xander’s inner arms from wrist to elbow. “Relax Xan, not done yet- not by a long shot, pet. Gonna show you how good this can be- how it’s supposed to be.”

The vampire moved his legs so he was straddling the younger man, before pulling himself up to a sitting position. His hands ghosted over Xander’s t-shirt covered chest tracing the dim outline of muscle. Slowly, Spike untucked the shirt, sliding it up as he slid himself down to kiss the exposed flesh of Xander’s belly.

Xander watched in fascination as Spike eased his shirt further up his torso trailing soft, moist kisses in it’s wake.

As Xander followed Spike’s thorough perusal of the expanse of flesh, he felt a wave of heat and desire flood him; he didn’t care, all he knew was that he had to get to that pale, creamy flesh, had to feel it against his. Blindly, he reached down, pulling at the already bunched up cloth of his shirt.

Gently but firmly, Spike covered and stilled the young man’s hands with his, “Xan?”

The young man whimpered, then through heavy breaths explained, “Want to feel you. Need to feel you.”

In his most soothing voice, smiling at his lover, “I know. Want it, too; jus’ don’t want to push.”

Grabbing a fist full of the vamp’s shirt, the mortal growled, “Shirts. Gone. Skin. Now.”

Chuckling, Spike quickly obliged his human. Once he had Xander’s sun-darkened skin uncovered, he kissed his belly below the ribcage, then proceeded to lick a trail up his chest and breast bone, over his adam’s apple, exchanging cool tongue for cool lips before passionately taking his boy’s lips. “Love the way you taste, Xander- all innocence and sunshine. Never thought I’d know that sensation again, but you give it to me everyday.” He kissed first one expressive brown eye, “Every time I look in your eyes,” then the other, “every time you smile,” his lips, “every time you touch me,” and his chest, “it’s like being bathed in a warming light. You, Xander Harris, give me the sun.”
Xander clutched at the vampire’s back as Spike kissed his way back down to the soft denim covering his prize. He popped the button on Xander’s jeans, but before he went any further, Spike locked gazes with the wondrous man he covered, “Say the word, luv, and I’ll stop- whatever we’re doin’, I swear.”

“I know Spike. I love you and I trust you,” the young man offered a quirky half smile.

The vamp nodded then nuzzled the bulge in his lover’s pants. Slowly, Spike unzipped Xander’s jeans ; his acute sense of smell flooding with the scent of his boy’s arousal. Just as he’d done with Xander’s shirt, the vampire kissed and nipped his way down the gradually exposed flesh of his lover’s legs. Once Xander’s jeans were gone, Spike quickly removed his own too tight black denims fully exposing himself to his beautiful boy for the first time.

Xander’s breath caught, he didn’t think he’d ever seen anything more gorgeous. Spike was a sculpture come to life, an elegant, graceful, perfect being who wanted and loved him. The sheer concept took Xander’s breath away.

A smile worked it’s way across the vampire’s face. It was a smile that spoke of love, promise, desire, mischief, passion, and things to come.

5 A Fiend You Can Count On

Like a sleek cat on the prowl, Spike crawled up Xander’s near naked body, stopping at the dark-eyed boy’s boxers. Hooking black nailed fingers in the waistband, he tenderly slid them down allowing him access to the dribbling shaft he longed to taste, touch, and feel.

Xander jumped as cool air caressed his rigid cock, and moaned when a cooler tongue trailed a wet path to the head, dipping softly to tease the slit. “Gods, Spike.”

“Like that, did you, pet?”

“You could say that- in a completely understating kind of way.”

The vampire chuckled, even as a terrified virgin, which Xander was as far as Spike was concerned, his boy still babbled. He quirked an expressive eyebrow, “How ‘bout this?” With no more warning than that, the blonde vampire took his boy’s far from inconsiderable length into his cool, hungry mouth.

Throwing his head back as he swallowed a scream, Xander’s body shook all over causing Spike to release his heavenly treat.

“Xan, look at me, pet- need to know you’re okay.”

Xander forced himself to look into the eyes of his lover, hoping Spike could see the trust and desire he had for him. The vamp got the message, loud and clear. Still, his desire darkened blue eyes never left Xander’s, even as he took the young mortal’s cock into his mouth, once again.

It took all of Xander’s will not to let his eyes roll back into his head and his head to fall back to the pillow. Spike took his time showing his boy exactly what a hundred years of experience and not needing to breathe had taught him.

Soon the young man was teetering on the edge- an edge Spike didn’t want him to go over just yet. Reluctantly, the blonde released the delectable flesh, and slowly slinked up his lover’s body. Instinctively, Xander’s arms went around the vamp. His hands exploring the smooth, silky flesh.

Petting his boy’s dark curls with one hand, Spike traced his lips with the other.

Xander parted his lips and playfully nipped at the elegant digits.

The vampire’s wry chortle was cut off by his sudden intake of breath when Xander’s warm tongue licked the tip of an ‘abused’ finger.
Encouraged by his vampire’s reaction, the dark, work-tanned young man licked a longer strip over the pale finger, happily taking it in at the slight thrust into his mouth.

Spike couldn’t contain the blissful moan at the moist, velvety warmth searing his flesh. “Sunshine,” he whispered, removing his finger and replacing it with his tongue.

Mindlessly, Xander’s hands travelled to cup his vampire’s perfect ass. When Xander squeezed, Spike moaned into their kiss, thrusting against his boy, rubbing their throbbing shafts together.

His beautiful human gasped at the unfamiliar sensation, breaking their intense exploration of each other’s mouths. Spike raised a questioning eyebrow, “Alright?”

Gripping the pale ass in his hands, Xander pushed Spike’s body down as he bucked up causing both man and vamp to gasp wantonly. “More than.”

A smile, the likes of which Xander had only ever imagined seeing, spread across Spike’s fine face. It was joy, mischief, longing, pride, and love rolled into one perfect, almost blinding smile. Tilting his head, Spike watched his boy in amazement, “Pet, next bit can bit a bit scary, I need you to trust me.”

“You know I trust you- you don’t need to keep asking.”

“Yeah, I do, pet. Not gonna risk hurting or scaring you,” the vampire traced the soft planes of his lover’s face, “or, worse, betraying your trust.”

Xander cupped Spike’s cheek, pulling him down for a kiss. His lips curled into a slight, shy smile, “The mere fact that you worry tells me you won’t.”

Spike rolled off his precious boy, collecting a tube from the nightstand drawer. Before he even turned back to the young mortal, he heard his heart rate speed up alarmingly. “Xander, Sunshine,” he took his dearly loved human’s hand, “we don’t have to do anything more.”

Gulping, twining their fingers together, Xander looked into concerned crystal blue eyes, “Want to, just scared.”

“Oh, pet,” Spike easily manoeuvred the mortal so he sat between the vampire’s strong legs. Kissing the boy’s neck, Spike held him close as he whispered soothing words into his ear. “Shh, pet. ‘s okay. Just let me hold you, we won’t go any further tonight, okay?” The vampire rocked his love; a soft purr radiating from his chest and through his precious boy.



“I want to. I want to make love with you. I want you.”


“Please Spike,” the young man turned just enough to see his vamp’s eyes.

“You sure?”


Surprisingly, there was almost no hesitation in his love’s voice; once again impressing upon Spike the mortal’s remarkable strength. Having assured himself that his boy was certain, Spike slipped from behind Xander, urging him to lay back down. With his hand on Xander’s chest feeling the pulsing thump-thump of his lover’s heart, Spike asked the hardest question of the night, “How do you want to do this?”

Shyly, “I just assumed you’d…,” the young man blushed and turned his head away from the blonde vamp.

Instantly, Spike was stretched on his side, pressed against his chocolate-eyed boy, petting his hair and turning his face back towards him. “Only if that’s what you want, you understand me, Xan? Only if it’s what you want.”

Xander nodded, then, knowing his vamp wanted an audible answer, he swallowed, “I know Spike.”

Rubbing their foreheads together, Spike whispered, his breath ghosting over the young man’s face, “Tell me what you want, pet.”

Steeling himself to speak the words, Xander took a deep breath, and in a shaky voice, speaking in barely more than a whisper himself, “I want to feel you… inside… taking it all away. Making me feel loved and… and…”

“…important, cherished,” the blonde completed for him. “The most incredible, amazing thing in my unlife.”

With what may have been tears in his eyes, though neither man would say, Xander whispered, “Please.”

He gently kissed his boy’s brow before moving to his mischievous mouth. As Spike gave his precious boy a chance to breath, “Pull your knees up, pet.” Spike ran his hand from chest to abdomen, skirting his lover’s weeping erection, to trail sensually over a bent leg. The vampire’s body followed his hand ‘til he knelt between his boy’s legs. With feather touches, Spike continued to caress Xander’s legs, his spread fingers travelling up and down the sensitive skin of his inner thighs. As Xander whimpered in pleasure, his knees fell farther apart, opening him even more to his loving vamp. On the next downward caress, the nimble fingers continued on to flit over the delicate skin between the boy’s buttocks.

Xander let out a shaky breath at the touch, but Spike sensed no increase in his boy’s fear- if anything it was subsiding. Spike smiled to himself, basking in the wonder that was Xander Harris; once again being taken by the young mortal’s inner strength.

As the cool thin fingers of one hand danced over and around Xander’s hole, the other deftly opened the slick, dribbling a generous amount over his hand and his boy. Taking his lover’s erection in his unlubed hand, Spike began languidly stroking the hard flesh as a single slicked finger dipped in and out of his hole, not quite penetrating the ring of muscle there. Soon Xander was pressing back against his vampire’s finger encouraging it further inside. “More,” even in a whisper his voice was dark and husky. The sound and glazed look of pleasure in the mortal’s face were all the incentive Spike needed. Smoothly, the teasing finger breached Xander‘s body.

Xander mewled, but didn’t stop rocking against his vamp’s hand. Before long he was whimpering for more.

Laying a calming hand on his lover’s belly, Spike slipped a second slicked finger inside his boy. The young man’s brow crinkled and he moaned. The hand on his stomach began petting, as Spike ‘shh’d’ and cooed over him. Once Xander’s body relaxed, Spike began to gently pump his fingers, scissoring and stretching.

A wanton sound escaped the mortal’s lips as his head lolled back against the pillow in pleasure.

It was just the moment Spike was waiting for to crook his fingers and cause Xander’s world to explode.

“Oh gods!” Gasping for breath, “That was… nice; do it again?”

“With pleasure,” the blonde crooned before setting off another round of firecrackers throughout Xander’s body.

After a few moments of stimulating his lover’s prostate when Spike knew his boy was completely absorbed by the titillating sensations, he eased a third finger into Xander’s willing body. Working the three digits, the vampire lovingly finished preparing the young man he loved above all else.

When Spike withdrew his tantalizing fingers, Xander felt empty, abandoned. His vampire quickly moved to comfort him, peppering his face with kisses between his words, “’s okay Xan… fill you up real good… jus’ need to know you still want it… can’t bare the thought of hurting… my Sunshine.”

Xander looked into Spike’s blue-gold eyes, feeling no fear or distress, only feeling loved and protected. “Yes, please Spike. …please.”

The raw need in his precious human’s voice caused Spike’s demon to rage- it screamed for vengeance, for the blood of those who had almost destroyed such a remarkable human, more than that though it demanded to love-protect-Claim the beautiful dark man, however, Spike knew that wouldn’t be tonight. The combination of this being his boy’s first time and the chip made the enticing possibility out of the question.

With one last kiss, the vampire sat back on his knees, placing his lover’s legs over his shoulders, and positioning himself to enter his boy.

6 A Fiend for Life

Once again placing a calming hand on Xander’s stomach, Spike slowly pressed forward, stopping when his boy gasped. “You feel so good, Xan. You want me to stop?”

Gritting his teeth, the dark mortal shook his head and bore down against the blonde.

A lifetime later, Spike was fully sheathed in his lover’s searing heat. “Ooohhhh, gods Spike…”

Tensing his body against the euphoric sensation of being inside his boy, his love, his Xander, “I know, Xan, it’s heaven.”

“Talk to me, Spike- wanna hear your voice.”

At first, the vampire was surprised by the request, but the surprise quickly vanished with the knowledge of Xander’s other encounters- silence or hatred from his father and cruel, vulgar words from the boy who was supposedly his friend. Huskily with a low rumble in his voice the vamp began speaking, “What would you like to hear, Xan?” Spike chose that moment to pull out of his lover. “That you’re so warm and welcoming I feel ‘m on fire.” He smoothly pushed back in, earning a wanton moan from his Xander. “That I love you…” with each declaration came a matching stroke, rubbing Xander’s sweet spot with every other thrust. “Love the way you smell- warmth, chocolate, …ohh… home…”


“…the way you look- strong muscle, soft caring face, eyes that …ungh… have seen too much, but…”

Panting, Xander reeled with the words falling from his vampire’s lips- so close in structure to the vulgarities Jesse would utter, but so blatantly opposite in feeling and intent. Spike truly was removing the past and replacing it with love and wonder- cherishing him.

“…still keep their sparkle …oh, baby… the way you feel- smooth velvet skin,” the vampire ran a hand over Xander’s chest, tweaking an erect nipple as he went- his boy bucking into him at the touch. “…silky soft hair, moist hungry mouth,” he shivered as his boy took his finger into his mouth for a second time, “…tight wonderful hole that should be worshipped and loved- just like the rest of you.”

Xander moaned around the vampire’s cool finger. This was just what he needed and longed for- love and respect.

Soon Spike’s thrusts were becoming erratic, he slipped Xander’s legs from his shoulders.

The mortal automatically wrapped them around his vampire’s waist.

Trapping Xander’s erection between them, Spike pressed their chests together nuzzling his boy’s throat. He could hear the blood rushing through the beautiful man’s body, smell the enticing mixed scents of love, trust, and arousal, and feel the heart pumping under that deliciously warm skin. He wanted it, wanted Xander, wanted his Sunshine. Spike latched on to his boy’s neck with blunt teeth; he was so close and he knew Xander was, too.

Xander cried out in pleasure, rocking against the blonde as his loving vampire sucked on his vulnerable neck.
The expanse of pale flesh so close to his own mouth was more temptation than the passion-filled mortal could resist. Without thinking twice, Xander bit roughly into Spike’s tender flesh, breaking the skin.

The sudden jolt of pleasure/pain sent Spike over the edge in more ways than one. As his balls emptied deep inside his love, fangs sunk into warm flesh.

Xander felt more alive than he could ever recall, his body tingled, his cock throbbed, pumping hot cum between the two men’s bellies, and he swore he could feel Spike inside him coursing through his veins, following the synapses and neural pathways of his mind, becoming a part of him.

Simultaneously, both man and vamp released their hold on the other’s neck as the waves of orgasmic electricity began to subside.

Spike recovered first, “Gods, Xan, pet? Xander, did I hurt you?”

Floating on a bliss-induced fog, Xander fought to answer, “’m fine.” A sappy grin crossed his face, “More than fine- perfect.”

Nuzzling his boy’s hair, Spike wasn’t convinced, “I’m so sorry, Xander. Can you…”

Foggy brain not-withstanding, Xander picked out his vampire’s apology and interrupted him, “Huh? Baby, you’re not making any sense. What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong!?! Xan, I bit you!”

“Yeah,” dreamily, “I bit you, too.”


“What Spike?” His voice dripped with sarcasm, “Am I dead and don’t know it yet? Did you turn me?”

Spike rolled his eyes at his love, “No,” he said petulantly. Then quietly added, “Just Claimed you.”

The young human practically beamed, “Is… is that a bad thing?”

The blonde vamp was taken aback by Xander’s reaction, or rather the scent the boy released in reaction. There was no anger; there was fear, but not of Spike or the Claim, it was fear of rejection- one scent was sweet, the other bitter. It was a fine line, but a Master Vampire knew the difference. Spike rolled off the human, pulling him close, “Not far as I’m concerned. More concerned about you.”


“Shoulda asked. Shoulda explained things to you first. Shoulda made sure you wanted it.”

“Spike, did you even know you could bite me?”

The vampire considered the implications of his lover’s question, “No. Figured I couldn’t, if you must.”

“Maybe you could ‘cause I did want it.”

“How could you? You don’t have the slightest idea what it means.”

“Hey, I’ve read Giles’ books… well, the interesting bits.”

Spike merely quirked an eye.

Xander shook his dark head, blushing slightly, then snuggled against his vampire, “So, tell me now.”


“What? You want me to know and to make the decision if I want it. So, do it.”

This time it was Spike’s turn to shake his head, adding a smirk for good measure, gods he loved this man who never ceased to amaze him. “Fine. The Claim marks you as mine, other vampires and demons will know you're special to me and under my protection. It also means that if someone wants to hurt me or start a feud, they may target you. Since you have a small amount of vampire blood in you, you’ll heal faster and be more resistant to human ailments, but your body can become addicted to my blood and if you go too long without it, it could kill you.” Spike put a hand up to forestall any questions, “It would take weeks, if not months, to get to that point. It can also be a way to mark an intended Mate. That’s about it. So, any questions?”

“Would Buffy sense it?”

“Shouldn’t, she’d probably pick something up if we were Mated, but the Claim shouldn’t set her off.”

“Deadboy would know though.”

The vampire nodded.

“’k. You gonna ask me the million dollar question now?”

Taking a deep breath, “Xander, my Sunshine,” he took his lover’s hand, bringing it to his mouth to kiss, “may I Claim you?”

With a burst of speed that surprised even Spike, the young mortal straddled his vamp. Cocking his head, he studied the blonde, trying to read the emotions in those vibrant azure eyes. Finally, Xander’s face broke into one of his sunshine smiles, “Please. I’d love to be yours, to be the Claimed of William the Bloody, Master Vampire- MY vampire.” The dark boy lay atop his vamp caressing his sculpted face, “Love you, baby.”

“You too, Sunshine,” Spike wrapped his arms around his Claimed, holding him close and silently swearing once again to protect this miraculous man and to punish those who hurt him.

Content in each other’s arms, man and vamp fell into a deep sated sleep.

The End

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