Finding Family


Part Six

The trip to the airport was a contrasting one. Xander, sitting silently in the front seat, driving at a speed so exceedingly over the speed limit that he prayed there was one of those bank robberies California was so famous for on the other side of town to keep the cops and their radar guns off the highway.

Will was curled up in the back seat while Willow petted and cooed to him quietly. Xander bitched, blew his horn and saluted anyone who came even remotely near his lane. Waving his hand out the window one finger at a time.

Willow fluffed Will's travel pillow and rubbed her hand over his forehead. Will tried to feel bad. He knew his lover was annoyed that they were late but once they were on board everything would smooth out, besides Miss Willow's attention and pampering were just too wonderful to refuse.

Xander came to a screeching halt in a surprisingly good parking space and immediately jumped out and began unloading the cases from the trunk. Willow got out ahead of Will and walked to the rear of the car. Roughly she grabbed hers from his hand and slapped his arm. "Stop it! Whatever you're mad about, get over it, mister. Will needs you and you need to quit being an asshole,"

Turning, she huffed off in the direction of the airport terminal dragging her bag on shaky wheels behind her. Xander slammed down the trunk lid and saw Will standing sheepishly near by.

"Mum surry, Xader" Will hung his head and looked like someone had just run over his puppy.

Xander dropped the bags and threw his arms around his Will. "No, Baby I'm the one that's sorry I've been acting like a shit. Like the biggest shit in a pile of big shits. I guess I just thought this trip was going to be a little more personal and a lot more romantic."  Lightly touching Will's swollen cheek Xander's face softened. "Does it hurt, Baby?"

Will shrugged. "Um guff a witle."

Xander wound the hairs at the base of Will's neck around his fingers and tugged till Will lifted his face and looked him in the eye. "Well, let's get checked in and get you a pain pill. As of right now we start our vacation and I promise to take good care of you. O.k?"

Will screwed his puffy little face up into a half smile and he nodded. Xander picked up their bags and followed the path Willow had taken into a chaotic overcrowded terminal. Every counter had a huge long line of travelers waiting for any type of progress or movement.

"Will, Xander! Over here!"  Willow waved them over to where she was already waiting to check in at the ticket counter. It was a process made much easier due to the facts that Will had done most of it on-line and the airlines still did a certain amount of butt kissing to customers flying first class.

In no time the three checked their bags and were off in search of gate A-19.

"You two get everything worked out?" Willow glanced sideways at her brother and noticed his hand planted comfortably on the small of Will's back.

Xander then threw his arm around Will's shoulder and tugged him close. "Yep, we came to the agreement that I'm an ass and he forgives me."

Will laughed "He um aff"

Willow chuckled. "You're right he was an aff even when we were kids."

"Hey!" Xander pretended to be highly offended but truth was he finally was starting to relax. This was going to be a great trip after all. Nothing could spoil it now. Problems settled, the three arrived at gate A and settled in line to
wait to be scanned.

Willow and Will chatted and fussed together. Neither noticed that Xander had suddenly gone quiet, frowning and closely watching the process ahead of them. He stared nervously as each passenger emptied their pockets into the little baskets for the x-ray machine. Sticking his hand in his pocket he became noticeably more edgy as they moved forward.  "Um, hey Willow, do they make you take everything out of your pockets or just the metal?"

Finally noticing his fussing and twitching Willow became concerned. "Everything, why?'

"Oh, no reason." Stepping aside, Xander pushed Willow ahead of him. With dozens of harried travelers behind them she proceeded to quickly drop her belongings in the tray, place the tray on the conveyor belt and breeze through the scanner.

Xander again stepped to the side and watched a confused Will do the same. Unable to postpone any longer, Xander dropped all metal in the tray and slipped through looking much relieved. Unfortunately all his suspicious behavior had alerted the now overly trained and well paid scanner technician who had pressed a silent button summoning two large gorilla shaped air marshals.

"Sir, would you please step to the side for a pat down check?" Xander, who had been happily shoving car keys and a wallet back in his pocket looked up and around to see who they were talking to. 'Shit' "What? Why me? What did I do? I didn't beep. Did you hear me beep?" He looked imploringly at the people around him for support and back up. None came.

By now Willow, William and all passengers in the area were in equal parts intrigued and concerned. "Just a random check sir. We are asking you to cooperate here or we can take this to the security office. Please remove everything from your person immediately."

Grabbing Willow's hand Will was becoming visibly upset. "Whuf's happening?"

Willow squeezed and held on tight. "I don't know Sweety, but I'm sure it's o.k. You heard the man. Just routine. Just random."

Finally resigned, Xander's shoulders slumped and he did as he was told. He removed his shoes which were thoroughly checked and tossed aside, and he emptied all items from his pockets.

One by one the first marshal checked each article and called it out, loudly, to be written down by his partner into his official looking log book.

"One ring containing 5 keys"
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Manip [info] Petxnd

"Key ring - check."


"Wallet - check"

"One pack tic tacs - orange."

"Orange Tic tacs - check"

"One tube Anal-eze"

"Sorry Bob, what was that?"

"Anal-eze. You know, butt lube."

"Was that butt lube, Bob?"

"Butt lube Don."

Eighty-three eyes, one older gentleman had a patch, turned in his direction. A room that moments before had been silent now erupted in noise. Laughter, applause, boos of disgust, all blended together to rattle the glass partitions and bring the line progression to a temporary halt.

Angrily, Xander jerked his shoes back on and began stuffing his property back in his pockets. "Can I go now?"

Attempting to catch his breath and control his laughter, Bob nodded, then leaning in close, whispered, "The bathrooms really are small up there. Try the ones in the front of the plane. They're usually a little bigger." He then roared as another wave of hysteria over took him.

With his last shred of dignity, Xander turned to his companions. Willow and Will both had their heads down and foreheads touching. He would almost believe it was in shame or sympathy for him if it hadn't been for the way their whole bodies were shaking. "O.k., Ha Ha. Let's go you two. Shows over."

Looking up together both faces were red and tear streaked. Will was doing his best not to spit his gauze. Xander stormed off.

Part Seven

Arriving at the gate Willow and Will offered Xander a cup of coffee as a peace offering and took a seat. One on each side of him. Willow reached up and tucked a stray curl behind his ear. She knew this trip was off on a bad start and she really did want it to turn around. "Forget all about it Xan. Everybody else has."

Xander glanced over at Will who winked and grinned. "Aw forgohen"

Xander groaned and shook his head. "Only me. Why does this shit always happen to me?"

Before she had a chance to respond, a flight attendant dressed in a perky little blue pants suit picked up the microphone and started her oft repeated announcements.

"Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. We will begin boarding immediately starting with passengers needing assistance, small children and all rows in first class."

Xander leaped to his feet and began collecting all their carry on bags. He then rushed for the loading ramp before she was half way through her speech. It was just more gobbledy goop about overhead compartments. Crap he had heard before.

Hand in hand his sister and lover followed close behind refusing to look at each other for fear the uncontrollable giggles would again give them away.

Leading the way, Xander boarded the jumbo jet and found their seats. He was relieved to note that in first class there were only two seats to a side. He and Will would at least have a little private time while Willow would be across the aisle. Where he irritatingly felt she belonged.

At the last minute he stepped aside letting Will slide into the window seat. "You sit there, Baby that way you can nap and no one will bother you."  Xander looked pointedly at Willow who rolled her eyes and found her seat across the aisle.

The rest of the plane filled quickly and Xander chose to pretend the other passengers weren't pointing and snickering as they passed. Thirty minutes later and they were taxiing down the runway.

Xander was concerned to see that all signs of humor had left Will's face and he now shifted from side to side attempting to get comfortable. He seemed to be in a lot of pain. Fishing through his case he found the pain pills and asked the stewardess for a cup of water.

Will removed the gauze, took the pills and let Xander arrange him around for a nice long nap.

Xander fluffed the travel pillow and tucked the blanket lovingly around him.With all the tending to Will, Xander had not noticed that a large, burley, Neanderthal type had claimed the seat next toWillow and was in the process of charming her pants off.


Three hours.

Xander checked his watch for the twenty-third time and yes, they had only been in the air for three hours. Seemed longer. Seemed a lot longer. Will had curled up and dozed off immediately. Xander had considered taking a couple of those pills himself.

Xander loved watching Will sleep. He snored and snuffled softly like a puppy. It was a good thing Xander loved him so much because this certainly wasn't the way he had envisioned the long cross country and overseas trip. He kissed Will's head lightly.

The only thing worse than the tedium of the trip was the nonstop twittering and giggling Willow and her Neanderthal were doing across the aisle. He couldn't remember ever hearing her act this. Like an eleven year old girl at a Sangaya concert. He wondered just what the fuck could be so all fuckin' interesting an humorous.

"Cuse me Darlin' I need to see a man about a horse." Willow laughed as though she had never heard anything as funny in her life while her seat mate stepped over her legs and headed up the aisle to the lavatory.

"Oh my God, Xander. Isn't he just the coolest guy you have ever seen?"

Xander frowned. "Yeah Gidget, he's just the ginchiest. You two going to the sock hop together?"

Temporarily the smile dropped from her lips as she reached over and slapped his arm, but just as quick the grin returned. "Nope, you can't spoil this for me. His name is Teak and he was in the Marines and then he worked on an oil rig and that's why he's so big and strong and dreamy. Then he won this trip on a radio show and he's going to London too."

Willow finished her speech with a deep sigh and kept her half hooded eyes on the restrooms at the front of the plane.

Xander was in shock. Was this Willow? His Willow? His level headed no nonsense, don't bullshit me, Willow?

"Yeah, well don't get too attached. Once we get there we're renting a car and heading for the estate so you and Mr. Tweek will not be spending time together. Besides I'm sure he has a whole sightseeing trip planned out and we're here on business. Serious business."

Sticking a terse pink painted little fingertip inches from his nose Willow shook her finger. "It's Teak not Tweek and you be nice Mister Grumpy Pants. Anyway, I kinda already gave him the address and he's going to come out to the estate one evening this week to see me."

"WHAT? No! Willow, how could you do that? We don't even know what's going on there. It might not be safe. Besides he may be a psycho serial killer. A notorious cat burgler. A Republican!"

Before Willow had the chance to reply, Teak stepped out of the bathroom and smiled as he returned. Although Xander hated to admit it, he was a good looking guy. If you like that type. Which he didn't. Much.

Willow waited till he was settled back in his seat with his belt buckled and decided it was time for introductions. "Teak, this is my brother, Xander. Xan, this is Teak."

Teak leaned around Willow and stuck out his hand. "How's it going?" Xander accepted it and matched it firm for firm.

"Good. It's good."

Suddenly Teak's eyes and smile lit up like a neon beer sign. "Hey, I know you. Weren't you the guy at the metal detector that held everybody up with the tube of lube?"

Xander groaned and slid down in his seat.

Part Eight

The sun was down and most of the passengers on the plane were sleeping. The movie, a great disappointment, was Flicka, and had ended two hours ago, thank God.

Xander had gotten up several times to walk the aisle after hearing you could get a blood clot in your legs from sitting and then it would go to either your lungs or your brain and, BAM, you were dead. Xander had long ago selected old age as his death of choice.

Without trying to be obvious he had also tried to keep an eye on Willow and Teak. Luckily they finally seemed to have dozed off. Heads rested together. For a while he half expected the dreamy Mr. Tweak to ask if he could borrow Xander's famous tube of lube.

He resolved to speak to Willow about her obviously promiscuous behavior.

Just a few more hours and they should be touching down at London's Heathrow airport. Will had reserved a rental car and said it would only be another hour's drive to the estate.

Xander hoped what ever the problem there was, it would keep while they slept for a few hours. He was whipped. He now remembered why he hated to travel. Finally with ninety minutes to touch down, Xander dozed off.

"Hey, wake up sleepy head."

Xander rubbed his hands over his stubbly face and tried to clear the vision in his red bloodshot eyes as he felt his body being jostled. "Huh? What? Are we there?"

"We're landing in twenty minutes. Wow you must have really slept good. Look. My jaw feels all better and I think the swelling is gone. How does it look?"

William was bright eyed, well rested, and back to his old pre-dentist self.

Xander, on the other hand was sleepy, muscle cramped, headachy, hungry, and felt like he hadn't showered or brushed his teeth in years. Luckily though, his brain and heart were also functioning and he was determined to not let his lover down again. "Great, I'm great. Yeah, your jaw is a lot better this morning." Xander ran his hand lightly and lovingly over Will's face.

"Will, I'm sorry about the way I acted yesterday. I'm really glad to be here with you and whatever the trouble is I promise we'll handle it together. Xander the troll is back in the states and Xander the devoted boyfriend is here with you."

Laughing, Will leaned over and claimed a deep tongue tangled morning wake up kiss which Xander eagerly returned ending only when the cabin lights came on and the announcement boomed..

"Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen it is six a.m. in London. We ask that you return to your seats and prepare for landing. We will make our final descent into Heathrow in fifteen minutes. I hope you enjoy your stay here and fly with us again."

Excited, Will bounced in his seat. "We're here. We're actually here. Hey Willow......."

Whatever Will was going to say died in the air as he peered around Xander's body in time to see Willow receiving a wake up kiss of her own.

Tugging Xander sleeve Will whispered loudly. "What the fuck is that? Who is that? Do you know about this?"

Xander watched Willow and Teak snuggle and smooch for a few more minutes then turned to Will, obviously disgusted. "That's Teak. Teak the wonderful. Teak the dreamy. Apparently Teak the horny."

Wills face lit up in delight as he slapped his hand over Xander's mouth. "Shhhh. They'll hear you. Wow, I've never seen Willow act like that. She must really like him. What do we know about him? Are they going to see each other again? Oh they just have to."

Xander face, still half covered with the small soft hand, looked shocked. Peeling the delicate fingers off his mouth Xander tried patiently to explain. "Will, Darling, we don't like this man. He says he was a Marine. He says he worked on an oil rig. He says he likes our sister. For all we know he could be a serial killer. A panty stealing pervert, or worse, he could be a shoe salesman. We don't plan on seeing him again."

Will cocked his head to the side and watched the couple across from them whisper and clutch at each others hands.

"I think Willow likes him and that is what should be most important. You know Xander we always knew she would find someone one day, and it isn't good for her to be alone. Besides, how can we say who she should like or not? Don't we want her to be happy like we are?"

Xander knew he was right. Willow had accepted Will with open arms from the first day he showed up at the apartment acting like Cary Grant. No reservations, nothing but Xander's happiness in mind. "I know, I guess I'm just afraid she'll want to move out and I've kind of gotten used to having a family around me."

Will pulled Xander into a tight hug and whispered in his ear. "I don't think we have to worry about that for a long time."
Looking up he could see Willow watching them. When she winked Will knew she had heard and agreed.

The flight attendants walked the aisle one last time checking the seat backs and tray tables. Finally they strapped themselves into the seats at the front of the plane as it started down. Will and Xander both watched out the window as the early morning lights of the city came into view. It was beautiful, magical. Xander couldn't help himself. He was becoming just as excited as Will, caught up in the thrill of the romance and adventure of the unknown.

The wheels hit the runway with a bounce and a screech. They slid to a stop and coasted into a narrow gate with the assistance of several men waving orange cones.

"We're here! Oh My God, Xander we're here!" Will unsnapped his seat belt and immediately started to crawl overtop his boyfriend in an effort to exit the plane.

Xander laughed and wrestled him back as he unhooked his own belt and climbed to his feet "Whoa. Whoa, wait a minute."

The aircraft doors flew open with a whoosh and the passengers rushed out eager to stretch their legs, breath some fresh air, and find a bathroom.

Grabbing Will and Xander by the hand Willow pulled them to the side. "Why don't you two go on down to baggage pick up. Teak and I would like a minute to ourselves. We'll be there shortly."

Xander huffed and crossed his arms as she walked away. "See? What did I tell you? And so it begins."

William laughed, pulled Xander by the arm and headed him in the direction of the claims. "Behave yourself. I guess I am just going to have to do something this trip to keep your mind occupied and off the gorgeous Mr. Teak."

Xander's eyebrows shot up and his mouth fell open as another wave of laughter went through Will. "You think he's gorgeous? You like that type?"

Will dashed ahead knowing Xander would be close behind.

Together they followed the signs. They had arrived.

Part Nine

The airport was huge. Bigger even than the LA airport they had flown out of. Xander seemed lost, but amazingly William seemed right at home. He breezed through the crowds, down the hallways and around the bends. He easily found the shuttle train to baggage claim and it was all Xander could do to keep up.

Finally arriving, they were well ahead of the other passengers and positioned themselves at the front of the line to await the arrival of their belongings. Conveyor belt #5 was silent and not yet moving indicating the baggage was still on the plane.

Will shuffled his feet and glanced around the area. "This might take a while. There were a lot of people on that plane. Lots of baggage to unload. Besides Willow and Teak need some time to work out the arrangements for meeting up later this week. Soooooo. Maybe we should go do something else and then come back."

Xander scratched his head and rubbed his bleary eyes. "I dunno. I figured we could stop for breakfast later. We gotta take a shuttle to go get the rental car. What else is there to do?"

"Oh I don't know. You still have that in your pocket?"

Xander gasped at the twinkle in Will's voice and the sparkle in his eye. Suddenly he was feeling wide awake. Grabbing Will's hand Xander pulled him away from their spot in line. "Fuck the bags. Where can we go?"

Spotting a men's room, Will nodded in that direction, squeezed Xander's hand before releasing it and casually strolled off. Xander counted to ten, whistling and rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. He then quickly rushed after him.

Pushing open the door Xander stuck his head in to what appeared to be an empty room. "Will?" His voice was raspy and harsh from lack of sleep and sexual anticipation. The stall door at the end of the line cracked open and a long thin finger emerged and crooked in a come hither way. Xander hithered as quickly as possible, slipping in and locking the door behind him.

He instantly pulled Will's body up against his own and dove in for a hot wet kiss. His tongue shoved it's way in Will's mouth tasting and licking the wonderfully familiar man. Will threw his arms around Xander's neck and squeezed his body as tightly against Xander's as possible.

Without breaking the kiss Will then dropped his arms and searched every one of Xander's pockets till he found the offending tube. His hands moved faster than a pick pocket in Times Square. When he found it he dropped it in his own pocket and immediately began unbuttoning and unzipping Xander's pants.

The instant his hot, hard, wet cock hit the cool open air, Xander pulled back and gasped. William chucked and dropped his head. He held the thick cock up stretching it tightly and licked a stripe from balls to tip. The act caused Xander's wrinkled sac to stretch and his balls to shift with an uncomfortable pleasure.

William sucked the head while pumping and twisting the shaft. In the months they had been together Will knew more about pleasing Xander's body than he did after years of constant practice and perfecting.

"Fuck, yeah, just like that. Oh God Baby, take it all in. Swallow that cock." Xander, who was a natural talker, tried to keep his voice low and quiet. His hips rhythmically rolled back and forth as Will worked. Just when Xander thought he was about to let loose, Will let the cock drop from his lips on a string of spit.

Unhooking his pants Will gave Xander one more quick kiss and then before turning around put his finger to his lips. "Shhhh." Handing the lube back over his shoulder Will wriggled till his trousers were down around his ankles.

Before Xander could respond both men froze when they heard the doors open and two men discussing an upcoming insurance conference came in. As the men stood at the urinals and argued dividends Xander slicked his cock up. When the water flushed, Xander's lube covered fingers slipped into Will's upturned bottom. Two fingers, three fingers, moving and stretching. Once or twice probing and pressing on the swollen nub deep in Will's passage.

When the intruders activity turned to hand washing and the conversation became where they would have drinks and dinner, Xander pushed his wet, leaking cock head through the tight muscle. Will struggled to keep from calling out Xander's name.

Bracing his hands against the back wall, Will bent further down allowing Xander to thrust even deeper. The only sound was the slapping of wet hot skin. Balls against ass. Barely audible  "Omph, Omph"  as the air was forcibly rammed out of Will's slight body.

Reaching between his legs, Will wet his fingers in the excess lube that was dripping off Xander's sac and coated his own cock.

In only minutes Xander could feel the tingle in his thighs spreading up to his groin. Two strokes ahead of him Will stiffened as his own orgasm flowed through him. The squeezing inner muscles hurried Xander's release and he grunted as he filled Will with his love and his seed.

Both men held still as the rush slowly left them limp and relaxed. Easing his cock from Will's body Xander quickly cleaned them both up to prevent any mess from getting on their clothes.

Snickering together they righted themselves and checked each other. When both were satisfied all was in order they snuck from the stall unseen, washed their hands and with matching big smiles and headed for the baggage claim.

It didn't take long to locate Willow and Teak who were standing in the midst of a stack of luggage. "Hey, there you two are. Where were you? Oh, for God's sake you didn't. Did you?" Willow stood with her fists on her hips and searched their faces.

"Yep, you did. Well Teak and I have collected all the baggage and called for the shuttle to take us to the rental car place. If you can control yourselves for five minutes give us a hand with the bags and let's go."

Teak stood plastered to her side, arm around her shoulders and big smile on his face. "What? What did they do? Where were they? Is something going on?" Willow patted the side of his face, touched by his innocence and ignorance. "No Teak honey, there's nothing going on. My brother and his baby face little boyfriend are just annoying deviants, that's all."

Xander pretended to be angry but the grin on his face was a dead give away. "Hey, we resemble that remark. We are NOT annoying." Then together they burst into giggles, grabbed the bags and headed for the exit.

Part Ten

The morning was grey, overcast and threatening rain. There was a damp chill to the air that seeped through your clothes and into the bones. Xander could actually feel his blood grow cold and sluggish in his veins. The four travelers stepped out of the airport and, dragging their suitcases behind them, headed for the shuttle bus to the rental cars.

Stopping on the sidewalk Will threw his head back and took a deep breath of smog and fog. "Smell that?" He blew the air back out. "Oh God, it smells like home."

With no further comment he grabbed his bags and hustled off. Xander and Willow exchanged a silent look of concern, then followed after. Teak hurried to catch up and walked alongside Will. "So you're from here, huh? Bet you're glad to be back." Will's quiet answer was lost in the wind before the other two could catch it.

Arriving at the rental car office Will, as a UK citizen, stood in line to finalize the deal, sign all the papers, and collect the car. Teak who seemed fascinated by Will stayed plastered to his side.

Tugging Willow to a private corner Xander couldn't hold in his thoughts and babble in any longer. "Did you hear that? What the fuck did that mean? Smells like fuckin' home? I thought fuckin' California smelled like home? Don't you think California smells? I think it smells. What if he decides he wants to stay and smell London rather than go back and smell California? We can't stay here. Oh Christ, Wil, I'll die without him. Is he leaving me? Did he bring me all this way to dump me? And by the way, why the fuck is Tweek all over him like that? Is there something you forgot to mention about your supposed-to-be-hetrosexual boyfriend?"

As casually and as lovingly as she could Willow patted Xander on the cheek. Twice gently and once leaving a small red hand shaped outline.

"OW!" Xander rubbed his face as she shook her finger.

"Now you listen up Mister. Stop borrowing trouble. Will loves you and did not come here to dump you. He could have done that back in the States. This is his past and you can't blame him for missing it. You will be loving, supportive and helpful even if it kills you cause if you upset him again I just might. You got that?"

Before Xander had a chance to agree the other half of their party returned dangling a set of bright shiny keys and a shinier smile.

"Ready to go? Since I am the only one here that knows the way and can deal with London's traffic I get to drive. I told Teak we would drop him at his hotel. I gave him directions to the estate and as soon as we solve whatever the problem is he's coming out."

Teak threw his arm around Will's shoulders and squeezed.

Willow squealed with delight and hugged Teak's arm. Xander refused to respond. Everything here was just too unsettling. Suddenly Will was Mr. Take charge guy in a foreign country he called home.

With a straight admirerer.

At least Xander thought he was straight. Now he wasn't sure, what with all this talk about him "coming out later." Maybe it was a code. Xander wondered if he should look into buying a book on straight guys hidden gay language.

But that would keep till later. Right now he didn't have enough fingers on both hands to count the number of wrongs in this whole scenario.

Locating their car, they piled in. Will driving with Xander beside. Willow and Teak snuggled in the back like teenagers at a drive-in movie.  Expertly and confidently Will zipped through traffic. Quickly locating his hotel, plans were reviewed and, much to Xander's relief, Teak was left behind, smiling and waving on the curb strip.

Hitting the round-a-bout, Will darted through traffic and easily found the road out of town. "Might as well settle in, it is about an hour drive."

To Xander the trip seemed as long as the crossing over. All the landscape appeared the same. Gloomy skys over fields of sheep. Mile after mile of fucking sheep made ten times worse by Willow's regular and annoyingly bubbly  "Oooo. Look! Sheep! Aren't they just the cutest things?"

Will chatted brightly, sharing stories of his childhood with his Grandfather. Things he had never told Xander now came flowing out as though just remembered, precious, a golden time in a young boys life. A time filled with love, acceptance, and priveledge.

Willow hung on every word, asking questions, and marveling at a world so different from her own upbringing. It warmed her heart to realize this man she loved like a brother had known a good life before it was all snatched so violently away. Xander remained silent. Watching the landscape out his side window as it sailed by. He felt like his whole world was flashing past him.

Each one of those damn sheep representing a morning kiss, a night time snuggle, a packed lunch bucket, an evening out, every wonderful moment they had shared seemed to by escaping, slipping away as the past reclaimed his love.  Xander knew he couldn't compete with this. He knew he would be returning home alone.


"Huh? Sorry, Babe, guess I was daydreaming."

William laughed and reaching over, slapped him on the leg. "Well wake up. You better not be thinking about work, cause you know Larry is more than capable of handling things. And if you're not careful I've had a few promising offers from Dave too."

Xander turned and tried to put his best face on for the man he loved. "Nope, no thinking about work. Guess I'm just tired. I'm not the one pumped full of drugs last night. Besides, Dave knows I'd kick his ass if he even thought about touching you."

Will laughed and wiggled his ass comfortably in the smooth leather seat. "And excellent drugs they were. Good thing since I'm at the wheel and we are almost there."

Will turned the car onto a smaller side road flanked on each side by large looming trees. Although somewhat overgrown, it was a road that was obviously used and marginally kept up. Two more miles on this road and Will suddenly turned sharply to the left following a smaller one lane path as it wound around through a tree lined hillside finally ending in the driveway of a large brick home.

"Well, it certainly is impressive." Xander searched his brain for any other adjectives. None came. "I mean it kinda looks like our home back, um, home. Maybe a little bigger. Obviously a lot older. Lots of ground. Love the ivy that covers the whole side of the house. Very um, twiny. I guess I can see why you wanted to come back here."

Will waited patiently while Xander ran out of steam, brow wrinkled in comfusion. Finally he turned to him as he shut off the engine. "What are you babbling on about? You know this isn't the main house don't you? This is the caretaker's cottage. I thought it made more sense to stop here and find out what was going on before we just jumped in blind. Are you all right? You have been acting funny ever since we got here."

Xander mouth fell open. The caretaker's cottage? Oh fuck, he groaned, this was going to be worse than he thought.

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