Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG13- for boys playing with boys and snogging of said boys
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AN1: So Xan and Spike share Xan’s apartment, Anya buggered off sometime that Mys can’t be bothered to figure out, and this is prolly set @ season 5.
AN2: The song is "Make a Little Magic" by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Before the Night is Through

Cobalt Mystic

As Spike stalked through the dark streets of Sunnydale he couldn’t contain his growl.

I don’t need the same excuses…

Not over the damned electronic leash in his head. Not over being forced to help the Scoobies. Not even over being alienated by a good chunk of the demon community- he was still evil after all. No, none of that was what crawled and itched under his skin.

…all this talk is really useless.

It was that stupid, stupid song. The one the boy listened to incessantly. The one he kept catching himself humming and on certain horrifying occasions reciting. And the worst part? The worst part was that it fit his situation perfectly.

You run for cover every time I’m close to you.


Xander sat on his couch, listening to ‘The Song’ while hugging the pillow his vampire always seemed to lounge on when he watched tv. And for the millionth time chastised himself for falling for the Bleached Menace.

Don’t wanna hear about the others.

It wasn’t like he could ever compare to the likes of Buffy or his Dark Princess. Hells, even Harmony had more to offer; she at least had the vamp thing and the girl bits going for her.

There’s something here we should discover.

Add to that that Xander had never so much as kissed another guy and couldn’t even tell if his attraction to the blonde vampire was a fluke or a honest to gods re-orientation of his sexuality.

You’ve seen it all before and heard the same lines,…

And it wasn’t like he could pull off the suave act- that was Spike’s territory, to be smooth and sexy, oozing charm and danger. The kind of guy who’s been around the block a few times and given the right incentive would show you exactly what he’d learnt. Xander wanted so much to be on the receiving end of those lessons.

…but if you’re willing just to take a chance it could be alright, so fine.

There were times when the vamp was sleeping that Xander would just watch him, wondering what would happen if he dared to touch that perfect skin.
Sighing, Xander shoved his face into the pillow, wallowing in the scent of the vampire.


Spike had had enough. The boy was driving him mad. First with his scent, his smile, his laugh- not the one he used with the Scoobies, but the one that came casually, freely- his skin that seemed to shine golden in the moonlight. And second with that DAMNED song!
He was going to have a chat with the boy, and he wasn’t letting up until he got some answers.

So, don’t you try to change the subject,…

When Spike entered the apartment, Xander nearly jumped out of his skin, and when Spike declared, “Harris, we need to get some things straight and we’re doing it now,” he gulped audibly, trying to hide the pillow behind him at the same time attempting to look indignant.

…or try to put yourself above it.

“Oh, no. You’re not getting out of it that way. I want to know what’s going on in that head of yours and you’re going to tell me.”

The dark mortal looked horrified- Spike couldn’t know, he just couldn’t. The very idea made Xander’s blood run cold.

A boy could get pneumonia sittin’ next to you.

Spike mentally cringed, his own feelings too close to the surface for him to accurately read the boy. He took the fear and quietness for cold callous annoyance or at best indifference. It didn’t matter, he had to put an end to this. “Fine, don’t tell me. But whoever it is you’re pining over, either do something about it or get over it!” His words came out much harsher than the vamp had intended- his own pain colouring them.

“A little sleep is all we’re losin’. It’s up to us to do the choosin’.”

The words of the song washed over both of them in the silence. Each man fighting his own heart, weighing what could be gained over what might be lost.
Before Xander could pull himself from the couch to irreparably crush his heart, Spike was pulling him up and placing cool tender lips on his.

“Let’s make a little magic ‘fore the night is through.”

A mere moment of shock passed before Xander wrapped his arms, strong and muscled from working construction, around the slim vampire.

As they broke their kiss, both men panted for breath. Brown eyes dilated to near black with desire stared into otherworldly golden blue ones.

“…it may sound crazy but just hold on tight, never has a love run deeper.”

The desire, insecurity, and disbelief mirrored in each set of eyes was enough to erase any doubt as to their feelings.

Spike cupped Xander’s flush heated face in his hand, gently rubbing his cool thumb over his boy’s cheekbone. “No more pining,” he ordered, though there was no heat in his words, only tenderness and love.

Xander smiled as he leaned into his vampire’s hand, “No more pining,” he assured. “No need.”

The End

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