Every Which Way


"Where did Spike and Xander go?" Giles asked, looking around The Magic Box as he marked his page in the book in front of him.

"Where do you think? In the danger room again," Dawn replied as she walked around a display shelf and pointed to the back of the store.

Giles rolled his eyes and stalked over to the closed door, fist raised to bang on it. He was intercepted by Willow who said, "Oh, let me, please? I haven't had a chance to lecture them in almost three weeks. They get scared if I don't tell them off once a month, and you did it last time."

"Be my guest," Giles said, stepping back as Willow moved to open the door. He reached for her arm as she touched the knob, exclaiming, "For pities sake, don't just open it! I would rather not see them doing…whatever it is they're doing."

Willow just smiled and threw the door open with enough force that it banged on the wall before swinging partially shut again. Against his better judgement Giles peered into the training room and saw Spike lying on the floor. Xander was sitting about three feet away, Indian style. By some miracle they were both fully clothed. Dawn peeked around Giles and looked disappointed.

"What?" Spike demanded.

"Ah, I need to talk with you for a moment, Spike. Out here, please," Giles said.

"What are you two doing in here, anyway?" Dawn asked Xander as he stood up.

"Talking," he said shortly.

"Yeah. Talking," Spike said, refusing the hand Xander offered him. "Can get up myself, thanks." Spike stood up and headed into the main part of the shop without a backward glance.

Willow looked at Xander, taking measure of the tightness around his mouth and the bleak look in his eyes. "You okay?" she asked softly.

"Fine," Xander said, turning around and walking toward the wall rack of knives. Abruptly he spun around and said, "I want ice cream. Coming?" Not waiting for her reply he strode out of the room, through the store past Spike and Giles and out to the sidewalk. Willow hurried to keep up, glancing at Spike on her way past him. He looked as unhappy as Xander, though less angry and more sad.

Out on the sidewalk Willow moved to walk next to Xander rather than behind him. Without speaking he led the way to the nearest ice cream shop and bought them both a cone, while Willow grabbed a table. When they were seated and lapping at their cones Willow finally asked, "Want to talk about it?"


"Going to anyway?"

Xander sighed and looked out the window at the street where people were walking past on their way to meeting and stores and homes. "It's just…a Spike thing, I guess. I wasn't on the right train car this time, and when he switched tracks I got lost."

"That makes…no sense at all. He was doing something and you thought he was doing something else?" Willow finished her ice cream and looked at the crumpled tissue in her hands like she wanted it to be another cone.

Xander still had some of his left so he passed it to her and got a happy grin in return. "Yeah, something like that. I mean, what was I supposed to think? He comes up behind me in the shop and rubs up against me, practically drags me into the back room and then-"

"Stop! So not wanting to hear the rest. Unless he suddenly turned into a gentleman." Willow's smile showed how likely she thought that would be.

"Well, yeah. He actually wanted to talk. I didn't. He insisted. I said that I wouldn't talk about what he wanted to rant about. Then you came in."

Willow's eyes were wide as she stared at her best friend. "You mean your boyfriend wanted to talk about something and you got mad 'cause you figured you were going to have sex instead?"

Xander looked chagrined and sunk down in his seat a little. "No, I mean, sort of, but no. I just-"

"You didn't want to talk to Spike about something that's important to him?" Willow was giving him her patented 'You are in so much trouble, Mister' look.

"Will, it's not like that. He wanted to get me to do something that I don't want to do."

Willow looked like she was considering that. She stood up and said, "Ice cream's gone. Want to walk back now?" Xander nodded and followed her out of the shop.

As they walked Willow asked, "Is this some sort of sex thing that I don't want to know about?"

Xander smiled, then grimaced. "Not really. Sort of. It's a relationship thing. Remember the night I came out?"

"You made me promise to forget," Willow said with a smile as she linked her arm with his.

"I made you promise to forget the drunken rambling part."

"And the crying part and the list of people you had fantasies about part."

"Yeah, well it's about that last one." Xander stopped walking and led Willow to a bench on the sidewalk. They sat side by side, holding hands. Xander stared at his knees, his brow furrowed.

Willow looked at him and said, "Spike wanted to talk about…I am so not going there."

"Told you. He wanted to have a serious discussion, so he lured me into the back by…doing stuff that I didn't think meant 'hey, let's chat', then he tries to talk about something I don't even want him to know."

"How does he know?" Willow asked, leaving off the 'Why did you tell him, dummy?' part that Xander heard anyway.

This time Xander's grin was wide and natural, with a hint of mischief in his eye. "I talk in my sleep, apparently. Sometimes I make stuff up for him to hear. Fun game, you know."

Willow giggled, then shot him a serious look. "But not this, huh? So he heard something, and now he wants to talk about it."

"Worse. Now he wants to do it." Xander wouldn't meet her gaze, his focus centred on the potted plant to his right.

Willow took a deep breath and started to open her mouth when Xander squeezed her hand. "Not an action, Will. Not something gross you don't want to hear about."

She relaxed a little then looked thoughtful, her eyebrows drawing together in concentration. She looked a little lost.

Xander smiled gently and finally looked at her. "It's a 'who'. That's all."

"Oh! Oh. Ohhhh…"

"Yeah, 'oh'. And he won't let it go."

"Who?" Willow asked, looking surprised that the word had come from her mouth without permission. "Oh, don't tell me, I mean, you don't have to tell me, never mind-"


"Spike wants you to…to..t-"

"Breathe, Willow. It's okay, just breathe. And yeah. Which why I don't want to think about it. Or talk about it. The whole father figure thing way sort of outweighs the hotness of Giles-not that he's hot, I mean-"

"No, he's hot. Well, for Giles. Okay. Not wanting to really dwell on this." Willow was blushing as hard as Xander was and the two of them avoided each other's eyes for a few minutes. They sat in silence, holding hands until Willow said, "Okay. Spike wants to talk about it, you don't. I see why not. But Spike doesn't. Just make it clear that the idea gives you the wiggens and he'll have to deal. That's all. And don't talk to me about it ever again."

Xander gave her a one armed hug and kissed her hair. "'Kay. Promise. Let's go back to the shop so I can make up with the blonde dead guy."

When they got back the Magic Box they found Spike and Giles sitting at the large reading table with several books spread out before them. Spike looked up and saw Xander, his face blank until Xander smiled tentatively at him, then he smiled in return.

"Okay, then?" he asked.

"Will be. C'mon." Xander pointed to an spot in the shop devoid of shoppers and assorted friends and Spike got up, following him to the display shelf of incense and candles. They were just out of earshot of the others, if they kept their voices low, but in full sight.

"Sorry I got mad," Xander apologized.

"We got that bubble over us?" Spike asked, referring to the 'Spike and Xander bubble that keeps words no one else will ever hear'. Xander grinned and nodded.

"Sorry I pushed. Know you don't want to talk about it. Can't promise that I won't try again though."

"Wouldn't believe you if you did," Xander replied with a grin. He put a hand on Spike's arm and leaned closer to kiss him, only breaking away when he heard Giles clear his throat and Dawn make a gushy noise that only teenage girls are capable of.

They went back to the table where Giles was making notes from one of the larger books, and comparing photos in two others.

"Pictures? There's real photos?" Xander asked, pointing to the two books. "Where's the badly drawn and hard to figure out sketches? How are we supposed to function when part of the challenge is gone?"

Spike smacked his boyfriend's ass and said, "Still a bit of a challenge, don't worry. See that ball?" He pointed to one of the photos, which showed a stone orb nestled on a stand that looked like a tree trunk. "We need the rock, but we're not sure how to get it. The Watcher is trying to decipher the writing on the stand."

Xander looked closely at the photo, then at the second one. He picked up the book and moved closer to the window, hoping for better light. "Giles? I can't tell for sure, but it looks like it's just sitting there. Like it's waiting to be picked up."

"Yes, and that's worrisome. If an object is that easy to get I start to look for traps," Giles said, not looking up from his notes.

"What does it do?" Willow asked as she came over to Xander to see the photo.

"Well, if it falls into the wrong hands it could be used to raise some rather unpleasant demons. As it is, it is simply a dull stone, but it's situated rather close to the Hellmouth and I would be happier if it were secured."

Xander put the book back on the table and glanced at the notes Giles was making. "I'm not going to be a big help here, am I?" he asked.

Giles smiled at him and shook his head. "No, but I think Spike will be. If this is correct," he said, pointing to a passage he had written, "than the stone may only be picked up by someone without a heartbeat."

"Right then," said Spike, putting on his duster. "Let's go fetch it. I have plans for Xander and I don't want to stand around here all night."

Xander blushed and then pointed at the window. "Spike? It's the middle of the afternoon. Unless this stone is in the sewers maybe you should wait until the sun goes down."

Spike stared at the window in consternation while Dawn giggled. Willow was much more successful in hiding her smile as Spike took his duster back off, draping it over a chair.

"Okay then," Spike said in a firm voice as he took Xander's hand. He glared at the others and said, "Stay out of the basement for awhile." Dragging Xander behind him he stalked off to the stairs, ignoring Giles' objections and Dawn's enthusiastic cat calls.

"Spike!" Xander said as they stumbled down the stairs. "You can't be serious. You can't just announce we're going to have sex and then haul me off like this!"

Spike pulled Xander to him, holding him tightly by the arm and kissed him deeply, plunging his tongue into the other man's mouth. When Xander was breathless and leaning on him, apparently unable to stand any longer, Spike tore his mouth away and said, "Why not?"

"Why not what?" Xander asked, then pushed Spike up against the nearest wall and started pulling his shirt up to bare the vampire's stomach. From the top of the stairs came the sound of the basement door being slammed shut.

It took only moments for them to take off their clothes, stopping for one quick kiss midway. Experience had taught them that stripping slowly, while a lot of fun in some cases, took too long when they were anywhere but home. As Xander had put it, "If I'm doing it somewhere that isn't home, I'm doing it because I can't wait."

As soon as Xander's pants were around his ankles Spike was on his knees in front of him. Xander stifled his moans with a fist in his mouth as his lover took him into his mouth, sucking him off fast and hard. In a few moments Spike added his hand, gripping Xander's erection firmly as he followed his mouth with his fist. Xander came hard, biting his hand as he filled Spike's mouth. Before he had stopped trembling Spike had spun him around, draping him over a stack of boxes.

Xander realized Spike was gone and lifted his head in time to see the blonde retrieve a tube of lubricant from his secret hide-away hole under the stairs (contents: lube, Weetabix, two bottles of bleach and a special blend of tea leaves). With a sigh he relaxed over the boxes again, and groaned a moment later as dexterous and slick fingers slid into his body, reaching and touching for that spot he thanked God for every time Spike did this.

"Xan?" Spike whispered. "You ready?"


"Hold on then." Fire raced up Xander's spine. The only other time Spike had said that he had slammed into him, filling him completely, no hesitation, no pausing for Xander to get used to him, other than what his fingers had done.

"Christ, Spike, again!"

And Spike did it again, and again.

The two bodies were in constant motion, drawing together with gasps and groans, their focus centred only on each other and that moment. They whispered words to each other, not knowing if they were heard, only knowing that they needed to be said. Finally, Spike wrapped his hand around Xander's growing erection and started jerking him off in time with his thrusts.

Gradually Xander became aware that Spike was whispering the same phrase over and over into his ear. "I love you, I'm sorry. I love you, I'm sorry. I love you…"

Not bothering to quiet his cry this time, Xander shouted out, "Spike, love you, need you, love you…" and came against the cardboard box he was bent over.

Spike felt Xander spasm around his cock and buried himself deep in his lover, shouting nonsense as he reached his own orgasm.

It was minutes before they moved. Finally, with a groan, Spike lifted himself off of Xander's back, his softening erection slipping out of his lover. He helped Xander to stand up and kissed him softly, then pointed to the box and said, "I am not cleaning that up." Xander rolled his eyes.

Once they were as cleaned up as they could get they unpacked the box, putting the contents on the correct shelves and checking everything against the invoice. Xander broke the box down and they went back upstairs, heading to the back alley so Spike could smoke and Xander could get rid of the box before Giles could see it. They opened the back door and were surprised to see Willow and Dawn sitting on the pavement playing cards, and Giles on a chair from his office, reading a book.

"Done then?" Giles asked. Without waiting for a reply he picked up his chair and went into the store, brushing past the two men who stood there with their mouths open in surprise.

"Um, what's going on?" Xander asked Willow.

"We didn't want to listen, so we put the closed sign up and came out here. We figured it would only be fifteen minutes." She checked her watch. "Damn, twenty-two minutes. Hey, how long did you spend unpacking that box? Seven minutes?"

Xander walked past her and put the box in the garbage and then went into the store, his head held high with quiet dignity. Spike was still standing there with his mouth open.

When Xander entered the store Giles was just emerging from his office. Xander froze when he saw the way Giles was looking at him, serious and paternal, his eyes dark in the dim light of the short hallway.

"Sit. I want a word with you and your…Spike."

Xander didn't say anything, just moved past the older man, hanging his head. He sat at the reading table and waited for Spike to join him, which he did after being led into the store by Giles.

Giles stood in front of them, looming over their chairs. "That does not happen again, am I understood? I will not have you two turning my store into a convenient place for daylight rendezvous. This is my place of business. Clear?"

Xander stared at the table top and nodded. Spike smirked and opened his mouth to say something, but glanced at Xander first. When he saw the downcast eyes and the bowed head he glared at Giles, who simply stared back. Putting an arm around Xander's shoulder Spike looked at Giles and nodded his head sharply, then said, "Fine. No shagging in the store. Go away now and let us talk. Talking is okay, right?"

Giles ignored the sarcasm and left them, walking toward a newly arrived customer.

Spike leaned into Xander and put his mouth next to Xander's ear. "I love it when he gets like that. Wouldn't mind following his orders." Xander shivered and turned his face toward Spike's but before he could say anything Spike forestalled the lecture or snappish words by kissing him.

When the kiss ended Xander smiled at him, then smacked his head lightly. "Don't do that. I'm still not talking about it."

"Sure, whatever you say," Spike said with a leer.

It was hours later, well after the sun went down, when Giles was ready to go retrieve the stone. He and Spike left the store together, leaving Xander to lock the doors and wait for their return. He spent a productive half hour shelving some stock for Giles, then settled into a chair with a magazine he found under the counter. He was half way through it before he realized that it had been under the counter for a reason, and he quickly put it back where he had found it, deciding that there were things about Giles he just didn't want to know.

Less than an hour after they left Giles and Spike returned, empty handed, but much wiser. Giles led Spike through the door, holding onto the sleeve of his duster and saying "Just a little more, Spike, come on in and have a cup of tea."

"Crumpets," Spike said with a hopeful grin.

"Sorry, no crumpets. Perhaps a cookie?" Giles suggested as he guided the vampire into a chair.

"Crumbles," said Spike in a knowing tone.

"Yes, of course, what was I thinking. Cookie crumbles." Giles rolled his eyes at Xander, who was staring at them, speechless.

"What happened to him?" Xander finally managed, moving to Spike's side and checking for injuries.

"He, well, he got a bit of a jolt. It appears that the stone was warded and when he touched it he got a little…scrambled." Giles looked chagrined.

"Scrambled?" Xander demanded.

"Eggs," said Spike.

"He's okay, he's just a little confused. His thoughts are following a stream of consciousness pattern, and he's just reacting to whatever thought crosses his mind. I'll make him some tea, and perhaps if he had some blood it would pass faster; he'll be fine in less than an hour." Giles moved closer to Xander and looked at him with an apology in his eyes. "I'm sorry Xander, I should have stopped him when I realized what was happening-he moves very fast."

"He'll be okay? You're sure?" Xander asked as he pointedly removed Spike's hand from his belt.

"Yes," Giles said as he went to make the tea. "I was reading an inscription on the door frame that we didn't know about when he went in and just picked up the stone. I know how to get it safely now, but we have to wait until he gets back to some semblance of normal before we try again."

"Normal is subjective," Spike said seriously. "But not like in school subjects, you understand. I hated math when I was in school, did I ever tell you that? All those numbers that had to go in specific ways, there was no poetry there. Poetic words were what I sought, though I didn't manage to find them very easily. Did you know that the harder you try to find something the more important it gets in your mind? Truly important things fall by the wayside when you search, and you get lost. I got lost in London once…" Spike followed one thought to another while Xander sat and stared with wide eyes.

After Spike had drunk his tea Giles gave him a book to read and they sat listening while the vampire read bits of it out loud and orated about the author's lack of intelligent argument. When Spike's counter arguments started making sense and became more complex Xander relaxed. Finally Giles took the book away over Spike's protests.

"Spike? You with us again?" Xander asked.

"Was always here, just…more so. That was actually cool, wouldn't mind doing that again," Spike said, ducking as Xander tried to swat him in the head.

Giles cleared his throat and then asked, "Are you able to try again tonight, or would you prefer to wait? I would understand if you decided-"

"You're not about to try something dangerous are you?" Xander asked Giles, reaching for Spike's hand.

"No, not at all, though we will need your assistance this time. According to the runes on the doorframe the ward that is set up is triggered by intent. We intended to get the orb, so Spike got attacked when he touched it. If we can get past the ward there won't be any problem," Giles explained as he cleaned his glasses.

"How do we do that?" Spike asked. "It's sort of like trying not to think about pink alligators."

Giles looked puzzled, but Xander nodded in agreement. "Tell me not to do something and I'll want to."

Giles' expression cleared, then his gazed fixed on the middle distance as he thought. "I don't suppose you meditate?" he asked, nodding when Spike just raised an eyebrow at him. "Right, silly me. Well, we'll do this the other way then." He crossed to the locked herb case and opened it, taking a little from a few of the bags. "Xander, would you put the kettle back on, please?" he asked as he reached for a marble mortar and pestle.

Xander went to fill the kettle and Spike crossed to see what Giles was doing. He looked at the herbs and smirked, saying, "Why, Rupert, I'm shocked. I thought you'd put this sort of thing behind you." Giles gave him a withering stare, with no effect, just as Xander returned.

"What do you mean?" he asked, and Spike turned his smirk on his boyfriend. Xander's confused look faded after a long moment and he yelped. "Drugs? Giles, you can't be-"

"Oh, do grow up a bit, Xander," Giles said, not unkindly. "This will just keep us a little unfocused. Our intent should be hard to read and then Spike can get the stone."

"Us?" Xander squeaked.

"Well, Spike and I. He has to go in and I have to read the carvings out loud. You can drive and make sure we do what we have to. This will make us pretty calm and easy to control," he paused to glare at Spike as the vampire's eyes lit up, then continued, "and if we don't do what we have to you can get us back on track with a suggestion."

Soon Giles had the herbs crushed to his satisfaction and brewed a tea with them. Under Xander's slightly disapproving gaze Spike and Giles drank it, and Xander wondered how long it would take to kick in.

"Xander talks in his sleep," Spike announced suddenly.

"Okay, time to go," Xander said quickly and he herded the two men out to his car. Following Giles somewhat confused directions he drove to one of the older cemeteries in Sunnydale and soon they stood before an ivy covered crypt.

"Figures," Xander said. "Not like we ever get magical object anywhere that isn't icky." With a sigh he moved Giles in front of the door and waved a hand in front of the Watcher's eyes.

Giles stopped looking at the stars and focused on Xander's face, smiling sweetly. "Yes, Alexander?" he asked, stepping too close to the younger man. Xander blushed scarlet and Spike snickered.

"Giles, read the words on the door frame, please," he coaxed.

"Is that all you want?" Giles asked, his eyes dark.

"Yes! Just read the words." He turned to Spike who was laughing uncontrollably. "Shut. Up."

Spike pulled himself together and stepped close to Xander, putting a hand on his neck. "See, pet? Could work," he whispered.



"Could you go in there and get me that rock?"

"Sure. As soon as you do something for me," Spike said, putting his arms around Xander and pulling him close.

"We don't have time for this, Spike," Xander, as if speaking to a child. "I don't know when the tea will wear off, and I want the stone." He turned to Giles and jumped when he saw how close the man was. "Giles, please just read the words on the door frame, then Spike can go in." Xander was sounding a little desperate and he shifted uncomfortably, trying to rid himself of Spike's wandering hands without knocking into Giles.

"What do I get in return for this favour?" Giles said in a soft, teasing voice.

"He'll kiss you," Spike promised immediately.

"First?" Giles asked Spike, ignoring Xander's protest.

"Yeah, if you-ow! Bony elbows." Spike rubbed his ribs, thus freeing Xander from one arm.

"Okay, look. Giles, you read. Spike you go in. If we get the stone I'll think about kissing someone. But later, not now! Giles?"

Giles looked at him, then Spike. He smiled a little and moved to the door, then read the etched words out loud. When he was done he turned to Xander and said, "There. Do I get my kiss now?"

Xander stared at him suspiciously. "You didn't say that the tea would make you…like this. Warn a guy next time, all right? And no, no kisses yet. Spike, get your ass in there and get me that stone." He shoved Spike through the door and indicated with his hands that the blonde should move forward to where the stone was.

Spike sighed dramatically and stalked over to the stand, reaching out one hand to pick up the stone. Xander tensed, waiting to see if Spike would get anymore disoriented than he already was, and then relaxed when the vampire turned around, holding the stone out to him.

"Want it?" he said.

"Yeah, put it in your pocket or something and come on out." Xander said, relief showing in his grin.

Spike stood there, looking at the round rock and glanced at Giles. He smiled, a tight malicious smile that usually made people run away from him-unless they knew him, then they just got ready for a very bad idea to emerge from his slightly evil mind.

"Not 'till you kiss poor Rupert."

Xander's patience snapped. "Spike, for Christ's sake, I'll let you kiss him if you just put that damn rock in your pocket and get out here!"

Spike dropped the rock in his pocket and strode out of the crypt, right into Giles' arms. Xander's jaw dropped as he stood there watching his boyfriend and his mentor kissing each other with hungry mouths and wandering hands. After a few moments he cleared his throat and the two men broke apart and looked at him.

"Your turn?" Giles asked hopefully.

"Ah, no. Into the car you two, we have to get out of here." Xander pulled the keys out of his pocket and circled the car to get in the driver's seat. Spike gave Giles one more kiss and climbed into the front seat, landing half in Xander's lap. Xander pushed him off, but not before Spike could take advantage of his position to quickly grope his boyfriend and admire the way Xander's pants were sporting a prominent bulge.

Xander drove to the Magic Box, stopping on the way to buy chips and cookies for Spike and take out pasta for Giles. They claimed to be starving to death. When they were all seated around the table in the store, food spread out everywhere, Giles asked him to put the kettle on for tea.

Xander picked up the tea pot that had been used to brew the herbs and dumped it out, making sure to rinse it thoroughly, before he opened the tin where Giles kept his loose tea leaves. While he was waiting for the kettle to boil he listened idly to Spike and Giles argue about the difference between chips and crisps and shifted his weight between his feet restlessly. By the time he poured the boiling water on the tea leaves they had moved onto an involved discussion about cricket. Xander went back to the table with the tea pot and sat down, surveying the wreckage of what had once been food.

"You guys were hungry, huh?" he asked with a grin.

Spike moved his chair closer to Xander's and with a little struggle lifted Xander into his lap without getting up himself. Giles smiled at them and stood, saying he was going to get a bottle of water.

"Xan?" Spike whispered in his ear.

"Mmm? Hey, don't grope me in full view-Giles'll get pissed again."

"Did it bother you when I kissed him?" Spike moved his hand back up Xander's thigh and resisted all attempts to redirect him from his ultimate destination.

Xander shuddered as Spike's fingers teased the inside of his thigh and he let his head fall back, his eyes closed. "No," he said softly. "You know it didn't."

Spike chuckled in a low voice and moved his hand higher. "You do know that it's not the drugs, right? He won't do anything tonight he wouldn't have done last night."

Xander sat up and stared at Spike, not saying anything.

"S'true. The stuff we drank just confuses our focus, doesn't make us into different people." Spike pulled Xander back into his arms and kissed him, leaving Xander a little breathless.

Giles cleared his throat and passed Xander a mug of tea. "Spike, we should put the orb somewhere safe--I think there's a wooden box in the training room that will do quite nicely." He turned and led the way into the danger room, grinning over his shoulder as Spike tried to follow him without giving up his grip on Xander, who finally broke free and pushed Spike after Giles.

While Spike and Giles were finding a new home for the rock Xander wandered around the store, tidying up here and there and making sure the doors were locked and the blinds drawn. He finished off his tea and went to rinse out the mug when he noticed the clock. He stood in the middle of the floor watching the second hand make its sweeping passes over the numbers for four full circles before he looked at the mug in his hand with wide eyes.

He strode into the training room and saw Spike, now bereft of his duster, standing next to Giles as they pushed a wooden box to the back of a high shelf. "Um, Giles? You put anything in your tea leaves lately?"

Giles gave him a puzzled look and Spike said, "Oops. Forgot about that. You okay, Xander?"

"Yeah, I just feel…" his voice trailed off as Spike advanced on him, the vampire's eyes glittering. When Spike got close enough Xander launched himself into his arms, scattering kisses all over his startled face.

"Spike? What did you put in my tea?" Giles asked, stepping closer to them.

"Same stuff we drank, just not as much. Thought it would be fun to watch tomorrow. Xander, cut it out! Giles feels left out."

"Does he?" asked Xander, his mouth against Spike's neck. "Well, what are you going to do about that?"

"I'm going to-oh yeah, there, thanks-tell him that you have dreams about him."

Xander nodded. Giles moved closer.

"Dreams that leave you thrashing in our bed, dreams that make you sweaty and hot and wild-" Xander nodded again, his mouth still working at Spike's neck and his hand now undoing Spike's belt.

Spike moaned as Xander bit his neck then pulled away, taking his belt with him. He pushed Spike toward Giles and held the belt in one hand, watching as Giles untucked Spike's shirt.

"You are the most annoying person I have ever met," Giles said as he pushed Spike backwards. "You are irritating, rude, and self-centred." He took another step forward, forcing Spike to retreat. "And now I find out that he dreams of me and you reap the rewards." Another step, and now Giles had Spike's shirt pushed up to his chest. Spike raised his arms and his shirt was pulled off and thrown on the floor. "I think that is going rather too far, Spike."

Spike licked his lower lip, his eyes dark. "I think I need to be punished," he said in an insulting tone.

"Yes, you do." Giles nodded his head and Spike smiled like he had been gifted with a horde of biteable people. Without letting his gaze stray from Spike's Giles held out a hand and said, "Xander, may I have that belt please?" Xander passed him the belt and Giles rushed at Spike, pinning him to the heavy bag suspended from the ceiling. Quickly, he had Spike's hands bound behind his back and then he removed his own belt. Finding that it wasn't long enough for his intended purpose he pressed Spike against the heavy bag with his body and whispered, "You will stay here for a moment, won't you Spike?" Spike nodded mutely, and Giles kissed him gently. "Good boy."

Giles turned from Spike and moved to stand in front of Xander, who was breathing in an uneven manner, his skin flushed. Slowly Giles put his hand on Xander's waist and said, "May I borrow your belt?" Xander could only nod as Giles' fingers went to work, loosening the leather, and brushing against him. Spike moaned softly, and Giles glared at him. "Quiet."

Once Giles had Xander's belt he bound Spike to the heavy bag and then dropped to his knees and unlaced the vampire's boots. As he removed them he glanced around the room and then looked intently at Xander. "Do you understand now? About the herbs?" he asked as he tossed the first of Spike's boots away.

Xander nodded and said, "I thought that it would feel like…out of control. But I feel like me, only…" he trailed off, glancing around the room, then continued, "only not scared. Me, but more, you know?"

Giles nodded and tossed the second boot by the first then rose and walked to Xander. "If you had drunk as much as we did your thoughts would be more scattered, and you would feel a bit aggressive. But this is…good?"

Xander nodded and smiled shyly. "This is good."

Giles smiled and then looked over the room once more. "This isn't as nice an atmosphere as we could have managed, but I think we can make it work." He walked to the far wall and started dragging mats to the centre of the room.

Xander walked over to Spike and stood close to him, staring into his eyes. "Spike? Love you."

Spike smiled and said, "I'm a lovable guy."

Giles came to stand beside Xander and then dipped his head, licking one of Spike's nipples. When Spike shuddered Xander followed his lead, licking the other nipple as Giles said, "You will behave, won't you, Spike?"

There was silence in reply, and Xander trailed a hand over Spike's chest, down to the waist band of his jeans. Popping the top button he worked his finger into the tight jeans, brushing the head of Spike's erection and sweeping up a bead of pre-ejaculate. He showed it to Spike, then licked his finger, and finally Spike reacted. "Yes, I'll behave!"

Giles laughed and looked at Xander with a smile. "How shall we punish him?"

Xander shrugged. "Ignoring him usually works well."


Giles glared at the bound man and said. "Shut up. You are being punished." He took Xander's hand and led him toward the mat, ignoring Spike entirely.

"What do you need, Xander?" he asked gently.

They stood close together, facing each other and studying each others eyes. "I think I want-I need this to be slow."

Giles smiled broadly and leaned forward. Just as his lips were about to brush the younger man's a voice from behind him stopped his movement.

"There's lube in my duster," Spike offered helpfully.

Giles turned to look at him. "You carry it with you? What am I thinking, of course you do. Xander?"

Xander walked over to Spike's coat and searched for the right pocket, grinning when Giles swore. "Damn it all!" The Watcher strode over to the heavy bag and kissed Spike fiercely, his tongue plundering the blonde's mouth. Xander looked on with a smile, his hand straying to rub absently at his erection. He heard one of them whisper a thank you, then the two broke apart.

Xander walked toward Giles and passed him the lube, making Giles smile broadly. Holding hands they walk to the pile of mats and turned to face each other. Xander undid the top button on Giles' shirt, slowly moving his hands down to the second one.

"May I kiss you now?" Giles asked softly.

Xander didn't answer, just moved closer and pressed his mouth to Giles'. They kissed slowly and gently, taking their time before parting soft lips to allow their tongues to meet. Giles explored the inside of Xander's mouth, tasting him with gentle licks, and shivered as Xander continued unbuttoning his shirt. As each button was undone Xander slid his hands into Giles shirt, caressing his chest, pushing the shirt away. Finally, he pushed the shirt off entirely and put a hand at the base of Giles' neck, drawing him into a deeper kiss. Giles' hands went to Xander's back and the two men stood locked together in a tight embrace.

Xander stepped back and pulled of his shirt, wasting no movement, then reached for Giles once more. Tossing the tube in his hand to the floor Giles welcomed him back into his arms and the two men sank to the floor. They kissed each other's mouths and necks, lips and tongues keeping them connected as they lay down, settling on the mats facing one another. Hands swept over chests and sides, down backs and back up to stroke erect nipples with tender caresses. Xander moaned softly as Giles gently pushed him onto his back and bent his head to suckle at Xander's chest, his tongue rough and soft at the same time as it played across Xander's flushed skin.

Xander tugged at Giles' hips until the older man was atop him, and held him tightly as he thrust against his abdomen. Giles moved up, supporting himself on his arms, until he could kiss Xander's mouth once more. He groaned at Xander thrust harder, their erections pressed tightly together separated by the layers of their pants and underclothes. In a fluid movement Xander rolled them back onto their sides and reached for the fly of Giles' pants. He spared a quick glance at Spike, who was frozen in place, held by the restraints. Spike's eyes were dark and wide, and his mouth was parted, his tongue flicking out to lick his dry lips. He saw Xander looking at him and rasped, "Let Giles do it."

Xander let his hand fall away and felt Giles' fingers working at his waist. His head fell back to the floor as Giles' hand brushed his pants away from his erection, lifting his hips when Giles tugged his pants and boxers down. He lay quietly as Giles removed his shoes, and then he was naked.

Giles knelt beside him, bending down to kiss his mouth gently before stretching out beside him again. Xander gasped when Giles wrapped his hand around his shaft and pumped once. Xander stilled Giles' hand with his own and said, "Ah, better wait a second." Giles smile and kissed the tip of Xander's nose then let go and rolled away, ignoring Xander's protest.

"Hush, I'm just taking advantage of your enthusiastic reaction." Giles stood up and removed his own trousers, shoes and socks, then returned to Xander's embrace, catching him in a bruising kiss. Giles once more reached for Xander's cock, but instead of stroking he simply brushed his thumb back and forth across the head until Xander whimpered. Giles smiled and moved smoothly down Xander's body until he was able to lick at the weeping erection in front of him.

Spike moaned.

Xander thrust into Giles' mouth the instant the Watcher opened his lips to him, and cried out. Giles licked and sucked at Xander's cock, his mouth wet and warm, sliding up and down the hard shaft. Xander groaned deep in his chest as Giles put a hand under his erection, stroking his balls and letting saliva run down from wet, swollen lips. Xander felt a tentative touch further back and bucked wildly, crying Giles' name out. Giles let Xander's erection slip from his mouth and looked up into the dark eyes watching him. "Yes?"

Xander reached down to Giles' shoulder and gave him a shove, rolling him onto his back before pouncing on him. They rolled together, meeting each other's thrusts, bucking together and stroking each other with hands; binding with arms and legs, tangling each other with limbs and kisses. Soon they were both breathless, panting and gasping for air as they writhed over and under each other. Xander finally pushed Giles off and gasped out, "Now, please, need you now…"

Spike broke one of the belts with a loud pop and watched as it flew through the air.

Giles found the tube on the floor and rubbed a hand on Xander's back while the younger man settled himself on the mats, face down. When he had slicked his fingers Giles gently caressed Xander's ass, waiting for what little tension that was in the man ease away. He trailed a finger along the crevice between Xander's cheeks and circled his opening, smiling when Xander drew in a harsh breath.

"Shh, now. Relax, Xander," he murmured, sliding a finger into the man before him.

Xander was still, letting Giles set the pace, but when a second finger was added he moved back to meet Giles' hand, and when the third finger stretched him he bucked up. Giles put a hand on the small of his back, keeping him still. Slowly Giles worked his fingers in and out, crooning soft words as Xander thrashed his head back and forth, moaning and asking for more.

There was another popping noise from the heavy bag. Neither Giles nor Xander looked.

"Giles, please."

"I don't want to torture you, Xander," Giles said as he carefully removed his fingers and reached for the tube. "What do you want?"

Xander looked at him over his shoulder, watching as Giles tipped lube into the palm of his hand and then stroked his erection with it. Giles moved behind Xander, pulling him to his knees and waited until Xander had braced himself on his arms.

"Make love to me, Giles," Xander whispered, and Giles entered him slowly, stretching him gently as he eased in.

Spike said, "God. Yes, more…"

Giles slowly built up a rhythm, sliding in and out of Xander, both men moaning with more and more force as Giles' thrusts grew deeper and longer, filling Xander and carrying them both closer to the edges of orgasm. When Xander started to pant and grunt, past speech, Giles reached down and fisted his cock in time with his thrusts. As Xander cried out and spilled over Giles' hand Spike roared and snapped the last of his restraints, tumbling to the floor.

Giles froze as Xander came, his muscles locked as the man he held shuddered and jerked below him. When Xander relaxed and sank down, unable to hold himself up any longer, Giles let his cock slide free and held Xander in his arms.

Spike reached out and sighed, "Watcher-"

Giles smiled and held a hand out to the vampire, drawing him into the embrace. Xander lifted his head and kissed Spike on the mouth, then let his head fall back again, watching as Spike twisted Giles around until they lay face to face. When the rough denim of Spike's jeans rubbed against Giles' erection they both gasped and began thrusting, grinding their hips together.

"Do you want to make love as well?" Giles panted in Spike's ear.

"Hell, no. Wanna fuck you." Spike thrust against Giles again and Xander moved slightly, pushing himself onto his knees. Xander worked his hands between the two men, his chest to Spike's back, and pulled Spike's zipper down with one hand, stroking Giles with the other.

"Thank, love," Spike said, and kissed Xander. Xander continued stroking Giles as Spike wiggled out from between the men and stripped. Giles moaned and thrust into Xander's hand, kissing Xander's shoulder and neck, even as he reached for Spike.

Gently, Spike rearranged the two men so that Xander was sitting behind Giles, supporting him. Spike grabbed the lube and coated his cock and fingers liberally, then moved between Giles' legs. He took in the scene with a critical eye and shook his head. "Not gonna work. Xan, I need him elevated."

Xander draped Giles's legs to the outside of his own and then drew his knees up, completely exposing them both to Spike.

"Christ. You are a fucking genius, pet." Spike moved a little closer and slid his slick fingers all over Giles' ass, easing one finger into him. "Been awhile, huh?" he asked, as Giles moaned. Spike grabbed the tube of lubricant again and opened it, dripping some on Giles' erection. Xander stroked the gel onto the hardness and Giles' head fell back, his eyes closed.

Slowly Spike worked his finger into Giles, seeking his prostate. Giles jumped in Xander's arms, thrusting his cock into the tight fist and then shoving his ass down on Spike's finger. All three of them groaned.

A second finger went into Giles with little trouble, but the third was tight. Spike looked at Giles and asked, "You okay? Hurt?"

"No, doesn't hurt. Just…oh yes, there, just do it, please, Spike…" Giles bucked again, and suddenly relaxed, allowing Spike's fingers to move freely.

"That's it, just relax. I'm gonna take care of you." Spike eased his fingers out of Giles and pushed Xander back a little, so the two men in front of him were reclining a bit. He moved closer to them and pressed is erection against Giles' entrance and pushed, sinking into his warmth.

"Oh god," Xander gasped. He could feel it. His cock was reawakening and growing erect under Giles' ass and he could feel Spike pushing into the man on his lap.

"Didn't know that was going to happen?" Spike asked with a grin.

Xander shook his head and gasped again when Spike thrust into Giles.

"Gets better. Wait for it," Spike said, then leaned forward to kiss Giles. Xander was still stroking Giles' shaft and the three men moved together, each feeling the effects of Spike's thrusts in different ways.

Spike picked up a regular rhythm, but Giles had been riding a wave of pleasure for longer than the other two and came with a cry after only a few thrusts. He ejaculated over Xander's hand and Spike's chest, shuddering and writhing until Xander stopped milking his cock. Then there was just Spike, moving in and out of Giles' body, each stroke brushing against Xander's erection. Spike twisted his hip slightly, making Giles moan and letting Spike reach Xander's cock. With a few strokes of his lover's hand Xander came for a second time, crying Spike's name. Spike threw back his head and bellowed, coming inside Giles.

The three men lay tangled in a heap, exchanging kisses and compliments, for a long while. When their muscles started to cramp they decided that getting cleaned up would be a good idea, and they rolled apart, surveying the damage.

"Ew," said Xander, looking at the sticky mess on the floor.

"Yeah," Spike agreed, wiping off his chest.

"Um, yes. Rather messy," Giles said as he tried to wipe up a puddle of lube that had leaked from the open tube.

The three men looked at each other and burst into laughter.

"I'm hungry," Xander said. "Can we get a pizza? And ice cream? Oh, can we get…"

The End

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