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Rating: NC17
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Call Me But Love

Cobalt Mystic

The room had once been a storeroom, some century and a half ago. Now, it was Xander’s workshop. The aromatic scents of pine, maple, oak, and cherry filled the once musty spaces. Sawdust gathered in corners and under benches where broom bristles didn’t quite reach. Fluorescent lights ran the ceiling, though Xander seldom used them, preferring the softer glow of his bench lamps. This was Xander’s domain, a place he felt he belonged.

Few people were allowed into Xander’s sanctuary, and fewer still understood what an honour it was to be one of them. It was a gift Spike would savour even considering the bizarre circumstances.

They’d spent the past four hours gaming with Andrew and Dawn, and by unspoken agreement, the quartet called a break. Spike had headed to the kitchen to grab a beer, but before he’d reached his stash of the ’good stuff’ a warm hand clasped his elbow.

“Come on,” Xander said pulling the vamp towards the room’s back exit.

Curiosity, and not any pansy notion of being willing to go anywhere his boy was, had Spike following the young man. He’d followed Xander down here, to his workshop, and watched in amusement as he slid no less than four locks into place.

Finally, Xander breathed a sigh of relief. He strode to the far corner of the room where a small bed and refrigerator were tucked away. Pulling out two cold beers, Xander wordlessly handed one to the blonde then threw himself onto the bed.

Spike pulled up one of the relatively clean work stools and sat. He watched the dark boy in silence for a moment before asking, “Wanna tell me why we’re here? For that matter what’s with all the locks?”

Xander quirked his head as if studying a particularly dense piece of wood. “What do you think we’re doing here?”

Spike matched Xander’s head tilt with the raising of a scarred eyebrow, “I think we’re hiding from the Bit and His Royal Gitness.”

“Then my fanged friend you’d be correct,” the young man confirmed.

“Was getting’ a might ridiculous. Did everything short of droppin’ a spell on us, and I doubt that was for lack of trying.”

Xander snorted, “Ya think? Was it the way ‘Esse’ kept accidentally knocking us onto each other? Or when she locked us in the shed?”

Spike took a pull on his beer, “Nah, was when the Great Git had the she-orc offering to pay to watch us get groiny.”

Xander laughed, “Andrew never was subtle.”

The vamp nodded and raised his beer in salute.

There was a calm silence as both men contemplated their friends’ actions and seeming obsession in throwing the two together.

Finally, Spike spoke softly, “Would’ve been hot though.”

The young man picked at the label on his beer bottle, staring at his hands so as not to look into the beautiful eyes of the vamp he cared so much for. “Yeah, it would’ve,” he replied just as softly.

Cautiously, Spike moved to sit on the bed next to his human. “Xander?”

“Hmm?” Xander was losing himself in images of pale flesh and cool touches. Only when the cool lips met his did he realized the touches were real.

It was a ghost of a kiss, lips brushing lightly against one another, a tingle like magnets being drown together and it was over.

Xander was shaking when he opened his eyes to see scared blue ones watching him.

Spike gulped, but before he could speak, Xander was on him, kissing him- wet, warm, and inviting. Spike might have a soul but he wasn’t a saint, nor did he want to be, in fact the only thing he wanted was Xander. Wrapping his arms around him, he pulled the young man close.

Xander allowed himself to melt into the vampire’s embrace, relishing the contentment he found there.

Moments later they found themselves upstairs in Spike’s bedroom, bare-chested, jeans open, hands softly exploring each others’ body. They moved together mouths colliding in a deep, tender, sensual kiss.

Spike slowly worked them to his oversized bed, pushing Xander down and stripping their remaining clothes.
Straddling the young man’s calves, the vampire ran trembling fingers over the warm flesh. His hands leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake.

Xander reached for Spike’s hand, tugging him forward. He wanted, needed to feel Spike’s pressed against him.

Spike laid on top of his beautiful mortal, their fingers lacing together as their cocks aligned, sliding sensually against each other. His clear blue gaze locking and boring into rich chocolate eyes.

Passion and anticipation had Xander breath coming in quick ragged bursts as Spike slowly thrust against him. His jaw opened and closed, and his lips twitched as if trying to form words, but how could he when ever part of him and all his senses were overrun by the vampire.

Reluctantly, Spike slid his fingers from his boy’s grip; moving to brush a warm cheek with the back of his fingers.

Xander’s eyes fluttered closed as he soaked in the vampire’s touch.


Opening his eyes, Xander was immersed in an oceanic maelstrom of emotions. Xander lifted his head closing the miniscule distance between their mouths.

The vampire relinquished the boy’s lips to trail soft kisses over his cheek and jaw, eventually settling in to nip and lick on a spot just above Xander’s collar bone. Blunt teeth bit down as Spike languidly suckled hard at the wonderful flesh causing minute traces of blood to well to the surface.

Xander’s hand clenched around his vamp’s cool fingers as he stretched, baring his neck to the blonde.

Spike was awed by the level of trust Xander was showing and he lathed the lovebite relishing the pangs of want and hope that someday his permanent mark would replace it; that Xander would be his and his alone- and vice-versa .
Lovingly, Spike kissed down Xander’s chest, stopping to tease a tantalizing nipple, causing Xander to moan and arch into the vampire’s reassuring weight. Releasing the appealing nub, Spike continued his mouth’s mapping of his boy’s body; stopping at the junction of torso and leg, and allowing his tongue to playfully torment the sensitive flesh.

Warm hands gripped the vampire’s shoulders, “Spike, please. Can’t take much more- want to, just…”

“…need it, too much,” the blonde finished for him as he crawled back up his love’s body.

Xander just nodded, pulling his vampire closer to whisper in his ear, “…and wanted too long.”

After a leisurely impassioned kiss, Spike retrieved the small bottle of lube from his bedside. He poured the slippery fluid into his hand as he scooted down to straddle Xander’s thighs.

The young man gasped when the vampire’s slick hand encased his rigid erection. It took a handful of strokes before Xander found his voice, “Spike? What… oh… what are you doing?”

Spike smiled, debauchery evident in his liquid crystal eyes, and when he spoke it was in a husky, lust laden whisper. “Getting ready to ride this luscious cock,” he tightened his fist eliciting a wanton groan from the boy as he thrust into the iron grip, “to feel it split me open and fill me with heat, spunk, and l…” The vampire trailed off, hoping Xander hadn’t noticed his slip.

No such luck.

The mortal stopped thrusting and propped himself up on his elbows. “What was that?”

“Said I wanted you to fill me with your heat and spunk.”


“And what?” The blonde snapped defensively.

“Nothing. Just sounded like you were about to say…” Xander laid back down chastising himself for such absurd and wishful thinking. “Nothing,” he added praying he kept the hurt and disappointment out of his voice.

Spike stopped his attentions, moving instead to lay on his side face to face with his amazing Xander. He traced lazy patterns over the mortal’s chest, speaking just above a whisper, “What is it, Xan?”


The blonde cocked his head in that ‘tell me another one’ way.

Xander folded, he supposed he always would when it came to the vampire. “It’s silly.”

“Tell me, pet. Doubt I’d find anything you have to say about this silly.”

Sighing in sad resignation, he closed his eyes to avoid Spike’s look of amusement when he said the words, “I thou… hoped this meant something more…”

Spike was shocked, he loved Xander, wanted to worship him in every way, and the boy wanted more! “Xan, luv, I don’t think there’s any more for me to give.”

Xander’s breath hitched and he fought back his tears, “It’s okay. I’ll be happy with whatever I have of you.”

The vampire’s brow furrowed in confusion, “Xan? Xander look at me, please. I need to understand.”

Xander’s tear-filled eyes shot open, “You! You need to understand!?! What’s there to understand, Spike? I love you and for a minute, actually several minutes, I thought maybe you… Forget it.” He shifted, preparing to leave the vampire’s bed, but before he could move further, he was blanketed by the cool flesh of a snarling amber-eyed demon.

“Alexander Harris, you thick-headed soddin’ git,” Spike smashed their lips together in a fierce possessive kiss. “I love you, ya twit. More than you could possibly know,” he admitted rubbing their foreheads together.

Arms shaking with hope, fear, and desire enveloped the blonde.

With a heartrending sigh, Spike surrendered to Xander’s loving embrace.

“I really know how to ruin a moment, don’t I.”

Spike nuzzled into Xander’s neck, “No, pet,” he inhaled deeply along the column of his boy’s neck, basking in the scent that was simply Xander. “Think we both been hurt too much to take someone’s love for granted, ‘s all.”

Xander’s hand threaded through the platinum hair and he kissed the vampire’s temple. “Would it be completely girly of me to just wanna cuddle for a while?”

The vamp smiled against Xander’s throat, “Sounds wonderful, luv, but whadya say we climb under the covers first?”

The brunette chuckled, “I don’t know if I want to let you go for that long.”

“Promise you’ll barely notice, Xan. Don’t want to be away from you that long either.”

The mortal smiled and nodded, leaning up to kiss his vamp before they lost physical contact- even if it was only for a moment.

Snuggled down in a cocoon of soft thick blankets, Xander and Spike lovingly stroked and explored each other, exchanging powerful kisses all the while.

Eventually when both man and vamp were panting, eyes dilated by love and lust, Xander broke their silence, “Spike I wa… Can we finish were we left off?”

For an instant, Spike’s eyes flashed yellow and Xander smiled at his vamp’s reaction.

Giggling softly, “Should I take that as a yes?”

Spike growled playfully as he worked his way down the boy’s body. Stopping only when his lips were poised above Xander’s hot shaft.
Coffee eyes locked with his and warm hands grasped his forearms which lazily held down the young man’s hips. Then, slowly and deliberately, the slit of Xander’s cock was prodded and lapped at by Spike’s tongue.

Xander’s fingers dug into the vampire’s arms as he thrashed and mewled under the onslaught of that wicked tongue.

For the second time that night, Xander felt the cool slide of slick being spread over him.

As Spike continued his leisurely pumping, he moved to wrap Xander’s hand around his sensitive flesh, guiding and encouraging the strokes until his lover was comfortable with them.

Too engrossed in the dual sensations of finally having Spike’s cock in his hand and the magic the vampire was working on his own heated erection to notice, Xander was oblivious to the vampire stretching and preparing himself to accept his human.

When Spike thought he was prepared enough, he raised up on his knees, positioned Xander’s throbbing shaft at his open hole and slowly slid down. As the head of Xander’s cock fully breached him, Spike began gulping in raspy breaths- the relatively small intrusion sending flames spreading through his body.

“Spike… oh, hells… Spike?” Xander’s words held equal parts lust and concern.

Continuing to ease down his lover’s shaft, Spike grit his teeth, “’m fine.” When their bodies were finally flush, Spike let out a long ragged breath before smiling blissfully. “Never been with a mortal man like this,” he explained to a now wide-eyed Xander.

It was all he could do, not to thrust up into Spike’s velvety confines. With his hands on the vampire’s hips, Xander began rocking the beautifully pale form impaled on him in time with his own shallow thrusts as he searched for that special spot inside the vampire.

Spike willingly let Xander guide his body- the heat inside him was so intense he wasn‘t sure if he could‘ve made any movement on his own.

Then Xander found the spot he‘d been looking for and, as if someone had lit a fuse to every cell and nerve ending in his body, Spike‘s world exploded.

The vampire thrust down harder and harder on Xander’s gorgeous cock. His eyes shining gold as his face rippled with demon and human features.

Wordlessly, Xander brought himself to a sitting position, arms tight around his vampire’s torso.

Their lips met and Spike froze, fearful of his demon visage.

Xander didn’t hesitate to continue kissing the blonde, only pulling back slightly to whisper, “Let it go,” into Spike’s cool mouth.

It was as if the trusting words skipped Spike’s brain and went straight to his demon. His teeth elongated and brow ridges protruded.

And Xander kept kissing him, running his tongue carefully along the back of the vampire’s deadly fangs, and losing himself in Spike’s sultry moans. He felt Spike’s powerful legs wrap around his waist, pushing the blonde even further onto Xander’s heat.
A shuddering sound somewhere between a whimper and a moan escaped from the dark mortal’s mouth sending exquisite vibrations through Spike’s supernaturally sensitive fangs and straight to his trapped, leaking cock. Adding a well-timed stroke of his prostate and the vampire was howling and spraying his release. His muscles clenching and milking Xander’s orgasm from him.

Later, after Spike had cleaned them both, he slipped back into the bed with his still dazed human. Xander rolled to face the vampire, looking into his perfect blue eyes. Their foreheads met and noses rubbed in emotion-charged Eskimo kisses. Neither would know how long their gazes remained locked, nor when they succumb to sleep, but the last thing they remembered were open, loving eyes that left hearts laid bare.

The End

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