Second in the Xander's Curse!verse

Fandom: Buffy
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Prompt: Week#11 – Orion
Warnings: Camp, Language, camp, Oral Sex, slash, camp...did I mention camp?
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xander and Spike discuss constellations, and it progresses from there

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the BtVS characters. I am just dressing them up and making them play around a bit. It's free for all to enjoy, and fun - please don't sue.

Magic 8-Ball

C. Woodhaven

Xander lay on a blanket on the ground staring up at the stars, his hands crossed behind his head.  He was happy to be outside in the night air.  Being cooped up inside all day got to be wearing.  He couldn’t go anywhere without Spike, and Spike was obviously not going anywhere during the day.  

He and Spike, or the council actually, rented them a house while they were waiting hopefully for Willow to come up with a solution.  The place was fully furnished and stocked, they hadn’t had to do more than move in.  When Xander told Giles that they didn’t need such an extravagance, Giles pointedly reminded him that they were no longer in America, and two men sharing a single bed hotel room for an extended period of time could potentially lead to …complications.

Xander would have argued for two rooms, but he didn’t feel safe enough around others.  Especially others who had a key to his room.  The thought of accidentally running into a maid while showering or something terrified Xander.  That fantasy no longer had any appeal at all.  And even if they’d gotten a two room suite, the maids would likely talk about how one of the rooms was never used.

So now he and Spike shared a huge house.  Spike would occasionally go into town just to hang out and be social.  Xander didn’t begrudge him his free time.  He was envious maybe, but knew that if Spike didn’t get out at least a little bit, he’d be impossible to live with.

On the nights that Spike did go out, he usually returned around midnight and inevitably found Xander in the courtyard, doing what they jokingly called weeding.  He’d wander around zapping all the little annoying plants that seemed to crop up daily.  It was like snacking in between meals.  Even if you added in the rats and other vermin, it wasn’t enough food to sustain Xander indefinitely.  He still had to go out about once a month for bigger prey, but he found he was satisfied with smaller creatures.  

Xander heard Spike enter the courtyard, and shifted to the edge of the blanket.  Spike lay down next to him.

“You know, things look so strange from here,” Xander said vaguely after a few minutes.

“What things?” Spike asked frowning.  

“The sky.  It looks so strange.  Everything’s different,” Xander observed.

Spike looked up at the stars. “We’re on the other side of the world, course they’re different.  What’s the sudden interest in astronomy?”

“It’s not sudden, and not really an interest.  I was just being observey.” Xander replied.  “I used to spend every Christmas Eve in a sleeping bag on my lawn…”

“…Avoidin’ the family?” Spike completed.

“Yeah.  Anyway, I’d lie out there and make up stories about the shapes I could see.”

Curiosity got the better of him and Spike asked, “Which one was your favorite?”

Xander smiled. “The Magic 8-Ball.”

“Magic what?” Spike asked perplexed.

“You know,” Xander pulled his hands from behind his head and mimed shaking a ball.  At least that was what he thought he was miming.

“Do you have any idea what that looks like?” Spike asked, gesturing to Xander’s wildly thrusting hands.  

Xander looked down at his hands.  They were about 5 inches apart and moving up and down over his stomach.  He abruptly stopped what he was doing, turning red.

“Yeah, sorry,” Xander said, then asked, “Didn’t you ever have one of those Magic 8-Balls, you know where you’d ask it a yes-no question and then shake it and the answer would pop up in the little window.”

“Yeah, I remember,” Spike said tightly.

“There’s a Drusilla memory, isn’t there?” Xander asked tentatively.

“Yep.” Spike shook his head slightly to clear the unwanted memories of screaming children, and a dime store toy used to determine their fate.

“Forget I asked.” Xander said quickly.

“S’ok. What’s your Magic 8-Ball look like?” Spike asked quietly.

Xander turned on his side and drew a rough sketch in the dirt with his finger.

Spike leaned over and peered over Xander’s shoulder.  He sniggered. “That’s the Magic 8-Ball?”

“You mock.  I know it has a different name, but that’s what I called it.  I used to wish on it at the end of the night, right before I went to sleep.”

Spike looked at the drawing, an idea forming in his head.  He asked Xander with a grin, “Am I going to get laid tonight?”

Xander was confused for a moment, why would Spike ask him that?  Usually Spike just pounced.  And then it dawned on him, Spike asked a specifically worded yes-no question.

Xander rolled onto his back and pulled Spike down for a kiss.  When they broke apart, he replied, “Signs point to yes.”

Spike began tugging at Xander’s shirt.  “Can I take this off?”

“Without a doubt,” Xander replied, smirking.  

Spike removed Xander’s shirt, and his own.  He moved to straddle Xander’s hips, deliberately rocking his hardness against Xander’s.  Using his fingertips, Spike lightly traced random paths down Xander’s chest.  He pinched Xander’s nipples and asked, “Want me to keep going?”

Xander smiled.  “Ask again later.”

Spike leaned down and ran his tongue over one puckered nipple and used his hand to pinch and tease the other.  He ruthlessly attacked both nubs with his fingers, teeth and tongue until they were reddened and tender.  Xander was moaning and they were both rocking their hips together enjoying the torturous friction.  Spike shifted back and looked down at Xander.  He was panting, patch nearly askew and his eye was glazed over.  

Spike once again trailed gentle fingers over Xander’s chest.  When they came into contact with his raw nipples, Xander shuddered and ground his hips up.  Spike continued down Xander’s belly and slipped a finger into the waistband of Xander’s jeans.  His cool fingertip brushed against the leaking head of Xander’s swollen cock.

“Want me to keep going?” Spike asked again.  

Xander hissed and said, “You may rely on it.”

“Git.” Spike laughed, slick fingertip slick sliding easily across the leaking head.

“Most likely,” Xander replied, laugh quickly turning into a moan.

Spike rested back on his heels, and slid his fingers out of Xander’s pants so he could tug at the buttons.  “Gonna let me take these off?”

“Concentrate and ask again,” Xander replied, thrusting his hips up playfully.

Spike slid forward and ground his hips down so their cocks rubbed together again.  Xander hissed.

“And now?”

“Outlook good,” Xander said through gritted teeth.

Spike made quick work of the buttons, and reluctantly moved off his comfortable perch on top of Xander so he could slide the pants off.  Xander shimmied his hips to help.

“Tell me you didn’t forget the slick?” Spike implored.

“Very doubtful.” Xander reached up underneath the corner of the blanket retrieving the tube and handed it to Spike.

Spike set the tube down, and undid the buttons of his pants.  He hissed gratefully at the extra room.  He laid down next to Xander and rested his head on Xander’s hip.  Bringing up one hand to cup Xander’s tight balls, Spike grinned as Xander moaned at the sensation, and spread his legs further apart.  Spike trailed a finger down, gently tracing the soft perineum.  

“Gonna spread for me, sweet?  Let me fuck you?” Spike asked in a husky whisper.

Xander replied just as huskily, “Better not tell you now.”

Spike slid his thumb down and pressing and releasing it on Xander’s tight pucker. Xander moaned and thrust down.  Spike kept the pressure he applied even, not pressing in but merely teasing the sensitive muscle.  While he was driving Xander crazy with need, Spike lifted his head and looked around the garden.  He was looking …for … there. Exactly what he needed for his plans.  

Spike stopped what he was doing with his thumb and brought himself up on all fours.  Xander groaned at the loss of sensation which quickly turned it into a moan as Spike licked a cool stripe along Xander’s cock, from root to tip.  He suckled the head for a brief second before he released it and stood up.  

“Don’t move,” he ordered looking down at Xander.

Xander shook his head.

Spike walked over to a huge pot overflowing with some sort of grassy plant.  Spike broke off quite a few long fronds, and began weaving them together quickly as he walked back to Xander.  

“Hands up,” Spike ordered

Xander held his hands up, wrists together.  Spike wrapped and tied the braided fronds around Xander’s wrists in the blink of an eye.  As soon as the vegetation touched Xander’s skin it withered, tightening the improvised rope around Xander’s wrists binding him tightly.  Xander lowered his arms so they rested above his head.

Spike looked down at his prize.  Xander bound and naked sprawled out on the blanket.  His thick pretty cock was hard laying flat and heavy on his belly.  The purpled head was dripping pre-come onto his stomach, and his balls were drawn up so tightly they were almost quivering in anticipation.

“You know how beautiful you are?” Spike asked so sincerely that Xander caught his breath.

Xander didn’t answer, he refused to cheapen the sentiment by making it part of their game.  Instead he lifted his foot and tenderly dragged it across Spike’s jean clad calf.

“Yeah, well,” Spike cleared his throat, and began again, “Knees up.”

As Xander complied, Spike stripped off his jeans.  Spike was ready to kneel between Xander’s legs, his own cock was dripping with need, when he got a better idea.  He smirked as he straddled Xander’s chest instead, kneeling and pointing the tip of his cock so it hovered just above Xander’s mouth.  “Gonna push me away?”

Xander licked his lips.  “Don’t count on it.”

Spike pressed the wet head to Xander’s pretty mouth, painting his lips with salty pre-come.  When Spike eased back, Xander’s tongue darted across his lips, cleansing them.  As Spike leaned forward a second time, he pressed the head into Xander’s open mouth.  He moaned as Xander began to suckle at the head with his warm talented mouth.

Xander loved being tied up at Spike’s mercy.  He felt his own cock jump and throb when Spike settled on his chest, holding his dick out to be sucked.  He took as much as he could get from this angle.  Spike was thrusting shallowly and moaning.  Xander half hoped that he would come, and end the silly game they’d started.

That was not to be.  Spike pulled back, stealing Xander’s prize away asking, “You like sucking my cock, don’t you?”  

The sight of Spike, hovering over him, cock slick with saliva and hard as a rock nearly caused Xander to break out of the game.  He took a couple of deep breaths and whispered, “As I see it, yes.”

“Gonna like my cock in your ass then?” Spike said smugly.

“Cannot predict now,” Xander replied, completely lying.

“Liar.” Spike called him on it.

Xander smiled, “It is decidedly so.”

“Should punish you for that,” Spike said.  He sat back on his heels, and began stroking himself.

Xander groaned at the sinful sight of his lover teasing and smearing his own pre-come up and down his shaft.  He managed to choke out, “My reply is no.”

“Gonna keep giving me a hard time then?” Up-down-up, slicktwist of his palm over the crown, Up-down-up. It was driving Xander crazy with lust watching Spike touch himself like that.  He didn’t even realize he was thrusting his hips gently in time with the strokes.  

“My sources say no,” Xander panted.

“Gonna like my cock in your ass, then?” Spike repeated.

“Yes – definitely,” Xander replied.

Spike stopped his show and moved between Xander’s bent knees.  He swiftly leaned forward and sucked Xander’s weeping cock into his mouth, one hand holding it at the base, and the other kneading his tight balls.

Xander screamed and thrust up into the cool wetness.  Spike used his tongue alternately to massage the thick vein on the underside of his cock, or flick over the crown.  He licked, sucked and teased Xander until he was about to come.  Xander was left humping the air groaning in disappointment as Spike pulled away, releasing his cock with a ‘pop’.  

Spike rested back on his heels, reaching out for the tube of lube.  Xander was clenching and unclenching his fists, his head thrashing from side to side. Spike slicked up two of his fingers, and pressed them against Xander’s twitching opening.

Spike gently rubbed Xander’s pucker with slick fingers, but didn’t breach him. He waited until Xander had calmed a bit, then slid both fingers home.  Xander hissed at the intrusion, feeling the muscles spasm around Spike’s fingers.  

“Gonna have to fuck you soon, can’t wait. You want that?” Spike was preparing Xander as quickly as he could.  His own prick was getting envious of his fingers being squeezed lovingly by the tight channel.  

“It is certain.” Xander pressed down as Spike pressed a third finger in.  He wanted to scream ‘now, Now, NOW!’

Spike withdrew his fingers and slicked up his cock.  He pressed forward in one thrust, completely sheathing himself into the hot tightness.  Xander’s barely prepared body rippled at the intrusion. Xander arched his back, lifting his ass off the ground and pushing Spike just a little deeper.  

Spike snapped his hips back and thrust fully in again.  Xander screamed.  “Like that do you?” Spike panted as he repeated the motion over and over, sending sparks of pleasure as he hit Xander’s prostate dead on with every thrust.

“YES!” Xander shouted, rocking himself on to that wonderful hardness.  

“Gonna be able to wait for me, hold out and come with me?” Spike cried.

Xander shook his head, whipping it back and forth.  “Outlook not so good,” he moaned, and then his whole body jerked as he came.  Spurt after spurt of hot creamy fluid shot out, spattering his chest.  

Spike pistoned himself in and out as the already tight muscles surrounding his cock got even tighter.  Over and over again he thrust into that tight snugness until it was too much and he came himself.


Spike reached up and tugged on the improvised rope around Xander’s wrists until it snapped.  He tossed it aside and rubbed Xander’s wrists.  The small abrasions that formed matching bracelets around both wrists, were healing themselves even as Spike rubbed.

“Can’t believe you remembered all of those,” Spike said with a weak chuckle.

Xander laughed.  “Are you kidding?  Willow did her ninth grade science project on probability.  Jesse and I spent one entire summer asking the stupid thing questions so she could record the answers.  At least she got an A.”

Spike rested his head on Xander’s chest.  Xander absently brought his hand up and began stroking his hair.  After a few moments of comfortable silence, Xander asked, “What’s it really called?”

“What? Your stars?” Spike clarified, and then explained softly, “You’re missing a few bits, but mostly it’s Orion.  Story goes that he fell in love with Artemis, goddess of the hunt, and her brother was jealous so he tricked her into killing her lover.  Felt so bad about it, she sent him to the stars.”

“Huh? That’s romantic and really sad,” Xander said thoughtfully.  

“Think I like your Magic 8-Ball better anyway,” Spike said wistfully, and then grinned, “Think we’ll play again?”

Xander laughed.  “Reply hazy, try again.”

The End

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A/N: If you didn't figure it out, these are the Magic 8-Ball sayings.  

Signs point to yes.
Without a doubt.
You may rely on it.
As I see it, yes.
Yes - definitely.
It is certain.
It is decidedly so.
Outlook good.
Most likely.
Reply hazy, try again.
Cannot predict now.
Concentrate and ask again.
Better not tell you now.
My sources say no.
Outlook not so good.
Very doubtful.
Ask again later.
My reply is no.
Don't count on it.

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