Through the Eyes of a Child


Part Four

Walking home with the six year old Xan-pet was an experience not soon to be forgotten. Spike kept a tight hold of his boy. The one time he let go, Xander was running and bouncing all over the sidewalk trying to take in everything, peeping in windows, looking around corners and peering into trash cans.

"Oi, you keep yourself right by me, hear. There's all kinds of beasties out there in the dark just waiting for a right tasty treat like you." Xander came to an immediate stop and crept back over to stand closely by Spike's side.

"Beasties..they'd eat me?" Xander asked quietly.

"Yeah, ghoulies and ghosties and beasties. But don't you worry about them. You just stay close to me and I'll keep you safe. None of them things'll mess with Spike, after all I'm the Big Bad ain't I?" Xander looked up at Spike with large somber, questioning eyes. Xander had learned early to never put his trust in an adult but just maybe Spike would keep him safe and not let anything hurt him. "See, that didn't take too long did it? We're going in that building right there. That's where flat is. We need to get you inside, cleaned up and to bed."

"What's a flat?"

"I forgot you American types don't know the proper names. That's what proper English speakers call an apartment."

"I talk english. My mommy is always saying "Open your mouth and speak english, stoopid."

Spike's snarl surprised Xander and his eyes started to tear up. "Now don't you even start the water works again Xan-pet. `M not mad at you, but nobody should call you stupid. You're a right smart little boy, all polite and everythin'. And you talk American not proper English but then you are American-like so you don't know any better."

Xander looked at Spike and the smile that spread over his face was as warm and bright as a sunny day. Now there's my Xan-pet. I knew he was in there somewhere. "You really don't think I'm stoopid or nothin'?"

"Just said so didn't I? Hey whelp no running in the hallway you. You don't wanna wake folks, now do you?"

"Sorry spike, won't run no more, `k?" he came back and stayed right by Spike.

Spike just shook his head. How is it that his Xander couldn't see that he was as tall as Spike was or that his long legs could keep up with his? He looked him almost straight in the eyes but still thought he was only six. There must have been some wicked big mojo in the Graz'elktheus' claws to cause this. Hell fire it was going to be hard being with Xan all the time smelling him, touching him but having to keep thinking of him as a child. Would he ever be able to wrap his body around Xander's again, to curl up over his back as he buried himself in the inferno that was his Xan-pet, to taste the sweetness that was his blood Stop it you bloody pillock. You can't think that way right now. Xan-pet needs you. He's a child, keep that in your bleedin' head. Gods he could remember the first time with Xander like it was yesterday..

Six months earlier.

~~Like any self-respecting vampire during the day, Spike was stretched out in his crypt, sleeping like the, well, like the undead. Something was interrupting his sleep, a sound, a presence that shouldn't be there. Spike rolled off onto cold concrete floor and crouched behind the coffin. Cor, don't tell me it's them army arseholes again, haven't they done enough? He tilted his head to the side and listened carefully to the heartbeat of the invader. What in the hell is the whelp doing prowling around during the day. It seemed odd that Xander would be coming here alone without the Slayer to protect him. Spike stood up and sauntered out from behind his hiding place. "That's a good way to get yourself dead boy, sneakin' in on sleeping vamps like that."

Xander looked Spike in the eyes and then slowly started raking his eyes up and down Spike's body. Spike could smell the arousal rolling off the boy in waves. Xander prowled closer to the vampire, loose hipped and slinky like a large cat on the prowl.

"What the hell are yo...mmrhlgg.." Before Spike could get another sound out, Xander had latched on to Spike's mouth and was trying to suck his tongue out of his head. Xander pulled back to take a breath then plunged back into the delicious, cool mouth. Spike ran both hands through Xander's dark hair and held on, using his own tongue to counter Xander's every move. God the boy's mouth was the sweetest thing Spike had ever tasted. Xander ran his hands down over Spike's shoulders to the hem of his tee shirt, leaving his mouth only long enough to pull the shirt over the vamp's head, then dived back in. He finally left the soft, swollen lips and started to gently kiss his way around Spike's jawline and down his neck, stopping to lightly suckle where his pulse should be. Spike let go of Xander's hair and reached around to grab on to his ass, pulling him tightly into his painfully hard erection. Spike was rocking their aching hardness together as Xander continued his moist kissing trail from Spike's neck, across his collarbone, down his chest, stopping to lick and suckle a small rosy brown nipple. Spike couldn't hold off any longer, it had been too long. "Gods pet, can't stop, gonna cum now, don't stop, now pet now.." Spike threw back his head and howled as Xander bit down on the nub and pulled Spike's hips in as hard and close as he could. He kept rubbing their denim clad hardness together till he yelled out his own completion and latched onto Spike's neck, biting down hard. They both hit their knees, neither willing to let the other go.

"Want you Spike, want you on me, in me, taking me. Please Spike want you." Xander had pulled Spike down on his body and was arching his hips up trying to build up the delicious friction again. "Please Spike, in me now, want you to take me, fuck me Spike, fuck me now." Spike sat the boy up and ripped his shirt down the front pulling the remains off his shoulder and throwing the pieces in the corner. He took a minute to just stare at the golden tanned chest before he started to unfasten the jeans, he didn't know what had set the boy off but he wasn't going to worry about it.

He pulled away from Xander a minute to untie and remove the boy's trainers, then he jerked the jeans and boxers down off his legs. Straddling the boy's thighs, Spike reached up and tweaked the flat brown nipples until they stood up hard against his fingers, eliciting a loud moan from Xander. "Please Spike.." Xander was tossing his head back and forth and sobbing his pleas to the vampire, "Fuck me Spike, fuuuuck meeee."

Spike rolled off long enough to shuck his own jeans and roll back onto the boy. He started at Xan's mouth and slowly worked his way down, kissing and lightly nipping down Xander's neck. He continued down his chest, stopping to torment Xan's nipples then continued his journey down pausing a minute to stroke his tongue in and out of the boy's navel while still tweaking the hardened nipples, then down to the crisp, dark curls surrounding the again hard drooling erection. He took one long swipe with his tongue, from root to head, circling and teasing the slit with the tip of his tongue.

As he slipped his mouth over and engulfed Xander's engorged cock, his finger began to lightly play up and down the cleft of Xan's ass, stopping every once and awhile to rub at the rosy pucker, lightly pressing in on it with one finger. During one strong suck, he breached the hole with one finger and began to gently stroke in and out. Xander was panting and arching his back off the concrete floor. "Spiike, gonna..can't.. oh" Spike pulled his mouth off Xander's cock and grabbed hold with his hand, milking the pulsing organ as stream after stream of hot cum spurted over his hand.

As soon as Xander quieted and sank to the floor, Spike had him on his stomach and was pulling his ass up. He began to prepare Xander with his cum soaked fingers first one, then two fingers finally pushing in three finger and scissoring them to get the boy ready. He pulled his fingers out and lined up the broad head of his erection with the now loosened hole. "Easy Xan, gonna make it good, don't wanna hurt you, can't hurt you.." He pushed in, working his way gently past the grasping ring of muscle, then pushed slowly till he was buried balls deep, stopping to let Xander's stretched muscles relax around the invading cock. He felt like he was in an inferno, had any other ever been so hot? It had been a very long time since Spike had been like this with a human, he couldn't remember it ever being this hot, this good.

Xander pushed back against the impaling hardness, "Now Spike now, if you don't move now I'm gonna kill you..again. FUCK ME!" Spike pulled out until just the tip of his erection was still in the boy then plunged in with one fast strong stroke. "Yeeesss, fuck me, fuck me hard, harder.." Grabbing Xander's hips, Spike began to piston his cock into the grasping hole, angling his stroke so he hit the boy's prostrate with every powerful stroke, going faster and harder until he felt the tightening feeling in his balls that meant he couldn't last much longer.

Xander was reaching down with one hand trying to latch on to his weeping erection wanting..needing something, some relief. Spike pulled his hand back up and grunted "No you don't boy I've plans for that." With one more powerful push, Spike threw back his head and roared. Before Xander could move, Spike had flipped him over and sucked his pulsing dick into his mouth, stroking his teeth down the underside. "Oh God now Spike, now, do it please do it, want it, want it, want it." As Xander's cock began to erupt, Spike pulled off and sunk his fangs deeply into his groin. Xander's body bowed up until only his head and heels touched the cold concrete floor and there seemed to be no end to the cum shooting from his cock. Spike had never tasted anything so pure, so sweet as his boy's blood. It was like the finest chocolate, laced with honey and cinnamon with the added spice of his boy's surrender. Taking two more mouthfuls from the boy, he carefully pulled out and licked the wounds to stop the blood flow. He crawled up Xander's shuddering body and rolled to his back taking the boy, no, the man, with him...

Spiked shook his head as if trying to erase the pictures in it. It wouldn't do to be thinking like that right now. He took his key out and unlocked the apartment door. Xander slowly followed him through the door, twisting and turning his head from side to side so he wouldn't miss seeing anything.

"Alright then whelp let's see about getting you to bed. It's getting' kind of late for you to still be up."

"spike I'm..uh..well..i'm..?"

"Spit it out then Pet, nothin's gonna happen to ya if you ask for something."

"I'm kinda hungry, can I have something to eat maybe." Right then, you can do this Spike, what would be okay to give little Xan-pet this time of night? Hell you know the whelp's appetite.

"Right then, how about some cereal. That's good late at night ain't it? We got Fruit Loopy things, Chocolate puffy bits and somethin' with a tiger on the box. What sounds good to you Pet?"

"Uh, can I have fruit loops? I really like those and that's tony the tiger he goes grrrr-eat on the telvision `mercials." Choking back a chuckle Spike set a bowl on the table with the milk and cereal. When he turned around to get a spoon he heard a very quiet "Uh oh".

"I'm sorry spike, I'll clean it all up right now. I don't need the cereal, I'll just go to bed `kay?" Xander had tried to pour his own cereal out of the box and had missed. Little pastel rings were rolling all over the tabletop.

"It was just an accident Pet. Help me put them in your bowl then I'll do the milk." Spike poured milk over the cereal and sat back to watch Xander as he inhaled the bowl of cereal. "Hey now you don't need to be choking yourself, no one's gonna take it away from you."

When Xander finished his bowl of cereal, he put the bowl and spoon in the sink and turned to Spike but before he could say anything a huge yawn split his face. Spike showed him the bathroom and told him to wash up for bed. While Xander was washing, Spike brought him in some sweats and a T-shirt to sleep in. It was the closest his boy had to pajamas.

"Here you go pet, let's get you in these so you can get some sleep." Xander's tired-clumsy fingers were having trouble with the buttons on his shirt so Spike reached over to help. He unbuttoned the shirt and then unfastened the button on the top of the boy's khakis. It didn't take Xander long to get out of his clothes and into the soft, worn sweats and tee. Spike had to lead a very tired almost asleep Xander into the bedroom and lay him on the bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow, Xander was snoring lightly. Spike covered him gently, kissed him on the forehead, and went back to the kitchen to fix his own late night snack. Good thing he had just stocked up on blood, he wasn't going to have much free time in the next few days. Spike took one of the plastic pouches out of the fridge, opened it and poured the dark thick fluid into a mug. After heating it in the microwave, he sat down in front of the TV, sipping his midnight snack. There were still some loose Fruit Loops on the table and Spike thought What the hell.. picking them up and adding them to the blood in the mug. "Not bad these." He picked up the box and poured some of the fruity cereal into his warm blood and started to eat.

Part Five

Spike was stretched out on the sofa dead to the world, literally. He knew that it was daytime outside and his body resisted waking up. His mind kept telling him he needed to wake up and check on Xander. The boy was too young to leave alone but his demon kept telling him “daytime-sleep-too much sunshine-sleep”. The decision was made when he heard the sound of a heartbeat coming closer to him.

“Mornin’ whelp.” Spike yawned loudly and forced his eyes open. He looked over at the boy resting his head next to his on the sofa. “Why so sad mate? You look like your puppy just died.”

“Nope, no puppy, can’t have one. Nothin’ to do spike, no toys, no my Willow, no Jesse.” Xander shrugged his shoulder and sighed deeply.

“Well how about TV then? You can watch cartoons while I fix you somethin’ to eat.”

“Cartoons? really I can watch cartoons? oh but there’s no cartoons in the day spike, just morning time and saturday.”

“Oh ya’ think so huh?” Spike grabbed the remote turned the TV on and hit the numbers for the Cartoon Network feeling really glad his Xan-pet liked his cartoons enough to pay for them. “How’s that pet?”

“Look spike look, it’s the space ghost. I really like space ghost, he’s cool. I watch him at my Willow’s house sometimes.” Spike left Xander in front of the TV while he fixed some brekkie for him.

“Here you go whelp. Here’s some more of those fruit loopy things and some hot chocolate. That ought to be good and nummy. If you’re still hungry I left some of those chocolate ringy ding things sprouts like on the table.” Spike left the boy eating in front of the TV and went to the kitchen to warm up something for himself. He brought his cup into the living room sitting down on the sofa and watched his boy eating slowly, mesmerized by the action on the TV. When he finished his cereal Xander looked up and noticed that Spike was watching him. He got up from the floor and snuggled up next to Spike on the sofa. His nose twitched as he caught the scent coming from the cup in Spike’s hand.

“Watcha drinkin spike? It kinda smells like blood. Are you drinking blood?” Spike’s brain was racing trying to figure out what to say. He should have known to be more careful. He knew his boy wasn’t stupid no matter what the other lot thought. “Spike?”

“Yeah whelp?”

“Are you a vampire?” If Spike had a beating heart, it would have stopped. His mind was racing What in the hell do I tell him? How much should I try to tell him?.

“What makes you think I’m a vampire Xander?”

“Weelll your drinking yucky blood and last night..well..ummm..I couldn’t see you.”

“What do you mean you couldn’t see me? I was right there with you.”

“In the bafroom, I couldn’t see you in the mirror. Everybody knows you can’t see De-racula in the mirror and he drinks blood and he’s a vampire. Are you a vampire too?”

Oh hell, as his mum used to say ‘In for a penny, in for a pound’ “Yeah sprout, I’m a vampire but I’m a good vampire see, not like that flippin’ arse Dracula. He’s just a big poncy show off. I don’t hurt folks anymore and help the white hats.”

“You…you know DE-RACULA?”

“Well I just said that didn’t I? The bloke owes me money don’t he. Never did like the pouf though, puts on airs he does going all “Look at me I’m the prince of darkness”. Xander fell back against the sofa giggling uncontrollably and kicking his legs about. When he finally quit laughing Xander went over to the table and ate the sugary snack cakes Spike had left out for him. He came back and settled down again in front of the TV. Spike yawned deeply and stretched out on the sofa. “OK sprout I’m gonna lay here and sleep a bit while you watch your cartoons.”

Xander sat quietly in front of the TV watching cartoons, every once and a while glancing over at the sleeping vamp reassuring himself that Spike was still there.

Two hours later Spike was shocked out of his nap when something hit him in the nose. He jerked upwards and a paper airplane fell off his face. From the mess in front of the sofa he surmised that Xander had gotten bored and had found some paper to make airplanes with.Well at least the whelp had found somethin’ safe to do He jerked his head around as he heard a bunch of what had to be elephants running down the hallway preceded by another airplane. The elephants turned out to be Xander chasing the airplane. When he got to where it had fallen he picked it up threw it up in the air and chased off after it. Spike watched the game for a while then caught the boy as he ran by again. “Here whelp don’t you think that’s enough?”

“ umm, nope.” And off he went down the hall, into the bedroom, back down the hall, over the back of the sofa, around the kitchen and back down the hall again and again throwing and then chasing after the paper airplane. Spike was getting worn out just watching. There has to be something wrong with Xander, even he knew this wasn’t normal. Spike needed help with this but who should he call? Slayer doesn’t know much about kids neither did the watcher. Red, that’s who he needed. The witch would know what was wrong. He picked up the phone and hit the number that would connect him with the witches. When Willow picked up the phone Spike didn’t even give her a chance to speak.

“Need your help Red, there’s somethin’ wrong with Xan-pet. He’s racing all over the apartment, he won’t stop or even slow down and I can hear his heart going too fast. I need you to come fix it.” Spike wasn’t even trying to keep the panic out of his voice.

Willow tried to keep the laughter out of her voice, “You haven’t been giving Xander sugar or chocolate this morning have you Spike?”

“Didn’t give him any sugar just those fruit loopy cereal things and some hot chocolate for brekkie and well…”

“Out with it Spike? What else did you give him?”

“Nothin’ much just a coupla of those chocolate snack thingies the whelp likes.”

“How many snack thingies Spike?”

“Just three…well maybe more like five or six but they’re little things. They couldn’t have caused this.”

Willow couldn’t hold it in any more and collapsed against the wall laughing. Tara came closer so she could hear what was going on even though she had a good idea from what she could hear of Willow’s side of the conversation. “Welcome to the world of SuperXander, Spike. Haven’t you ever seen him after too much sugar and chocolate? He gets hyper and does everything at warp speed. Nothing slows him down.”

“Well how do I fix it, Red? And quit your bleedin’ heehawing at me. I need help.” Spike was beginning to get annoyed at the witch.

“There’s nothing you can do to stop it Spike. He just has to wear down. I promise he will eventually, like tomorrow some time.” Willow was lost to her giggling again and the sound of Spike spluttering into the phone didn’t help. She hung up the phone saw the look on Tara's face and collapsed into giggles again. “Spike and..and Xander and Fruit Loops, hot chocolate and five or six Ding Dongs. Oh Goddess, I have to quit laughing, my sides hurt.” Tara laid her head on Willow’s shoulder and totally lost control. She was laughing so hard she couldn’t catch her breath.

“Oh Goddess, oh Willow, oh..oh poor Spike. I..I didn’t think I would ever say something like that. Sweetie you think we should go to the rescue? Even Spike doesn’t deserve to be trapped in an apartment with a sugar speeding Xander.”

“Okay Super Wiccas to the rescue. Good thing Super Wiccas don’t have classes this afternoon. Think we should call Buffy and let her help?” Tara glanced up into Willow’s eyes with a look of horror.

“Umh..sweetie just think. Speeding sugar hyper Xander, upset vampire and Buffy? I don’t really think that would be a good idea do you?” The pair was still laughing as they went out the door to go rescue the poor upset vampire.

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