Finding Family


Part Eleven

The caretaker's cottage. Xander looked it over carefully as he exited the vehicle. When he first spotted it he'd felt somewhat better. Thinking it was the main house Xander smugly thought it very unimpressive. Nice, but nowhere near as homey as their place back in the good old U.S. of A. Now.....well let's just say the insecurity was again rearing it's ugly head.

Even though this was in no way a competition, Xander could not help but feel he was going to come up short.

The house was old. Brick and vine covered. It had two chimneys on one side and large french doors on the other that led to an expansive garden area surrounded by a high stone wall. A a brick walkway led from the driveway to the front door. There were flowers planted in various patches around the house, all bright, colorful and well groomed.

Carpet roses lined the walkway to the entrance. Their vines twisted and tangled and looked as though they would wind around your feet and rip your legs to shreds with their thorns if you dared wander off the path. It was a contrast of beauty and foreboding that seemed to engulf this entire trip.

As caretakers the couple who lived here owned none of this yet obviously treated it as their home. It was well kept and lovingly lived in.

Xander watched as Will approached the front door cautiously. Although he paid these people well each month he had never met them. They were hired by Mr. Rayne shortly after Will had left the estate and all funds dispensed to them came through Mr. Rayne's law office.

The cable they had sent him was the first and only direct communication they had. Will was more than slightly ashamed of the fact he had made no effort to get to know them. In retrospect it seemed uppity and rude of him.

Xander and Willow closed their car doors and hustled to catch up. Standing along side Xander briefly touched Will's hand then rang the bell. He was determined to keep his promise and put all his petty feelings aside and support the man he loved.

Just as they were about to ring again the curtain panel on the front door lifted just enough for two tired dark eyes to peek out.

"Mr. Canters? My name is William Barton and we are here to......." Immediately the door swung open and a short grey haired man presented himself. His hand extended so eagerly Will was afraid if he didn't accept the offered handshake quickly the man might faint.

"Oh, Mr.Barton. We are so sorry we had to send for you, but thank God you came. Please, please come in. You and your friends. You are most welcome. We are so glad to meet you. Please, Sir, we did our best."

Turning the handshake into a tugging pull, the elderly caretaker led everyone in to a cozy little sitting room to the left off the entry hall.

A comfortably well worn sofa was flanked on each side by mismatched easy chairs. One obviously his, as told by the end table stacked high with newspapers turned to the sports pages, a pipe,a tin of tobacco, and a pair of men's reading glasses.

Her's with a basket of knitting, a shawl for warmth and her own glasses, smaller and wire framed.

"Please, you young people just sit anywhere." He hustled about collecting papers and straightening clutter. Generally just moving it from one spot to another more than cleaning it up but the effort was respected for it's intent. "I'll go find the Missus and have her fetch some tea."

Willow and Will sat together on the sofa. Xander paced in front. As soon as the elderly man was gone from the room Xander turned to his companions. "Fuck the tea. Let's just find out what the problem is and get on with it."

Calmly looking in his direction Will's voice left no room for confusion. "There is a certain protocol to be observed, Xander and I won't have you insult these people by refusing them. When the time is right they will explain the situation to us. I do not want you treating them disrespectfully."

Xander was shocked speechless. Will had never spoken to him like this. This was not his "Baby", his little stay at home boyfriend, this was......That's when it hit him. Struck him with full force.

This was William Barton. This was the Lord of the Manor. A man of property ownership that demanded respect. It was his position and money that was the livelihood of these people. Will was a man of importance in his own right.

All Xander's insecurities crashed in on him and he sat quietly to the side. They had been together for almost a year and Xander thought he knew all about Will. Sure he knew he had a past. One that since the mess with Lindsey they had not really discussed much.

Now Xander realized he didn't know this man at all. And that scared him more than anything before ever had.

"Oh, Will, this is just so wonderful. He really seems nice. I'm sure everything is going to be o.k. Don't you think Xander?"

Willow was patting Wills hand and refused to look in Xander's direction. Her minimal effort to include him in their conversation left no doubt that she was both pissed and disapointed in her brother. It also said that any response from him was both unwanted and unexpected.

Within minutes Mr. Canters returned followed closely by a chubby older lady wearing a bib apron and carrying a tea tray of cups and cookies. Mr. Canters did his best to provide his wife with introductions. "Mr. Barton this is Mrs. Canters, my wife. Ethel, Dear, this is Mr. Barton."

Her white hair was tied snugly up in a bun and her pink cheeks centered the face of an angel. Everyone sat patiently as she poured cups all around offering each lemon, sugar, or milk. Turning to Willow Mrs. Canters smiled sweetly. "And might you be Mrs. Barton?"

Xander sputtered and choked. "No she wouldn't be. That's just my sister, Willow. We're friends of Mr. Barton. We only came along to keep him company." Glaring at Will, his look challenged him to explain their relationship. Will would not be intimidated.

The polite conversation covered all the required topics of the weather, their trip across and Willow's admiration of the cottage grounds and flowers. Finally as Xander's patience had just about reached it's limits,  Mr. Canters set his cup down.

"Well I expect you are anxious to discuss the matter at hand. I think it is time for me to explain."  Looking at the other two, Mr. Canters attention returned to William.  "Are you comfortable having this discussion in front of your friends?"

William nodded. "Yes, I prefer they stay."

Part Twelve

All the preliminaries and niceties had been addressed and were out of the way. Mrs. Canters cleared away the tea and biscuits and the room fell quiet. Mr. Canters sat back in his chair and lit his pipe as he collected his thoughts.

Taking a deep breath, he began.

"The trouble began about a month ago. I had just completed my weekly check of the manor house and was locking up when a vehicle drove up to the front door. A young man approached me and introduced himself as William Barton. Well needless to say I was caught off guard. I had no notification that you would be arriving.

He showed me his identification, yet I knew it was not you from several pictures I had seen in the house. When I questioned him further he explained that he was related to you and although you share the same name he uses the name......"

"Billy" William finished the sentence for him. Walking over, William stood by the fireplace with his hands in his pockets and picked up theconversation. "He is my cousin. My Father's brother's son. This estate and the money left to me were from my Grandfather. My mother's Father. My Father's family had nothing so Billy had nothing, including morals,
honesty, or a job.

Even as children he always treated me badly. Name calling, bullying, the things some children enjoy doing to others.

He always hated me and was thrilled when I became embroiled in the tragedies here at the estate. His joy was short lived, however, when he realized that it meant that I would receive the inheritance.

He has contacted Mr. Rayne numerous times over the years requesting money and was always rebuffed. Last I heard he was living in Blackpool working in a car garage. Apparently that didn't suit him either. My uncle, his father passed away from a heart attack about five years ago. I assumed he would move on to London, but apparently not. What did he want? Why did he come here?"

The old caretaker set down his pipe and leaned forward in his chair. "He told me he was looking for you, but I had the impression that was not his true intent. When I said as much he became very angry and left. I had hoped that would be the end of it. It was not.

The next week when I returned I was stunned to find him apparently living there. He had forced entry through the side door and had made himself at home. Naturally I attempted to reach Mr. Rayne but was told he had gone to Stockholm for an extended stay. At that point I returned to the estate and ordered him out. I am ashamed to say he physically tossed me about and out the door. I finally contacted the local authorities."

Xander had been watching the face of his lover and could see the anger growing and burning in his eyes. It was something he had never witnessed before and it worried him more than he could say. He knew however this trip ended for the two of them personally, right now he would stand by Will and defend him and his property with his very life.

Xander got up from his seat and walked over to where Will stood. "What did the police do? Didn't they throw his sorry ass out? Didn't they arrest him for roughing you up?"

Mr. Canters sat back in his chair in defeat. "No, they said the property owner was William Barton and his identification papers proved that was who he was. They said if he was family then it became a civil matter. There were no marks to prove the assault so it was his word against mine. They told me the courts would have to hold eviction hearings but that it could take months, even as much of a year to remove him and the situation was already becoming much more urgent."

Xander moved closer till his hand was lightly brushing Will's hip. "Why is that? What else happened?"

"I fear Mr. Billy has a drug problem. There have been several small fires in the house. Nothing causing major damage but worrisome never the less. And things have come up missing. Antiques, items he could pawn or sell. He no longer allows me near the house and I worry at the destruction he is doing."

William scratched his head and rubbed his hands over his face as he gave the matter consideration. "You were right to send for me. Billy has always been a problem but this is going too far. If the legal system won't offer us assistance we will remove him ourselves."

Mr. Canters rose and inched toward Will. His hand lifted as it started to reach to pat Will on the shoulder, but held back. He knew it was outrageously inappropriate to show such familiarity towards his employer yet something told him that this young man needed all the support and affection he could get. "I offer my sincere apologies Mr. Barton. I feel we have let you down. You have always been so generous with us and we have taken great pride in our care of your property. We understand that this is an unforgivable failure and if you choose to dismiss us we understand."

Startled out of his concentration Will again focused on the old man standing so near to him. "What? No, of course not. You have done everything possible. I only regret that you were injured in this. I wish you had contacted us sooner"

Stepping forward Will placed a hand on the caretaker's arm. He knew his position as owner of the estate made him the one who was ultimately responsible for what happened there and with that in mind it was he who had failed. "Don't you worry. We'll deal with this matter and everything will be fine. Are you all right now? Do you need anything?"

Offering his support and backing, Xander added his own reassurances. "Will's right. We'll toss Billy Badass out on his ear and everything will be cool."

Willow too jumped to her feet. Confident smile plastered in place. "Yep, you can count on us. He won't know what hit him."

The kitchen door flew open and Mrs. Canters entered making no effort to conceal the fact that she had been eavesdropping on the entire conversation. "You see there Dear, I told you that Mr. Barton was a good man. I knew you would not blame us for this, but my husband is such a worry wart."

The room fell silent. Everyone momentarily lost in their own thoughts and plans. The two caretakers stood patiently as the three newcomers caught their breath and let it all sink in. Finally it was Will who broke the quiet. Grabbing his jacket off the sofa where he had laid it he headed for the door. "Well then, I think we have a problem to solve. You two coming?"

Xander immediately rushed to his side. Although full of bravadoXander could hear the waver in Will's words. "Right behind ya Buddy."

Just as they opened the door to leave, Mr. Canters hit them with one more fact.

"Oh, by the way, he's not alone up there. He has a woman with him."

Part Thirteen

Conflicting thoughts and emotions buzzed through the three as they returned to their car. None made any effort to get in knowing they needed time to discuss and plan what their next step should be.

Xander stood by the driver's side door and watched as his lover walked a few feet ahead. Will had been totally silent since leaving the caretaker's cottage and now stood with his back to his companions. It was frustrating as fuck. If they had been at home he would have simply put his arms around his boy and comforted him then taken over and solved whatever the problem was, but this was not home and apparently this was not his boy.

This was a Will he had never seen before and Xander didn't like the insecurity he was feeling. For once Xander had absolutely no idea what was going on in Will's head. This strange, different man disturbed Xander with his sense of responsibility and obligation to his property and the people on it.

He was terrified Will would do something stupid and get himself injured, or worse. He wished they had never come. Xander hoped he could reason with him. Find a way out of this safely and return home as soon as possible. Coming here had been a bad idea. "We can't just walk into this blind Will. You heard what he said. This idiot is on drugs and he's not alone."

Xander waited, but there was still no response. By now Willow was also getting concerned. "Will, Sweety, maybe we should try again to find Mr. Rayne. I'm sure he would know what to do. I'll bet his office could tell us how to get in touch with him."

"No!" Although he didn't turn around, Will's voice left no doubt. There would be no passing this problem off. There would be no Mr. Rayne.

Willow and Xander looked at each other. Neither sure what to say next. Finally Will spun around on his heels and the other two were shocked by the look on his face. There was a sparkle in his baby blue eyes and an excited pink hue to his grinning cheeks. "This is fan-fucking-tastic! We haven't had an adventure since we brought down that snotty little toad Lindsey."

Xander's mouth fell open. "Are you insane? This man could be dangerous! Have you got even the slightest clue of what we are going to do? I know he's your cousin, but you haven't seen him in years. You don't know what he's capable of. You don't even know what kind of weapons he might have."

At the threat of weapons, Will's smile spread even wider. Despite her ability to babble, Willow was actually without words. With her tiny hands clamped firmly over her mouth the hamster in the wheel of her brain spun so fast it nearly fell off.

Stepping forward, Will was quivering, absolutely vibrating with excitement. "No, I'm not an idiot. Listen, about two years ago I went through a spy novel phase. I read literally hundreds of them. Damn I wish I had my books here. Anyway, I'm sure we can come up with the perfect intrigue plot and solve this crime. Remember how well my expertise in murder mystery stories helped me take down Lindsey's whole illegal activity? We can do it again. I know we can!"

Xander couldn't believe Will was even considering anything this stupid and incredibly dangerous.

"Yeah, I remember except for the part where you ALMOST GOT YOURSELF KILLED? I say we try the police again. We can force them to evict him. Somehow we can prove that you're the rightful owner. The real William Barton." Turning to Willow for support and back up, Xander's blood ran cold when he saw her face.

Bouncing on the balls of her feet she grabbed Will's hands. "What exactly did you have in mind? Cause I'm thinking we need to get a look around the place before we make any kind of move."


Choosing to pretend Xander had evaporated into thin air, the other two quickly put their heads together and began brainstorming. Ideas ranging from mild and forthright to outlandish and physically impossible were bantered about, discussed, modified and rejected.

In an attempt to become corporeal to his companions Xander stepped up. Raising and waving his hand in the air like a first grader asking for a trip to the potty, he waited to be recognized and given the floor.

Willow and Will refused to be discouraged by Xander's nervous Nellie thoughts. They were so far past the ship's port of should we or shouldn't we' that they had raised the sail, dropped the oars, and already laid out the map. If need be they would force Xander to walk the plank with a peg legged parrot on his shoulder and they would go it alone.

"Hey! Still standing here. You can ignore me but I won't go away."

Finally with an annoyed sigh Willow turned and faced her brother. "Xander, we don't need.........."

Xander threw both hands in the air, silencing her.

"O.k. here's what I think. Naturally Will can't go cause Billy would recognize him immediately and the element of surprise would be lost. One of us needs to go to the door and distract him while the other slips around to the back or the side of the property. Will, you need to describe the layout so we'll know the best way to get to see without being seen. We know he has at least one other person there and we need to find out if there are others and if we can see any evidence of weapons. Since that seems to be the most risky I think I should do that. We can drop Will off out of sight, Willow goes to the front door with some made up excuse and I sneak around to take a little looky see. After that we get together and decide what to do next. What do you think?"

After about three seconds of dead silence, the blond and the red head grabbed hands, bounced on their toes and squealed.

Xander couldn't remember 007 ever giggling before an assignment.

Part Fourteen

Xander stood by and watched as his lover threw himself into the intrigue of the secret plot. He had rummaged through the rental car and retrieved a scrap of paper and pencil from the glove box.

Draping himself over the hood of the car Will was now sketching out a rough diagram of the layout on the estate. He was marking entrance points, windows and doors. The house had angled wings and approach was possible from a small side area as well as the main circular drive.

Hanging on his every word, Willow was stopping him from time to time to ask questions, get clairification, and make suggestions.

Xander stood behind and watched Will's body twitch and wiggle as he drew and waved his arms in discussion and explanation. He couldn't help imagining Will spread eagle over the car like that for Xander as his pants were tugged down over his slim hips. The blond curls of his forehead brushing against the bright red of the car.

He could just picture him helpless as Xander ran his hands up the firm slender thighs. He'd smack that sweet round bottom and order him to "spread those legs for me, now!" Xander barely suppressed a moan as the thoughts became achingly hard and vivid in his
brain and crotch.

Pressing his chest against Will's back, Xander's stiff thick cock would nestle itself between the soft cheeks he loved so much. Fisting the soft blond curls he would shove Will's face against the engine warm metal of the car's hood.

Will's own cock would be crushed between his body and the car. Being unable to get his hand in there, he would beg Xander to help him find relief. His little hips and butt would hump back like a beagle in heat, begging Xander to shove his thick cock into Will's ready, hungry body.

Arching his back at an almost impossible angle he would cry out as Xander would finally slick up and shove himself deeply into his boy's twitching hole. Impatient for his man to move, to thrust, Will would cry out  "Come on. Come on Xander."

Xander closed his eyes and rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet.


"Huh?" Xander jumped. His eyes flew open as brain and vision cleared to find both his companions staring at him. Willow with impatient disgust and Will with that damn knowing smirk. Will's eyes darted down to the tented front of Xander's trouser's then back to his eyes. After a quick wink he turned back to his plans.

"I said, come on. I have an outline of the place and Willow and I have an idea of the best way to go. Since you are going to be the one doing the recon it is important that you take a look at what we have and agree."

Xander shuffled, somewhat painfully, forward and checked out the map. The first thing Xander noticed was that Will was either a poor artist with little understanding of "to scale" or the place was going to be bigger than he had anticipated.

Because of his work in construction, Xander was used to interpreting and working with all sorts of plans and blueprints and this one was actually not bad. It showed several points of entry, an open garden area, and the rear of the property that bordered the woods which offered an excellent area of concealment.

One thing which shocked Xander was the lack of security and alarm system. Something which would have been unheard of back home. Xander resolved to discuss this with Will and rectify the problem as soon as this matter was resolved.

After a few more minutes it was decided. Willow would approach the front door with an innocent cover story. Something that would require a few minutes of distraction and conversation while Xander would advance from the side.

It was agreed that he would do no more this trip than just creep and peep. Slip around the perimeter and look in the windows, note the condition of the grounds and house and most importantly see if there are others living there.

Willow took another look at the drawing before handing it back to her brother. "I think I can give you at least ten minutes. I'll try for more, but we don't want to arouse suspicion." Turning to Will she continued. "I'll drive and drop you both just out of sight. We'll give Xander time to make it to the house on foot then I'll drive on up. I'll pick you both up in the same spot on the way out."

The three stood in silence. All lost in their own thoughts, fears, and excitement. Will was finally the first to speak up. "O.k. then. I think we are ready. It is about a two mile drive to the main house. I know the perfect place about a half mile out where we can stop.'

Throwing his arms around Willow he hugged her close. "Don't do anything stupid. Don't let him touch you, and DON'T go in the house. If anything goes wrong, RUN!"

Willow squeezed back and kissed his cheek. "Don't worry. I'll be careful and I'll be fine." Willow jumped behind the wheel and waited, giving the other two a minute of privacy.

Will turned to Xander who was still studing the plans of the house. "Stay out of sight. Watch the time and don't push it too far. 007 never jumps into a dangerous situation just willy nilly. He also plots his escape in case of detection."

Xander laughed at his boy's orders. "Yes, Mr. Q. I am prepared to shoot my way out."

Will did not share his humor. Throwing himself into Xander's arms he held on tight. "Don't you do anything to get yourself hurt. If it came down to you or some stupid old house, he could have the place. Please take care of Willow and yourself. O.k?"

Xander leaned down and kissed him deeply. Letting his tongue remind Will who Xander really was. Strong, faithfull, loving, and loyal to the end. Will had placed his confidence in the right man and his fears were much eased.

Part Fifteen

The two mile stretch from the caretaker's cottage to the main manor house reminded Willow of pictures she had seen
of plantations in the deep south of pre civil war America. It was a narrow winding road with strategically placed turns that along with the tall dense tree line blocked the view of the estate till you rounded the last bend.

Approximately one half mile from the end of the road Will pointed out a smaller access road that almost invisibly slipped off to the left and into the trees. It was not much more than a path that was clearly unused for some time. Overgrown and nearly washed away from the spring rains.

Sitting directly behind Willow, Will tapped her shoulder. "Pull over here and stop just out of sight. This is a delivery road that leads to the rear of the house."

Willow did as she was told and they all stepped out of the car. "O.k. then. Xander, if you follow his path it will take you directly to the service entrance of the house. You should be able to emerge unseen and sneak around to the West side of the property. There are a row of french doors leading out onto a patio, a garden area. If you stay low there is a high stone wall. Stick close to it and you can get right up next to the house."

Xander stood by the car and looked up the path. "When all this secret squirrel shit is over we are going to talk security system, pal."

Grabbing Will by the waist band of his pants, Xander tugged him in close and kissed him passionately on the mouth. Releasing him Xander then turned to Willow. "Give me enough time to reach the house and then drive on up. Do you know what you are going to say?"

"I'm not exactly sure, but I'll come up with something. Just don't stay there too long. I'll pick you both up right here. Good luck."

With a quick nod Xander turned and started off down the path. Will walked over and took Willow's hand. "He'll be all right, won't he? I wish I could have gone with him."

Sensing Will's insecurity Willow squeezed his hand almost painfully. "Hey! Does Sherlock Holmes trust Watson? Come on now Will, you know Xander will be careful. We have to stick to the plan. Now you keep back out of sight and we will both be back here for you in no time."

Will threw his arms around Willow and hugged her tight. "I love you Willow."

"I love you too, Sherlock. See ya in a few."

Willow jumped into the car and backed out onto the main drive. Throwing the car in gear she slowly drove on.

Finally reaching the edge of the tree line Xander crouched low and peered off in the direction of the house. He barely restrained himself from staggering out into the open and yelling "Holy Shit! What the fuck?"

It was the sheer size of the place that had him stunned. He expected big, but he never expected big as fuck. This was bigger than any hotel he had ever stayed in.

He knew his lover was rich, but shit, this was just ridiculous. This was like if his cock was their house in California this place was an elephant dick. On steroids.When it was hard.

Xander wondered if the fuckin' Queen of England herself lived in a palace this big?

The center of the estate was four stories high and at least the size of several football fields. Added to that were two, three story wings on each end. The one on the east end appeared to be a several car garage with an apartment over top. The west side, the side he had emerged from was just as Will had described.

Trying to recover from his shock, and remember the reason he was here Xander dropped low and darted over to the five foot high stone wall that circled the perimeter of the garden and ended at a gate in the rear. Xander could see that at one time it must have been magnificent. The center of the garden was brick lined and featured a huge fountain with three fat cherubs holding flutes, horns and baskets of fruit.

Now however, the fountains were dry, covered in bird shit and obviously used as a catch all for beer cans and cigarette butts. There was also a used condom hanging from the nose of one of the cherubs. Someone had a sense of humor.

Continuing on quickly through overgrown shrubs and weed choked flower beds, Xander reached the house. There were three sets of glass doors, the first one led directly out to where Xander now crouched. Keeping his body as low and flat to the wall as possible he peeked quickly in. The room was huge. Dark, filled with burgundy leather furniture and heavy oriental carpeting. It was a man's room. Nothing flowery, frilly or feminine.

The walls were lined with shelves that held what seemed to be thousands of books. Xander had no trouble picturing Will as a young child sitting on an old man's lap and being read too.

Stepping forward to get a better look, he was startled to see the room was not as empty as he had first thought. Squinting, he counted four. A dark haired fat man sleeping on one of the sofas, a skinny boy sitting on the floor and snorting a white powder from the coffee table, and a couple on the floor fucking in front of the cold, blackened fireplace.

Three men and a woman. Xander made a mental note of their description for Will. He had no idea which one was Will's cousin, but it didn't matter. They all would go before this was over with.

Scanning the area Xander satisfied himself that at least in this part of the house there were no other occupants. Watching for a minute or two longer he saw the man who was fucking the woman doggie style on the floor hump and cum. Smacking her on the ass, he stumbled to his feet and traded places with the young man who had just filled his nose with coke.

Coke head lurched forward, sprawling over the woman's back causing them both to tumble onto the floor. Then, with no effort, his cock slipped wetly in and he picked up where the other left off.

Resting on her elbows Xander didn't think the woman was even awake or aware of the change in partners. Probably just as well. Neither man looked to be too interested in whether or not she visited the land of "O".

Just as he was about to move on down to the next set of glass doors, Xander heard the front door bell. 'Willow!' His stomach jumped to his throat in tense fear for her.

He watched closley to see what reaction her arrival would have. His entire body went rigid. Ready to move if there was any threatening gesture made towards her. At first no one stirred. He waited and watched as the bell rang a second time.

At last the fat man on the sofa started to rouse. Although Xander could not hear what was being said he could tell it wasn't friendly banter. The larger man got to his feet and pointed wildly at the powder disappearing up the nose of the previous fucker. The fucker was unconcerned.

Buttoning his pants the fat man kicked the skinny one off the woman as he passed. Wiping a thin stream of blood from his nose, skinny laid back on the floor and absent mindedly stroked his red, angry erection

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