Rating: NC-17 m/m slashy goodness.
Pairing: Spike and Xander
Disclaimer: Joss's. I just play with them. I own nothing. I'm just a housewife, no money.

Notes: Follow up to Spike's Movie

Short little PWP while I work on another series. I tried to write this the same way as Spike's Movie, but frankly the idea that the two of them could have an entire conversation while this was happening (or Spike doing a running commentary) was ridiculous. So, this is Spike's POV.

Xander's Revenge


I woke up alone in the bed, which annoyed me, so I got up to find him. I pulled on my jeans and wandered out to the living room, and there he was, laying on the floor in a huge sunbeam coming in the patio doors. Usually he closed the blinds when I was there, but I guess he had decided to enjoy it while I was asleep.

"Comfortable, pet?" I asked as I tumbled onto the couch.

"Mmm. Sun's nice. Warm." He was sprawled on his back, wearing grey sweatpants and nothing else. He looked delicious and completely kissable. I licked my lips in anticipation.

"I'm sure it is, but kinda not my thing, you know? Close the blinds and come over here."

"Why?" He didn't even open his eyes, the twit. How could I seduce him with a come hither stare if he wouldn't even look at me?

"'Cause I can't touch you, git. Wanna have some fun, and the searing pain might be a turn off."

"Fun, huh? Well, why don't you just settle on the couch and I'll have some fun here?"

Huh. He was in an 'Annoy Spike' mood. "Xander."

"Yes, Spike?"

"Not so much fun if you're there and I'm here. Shut the fucking blinds and get your ass over here." Okay, maybe not the way to talk him into it, but I'm a direct kind of guy.

"Nope. Like it here. You can watch if you want."

"Don't want to watch, want to…oh. Watching is good."

He was running his hands slowly over his chest, making small circles with his fingertips. He had a smug little smile on his face, and his lips parted a tiny bit when he stroked his nipples. Watching can be a good thing.

"Like the view, Spike? Just my chest. Nothing you haven't seen before."

Nope, nothing I hadn't seen before. But it still made me swallow hard, and it still affected me in funny ways. When I see him start to get turned on my stomach gets tight and my cock twitches. I just want to make it go on and on, make him happy, make him know that I love it when he responds to me. Make him know that if he's turned on I am too.

"Uh, yeah. It's different in the sunshine. Makes shadows on your abs, makes your skin look so warm. Are you warm?"

"So warm. Relaxed. I could just lie here for ages, soak in the heat…let it build. Trace patterns on my body, let myself get lost in the feeling."

Oh yeah. Get lost in the feeling. I could do that. I started to trace the same patterns on my chest, mirroring what he was doing.

"Which feeling?" Just wanted to keep him talking, wanted to hear his voice.

"The way my fingers feel. You know, they're rough from work, I never really noticed how that feels on my nipples. Scratchy and just a little hard, makes them tingle. My nipples, not my fingers."

"Pinch them for me. Just a little. Oh yeah, like that. God, you look hot like that, with your head back and your hands just wandering over yourself." He did too. So fucking hot, I wanted to reach out to him, lick him and kiss him and make him mine. I got up and started toward the window, ready to lower the blinds so I could have my way with him right there on the floor.

"Stop." He didn't open his eyes, must have heard me moving. "Did I mention that you can't do anything?"

"Yeah, right." Like he could stop me from closing the blinds.

"Serious. Back to the couch." God, I love it when he gets dominant. He doesn't do it often, and when he does it always means good things for me. But only if I play by the rules. I sank back down onto the couch, and then he finally looked at me. "The second you take off any clothes or I see you getting off, I stop. You can't play with your nipples like this or even lick a finger like this…"

My mouth went dry as he stared at me and started licking his finger. Slowly he drew it into his mouth, his eyes drifting shut as he licked and wet his finger.



"God, Xan, I love to watch you suck. Even if it's just a finger."

"Heh." He ran his wet finger over a nipple and let his head fall back again. I sat there on the couch watching him play with his nipples, tugging and pulling at them, wetting his finger now and then; I was getting hard listening to the little sounds he was making. His hands started to drift lower, stroking his abs, palms flat on his body. I could see his erection pushing at the fabric of his sweatpants, getting harder by the second.

He pushed his hands over his hips and over the tops of his thighs, framing his cock. His head rolled to the side and he gave me a wicked little grin as one of his hands moved down to cup his balls and then stroke up once, hard. He moaned quietly and I gasped. I was rock hard in my jeans, gripping the couch to keep myself from rubbing my own cock.

"Like that, Spike? Want to feel it?" His hands were back on his stomach, rubbing firmly just above his waistband.

"Yeah, I want to touch you."

"Can't let you. Sorry." Bastard.

Slowly he slid his hands into his pants and grasped his erection. He pumped his cock a couple of times, lifting his hips off the floor to meet his fist.

"Xander, fuck, show me. Please."

"Wanna see? I think that'll be okay," he said, his voice husky. He pushed his pants down to his knees and then kicked them off. His hand went back to his cock as he planted his feet flat on the floor, giving me a perfect view of what he was doing. "Beg, Spike. Let me know what you need."

God, I love it when he does that.

"Stroke yourself for me, please. I need to see you, Xan, please let me watch."

"Mmm, love it when you ask, Spike. Tell me, are you hard? Do you want me?"

"Fuck, yeah. So hard I hurt. Want you so bad, pet."

He smiled at me, slowing his hand down, getting a feather light touch going. One hand just gliding up and down his shaft, the other rolling his balls between his fingers. He had a sheen of sweat on his chest, the sunlight made his skin gleam and shine. His head was tipped back and I could hear his heartbeat, fast but regular. He still had a way to go before he came.

He closed his eyes again and kept teasing himself with his hands. "Tell me. Tell me what you want to do to me, Spike."

"I, uh, I want to taste you. I want to lick your body and taste the sweat on your chest. I want to kiss you, drive my tongue into your mouth. I want to scratch your back, and feel your chest against mine." I rolled off the couch onto the floor, landing on my knees. I started to crawl toward him, still talking, still trying to let him know what I wanted. "I want to suck your cock. I want to have you in front of me, open and ready for me. I want to slide into you and fuck you. I want to hear you scream my name." I was as close to him as I could get, right on the edge of the sunny spot. I rocked back onto my feet, crouched in front of him, watching as he pumped his fist, his hand getting tight and faster. He was starting to pant, his beautiful mouth open just enough for me to see the tip of his tongue as it darted out and then in again. God, he was so close I could have just reached out and grabbed his ankle, pulled him to me-out of that damn sun…

"Spike, I'm gonna come…"

"God, yes, come for me, please--" I put a hand on the floor to steady myself and undid the button on my jeans. Christ, he is so perfect when he comes, I couldn't wait to watch him shoot. I was so fucking hard.

"Shit, Spike. You suck at following orders." He stopped. He stopped everything. His eyes were open and he was sitting up, his arms wrapped around his knees.

"Huh? What the fuck, Xan-"

"I told you I would stop. No touching. No stripping. Nothing. It's done." His voice was calm, but he was still panting and Christ was he hard. There was no way he wasn't pissed. If I had been that close to coming there was no way I would have stopped. I wasn't sure if I should be impressed or not.

He just sat there, staring at me, waiting for something. I was having a hard time thinking, I didn't know what to say. Finally it dawned on me that if someone had disobeyed me and I wanted them to get back on track I would expect an apology, lots of begging, and some serious flattery.

I lay on the floor next to the sunny spot, head down at his feet. I crossed my wrists above my head and tried very hard to look apologetic, which wasn't as hard as you might think-I really wanted to get off.

"Xan, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I disobeyed, my fingers got away from me. You are so beautiful, I got lost in watching you, in needing you. I wanted so bad to see you come, I wanted to be a part of it. I'll do anything you want, just please do it again. Please touch yourself, or talk to me, or tell me what to do. I'll be good, I'll do anything you want, pet. Let me do something for you."

"Pretty Spike. Pretty words. Strip for me." He was still sitting there, not doing anything except watching me. I got up and finished undoing my jeans and started to push them off my hips. "Slow, Spike. Do it slow." His hand dropped to his cock again, thank God, and he started jerking off, watching me.

I finally managed to get my jeans off and I stood there, naked and hard, waiting for orders. He nodded his head in approval and got up on his knees. "Lube." I ran into bedroom, grabbing the tube from the bedside table. I brought it back to the living room and blinked. He had closed the blinds and was sprawled in his armchair, one leg over the arm and the other on the floor. Sweet Jesus, what a sight. He was still hard, one hand on his cock, the other behind his neck.

"You didn't do so good when you couldn't touch me. Now you have to ability to get near without catching fire, which is a plus, but you still don't have permission. Got it?"

"Yes." Fuck, he was so gorgeous. I really don't think he had a clue what he was doing to me. Or maybe he did.

"Sit on the couch." I sat, still holding the tube. He held out a hand to me, so I took a guess and tossed it to him.

"Thanks." He opened the tube and drizzled a little on his cock, then tossed it back to me. He started using long hard strokes on his erection, the lube making him slick and wet, the sound of it driving me insane. I couldn't sit still, my legs were twitching and was about to destroy the seat cushion I was clutching it so hard. My cock felt like it was about to explode.

His head was tipped back and his breath was coming in shallow gasps as he worked himself harder and harder. His hips were pistoning up into his fist and he was tugging at his balls with the other hand. I moaned and finally gasped out "Please, Xander. Anything. Please."

He slowed his hand down and let go of his balls. After a few seconds his breathing was a little more regular and he opened his eyes. "Anything, Spike? You'll do anything for me?"

"God, yes. Tell me. Whatever you want."

"Prepare yourself for me, Spike. Get ready for me." God, yes. That I could do.

I spilled lube into my hand and draped one leg over the back of the couch, one on the floor. It struck me that we were in the same position, but I didn't want to waste brain cells thinking about such trivial matters. I dropped my hand between my legs, avoiding contact with my erection. At that point anything would have set me off and I was pretty sure that me coming was not in Xander's plan. I circled my entrance with one finger and slowly slid it in.


"Feel good, Spike?"

I turned my head to look at him. He was sitting up now, both feet on the floor. He wasn't touching himself, he was just watching me intently. "Yeah, feels good. You feel better."

"More." He stood up and walked to the end of the couch, watching my finger slide in and out.

I slid another finger in and twisted them slightly. I locked my eyes on Xander's face and waited. I relaxed a little and the tightness eased.

"More." A third finger, and that was tight. I didn't mess around much, I just waited and relaxed, scissoring my fingers a little, stretching the muscles. Xander's hand drifted back to his erection and pulled a couple of times, long hard strokes.

"Enough. Ready?"

"Fuck, yes."

He moved onto the couch between my legs and I removed my fingers, aching at the emptiness and tingling at the anticipation of what was coming. He moved up and stared into my eyes while he placed the tip of his cock at my ass.




"Xan, please. I need you. Please fuck me. God Xan, I want you so bad, need to feel you inside of me…"

He slammed into me, all the way in, and fuck but it hurt, and was perfect, and right and we both cried out. He stopped as soon as he was buried in me, and we just looked at each other. He lowered his face to mine and kissed my mouth. I was just losing myself in the kiss when he pulled almost all the way out and slammed back into me.

There wasn't any rhythm, it was wild and unpractised and primal. We would kiss and he would be still, or we would kiss and he would pound into me for a few strokes. Finally his control started to shatter and he fucked me with an intensity I hadn't seen in him before. He held himself up by his arms and slammed in and out of me, both of us moaning each time he slid in. I could feel him getting close and he lifted himself off me a bit more so my erection wasn't getting any stimulus. I whimpered.



"Don't come until I tell you."

"Oh Christ, Xander!"

He slammed into me twice more and started to tremble. He was so close, he just needed a little something to send him over the edge.

"Fuck," I said, and reached for him. I pulled him tight against me, reached one hand around his ass and pushed a finger inside. He screamed and jerked, coming inside of me so hard I could feel his cock pulse.

"Yes, Spike! Oh, fuck yes, come for me now, come for me, Spike!"

I bucked up against his stomach twice and came, covering both of us in fluid.

We lay there on the couch panting and swearing, sharing kisses and caresses. He lifted his head off my shoulder and said, "Better than a movie."

I laughed. "Yeah, pet. It was at that."

The End

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