Finding Family


Part Twenty-One

Will stuck his head in the library and rattled the keys to the rental car. "Come on Willow, Xan wants us to run to town and pick up some groceries."

Seeing the flicker in Deena's eyes, Willow smiled. "Why don't you go with us? You could probably use some fresh air
and you can tell us if there is anything you need. Hey, I'll bet there's all sorts of stuff you need to get ready for the baby."

Will frowned. He had seen Willow bounce like this before and he knew it wasn't good. "Xander said groceries. He didn't say anything about baby stuff. We aren't going to spend all day are we, cause Xander said........."

Willow dismissed him with a wave of her hand. "Xander said. Xander said. Pooh on Xander said. We have baby things to buy."

Willow helped Deena to her feet, but just as quickly saw that she had dug her heels in and would go no further. "Maybe I better not. Billy wouldn't like it if I just took off without asking him first."

Willow brushed Deena's hair back from her face. "Honey, these are things you have to have. Diapers, formula, baby clothes. Will here is willing to buy all those thing for you and right now Billy can't. It doesn't make any sense to refuse
Will's generous offer."

Accepting the logic, Deena had to admit she had been desperately trying to figure out how to afford those things on her own. With a grin and a nod of her head the two women locked arms and headed for the car totally ignoring Will's voice calling out as he hurried to catch up.

"What offer? When did I offer?"


Xander had just located the shelves that held the cleaning supplies. He was unsurprised to see that it was the only thing in the kitchen that seemed to be untouched. He briefly wondered how much it would cost to have Bungy fly over and take charge of this mess. Knowing that wasn't going to happen he sighed and rolled up his sleeves.

Propping up a trash bag in the center of the room he began shoveling in all sorts of unidentifiable fungus covered inedibles. Grumbling to himself he suddenly paused. With the hair standing up on the back of his neck Xander turned
around quickly.

"Will? That you?" He was answered by only silence. Checking the hallway he couldn't shake the sensation that he was being watched. Finding no one around, Xander returned to his kitchen duties feeling a little foolish and paranoid.


Although he knew it was probably a lost cause Will tried to regain control of the shopping trip. After all he was behind the wheel. They would have to go where he said.

"Oh, pull over here." Sitting in the back seat Willow leaned forward and stuck her finger in Will's face. Pointing and wagging the digit under his nose. "Over there at that baby store. We can start there."

Deena's forehead wrinkled. "Gee Willow I don't know. That place is kind of expensive."

"Don't be silly. Will wouldn't have it any other way."

Will sputtered and stammered as he pulled into the parking space and watched the women clammer out and head for the door. Knowing he needed to stop this now or be steamrolled, Will jumped out, stomped his foot, and stood firm on the sidewalk. "NO! No Willow. Xander said groceries and trash bags. He didn't say anything about diapers and baby clothes."

Willow shoed Deena on into the store then returned to where Will had planted his feet. "You are absolutely right Will. We need to do what Xander said." She tapped her forefinger on her chin as if giving it some thought.

"Oh, I know, why don't you go on to the grocery store and get the food and cleaning supplies. After that you can come back here. We should be finished and we'll need you to carry our heavy packages for us. We couldn't possibly manage without you. Then we can go back to the estate and Xander will see that you have done just what he asked. Doesn't that make sense?"

Will wrinkled his brow and scratched his head. Something about the logic of all that just didn't seem right but he was having trouble putting his finger on it. "Yeah, I guess that would be all right. But when I get back here I expect you two to be ready to go. No more delays understand?"

Willow put on her most cooperative innocent face and patted his cheek. "Promise! No more delays. In fact it just might hurry things up if you go ahead and give me a credit card now. That way we will be finished and waiting on you."

Will reached into his wallet, proud that he had clearly won this argument. Xander was always telling him to stand up for himself and this time he had. He was running this show.

Handing the card to Willow, Will jumped back in the car and drove off in the direction of the grocer. Shoulders straight and puffed up like a peacock, William slapped his hand on his chest.

"Hell yeah, I'm the man."


Xander had quickly stopped trying to discern the saveables vs the disposables. Five minutes into the cleaning he had decided that everything goes. It made the job go quicker and easier. Filling the trash bags didn't take long now considering that some of the plates went with the food that was cemented to them.

He was still chuckling at his earlier foolishness when he conjured up the unwanted memory of a movie they had rented a week before coming here. House On Haunted Hill. Damn!

Why the fuck had he let that thought creep into his head? People had died here. Right in this very house. The place looked like a giant mausoleum. Bet it was dark as fuck here at night.

"Hey!" Spinning around, Xander screamed and dropped the plate that was in his hand letting it crash into a dozen pieces on the floor.

"Jesus, you nervous or something? I was just looking for Deena. You know where she is?" Billy stood, still shirtless and barefoot in the kitchen doorway. The nap apparently had not refreshed him.

Composing himself, Xander began picking up the broken pieces with shaky hands. "I don't know. Maybe she went in town with Willow and Will."


Part Twenty-Two

It was the best day Deena could ever remember. It hadn't taken long before Willow's infectious enthusiasm had all but erased Deena's guilt at the extravagance of their shopping trip. Not knowing the sex of the baby had only added to their possibilities. Not limited to just blue or pink they were free to buy a few of each, tossing in some yellow and green for good measure.

Each table of booties elicited and new round of squeals, each rack of shirts and onesies earned their own ohs and ahs.
The thick fluffyness of the crib quilts was more that Deena could resist as she rubbed one against her cheek. The cart they had claimed at the door was now more than half full with no end in sight.

Necessities like diapers, bottles, wipes and toiletries stacked up neatly with stuffed duckies, bibs, hats, and a musical merry-go-round for the dresser.

Willow had even insisted on a cotton top and pair of comfortable stretch pants for Deena. A luxury for someone who had never shopped anywhere other than charity and thrift stores.

Hoping what she was about to do would not damage their new found friendship, Willow really wanted some answers before they returned to the estate. "Deena, I don't mean to be personal or anything but when you lost your apartment didn't you have family you could go to?"

Deena glanced up from the little dresses she was looking at. "No. Never had a father. Mum said she wasn't sure who it was. She worked nights, if you know what I mean. I don't blame her or nothin' She did her best for us. But then when I was sixteen a copper came to the door real early one morning when I was getting ready for school. Told me there had been an accident. I never did hear all the particulars but they said she died of head injuries. It had always just been her and me. If she had any other family, she never said. The church in town buried her and that was that. I was alone."

Deena shrugged and kept browsing. "The county put me with a family in town but that didn't work out too well so I left. Stayed with friends for a while. I quit school in my last year and got a job at the factory. I was nearly eighteen so nobody cared, and I was doing pretty good. Making fair money and had my own place. Worked there till I met Billy.
He was so sweet to me. I really thought he was my knight in shining armor. I don't know. Maybe he still will be."

Feeling bad that she had spoiled the mood Willow grabbed Deena's hand and dragged her to the crib department. "Doesn't matter. Now you have a baby to love. Someone brand new that is going to need Mommy to give cuddles and smoochies. And you have us. We all care about you Sweety."

"I really do want to do right by this baby. I want to be a good Mum, you know? Make sure it always knows it's loved."

Finding a new table, Willow held up a yellow sunflower bonnet. Both women giggled, pretending at least for a little while, that everything was going to be all right.


"What the fuck do you mean she went to town? Nobody told me she was going anywhere. She wouldn't have gone without asking me first."

Enjoying the anger this situation was causing, Xander couldn't help but pick at the sore just a little more.

"Thought Lincoln freed the slaves. Or was that just in the States? Deena's a grown woman. She doesn't need anyone's permission to go or do anything. Now, since we seem to have the afternoon free while they enjoy a day of shopping why don't you help clean up some of this disgusting mess you made."

Billy was absolutely livid. His vision blurred and his ears rang. He could see his whole world being taken away. Stolen by that spoiled little rich brat just like when they were lads. It was unfair! His whole fuckin' life was unfair! He could feel his heartbeat pound in his temples as he pressed his fists against his closed eyes.

Xander leaned against the sink and smiled as he watched the Billy volcano build toward eruption. The kitchen clean up was more than an even trade off for the pleasure of seeing how all of this was effecting Will's asshole cousin.

Just when Xander was beginning to wonder if Billy would ever peak, the hands came down and the spit flew.

"WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? You fuckin' Americans come over here and think you own the fuckin' world and everything in it. Well. you don't own me and you sure as fuck don't own Deena. She belongs to ME! That fuckin' baby belongs to ME!. Just like when we were kids that goddamn pussy assed William thinks his fuckin' money can buy him anything."

Xander was beginning to become slightly concerned. Billy's face was beet red and his hands clenched in fists so tight his nails were piercing his palms.

He couldn't help letting his mind wander to the cartoons he had seen of people who get so mad their heads would swell like a balloon. Bigger and bigger until they pop. Exploding and spraying the room with multi colored pieces of confetti.
Damn, confetti was a bitch to sweep up.

He idly wondered what the odds were of Billy having a stroke and eliminating all their problems. Nah, they weren't that lucky.

Without seeming to need to breath, Billy ranted on. "You're going to regret this. You're all going to be sorry for the
way you treated me! You're all buying more trouble and problems than you can imagine. Every single one of you will pay for the way you disrespect and insult me. You want me to help clean this up? Well, fuck you!"

Billy picked up a greasy plate sitting on the sideboard next to him and sailed it like a frisby aimed at Xander's head. Ducking it easily, Xander laughed as Billy turned and stormed off.

"Well that was fun." He chuckled as he swept up the broken dish.

Part Twenty-Three

William was clearly back in his element. He was the one at home that did all the shopping at the grocers. He knew just what Xander liked and made sure that Bungy fixed it to suit.

It didn't bother him in the least that this was what some considered 'woman's work'. Xander did what he was best at, construction work, and William did what he was best at, taking care of Xander.

It was an arrangement that had proven extremely successful for both. The business was booming. Xander's reputation as one of the best in the state kept them in some of the most prestigious jobs, and with William by his side both men were living the happily ever after of Will's books.

The money afforded him the ability to stay home and focus all his attention on making their home just what they both wanted. He still went to the library where he had worked and spent one or two afternoons a week visiting, volunteering and reading with friends and students, but he was most happy at the house.

With Willow and Bungy, he was living the way he had once only dreamed of. He was happy, loved, and thanks to Xander, very sexually satisfied.

Coming back here was the last thing he had ever thought they would do. It was all too confusing, too upsetting. The memories of a past he had left behind. It had assaulted his senses the minute he landed at the airport. The good of his childhood was equaled by the horror of his last years living here.

This, however, was something he knew. A little piece of the familiar that he could lose himself in. Xander's favorite cereal, cookies, wheat bread instead of white, and plenty of beef. Everyone else could just adapt or go hungry.

Once they were rid of Billy and Deena, Xander could take charge of repairs at the house and in less than a month they would be on their way back to California. Free to resume a lifestyle of their own choosing.

He was more than happy to turn the keys back over to the caretakers. They were good people and he trusted them completely. Xander was talking security system so this problem should not occur again, and he was more than willing to take legal action against his cousin if need be.

Will had been giving the whole situation some thought and tonight he would discuss with Xander the possibility of paying a month or two's rent on a flat for Deena and the baby. He didn't want to just write her off simply because she had made the foolish mistake of getting hooked up with an idiot like Billy. After all if it was Billy's baby that meant that it was Will's family too.

He knew at some point he and Xander would have to make a decision about the estate, but not yet. He hated having to be the responsible one. He needed Xander to do that.

William continued up and down the aisles loading up with fruit and vegetables and running a menu through his mind. Checking his watch, Will realized he had been gone much longer than he had planned and hoped the girls weren't waiting on the sidewalk for him.

Hurrying to the checkout, Will quickly unloaded his basket and watched the lady happily add up the exorbitant sums.


"Oh my God, Willow. Did you see what all that added up to?" The girls dropped down onto the wooden bench outside the baby shop. Both needed to get off their feet and catch their breath while they waited.

Willow patted Deena's knee and stretched out her legs. "Yeah, it was a doozy. Don't worry Will won't mind. Besides a
lot of that was on sale so we really saved him money. He should be grateful."

Deena frowned and tried to process the logic but barely had time when Will pulled up and beeped the horn. Jumping out of the car he hurried around to lend them a hand. Looking around at the several huge bags at their feet he crossed his arms over his chest and huffed. "Are you sure you didn't miss something? I mean you didn't accidentally leave something on the shelf in there did you?"

Will looked up at the shop window in time to see the clerk happily wave. Automatically and before he could stop himself he smiled and waved back. When he realized the reason for her glee he dropped his arm and scowled.

Helping Deena to her feet and snatching up one of the smaller bags Willow headed for the car. "Nope, I think we got what we needed."

Grumbling, Will loaded the trunk and slammed the lid. "Fine, can we go home now?" Will hated to have to use his most sarcastic tone on his beloved Willow, but some times called for drastic measures.

"Um, no. Pull in to that pub up there. I don't know about anybody else but I'm starved."

Will struggled to keep his eyes on the road as he stared in the rear view mirror. "No Willow! No nononononono. Xander is waiting on us. He is probably hungry too. This is where I put my foot down. No no no."

Willow sighed. "Will, darling, Deena hasn't eaten all day and neither have we. It is important that she keep up her strength. Now we're all going to sit down and have a nice lunch then we can take something back for Xan. That way you won't have to cook. It makes perfect sense dear."

"No Willow. I'm standing firm this time. I have a whole trunk full of food that we can cook at back at the house. We are not stopping for lunch. We simply are not!"


"Are you lovely young people ready to order or do you need another minute?" The pub waitress had already delivered glasses of ice tea and waited patiently as Willow gave the menu one last scan then handed it back.

"I think I'd like a large plate of liver and onions. Deena? How about you? The baby could use the iron and protein."

Will closed his menu and slapped it down in front of him. "Oh, that's just lovely. The two of you all onioned up and back in the car with me. Well I'll have you know I can fight fire with fire." He handed the menu back to the waitress and smiled sweetly. "I'll have the same."

Deena held a hand over her girth as she shook with laughter. She had never heard people speak to each other the way these two did. She found it hard to believe Willow was Xander's sister and not Will's.

Not with the amount of love and devotion she could see present between them.

Part Twenty-Four

Xander was just finishing, standing back and admiring his handiwork when he heard the three come bursting in. The sound of paper bags rustling and the girls talking and giggling left no doubt that they had a successful, and probably very expensive for Will, shopping trip.

Bounding through the entry way and straight for the kitchen, Will had both arms loaded down with grocery bags and a large styrofoam container balanced precariously in the tips of his fingers. Xander quickly took the bags and set them down on the now spotless counter.

"Wow, you really did a great job. Everything looks so clean." Willow followed close behind and set two more sacks beside Will's. Deena waddled in last looking much more relaxed and happy than Xander had seen her.

Immediately she jumped in and gave Willow a hand putting the food and supplies on shelves. Looking around at the shiny, clean kitchen, Deena's voice grew quiet. "I'm really sorry about the mess. I guess I didn't realize things had gotten so ugly. You shouldn't have had to clean up after us like that."

In answer Xander just winked. "It's o.k. It's all done." When most of the bags had been emptied Xander finally noticed the container. "What's this?"

Will hung his head and stammered. Willow stood back grinning. She knew this would be worth a chuckle or two. No one noticed Deena's reaction. Cringing in fear she took several steps back, ready to bolt from the room if the violence went unchecked.

Straightening his back bone Will did the only thing he could. He pointed his finger directly at Willow. "She made me do it. I told her we shouldn't stop but she forced me. Then they threatened me with liver and onions. I had to eat some too just so I could survive the trip home."

Xander snickered as he opened the foam carry out. "Liver and onions? You brought me some too?"

Will cracked a smile. "Yeah, well it's gonna be a long evening innit?"

Much to Deena's amazement they all three laughed as Xander sat down to eat. No one was mad. Nothing was thrown. In her mind it was an odd resolution. One she hardly had time to consider.

"Well, well, well. Ain't this just cozy as fuck" Everyone looked up in time to see Billy stumble as he entered the room. He wore no shirt or shoes and his pants were undone to the point that they revealed far more pubic hair than anyone had a desire to see again. The pupils of his eyes were dilated larger than saucers and struggling to focus. No one else moved or spoke.

Deena stepped forward and placed her hand cautiously on his chest. "Billy, honey, we just went in town to pick up some groceries and things for the house. Are you hungry? Can I fix you something?"

Billy grabbed her wrist and painfully wrenched it away from his body, shoving her back in the process. "Do you think I'm stupid? Do you think I don't know what's going on here?"

Deena immediately moved to the far side of the room knowing what was coming. Willow went to her side, offering moral support and protection. She knew Xander wouldn't allow anything to happen.

Xander continued to eat seemingly unaffected yet never taking his eyes off the drug addict standing near him. Will stood frozen by the stand off.

"So now you're a liar too? I saw those bags in there. That shit wasn't groceries and since I know you ain't got no money that means my generous cousin, Will, paid. Am I right?"

"Billy I just......"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!"  Billy squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed the palm of his hand roughly over his nose to try and stop the burning in the fried lining of his sinuses.

His buzz was wearing off way too soon.

"So you're just one more thing rich little Will has bought. Do you know what that makes you? A slut! A whore! Bought and well fuckin' paid for!"

Deena cringed and flinched on each word. Xander had had enough. Kicking his chair out from under him, Xander was on his feet and had Billy by the throat and shoved up against the doorjamb in the blink of an eye. "I think you owe the lady an apology. NOW! And say it nicely."

Rushing to Billy's side, Deena tried frantically to pry Xander's fingers off her boyfriends neck. "Please Xander, let go. He can't breath. He didn't mean anything by it. Please don't hurt him."

Xander released his hold allowing Billy to slid down the wall and sit on the floor sputtering and gasping for air. Xander sat back down and calmly took another bite.

After taking a few minutes to recover Billy pulled himself to his feet and laughed sourly. "See, lady don't want no apology. She knows how things are. Don't'cha? Now if you nice people will excuse us I think me and my woman here have some matters to discuss in private."

"No!" Willow was the first to speak up and voice the sentiments of the others. "If you think we're going to let you drag her off and hurt her you're crazier than you seem, and that's pretty crazy."

Billy clenched his jaw and fist in an effort to control himself. He wanted nothing more than to slap the face off that red headed bitch then fuck the shit out of her just for GP. Taking a deep breath he forced down the venom boiling in his belly and quieted the tone of his voice. "Our personal family business is NOT your business. Just cause you bought and paid for her don't mean you own her."

With a calm smile on his face Billy then went to Deena and threw his arm around her shoulder. "Come on Sweetheart. After all I've done for you, you can't give your lover a minute or two of your time? Sides, ain't that my baby in there?"

Billy rubbed his hand over Deena's swollen belly causing everyone's skin to crawl. Deena knew if she didn't agree all hell would break loose. She was sure she could pacify him. If she just let him rant a bit he would calm down. She had done it before. "It's all right. We'll just be in the library. Billy's right, some things are best discussed in private. It will be o.k. Won't it Billy?"

Xander stood, unsure what to do. Will had backed up till his smaller body leaned against Xander's.

Whispering in her ear Willow gripped Deena's hand, reluctant to let go. "Please, Deena, don't go. Stay here with us. He's high. He might hurt you."

Deena gently pulled Willow's hand off. "Billy's right. We need to settle somethings personally."

Billy barked out a laugh as he clamped his hand on the back of her neck and steered her out of the kitchen. After a ten count the other three followed only to have the library door slammed in their faces.

Part Twenty-Five

Billy had enjoyed the door slam immensely knowing the meddling bitch and her queers were hot on his heels. So Fuck 'em. He held the trump card in this hand. Shit, he owned the whole fuckin' deck. He just needed a minute or two to figure out the best way to play this out.

Billy pressed the palms of his hands and forehead against the closed door. He kept his eyes squeezed shut knowing the sight of the traitor bitch would break his concentration. He tried to control his breathing and organize his muddled thoughts. The remainder of the coke had not been enough to give him a real rush and the headachy crash was coming on way too soon.

He could feel the hammering of his heart as it pounded loudly in his ears.

He had to think. He had to clear his head. Overcome the depression and pain of the rollercoaster trip down in order to get a grip on a situation that could easily slip from his fingers if he got careless.

Deena's blood went cold in her veins when she saw him rub his temples and let out a quiet moan. She knew what that action preceded. It was the time when the pilot screams "may day! may day!" just before the plane plunges into the ocean and everyone on board dies.

The three from the kitchen had rushed down the hall and reached the library in time to feel the whoosh of air as the heavy wooden door slammed shut in their faces. Billy's sickening grin and wink was the last thing they saw. None of the eavesdroppers were the least little bit concerned with words like rude or intrusive or snoop. Three ears plastered themselves flat against the library door and waited.

Turning, Billy slowly approached Deena as he scratched his bare chest, rubbed his hand down over his slightly flabby beer belly and reached down into his open pants to adjust the placement of his limp cock. "O.k., Love, this situation is not totally a wash. Of course I'll need an apology and a certain amount of retribution from you but this can all still be salvaged. After all you know what a forgiving and understanding bloke I am."

Deena felt a brief stirring of hope. Maybe it could be all right. Maybe her fairytale dreams were still possible. Although she was not sure what she should apologize for, she was more than willing. "I'm sorry Billy. You know how stupid I am. I'm always doing things wrong. I didn't mean to upset you. I'll do whatever you want to make it right."

Willow just shook her head. It broke her heart to hear Deena crawl like that. Xander and Will kept their reactions to themselves.

Circling the room, Billy stopped by the huge shopping bags of baby things. Picking one up he rooted through it briefly before shifting his eyes to Deena.

"Fuck, Girl. You did all right. There must be hundreds of dollars worth of shit in here. I think this is going to work out better than I expected. And as a bonus it gives you a chance to make it up to me for all your betrayal and dishonesty."

Deena shuddered. She really did NOT have a good feeling about this.

Billy dropped the bag and scratched himself. Picking and inspecting his belly button lint helped him think. "So here's what we do. You take all this fuckin' shit back to the store where you got it and get the cash. When you get out of the hospital we should have enough money to get your flat back and pay a month's rent. By then you can get your job back at the factory and we're back on top of the world. Course I'll look for work too, but you know I can't take just anything. It has to be something that respects my talents and abilities, and good jobs just aren't growing on trees. I won't take some chicken shit job that don't pay me what I'm worth."

Deena listened as he laid out their future. A future that mirrored their past only now something was missing. Someone was being left out of the equation. Confusion wrinkled her brow.

"But, Billy. I'll need all those things for the baby. And who will take care of it while I'm working?"

Billy shook his head as he rubbed his hand over his face feeling the raggedness of two days unshaved, and up into his hair scratching his scalp and leaving his hair standing up in strange horn like curls. He couldn't even comprehend how stupid this doozy bitch was. "For God's sake Deena. Hellloooo." He rapped his knuckles firmly against her forehead.
She flinched but knew better than to back away. "You don't need the fuckin' baby shit! You don't need to find anybody to watch the fuckin' baby while you work. Wake up you stupid Bitch. THERE. IS. NO. BABY!"

The three listeners all pulled away and looked back and forth between each other with competing levels of confusion on their faces. Placing her hand on his arm Willow got Xander's attention and silently mouthed the word "what?"

Xander frowned and shook his head. Turning to Will, he could only shrug. In unison all three resumed their positions straining to hear even the breathing inside the room.

Automatically Deena's hand went to check her midsection as she satisfied herself that, yes, there still was the swollen midsection of a very advanced pregnancy. Eventually bewilderment started giving way to a comprehension. One too horrible to imagine.

"What do you mean Billy. Of course there's a baby. And we have time. Will said we could stay here for a couple weeks after. I know it will be a change for us but I promise I can make it work. It will be fine, you'll see."

Billy's snap was almost audible. He had reached his limit and could stand no more of this bitch's defiance and stupidity.

"SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! You fucking stupid cow! Since when do you tell me what we're going to do? Since those fuckin' fags and that little red snatch in the kitchen filled your head with all sorts of shit? Well guess what, they ain't concerned with you. All my homo little cousin is doing is using you to get one more jab at me. Lord all this over my head one more time."

Billy waved his arms wildly in the air and spun in a circle around the room. "What do you think is going to happen? I'll tell you what. They're going back to their rich little golden lives in the fuckin' sunshine state of oranges and palm trees and you are stuck right here. No home, no job, and no money. Oh, and guess what, no me, cause I ain't sticking around to listen to that fuckin' bastard scream it's head off. There's plenty of women in town who would gladly give me what
I need. Now wake the fuck up."

Taking a deep breath, Billy lowered his voice in an attempt to explain the only reasonable resolution to this imposible situation. "I've already talked to Keen Winkler, the bartender at the Winking Lizard pub. He and his Missus been trying to have a baby and can't. He agreed to take it off our hands. Give us a pretty penny for it too."

Will jumped back from the door unable to believe what he had heard. Willow had both hands clamped firmly over her mouth and Xander balled his fists, trying his best to choke down the fury that swam in his belly.

Will waved his arms wildly, silently signaling it was time to bust the door down and kick some Billy butt. Xander again shook his head 'no'. They needed to hear Deena's response first.

Deena instinctively and protectively wrapped her arms around her belly. Of all the things Billy had done this was the one that finished it. The one that broke her heart and sealed her mind that there would be no happy family. Not with Billy anyway.

Suddenly a feeling of calm came over her. All doubt was erased and she knew with certainty that her baby was going to be safe and happy. She knew they could survive without him. "You are not selling our baby Billy. I don't know how, but I know I can make it. Lot's of single women raise babies and I can too. If there are so many women standing round the pubs waiting to collect you, I suggest you go find one. We are done."

Her calm tone and small smile came as a surprise to all. Overshadowed only by the shock of the sudden and totally unexpected attack. She had just enough breath to let out one short scream before his hands tightened around her throat, cutting off all her air.

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