Pairing: S/X

Warning: Slash!

Summary: Xander surprises Spike when he gets home.

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Xander knelt on the floor facing the door, wrapped in nothing but the cool air coming in from the window. He knew Spike was on his way home from another night of solo patrol and that his master would be either hyper from the kill, or frustrated from the lack of it.

Hearing the key in the lock, he dropped his gaze to the floor, waiting for the moment when Master would come to him. Then he felt it, the calm that always came over him when Spike came home. He knew the moment that his master saw him, could feel the blue eyes fixed on him.

Spike stepped into the room and the first thing he noticed was his beautiful boy, kneeling in all his glory, eyes downcast, hands out in supplication. He turned to shut and lock the door, increasing the anticipation he could feel coming from Xander in waves. Then, slowly, he made his way across the room to his boy.

Grasping a fistful of dark, curly locks in his hand, Spike drew back on Xander's head, noticing with a silent crow of delight the way the human's eyes closed so that they wouldn't look into his own. "Learned your lessons well have you?"

Xander nodded his head, reveling in the tiny jolts of pain coming from his scalp at the movement. He did it again, and again. Then he lowered his body a little more to the floor, letting the pull on his hair increase the pain a little more.

Spike could hear the small whimpers coming from his human. He allowed the movements, knowing how much his boy liked the small hurts. But only for a short while. When he released Xander's hair, the boys head dropped until he was once again looking down, or more precisely, at Spike's legs.

Spike bent at the waist, leaning down until his lips brushed against Xander's ear. He lightly traced his tongue along the soft flesh beneath the ear before whispering. "Undress me."

Xander crawled forward across the small amount of space between them and pulled back and down on the duster, catching it before it could hit the floor. He folded it neatly and tossed it over the back of the couch before tugging the black t-shirt out of Spike's excessively tight jeans.

Spike smiled to himself when he realized that Xander wouldn't get up from the floor to remove the shirt. His interest peaked when Xander stretched up as far as he could while still on his knees and pulled the shirt over his head and down his arms with one hard pull on the fabric.

Now naked from the waist up, Spike reached down to stroke his hands through his boy's hair. Such soft, beautiful, dark hair. He tugged at it with a little pressure, causing fresh tingles of pleasure-pain to ripple through the human's body. He let his eyes drift closed as he felt the moist heat of Xander's breath at his crotch.

Xander took the zipper between his teeth, carefully tugging it downward. The cool pressure of Spike's cock on his face made him gasp and he lost his hold on the zipper. Letting out a sigh, Xander noticed the way his master's stomach drew in upon itself, some long forgotten instinct causing him to gasp at the pleasure of warm breath on his cock. He took the zipper back between his teeth and slowly drew it the rest of the way down.

Quickly, Xander pushed the jeans down to the floor, reverently running his hands over Spike's feet as they were lifted out of the material. Xander raised his eyes, starring at the erection protruding from Spike's groin.

Spike looked down on the dark haired beauty kneeling before him. Slightly nudging the back of Xander's head, he gave silent permission for the human to take him into his mouth. He watched as an expression of pure bliss washed over Xander's face when the human leaned forward, dropping his lower jaw, and swallowed him whole.

Xander moaned around the cock in his mouth, letting the vibrations lend extra pleasure to the sucking pressure he was creating within his throat. He eased back, letting the cock withdraw slowly from him, until only the moist tip was sitting on his tongue. Flicking his tongue back and forth, Xander lapped away the drops of precome that leaked from the small opening. He moaned again.

Spike threw back his head and applied more pressure to the hair in his fist, pulling Xander's head forward to take him deep inside once more. They slowly built up a rhythm, Xander would withdraw and Spike would pull him back. Eventually the pleasure got to be too much and Spike began a pistoning action, Xander just knelt there, taking delight in his master using him for his own enjoyment.

Spike bent at the knees, slightly changing the angle so that the head of his cock rubbed against the ridges of the roof of Xander's mouth. He began to pant for unneeded breath as the ecstasy built. With more and more force, he thrust his cock into his human's warm, moist throat. He could smell the excitement coming from his boy, knew that the slight pain was not only welcome, but craved.

Letting loose with a predatory growl, Spike clutched Xander's head between both hands and buried his cock in him. He shuddered as he shot his cool semen into his human's mouth, the scent of himself mixed with his lovely boy's lust enough to send him over the edge again, pulling another, smaller orgasm from him.

Xander swallowed the cum pouring into his mouth, happiness at servicing his master rushing through his entire body. As he felt the second wave of pleasure spasm through the vampire, Xander's own climax hit. He barely controlled the urge to clench his teeth, so instead he grabbed hold of the pale cheeks of Spike's ass, digging in with jagged nails, drawing them downward to leave eight, perfectly matched welts on the pale, perfect flesh.

Spent now, Spike pulled Xander away from him, ignoring the human's last attempts to keep the cock within his mouth. Spike reached down and lifted his boy into his arms, carrying him into the bathroom. "You did good, Pet. Let's have us a little bath, then we can go to bed, huh?"

Xander never said a word, he just leaned heavily upon Spike's arms when the vampire set him on his feet to reach over and turn on the water. Spike climbed into the tub, pulling Xander in with him, and he sat with Xander between his legs as the almost too hot water slowly rose over their bodies. Reaching forward, Spike turned off the water when it had filled the tub and they settled back to soak, Xander already asleep against the vampire's pale chest.

The End

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