Pairing: Spike/Xander/Tara
Prompt: Week 21 – Comics
Warnings: Language, Exhibitionism, bondage, oral, anal, threesome
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xander’s a very bad boy with a wicked kink for being watched. Pretty much PWP.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the BtVS characters. I am just dressing them up and making them play around a bit. It's free for all to enjoy, and fun - please don't sue.

Being Watched

C. Woodhaven

Xander walked into the middle of the arena. He ignored the sounds of the crowds as he made his way to the bed in the center of the platform. He was pleased to see the one they’d chosen for him this evening was female. Not that he minded men; women just had so much more to work with.

As Xander reached the edge of the platform and the murmurs of the crowd died down. Their noises had ceased to have meaning for him anyway, but still the silence was nice: it allowed him to hear the door open and shut behind him. He turned and watched as another man entered the arena. The crowd cheered once again and Xander smiled and paused to allow Spike to catch up to him.

They stood and faced each other, both making a show of looking the competition over. The tension in the air was palpable. Once the slow perusal was complete however, both men grinned and stepped forward, lips meeting. The kiss was dizzyingly slow and passionate, both men preening for the crowd. When the cheering subsided they both continued toward the platform.

Tonight’s prize was secured tightly. Her arms and legs bound at the four corners of the bed. Xander spent a moment perusing her form, pale skin, blue eyes and hair kissed by honey. She had her limbs stretched far apart in an X pattern and secured to the bed. She looked so lovely, like a canvas stretched out, ready for him to paint.

“Have at, mate. Love watching you work,” Spike said with a leer. He slid his hand down and cupped Xander’s naked ass.

Xander nodded and knelt at the edge of the bed, comfortable in his technique; he’d performed before the masses countless times before. He risked a glance at his partner for this evening, pleased to realize she wasn’t drugged. He’d have to work much harder then to make her accept his advances, but it was a challenge he relished.

There were no toys or other tools to bring his latest partner to pleasure. He would be forced to use what tools he had handy: finger, lips and cock, the tools of his trade. He loved the simplicity of it all.

As he knelt on the edge of the mattress between the legs of his lovely challenge, she thrashed against her bindings. His new toy hadn’t learned her place.

Xander began using simple touch to arouse this new girl. He first stroked her legs, fingers ghosting over the soft skin of her ankles, calves and thighs. The more he stroked, the more she relaxed and stopped thrashing. He touched her flesh and watched impassively as the moisture flowed from between her thighs. He heard a slick, flesh on flesh sound behind him and realized that Spike had begun stroking himself while watching Xander and his toy on the bed. Xander’s cock jumped at the image that surfaced in his mind, wishing he could turn around and look at the beautiful sight.

“What’s your name?” Xander asked the girl softly.

“T-Tara,” she replied breathlessly.

“You look very pretty spread out for me, Tara.” Xander murmured, fingers ghosting over her now wet sex. She blushed and looked away.

His cock was so hard, but this wasn’t about him, it was about the show Xander was performing. The audience wanted more than to watch him flex his ass as he pounded into this helpless girl.

He gracefully spread his knees, and knelt between her lovely thighs making sure to arrange himself in such a way as to entice the crowd and Spike.

Xander deliberately parted his thighs as wide as he could. He loved the thrill that coursed through him as the crowd sighed at the sight of his exposed hole and his swollen cock, hanging heavily between his legs like heavy ripe fruit. He placed his face between the thighs of his lovely toy, and inhaled her heady wet scent.

Tara really had no idea what she was in for. He began stroking her thighs with his fingertips. He’d aroused so many women with the same technique. She’d fight of course; this was the poor thing's first time on display. In the end she’d willingly give every reaction that he wanted.

Slowly and deliberately he ran his tongue along her wet slit. Her clit wasn’t nearly as hard as he would have liked it, but she was slick all the same. He loved how easy it was to get the new ones ready for his cock.

His tongue ghosted over her open form, teasing and tickling the rapidly hardening nub swelling between her folds. She rocked her hips toward his mouth, but ever the showman he withdrew, only showing the crowd the tip of his tongue as he slowly drove her mad.

The bed shifted and wet fingers ghosted over his exposed hole. He couldn’t help moaning at the sensation. It looked like Spike was finally joining the scene. He arched his back even more at the contact and was rewarded with a slick digit sliding into his tight hole. Spike knew how to work the crowd as well as Xander. He set a slow pace as he worked at stretching Xander to take his cock.

Xander concentrated on his prize. Tara, flushed and panting, seemed almost ready to beg. Xander slipped two fingers inside her easily and leaned forward to lick and nip at her breasts, careful not to disrupt the lovely things Spike was doing to him. He hated being cruel, but he couldn’t allow her to become lazy or complacent. They were on display to give their masters a show, nothing else mattered.

When Tara was writhing on the bed and arching her breasts toward him gracefully, he placed gentle kisses on her taut nipples.

“Time to earn your keep, Tara,” Xander said gently and arranged himself to line his cock up with her wet pussy. Spike withdrew his fingers from Xander, much to Xander’s dismay. Xander knew the loss was only temporary, but still hated the empty sensation. He once again pushed aside this unproductive thought.

“Tell me you want me to take you,” Xander demanded as he began to press into her tight wetness.

His pretty girl just shook her head back and forth. Xander admired her fortitude. She’d never been taken in public before. It was a terrifying and thrilling experience and he was pleased that he was given the opportunity to exhibit his skills.

While continuing to press gently into the girl, Xander dipped his head down licking and nipping at her sensitive neck, every move designed to be arousing to his toy and dramatic to the crowd.

Unable to help herself, Tara groaned as he worked himself deeper and deeper inside her until he was finally completely sheathed. His balls were flush and heavy against her and he was ready to pound into her. Unfortunately, Xander’s needs and the ones for the crowd differed, so without moving his hips, he bent his head forward and licked her tight nipples. He used long broad strokes with his tongue, teasing the tight buds of flesh.

“Tell me, sweet, and I can make the ache go away. Open those pretty lips of yours and tell me you want me,” he whispered to her. Xander knew anything he said was amplified and broadcast to the crowd, but for now it didn’t matter. What mattered was that Tara gave into his demands.

His pretty girl was thrashing now on the bed in the best way possible. He could slide his cock out of her tight cunt and hover over her mouth demanding she satisfy him orally. She could also be quickly slicked up and penetrated at her other entrance. And still he waited to see what she’d do. They locked eyes. She was so close to breaking but she held back. They all did at first. Xander was patient. It made it that much sweeter when they finally gave in.

Spikes fingers returned, three at once, and Xander almost broke eye contact with Tara. He wanted to thrust back onto those talented fingers. But instead he held steady, keeping his hard cock sheathed inside Tara.

Spike slipped his fingers out, and Xander heard him slick himself up. Xander slowly withdrew, and stilled himself with his cock poised for re-entry. Spike lined his now slick cock against Xander’s anus and without any further preparation slid his thick length inside in one thrust.

It was incredibly difficult to keep his eye contact with Tara and not break their moment when all Xander wanted to do was lean forward and allow Spike to pound into him with full force. Instead, he slipped only the head of his penis in and out of her, barely dipping in, knowing that the intense sensation would cause her defenses to crumble. It also allowed Xander to work himself on Spike's cock.

Finally, Tara acquiesced, throwing back her head with a moan, arching her chest up, and spreading her thighs imperceptibly wider. He rocked back onto Spike and then slammed into her tight pussy. He loved the contrast of being split open and then feeling the slick grasping sensation pulling on his cock.

“Tell me, Tara, say the words,” he commanded.

“Uunnnh,” Tara said breathlessly, “Take me! Oh god, please, feels so good. I n-need you.” It was so sweet to hear her begging him to finish what he’d started.

Xander barely heard the roar of the crowd as he slammed forward into the bound girl and then back onto Spike. Xander was brutal; ruthlessly pounding into Tara over and over, grunting loudly with every thrust as he used her and was used himself. He made sure to arch his back and flair his ass out to make the show that much more interesting.

Xander lived for this, placing himself on display, mounting any partner they saw fit to place in front of him or being mounted himself. When both the girl beneath him and the man behind him began to moan continuously, he upped the tempo to a frenzied pace.

Tara pressed up against him as much as she could, and finally she turned her head to the side and screamed as her orgasm overtook her. The feel of her muscles rippling so tightly around his cock and Spike's thickness filling him brought him that much closer to the edge.

When she finished shuddering he gave in himself, reluctantly pulling his cock out of the girl at the last moment. In one…two strokes, he came, shooting ribbon after ribbon of warm seed across the girl’s belly and chest: bathing her in his seed.

Xander fell forward, supporting his weight on his hands and dropping his head down as Spike gripped his hips forcefully and slammed into Xander, working for his own release. It wasn’t long before Xander felt the warm spatters of Spike’s come spill over the sweaty skin of his back. The three stayed motionless, panting for a few moments before the lights went down and the crowd began to cheer.

A small smile curled Xander’s lips as he thought of the job well done.


“Xander!” Buffy shouted, pulling him out of his doze.

“Gah!” Xander jumped out of his chair with a start.

The book in his lap fell onto the floor, falling open to reveal the hidden comic inside.

Everyone was staring at him. “What?” he said defensively, thankful at least that he was wearing baggy pants and a loose shirt.

Buffy frowned and bent down to pick up the comic. “Do you think sleeping or reading Superman vs. Batman is going to help us with this?”

His erection wilted somewhat at the disappointment in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Buff.”

“Save it,” she said, sounding hurt. “I’m going on patrol. Will, are you coming?”

Everyone collected their things, getting ready for the night's patrol. It was obvious that Xander was not invited. Tara held back as Buffy and Willow headed out the door.

She touched his arm and said sympathetically, “I-it will be okay, Xander. We’ll figure this out.”

Xander nodded mutely as a lump formed in his throat and his erection returned full force. She turned quickly and left, and he flushed as he remembered his dream.

“Dreamed about her, did you?” Spike drawled. He was right behind Xander. “You smell lovely, pet."

He brushed against Xander as he walked past, stopping when he heard Xander’s sharp intake of breath.

Spike turned and stepped directly in front of Xander, searching his face. “Looks like the witch wasn’t the only one who made a cameo in your naughty thoughts,” he said quietly, with a smirk. "The bird's gone, but I can help you out. What do you say?"

“Spike,” Xander said through gritted teeth.

"Be in my crypt in an hour.”

Xander was going to protest but his pithy comment died on his lips as Spike pinned him with his gaze. He swallowed thickly.

“Spike, you coming?” Buffy called from the door.

“Not yet,” he murmured, looking directly at Xander, “but soon.”

The End

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