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Rating: NC-17
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Games we Play


Xander knelt at Spike's feet, his eyes slowly trailing up the vampire's leather clad legs. The human let his eyes rest on the riding crop slapping against Spike's thigh. He sat, entranced as the rough, corded leather of the crop rhythmically thumped against shiny, black, skin-tight leather.

The boy let his eyes continue their journey up the thin body before him. He could just make out the slight trembles of anticipation that coursed through his master's body. He stopped his eyes at chest level, not daring to go farther. He knew the penalty for making eye contact and, enjoyable as that penalty was, he was reluctant to deny Spike his game.

"You sent for me, Master?" Xander's voice was low, almost a whisper, as befitted a pet of his station. But try as he might, he couldn't keep the tremor out of it. Knowing Spike heard the slight break in his voice, Xander lowered his eyes to the vampire's navel, deepening his level of submission.

"Yes, Pet. I'm bored. Entertain me." Spike quirked an eyebrow as he sensed a rise in Xander's arousal. He also sensed the question forming in his human's mind and placed the end of his crop against the boy's mouth, pushing him back. "Lie back, that's right. That's a good pet."

Xander kept his legs folded beneath him as he lay back, settling his ass on his heels and arching his back. He still kept his eyes locked on Spike's navel, although it caused him to have to hold his head at an uncomfortable angle.

Spike watched as the boy clenched his hands at his sides and panted with ever-increasing arousal. He used one booted foot to tap Xander's knee and whispered, "Wider." His eyes widened slightly as his human complied immediately. With obvious effort, Spike regained control of himself enough to issue a command. "Touch yourself."

Xander started with his face, the same way Spike always did with his kisses. He feathered gentle caresses across his lips, trailing his fingers up across his temples to bury them in his hair, and threw his head back with a gasp. After combing through long dark locks of hair, he drew the fingers teasingly along the flesh of his throat, scratching at the hollow beneath his bobbing Adam's Apple.

With just the tiniest amount of pressure, Xander dragged his nails down his chest to his nipples, which he then teased to hardness, only to twist and pull at them while biting at his lips. He mewled and whimpered in pleasure, Spike's eyes on him making him feel sexier than he'd ever felt before. He watched the muscles of his master's stomach spasm and knew he was doing good. One final, simultaneous tug on his nipples and he continued downward, kneading and pulling at the flesh, leaving behind the red handprints Spike loved to see on him.

When he reached his navel, he stopped, twirling his fingers in the little hairs he found there. He moved down, carding his fingers through the small curls, grasping the base of his cock with one hand while going farther down with the other to squeeze and roll his balls. Using his feet as leverage, he thrust up into his tightened fist and nearly bit a hole in his lip trying to hold back his moans of pleasure.

Three whispered words turned out to be his undoing. He heard Spike's raspy voice tell him to look up and he did. He looked up into glittering blue eyes. Then Spike issued his order. "Cum."

Hearing that word, in that voice, Xander had no choice but to obey. He thrust up one last time and cried out as he shot his semen over his chest. After an eternity drifting, Xander came back to himself and relaxed his tensed muscles. It wasn't until he ran his hand over his chest, spreading the semen over his flesh, feeling the cool mixed with the warm, that he realized that Spike had cum along with him.

Spike crawled over Xander's body, his still dripping cock hanging through the hole in his leather suit dragging across tanned thighs. He nuzzled into his human's neck, purring. "Mmm, that was good, Pet."

"Better than a spot of violence?" Xander's question held nothing but humor, he was secure in his vampire's love and needed no constant reminders of it. Although it was nice to hear them.

Spiked looked up into Xander's eyes, laughing silently. "Could still go for a good bloodbath, but I wouldn't trade this for the world." With that he leaned in, claiming Xander's mouth with his own before turning them both on their sides and cuddling with his human.

The End

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