Finding Family


Part Twenty-Six

Billy was so blinded by the fury burning through him that his body seemed to have locked up. His vision blurred and he was unable to clearly focus on the person that was dying in the iron grip of his hands. His fingers siezed up like steel bands around the soft skin.

The pounding of her heartbeat under his thumbs and the sound of her gurgling never registered. His ears rang with a white noise that crackled and buzzed so loud he never heard the library door as it was kicked open, or the chaos of the shouting and screaming of the people as they rushed into the room behind him.

Xander had led the charge, moving the instant the cut off yelp had signaled Deena's distress. Bolting forward, Xander slammed his fist into the side of Billy's head temporarily stunning him. It was enough to cause him to topple to the side and release the nearly senseless woman.

Will and Willow had come in on Xander's heels and hurried to Deena, one on each side. Throwing in their support they attempted to catch and break her fall. All three tumbled to the floor. Gasping and coughing for air Willow tried to calm Deena enough to satisfy them both that there was no permanent damage despite the already purple bruising that was coloring her throat.

Xander's attention, too, was momentarily turned in her direction allowing Billy just enough time to recover his balance and come back, instantly turning his rage and attack on Xander. Punching him in the lower back, Billy just missed crushing Xander's kidney by inches. Xander turned to face him and threw an all out punch into Billy's stomach doubling him over. Slamming both fists down onto Billy's back he was knocked down but, unfortunately, not out.

Billy had spent far too many years in the pubs and alleys drunk and high. Fighting came as second nature and right now it was exactly what he needed to release all his pent up hate. Fed, fired, and fueled by the pain he rolled over onto his side in a fetal position, grabbed Xander's leg and bit.

"Fuckin' son of a bitch!" With his other foot Xander kicked him in the bent up legs as often and hard as he could till Billy released his bulldog grip. When he did all bets were off.

Dropping to his knees Xander straddled Billy's prone body and rained down a series of blows to his face that broke his nose and a couple teeth before Deena's cries and pleading caught his attention. Her voice was weak and raspy.  "Please, God Xander, please. That's enough. You're going to kill him. He's hurt! Please stop!"

Sitting back on Billy's hips Xander panted, out of breath, and looked down at the mess he had made. Billy's face was bloody and broken. That's when he realized his own hands were sore, starting to swell, the knuckles split and bleeding.

Before Xander had the chance to feel guilty or upset Billy spit blood out his mouth and nose, laughing harshly he squirmed, trying to dislodge the larger man holding him down. "What's the matter, Willy boy not enough for you? You planning on fucking me too?"

Xander immediately lifted himself off the disgusting piece of shit still chuckling on the floor. Reaching down Xander grabbed Billy by the forearms and dragged him to his feet. "Must be trash day Will. You want to give me a hand putting
out the garbage?"

Leaving Deena in Willow's capable hands he leaped to Xander's side. "I do believe I would take great pleasure in that."
Still unsteady on his feet, Billy was unable to resist as Xander took one arm and Will took the other.

Dragging him from the library Deena could still be heard clinging to Willow crying and begging for understanding for her boyfriend. Forgetting her earlier resolution she fell back on the familiar. "Please, he didn't mean to hurt me. Sometimes I do things that upset him. It isn't his fault. It's my fault. He really loves me. Please don't let them hurt him. He has nowhere to go."

Willow fought the anger and confusion. She wanted nothing more than to slap some sense into Deena, but knew she had known enough violence in her young life. No, she needed love and support to prove there was no place in her life for Billy Badass. "Shhh. Deena. It's going to be all right. You can't have Billy around you right now. Even if he does love you it's too dangerous for you and the baby. He needs to get sober first. Will and Xander are just doing what's best for all of us. We're not safe with him in the house. Maybe later on he can get some help to kick this and then he'll make a good husband and father."

Although that seemed to calm her some, both Deena and Willow knew it was little more than lip service. Billy was not likely to seek treatment for a problem he didn't believe he had, but at least the begging had stopped and Deena now just clung to Willow and cried.

Shifting the full weight of the limp man into his arms, Xander tipped his head in the direction of the front door. "Get the door Will, I've got him."

Will released his side and rushed forward to open the door. Seeing his fate brought a renewed struggle to Billy as he
attempted to free himself from Xander's grip. "Let go of me you fuckin' queers! You can't throw me out like this. All my stuff is in here. You Goddamn thieves. You can't throw me out and keep my stuff. Let go of me you shit heads!

With the front door now wide open Will hustled back to Billy's side helping Xander restrain and move him. With one fell swoop Billy was unceremoniously tossed out and left to trip and topple down the entrance steps, cussing and screaming at the new injuries to his already damaged body.

When he finally came to a rolling stop, Billy laid immobile, in too much agony to immediately jump up and continue with his threats, he was now sobbing, having switched from pathological to pathetic. "Look, I'm sorry, o.k? Sometimes she just pisses me off. I didn't mean no harm. She don't want me gone. Just go ask her. Come on, go ask her. DEEEEEENA! Fuck, Will, I'm family. You know I don't got no place to go. I need my stuff. I promise I'll go right to bed and sleep it off."

Afraid Will would weaken, Xander stepped up and stopped the whining before it could go on any longer. "No. You can come back tomorrow and pick up your shit but you are never to step foot in this house again. Everything will be packed up and left at the front gate. If you come anywhere near any of us again I swear I'll kill you. Do you understand?"

Will sighed with relief and leaned with gratitude on his lover. His protector. His man.

Xander and Will stepped back and slammed the door cutting off Billy's renewed tirade of  "Who the fuck do you think you are? This is family business! Goddamn fuckin' American's! Mind your own fuckin' business! Yankee go home!

Part Twenty-Seven

Xander slammed the solid heavy door and threw the dead bolt to secure it. Billy could no longer be heard whining and swearing but both knew he was probably still there. Turning to William, Xander was dismayed to see he had already
rushed off to check on Deena. He really wanted to talk to him before they joined the girls in the library.

Xander knew he and Will needed to have an indepth conversation about what to do with the squatters and he really preferred to do it in private. Willow tended to be too emotional and knew how to play Will to the max to get what she wanted.

Xander, on the other hand, was much more pragmatic. To be honest if Deena hadn't been pregnant Xander would have
been just as happy to pitch her out too. They could take care of the legalities of filing trespassing charges, secure the property, and be back on a plane by the end of the week.

Sighing with resignation, Xander returned to the library. Willow and Deena were curled up together on the couch.
Exhausted from the attack and ensuing emotional scene, Deena was nearly asleep. Willow's eyes were wide and wild. She appeared to be wired up and still in shock from the violence.

Crouching down in front of them Will touched Deena's hair cautiously but spoke to Willow. "Why don't you take her to the servant's apartment off the kitchen. You two can stay there together tonight. Fix yourself a cup of tea and put her to bed. She needs to sleep and maybe see a doctor in the morning."

Deena fussed slightly at the suggestion of medical attention but offered no real objection. Willow continued petting and coddling her. As much to calm herself as Deena. "That sounds like a good idea. If you can carry my suitcase for me I'll settle in there and she won't have to go up and down any steps. Do you think we'll be safe? Will Billy come back? Maybe we should all stay together."

Will shook his head. He wanted to be reassuring but just didn't know what to tell her. He was fighting the same fears
as well as the urge to wring his hands and pace the room nervously.

"I don't think he is nearly stupid or brave enough to come back. Not for a while anyway." Will and Willow looked up as Xander answered her concerns from the library doorway. "No, Will's right. Now we're all whipped. Jet lagged and literally beat up. We all need some down time."

The others noticed the damage on Xander's face from Billy's attack. His cheek was puffy and his eye badly swollen. The only thing that made them feel better was knowing Billy probably looked far worse.

Willow nudged Deena to sit up. "Come on Sweety, let's get settled in, we could both use the rest."  Deena hicupped, nodded, and let Willow lead her away followed closely by Will who was carrying Willow's bags.

Xander returned to the entry hall to collect their bags. He and Will had each brought two cases not knowing how
long they would be staying. Xander had thought that was a lot. Now he wasn't sure. The servant's apartment was three rooms off the kitchen. It consisted of a cozy sitting room with a fire place, a comfortable bedroom and a surprisingly modern bath.

This was where Deena had wanted her and Billy to sleep when they first moved in here but he had insisted on the master's quarters upstairs. The upper suite was the set of rooms belonging to Will's Gandfather. It was where the head of the house slept and it was what Billy demanded despite the struggle Deena went through each time she had to climb the stairs.

Will showed Willow where the bed linen was. He then stood by supporting Deena's weight while Willow made up the bed. Both girls felt better sleeping in the same bed.

When it was decided they had everything they needed, Will helped tuck Deena in and prepared to leave. Before he reached the door, Willow stopped him with a hand on his arm  "Where will you and Xander be?"

Will could hear the fear as it caused her voice to waver. Scooping her up and into a bear hug he then just as quickly set her back down with a kiss on the nose. "We will be upstairs. Second floor, end of the hallway. That's my old rooms and the caretakers always keep it cleaned and ready in case I come home. If you need anything come and get us. Anything! There's nothing to be afraid of. Doesn't Xander always take good care of us? The doors are bolted shut and Billy is gone."

Willow glanced at the woman already asleep on the bed and knew Will was right. Xander wouldn't let anything happen.
She put on her best brave smile and kissed his cheek. "I know. I'm not worried. We can all get some sleep and decide
what to do in the morning."

Will found Xander waiting at the foot of the stairs holding a bag in each hand and another under each arm. "Oh, good you have everything. We are upstairs." Will led the way talking animatedly on each step. Xander followed, saying nothing. "So I think we should let Deena and the baby live here. She is kind of my responsibility now just like the caretakers and the estate. I suppose I could put her in the apartment over the garage. It's large. She will have to have an allowence, don't you think? I'm just afraid if we go back to the states Billy will come back. What do you think we should do about him?"

By now they had arrived at their set of rooms and Xander dropped the bags inside the bedroom door. All four hit the hard wood with a collective "THUMP"

"I'll tell you what I think. I think you're pissing me off."

Will spun around and faced him, stunned and quiet while Xander continued.

"When we got together I promised to take care of you, didn't I?"

Will nodded vigorously

"And have I done that?"

Will nodded again, still not sure where this was going.

"Then I'm disappointed that you think I wouldn't be able to do it now. I understand that this estate and these people are your responsibility, but you are mine. I think you need to be reminded of that."

Part Twenty-Eight

Will finally fell silent. Xander crossed his arms and scowled. He had spent this whole day watching the weight of responsibility crush the shoulders of his baby and he had had enough. "I understand that this estate and these people are your responsibility, but you are mine. I think you need to be reminded of that." I want you undressed NOW and on the bed. On your stomach."

The tone of Xander's voice and the implied promises had William's cock twitching and filling happily. The little light bulb over Will's head had finally switched on and he got it. Will knew Xander understood the situation completely and he trusted that Xander was about to make him feel a whole lot better.

Xander never saw William scramble so quickly to shed his clothes and hustle to comply. Yet, his attention was elsewhere. Scanning the room Xander located exactly what he needed.

Walking to the far wall he pushed back the long floor to ceiling brocade drapes that hung heavy at the large windows.
He quickly jerked off his own clothes and tossed them on a wing back chair that sat facing the dying sun.

With one fast snapping motion after another Xander tore the drape tie backs from the wall and returned to the bed with them dangling from his fingers.

Just thinking about what he was planning for his boy had him hard, hot, and leaking. His cock bounced, slapping against his stomach as he walked back to the huge bed in the center of the room. Xander was thrilled at the sight before him.

Slinking slowly around the bed he stared at what awaited him. His Will. His boy. The love of his life.

Obediently lying flat on his stomach, waiting, quivering, Will silently watched Xander for some sign of his mood. His next move.

Quickly Xander grasped Will's left hand and jerking it up he tied it securely with the silky, braided tie to the post of the bed. Moving to the other side he secured Will's right hand the same way. Will moaned in pleasure at being man handled. Instinctively Will tugged, testing the strength of the ropes. He was unbelievably aroused at the feel of the smooth strength as it rubbed and caressed his wrists yet left no room for give.

Xander stroked his own hard length as he watched Will struggle. "You can't pull lose Will so you might as well give up. Turn everything over to me Baby. I'll take good care of you."

Will understood exactly what Xander was doing. His entire body relaxed. All but the cock that was now pressed flat against the bed he was bound to. "Oh God, Xander. Yes. Thank you." Will groaned and wiggled trying to get friction for his leaking cock.

Standing next to the bed with his thick, hard sex in his hand Xander stroked himself slowly just inches from Will's face.

Will's mouth watered as he hoped for the chance to suck on the cock before him. Crouching down Xander slapped the head of his dick briskly against Will's cheek and mouth, leaving a salty taste behind. Straining, Will tried to reach out with his tongue and lips for more of the sweet juices that were bubbling form the tip.

Immediately Xander pulled back. "No, by not trusting me you haven't earned it yet."

Will whimpered. Xander moved to the foot of the bed and slowly crawled up, shoving Will's legs apart as he settled between them. The soft skin and fine hairs of Will's body prickled up like a cactus in heat. Will's voice cracked and broke. "Will you fuck me Xander? I'm sorry I didn't let you help me. I do trust you. Please fuck me Xander, please? I promise I'll do better."

Xander was on his hands and knees slowly licking his way up. He cracked a smile at hearing his baby beg and apologize. They both knew the odds of his saying 'no' were slim to none. He knew things would be all right. He would make sure of it. His Boy was counting on him.

His tongue started first on the inside of each calf then knee then thigh. He licked and sniffed and sucked little pink bruises on the pale skin. Marking Will with Xander's brand. By the time his nose bumped the crack between the sweet round butt cheeks Will was almost incoherent, humping the bed and trying to shove his ass in Xander's face.

The heat of the blood settling in his groin had Will's crotch warm, damp with sweat, and musky smelling.

Resting his forehead on the small of Will's back Xander reached around and gripped, but didn't stroke, Will's cock.
"Shhhh. Stop moving Will. If you trust me, prove it. Let me do this for you. Lay still. I can take good care of you."

The feel of Xander's hand on his cock and Xander's love and promises warmed his heart and calmed his body. He knew how important it was to Xander to reclaim their roles and that suited Will just fine. Will trembled and nodded.

Both Xander's hands grasped and massaged Will's butt cheeks. Then, pulling them apart, Xander dove in. Licking and sucking he devoured the tight wrinkled hole, every once in a while pulling back to watch it wink and struggle to open itself up.

Closing his eyes and stabbing his tongue in and out Xander felt the hot rush of "need to cum" wash through his own body.

Straining and pulling on the restraints Will was reduced to "Oh fuck. Oh Xander. Fuck that feels so good. Fuck.!"

Though Xander's mouth would have happily stayed there his cock had other urgent needs. Still wet with saliva Xander easily slid two fingers in causing Will to arch his back like an alley cat. Completing the image Will emitted a feline yowl. His whole body begging for more, deeper, harder, NOW! "Bloody hell Xander! Please fuck me now!"

Despite the spit Xander knew it wasn't enough to ease the way for a cock his size to enter a small pink hole like this without tearing. "Shit, Will, slick."

Trusting that everything in his room had been left as it was he nodded toward the bedstand. Checking the drawer, Xander grinned as he extracted a small well used bottle of lotion.

Wasting no more time he smeared it on himself and on Will's entrance. Lining his cock up to the hot, tight, ass, Xander paused. "You want to feel it Baby. Really feel it?"

Will knew what that meant. He dropped his head down, braced himself and nodded. He craved that near pain feeling.
The feel that told him he was owned. Body and soul. Xander slammed forward. Will went rigid and groaned. "Oh, fuck, yes!"

After waiting a minute or two Xander pulled back till just the head was in. He loved to see it move inside his boy.
By grabbing Will's hips and pulling him up to a different angle he knew he would hit the spot inside. He thrust and was right. Will immediately struggled with his bindings trying to fuck himself on Xander's cock and bring relief to his own. Xander picked up speed and depth, plunging in repeatedly slamming Will's pleasure nub till he felt the ache and tingle start in his own groin and legs.

Grabbing Will's cock he stroked roughly in time with his thrusts. Will's hips moved erratically getting and giving pleasure. "Don't stop. Xan I'm close. Feels so good. Fuck Xan I'm........"

Will stiffened. His rigid cock hardened even more before he began spurting thick streams of cum over Xander's hand and onto the bed. Feeling Will's ass squeeze and ripple around his cock triggered one of the strongest orgasms Xander had ever had.

He braced himself as his body jerked again and again filling his boy with a warm, wet, release.

Riding the aftershocks as they lessened and finally ended, Xander eased his spent cock from Will's red sore hole. Both men chuckled and collapsed. Weakly Xander tugged and removed the ties from Will's wrists and they curled up together on the soft damp bed.

The eye that had been staring unblinkingly through the keyhole quietly backed away and disappeared into the cavernous hallways of the manor house.

Part Twenty-Nine

"Huh? What?" Xander shot up in bed and fought down the panic of disorientation. His eyes darted around quickly as he tried to call to mind where he was. When his brain remembered his body relaxed.

He instantly recalled everything that had happened since they arrived here....just this morning? Seemed much longer. Still exhausted, he knew he had only slept for an hour or so. Just enough to make him more tired. His spent cock twitched happily as it recalled their little bondage game. No wonder he had fallen so deep asleep. Xander frowned. He had been startled awake by...what?

The room was dark, illuminated only by the glow of the full moon coming through the long windows at the side of the room. It seemed like he had heard something but the snuggled, sleeping figure beside him caused him to wonder. Maybe a dream? What time was it anyway?

It was all more than Xander's sleep addled mind could process. Yet, everything appeared just as it did when they went to bed, and Will, usually a light sleeper, certainly wasn't awake.

Convinced it was nothing, Xander turned to roll over and go back to sleep but his body had other ideas and protested.
"Oh fuck." He groaned and sat back up. He hadn't been in a fight like that in years and every part of his body ached. His back hurt up into his shoulder and he was pretty sure his ribs were bruised. 'I'm getting too fuckin' old for this shit.'

Xander knew if he had any hope of being able to move around tomorrow he needed a hotter than hot shower tonight. Besides, after ruffling the covers, the air that rushed upward told him he was a little more than ripe.

Cautiously, not wanting to disturb his sleeping lover, Xander eased his way out from under the blankets. Crouching naked on the floor he scrounged around in the obsessively neatly packed suitcase. Will could be so anal at times.
Xander snickered at the double meaning.

Easily locating a clean pair of boxers he also took out a tee and pair of jeans for tomorrow that he laid out on the chair on his side of the bed. Just thinking the thought struck him as extraordinarily odd. Here in this mansion, in this foreign country, he had a side of the bed.

Standing back up Xander took one more glance around the dark room letting his gaze settle on the man nestled in the bed. Satisfying himself that all was right, Xander slipped quietly into the bathroom.

Lying a thick rich bath towel and his clean boxers on the closed lid of the toilet, he reached in and turned on the water. Even with the lights out he could see the magnificence of the opulent bathroom. The Spanish design in the tile on the floor reflected the same rich colors as the window and wall treatments.

The shower alone was huge, glass enclosed and easily large enough for three. Xander's tired cock struggled valiantly at the thought of soaping Will's entire body up and playing slip and slide with it. Unfortunatly, after two twitches, it laid back down.

Still, all the possibilities were mind boggling.

The rolling clouds of steam fogged the glass and warmed his sore body with it's moist heat. After testing the water temperature with his toes, Xander stepped in to wash, closing the door quietly behind him.

"Oh fuck" Xander groaned and threw his head back as the cascade of hot pulsing water drenched his aching bones.

He stood there for the longest time just letting the water relax and bake him. Finally he looked around at the row of bottles on the shower shelf. There were shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. All the exact same brands Will used at home. It hurt Xander's heart to think the last time Will used these he was living here with that shit hole step-father. Too bad the prick was dead. Xander would have liked to have the opportunity to kick his ass.Well, maybe after some recovery time.

Humming contentedly Xander washed everything from head to toe and back again, massaging sore knots out of his muscles and surrounding himself in the suds and scent of his love. When there was nothing left to scrub, Xander took one last rinse and shut off the water.

Opening the shower door just a crack to hold in as much steam as possible Xander reached for his towel. After a few tries groping about in the dark his hand finally found the toilet lid only to realize there was nothing there. Resigned to the fact that he was going to have to take his wet, goose bumped body out into the cool air, Xander jumped out and looked all around, thoroughly confused.

Peeking over the top of the toilet he located the items on the floor. 'What the...? Did I knock them off when I jumped in?'

Deciding it would be easier to ponder their travels when he was dry and dressed, he grabbed for the towel, surprised to find it was already wet.

Checking, he found that the boxers, too, were soaked. Looking back and forth between the shower stall and the
wet clothes he tried to add two and two but kept coming up with three. It made no sense. He knew there was no way they had gotten water from that.

Turning them over in his hands was when he noticed the smell. Lifting them to his nose and sniffing experimentally, Xander threw them to the floor where they hit the luxurious tile with a "splat". He stepped back disgusted.


The implication was mind boggling. Someone had come into the bathroom while he was in the shower and pissed on his clothes. What? Will?  No, that didn't even warrant asking.

Xander's feet seemed bolted to the floor while his brain spun. It frantically searched for the path to the sign that stated
"conclusions here".

He felt like he was stuck in one of those children's picture puzzles that asks "How many wrongs can you find in this picture?" He stopped counting at five.

There was no other interpretation. There was an intruder in the house, and he had been here, within touching distance.
Just outside the clouded glass where Xander stood with his eyes closed under the water.

Terror exploded in his gut as he lunged toward the bedroom.


The lump under the bed covers stretched and moved. His head popped out and he rubbed his eyes. " Huh? Xan? Why are you up? What time is it?"

Xander almost sobbed with relief. If anything had happened to Will....... He couldn't even let himself finish the thought.
Tossing things about in the suitcase he located some pants and a shirt for Will and pitched them to him. "Get dressed, Baby. We've got problems."

Snapping on the bedside lamp Will asked quietly. "Does it have anything to do with this?"

Xander rushed over and nearly threw up when he saw what Will was pointing to. The small bottle of lotion they had used last night was now dumped all over Will's pillow. Whoever poured it there had to have been just inches from
Will as he slept.

Someone was playing with them, threatening them. At the same time their eyes locked and their voices met.

"The girls!"

Part Thirty

There were many times over the past year with Xander that Will had set new speed records in his effort to get undressed as quickly as possible.

He didn't, however, have a lot of practice in the reverse. After much scrambling and stumbling he was finally able to get both legs in the right side of his pants and the shirt over his head, inside out. Xander was frantic to get moving but resolved that he would not leave Will out of his sight. Not for a second. There was no doubt in either of their minds who was behind the vandalism, the only question was, how dangerous and unstable was he? The question of what he wanted was unimportant.

Will jerked on his shoes. He finally couldn't hold it in any longer. He had to ask. "Why didn't he kill us? He certainly had the opportunity as close as he was."

Xander shook his head. "I don't know except that I don't think that's what he wants. Not yet anyway. I think he wants us afraid first. He wants us to know he's in charge and he'll decide what happens next."

Will stood up and joined his partner. "Then I guess we will have to show him how wrong he is. Let's go check on the girls."

Xander gave him a quick peck on the lips then rushed out into the hall. Flipping on every light switch they passed, the manor house was soon awash in brightly lit rooms and hallways.

In seeing Will questioning eyes, Xander responded, "He already knows where we are. I say we don't give him any dark
corners to hide in."

Will's confidence was buoyed. Xander was every bit as good as the private dicks in his novels. They were in good hands. They were in dick Xander's hands.....Xander's dicky hands,...... Xander's handy dick.........Will roughly shook his head to clear his rambling thoughts.

Through the upstairs hallway, Xander dove onto the stairs and in taking them two at a time reached the bottom landing in seconds. Will, with his shorter legs, took just moments more.

Turning past the library and dining room they hit the kitchen on a dead run pausing only to turn on the lights. Coming to the closed door to the maids suite they were somewhat relieved to hear only silence inside. Will tried to calm and comfort himself with the thought that they had gotten here first. The girls were still sleeping. His beloved Miss Willow was safe.

Quietly turning and pushing open the door knob both men slipped inside and punched the light switch. What they saw shot ice water through both their bodies.

Will turned away in the last second before his stomach gave up whatever was left in it from earlier. Choking back his tears Xander lunged forward toward the bed. He held back at what he saw.

There stretched out on the bed was Willow.

She had been stripped naked and was tied to the bed on her stomach. Both hands were bound with the drapery tie backs and neither man missed the obvious fact that it was done in exactly the same manner that Xander had placed Will in only hours ago.

The only difference was the tape over her mouth. At the sound of the gasp that left his lips Willow's eyes flew open and locked on Xander's face.

"She's o.k.! Will, she's o.k."

Xander made no attempt to hide the tears of relief that rolled down his face as he hurried to untie her. The second she was free Will threw himself into her arms, rocking and sobbing. "Willow, I'm so sorry. Oh God are you hurt? Did he hurt you? Oh, Willow."

Xander found her clothes that had been tossed to the side and gently pulled Will back. "Let's let her get dressed, Baby, then we can find out what's going on."  But even Xander couldn't wait. "Willow, are you o.k? Where is Deena?"

Willow pulled her shirt over her head and her jeans up over her tiny frame. "I'm o.k. It was Billy, but I guess you already figured as much. He came in while we were sleeping. I woke up to a butcher knife at my throat."

Will's eyes got big as his stomach again threatened to dry heave. Just the thought of what he could have done to her.

"He told Deena to sit down and wait for him. He said if she tried to leave the room he would slit my throat. When he tied me up he said you two would appreciate the beauty of it. He said it was your favorite position." Willow blushed at the implication.

Will and Xander looked at each other. Neither was surprised that he had been watching but right now embarrassment was the least of their concerns.

Willow sat back down on the bed and hung her head. When she finally looked back up, the tears were streaming down here pale cheeks, her voice quiet with shame. "He took her. I couldn't help her and he took her away. She was crying and begging him not to take her. Oh shit, if anything happens to her......" Willow put her hands over her face and cried softly.

"If anything happens to her it's Billy's fault not yours." Xander lifter her face and pulled away her hands, watching her eyes to make sure she understood. "Listen Willow, I like Deena, but she is in a situation of her own choosing. Now we're going to do anything we need to to help her, but I will NOT sacrifice you or Will. I love you both too much to let that happen. I'm sorry, but if it comes down to you or her, well..."

Willow hugged him close, cutting off the rest of that statement and taking a deep breath asked. "It won't come to that. So. What now? What happens next?"

Xander paced the room thinking. "I think this is far beyond us. We need help. Will, go call the law and an ambulance just in case. Tell them to hurry."

Will made no move to leave the room. "Xan, the phones don't work. Remember, no one is supposed to be living here. They are shut off."

It was an obvious fact that never occured to him. Xander began pacing the room and massaging the bulging muscle in the side of his neck. "Fuck! Well then there is only one thing to do. One of us will have to go for help."

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