Rating: NC-17 m/m slashy goodness.
Pairing: Spike and Xander
Disclaimer: Joss's. I just play with them. I own nothing. I'm just a housewife, no money. //-->

Spike's Movie




"Why am I tied to a chair?"

"Because you fell asleep in the middle of my story last night, dolt."

"Ah. I'm awake now, are you going to tell it to me again? I promise I'll listen. I think I should get a reprieve on the basis that I am an overworked human who needs to sleep on occasion, and it was three in the morning when you started to tell me about…whatever it was you were telling me. And you are directly responsible for my level of fatigue."

"Don't complain to me 'cause you can't keep up. You sit there and be a good boy. I'm just going to leave you there while I watch this video."

"Can I have some clothes?"

"Nope. Now shut up and watch the movie."

"Spike? There's no piracy warning…oh looky there, the standard porn start up. I can't believe you're making me watch porn while tied naked to a chair. Oh wait, yes I can."

"Shut up. Watch."

"Interesting music. Where did you find porn with a Sex Pistols sound…oh shit."

"Like? I think it's a good shot me. But then, I like to see me on film. Sort of makes up for the lack of reflection."

"Uh huh."

"Now, that, pet, is a nice shot of you…sort of caught your ass at a good angle. I like the way the light makes your skin shine."

"Uh huh."

"That all you're gonna say? You're more vocal on the sound track. Maybe I should turn it up a little…"

"God, Spike, right there, yeah, just like that…"

"Like it when I do that, pet? You're so hard, you taste so good…"

"Suck me, Spike, suck me. Oh yes, just like that. Your mouth is so soft and wet, so good, don't stop…"

"See that, pet? See the way you push your way into my mouth? You really just take what you want when I have my mouth around your cock. You thrust and push…watch your hips, see the way you fuck my mouth? I love it when you do that, you just let go and make it so good."


"You watching, pet?"

"Uh, yeah…"

"Good. Now, I like this part, listen closely."

"Oh fuck, Spike, yeah, right there, right there, right, oh god oh god oh god…"

"Tell me, luv, what was it that made you scream? Was it my tongue licking your balls, or was it my finger sliding in your ass? Nothing to say? Well, let's just rewind this a little and hit pause. See, I think it was the finger, look at the way your head tips back right then. But I want you to tell me, Xander, remember what it was? Pet?"

"It, it was, oh jeez, Spike. I think it was the finger."

"Pet? You look sort of flustered. You okay? Ready to watch more?"

"Y-yeah, more is good. Untie me?"

"Nope, I like you like that. Reminds me of what it was like when I was tied to that chair in your basement, not able to move or touch myself. Just had to listen to you. Torture is good for you."

"You are a very bad man."

"Yeah, but that's okay. You can punish me later."

"I will…oh god, do we really look like that?!"

"I think it's the camera angle. I'm bent, but I don't think I can actually move that way."

"Oh god."

"Xan, yes, harder, I want to come, please, Xan, just a little more…Bastard! Why did you stop?"

"Not gonna get you off with a hand job, Spike. Roll over. Good vampire. Lean over, grab the headboard. That's it. Don't move."

"Did I ever tell you that I love it when you get all dominant? It's so cute."

"Shut up."

"Pet, you're a little pale, you okay? Oh, I see. Breathe, luv, get some oxygen into your blood. Well, what little blood is left for the rest of your body."

"Shut up, Spike."

"What's that? 'Please turn the volume back up, Spike'?"

"Yes pet, more, need more inside me."

"Like this? God, you're so tight. I always forget how tight you are. Do you like this, Spike? Is this the spot you need me to touch?"

"God, harder!"

"You beg so nice, Spike. One more finger. Fuck, so tight…"

"Shit, pet, just like that, God, don't stop, so good. Please, Xan, please, want your cock in me, now, please…"

"Ready, Spike? Are you ready for me?"

"Xander! Fuck me, need your cock in me, please!"

"Jesus, you're so tight. Don't think I can do this slow…"

"Fuck me! Just do it, Xan, now!"

"Got to hand it to you, you really know when to obey, too. Look at that, Xan-pet. See your cock slamming into me? See what you do to me? You're so wild when you fuck me, listen to me moan. Just when I think I can't take anymore you slam into me again, and again. Fuck you're beautiful."

"Xander, fuck, Xander, going to come soon…"

"Spike, untie me. Please."

"Why? You need something?"

"Not yet, Spike. Hold on for me, baby."

"Need to touch…"


"Leave your hands on the bed! No touching yet."

"Touch what?"

"Please, Xan!"

"Touch you, I need to touch you, feel you, hold you…"

"Watch. Watch yourself jerking me off while you pound into me. Watch yourself come inside of me."

"Spike! God, yes, so good, so fucking good, I'm gonna come, Spike, come for you, God yes!"

"You are so amazing when you come. Your back arched like that, your body glued to mine…that did it. Feeling you come inside me, knowing you were shooting."

"Xan! Yes, coming, I'm coming…"

"Made a right mess of the bed. Xan? You okay? Oh look, you didn't need to touch me at all. Guess I can untie you now. You still going to punish me?"

"Fuck. Yes, you are about to get the best spanking of your existence…"

The End

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