Sequel to Flip The Script

Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in this story and make no money off them.
Summary: The boys are living together happily when something unexpected turns their lives around.

Finding Family


Part One

"Come on, Baby, open up and let me see it. So sweet and warm and wet. Please, Baby, I promise I won't hurt you." Xander cooed and cajoled, trying his best to be patient.

Will's whole body went tense. He did trust Xander and loved him with all his heart, still.... "No. It will hurt. Besides it's embarassing. I don't want you looking that close." Will hung his head to hide the full blush that colored his cheeks
a soft shade.

"Embarrassing? For God's sake Will, I just had my tongue in there not an hour ago. How much more intimate can it be. Please, Baby let me peek in that pink little cave."

Xander was nuzzling Will's neck and could feel the smaller body relax in his arms. He was sure he had won the argument when, at the last minute, Will wriggled out from under his lover and slipped away leaving a good three feet between them.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Will's bottom lip puffed out as he pouted. "No! I don't want to, and I don't think it is very nice of you to try to make me."

Xander sat back and sighed, his patience at about it's limit. "For Pete's sake Will, I just want to see if it's a cavity or if you have a wisdom tooth coming in. You have had that tooth ache for over a week. I know you're ashamed of your dentaphobia, but lots of people suffer from it."

Will scowled and scratched his head ruffling up his blond curls. "Dentaphobia? I think you just made that up. And anyway, I'm not afraid of the dentist. I just don't like anybody poking around in there. And besides he hurts when he shoves his fingers in there."

Xander laughed and pulled him in close. "If you go by that description then it's a wonder you don't have cockaphobia too."

Despite his effort to remain stubborn, Will cracked a smile.

Seeing his young lover's face soften melted Xander's heart. "Damn, Baby, you are so beautiful when you smile."

Xander untied Will's bathrobe and slipped his hands around the warm smooth skin lightly scratching Will's back teasingly. Will let the robe drop to the floor and after unzipping his lover's work pants and removing Xander's thick length, offered a weak protest.

"We can't. You'll be late for work. Besides, I'm still messy from earlier."

Xander let his hands roam down to Will's ass and prodding between the cheeks, he moaned. "You're still full of my cum. I love to think of you walking around all day with part of me left in you. That's not messy. That's romantic."

Then unexpectedly Xander smacked him sharply on the firm round bottom.  "Shame on you. Letting all that cum that I so generously put there run down your legs. So wasteful."

Will groaned, feeling his own cock harden in anticipation, recognizing that scolding tone in Xander's voice as foreplay.

He knew there were a dozen reasons they shouldn't but right now none of them seemed as important as the chance to be fucked again by the man who owned his heart. Will tipped his head back as Xander proceeded to nip, lick and kiss every inch of the pale white neck. Then grabbing handfuls of soft blond hair Xander jerked Will's head back and claimed his mouth in a passionate demanding kiss. His tongue plunged into Will's mouth marking ownership, the whole time grinding his hips and stiff cock against the shorter man.

Will immediately reached between Xander's legs. He loved the feel of Xander's cock and balls when they were full and heavy. Leaning forward Will flicked his tongue over first one nipple then the other.

Xander froze trying to stop his hips need to hump so he could revel in the feel of stimulation to his sensitive nubs. "Jesus I love when you do that. Fuck, I think I could cum just from you sucking my tits and playing with my balls."

Giving them one last lick, Will pulled back and grinned evily. "Then I guess I better quit before I waste any more of that valuable cum." Immediately he turned around, spread his legs and bent over the breakfast table. "Hmm. Where could we put it so it won't be lost?"

Xander's brain was already too far gone to banter. All he could focus on was:  Hard cock. Tight puckered hole. Get them together. Checking, he was greatly relieved to find Will still slick from their early wake up sex. With no further hesitation, Xander pushed his cock through the ring of hot muscle.


Both men moaned the same word at the same time. They froze, waiting while both bodies adjusted to the tight intrusion.

Will gripped the table top as tightly as Xander held Will's hips. Slowly, testingly, Xander started to move. Pulling back gently, he felt the skin over his cock drag snugly as it extracted itself from the warm comfort of the tight ass.

Xander looked down and watched as his dark hard cock slid in and out of Will's body. He promised himself that one day soon he was going to shave off all that thick pubic hair so he can see it better.

Frustration and need overcoming him Will arched, and began sharply fucking back against Xander in an effort to cause him to pick up the pace. "Please, Xander, harder. Faster, harder." Then hanging his head he whispered, "Please make it hurt just a little."

Xander knew Will loved to feel sore all day so that each time he sat down he remembered how deep the cock had filled him. In the beginning that need for pain had concerned him but both men knew it for what it was. Trust. Trust that Xander would never really hurt him.

Lying the weight of his larger body over Will's, Xander pounded deep and fast knowing they would both cum quickly.

Reaching around he wrapped his rough calloused hand on Will's dribbling cock and began stroking. The contrast of Xander's hands to his own small soft ones always excited Will and hurried his own release.

When he first started fantisizing about Xander he used to wonder if Xander would know how to do all the little things Will's body enjoyed. He was stunned to find Xander knew exactly where, what, when and thank God how much. Holding his hand over Xander's Will helped him squeeze and jerk it just the way Will liked best causing his orgasm to rush through his slight body.

Feeling the inner muscles wring his cock triggered Xander's own release as he pumped even more hot cum into Will's bowels.

Xander's forehead rested against the back of Will's neck. Both men rocked with the after shocks and eventually relaxed as the blood slowly returned to the rest of their bodies allowing their muscles to move and their brains to resume function.

Easing out, Xander glared down at the mess. "Damn now I gotta wash up and I'll be late for work again."

Will picked up his robe and chuckled as Xander dashed back down the hallway "I guess it's a good thing you're the boss then".

In record time Xander emerged from the bathroom and, in a whirlwind, grabbed the last of his poptart, his lunch bucket, and quickly kissed Will on the lips. "Yeah, but business has been so fantastic I don't want to do anything to jinx it. Besides I gotta be a good example for the other men. Love ya. Bye." Xander snatched the car keys off the hook by the door and rushed out shouting over his shoulder. "Call the dentist. TODAY!"

After watching him drive away Will locked the front door and headed for the kitchen deciding a second cup of tea with a honey biscuit was necessary to give him the strength to make that phone call. He knew the difference between games and when Xander was really serious. He'd better call the dentist.

Getting no further than the kitchen doorway he was stopped by the sound of the door bell. Laughing at the thought of Xander being in such a hurry he had forgotten something, Will flipped the lock and jerked open the door. "Come back for one more did you? Oh, sorry, I thought......Can I help you?"

Will was caught totally off guard by the uniformed man standing on his front porch with and envelope and clip board in his hand. "Telegram for William Barton, that you?"

"Uh, yes?"

Without hesitation the man shoved a paper in Will's hand and a form to sign. Once signed, the man turned and disappeared down the path to his truck and drove off leaving a bewildered Will standing, open robed, envelope in hand, and dangly bits cooling in the morning California breeze.

Part Two

Will stood in the open doorway letting the cool morning breeze blow over his nearly naked body as he no longer held
closed the robe he wore. It was one of the things he and Xander loved most about the estate they had bought last year
The privacy.

It afforded them the luxury of living their lives just the way they wanted, without the intrusion of watchful, critical neighbors. It gave Will a feeling of freedom he had never known.

He had lived for years in almost total isolation. Exsisting under the watchful eye of an imagined scrutiny by a whole world who, he believed, knew exactly what sins he had committed, and condemmed him for them. A self imposed exile from his home outside London. Punishing himself for a crime he now understood was not his fault.

But then, unexpectedly, love had taken him by the hand and taught him to understand and forgive himself. Love had saved his life.

Even with Willow, who he now thought of as his own sister, living with them, it was like his own little isolated universe.
This time, however, it was an isolation he reveled in.

He knew as a man he should be out there working a 9 - 5 job. It was what society expected, but the only thing that mattered was what Xander expected, and Xander loved coming home to Will.

Will who puttered around the house, tended the garden, gossiped with the housekeeper, and kept the books to their construction company. He had been approached by the Library Master about returning to his old job, but for now he was very content right here. This was the life Will had always dreamed of but never believed he would have. Never thought he deserved. Not until Xander.

Xander had dropped into his miserable world and turned it upside down. Now they had a home, a family, and a prosperous business together. Sometimes Will was terrified he would wake up and be back in that tiny apartment, alone, with only his beloved books for companionship.

But those fears were fading like the distant memory of a bad dream as his day to day life, love and business became his reality.

Nearly a year ago Will had put up the money but it was Xander's hard work and drive that had built it into one of the most successful construction companies in all of southern California. His pride and love of Xander could rival the sun in it's intensity. Xander was his center, his all.

The next gust of air brought Will back to the present and he tied his robe securely about him. His long thin bare feet took two steps back on the expensive Italian tile floor of the foyer as he closed the door.

He looked again at the paper clutched in his hand. A telegram.  'Who on earth sends a cablegram?' His thoughts rolled on as his feet took him to the kitchen for that cup of tea he had waiting.

'People telephone, e-mail, or post, but nobody telegrams. A cable can only mean bad news. I should call Xander straight away.'

Will reached for the phone but stopped himself. He knew Xander would want to know what it said and that would require opening and reading it.  'Oh for goodness sake, just open the damn thing. Stop being a baby'

"Baby" Will smiled. That's what Xander calls him. Especially when they are making love. When they are rolling in bed and Xander's bigger stronger hands are everywhere. Petting him. Pushing and prodding him. Especially when Xander is thrusting into him. Deep and thick. Filling him and..........

"Morning. Mr. Will? You in the kitchen?"

"EEP" Will squeeked and made sure his flannel robe covered the rising tide of his lusty thoughts just as Bungy, the housekeeper, came through the swinging doors of the kitchen.

Bungy was wonderful. Fifties's, pleasantly plump and totally devoted to her "boys". She was equally fond of Willow, but still coming to terms with the kitten that had taken up residence in the adjoining apartment.

Soon after they had moved in Will took up the task of locating someone to help out around the house. Recently widowed, Bungy had shown up on their doorstep. She was the first applicant the agency had sent over and the last Will interviewed.

They hit it off immediately and she never twitched an eyelash when he explained about his and Xander's relationship.
Although it was only intended to be a day job Bungy was soon invited to move into the mother-in-law suite over the garage and had been like family ever since.

"Hey, there you are. You still gonna work on raking out the rest of the leaves in the back garden today? Cause I thought if you didn't need me I'll start early on Miss Willow's apartment and laundry. I swear that girl........ Something wrong? You look kinda pale this morning. You ain't been outside naked again have you? I told you, you gonna catch your
death of cold that way."

Will stood there patiently as Bungy ran out of breath. He knew his wonderful housekeeper could babble almost as well as Willow and Xander. At first he had thought it odd, but when he found out she was Sunnydale born and raised he accepted it as a regional quirk.

He often wondered how anything got done in that town if all the residents carried on like that.

Wanting to belong, when he was alone, he was practicing it himself. It was harder than it looked.

Unable to put all his thoughts and fears into coherant sentences, Will shoved the now crumpled paper into the housekeepers hand.

"What the hell is this?" Bungy stared at the wrinkly mess she had been given.

Will just shrugged.

"A telegram? Who the fuck sends a telegram. Did you open it? What the fuck does it say? You know ain't no good news ever comes in a telegram. Unless you won the Irish sweepstakes. You think you won a sweepstakes? Nay, that ain't it. Why didn't you open it?"

Will waited. God bless Bungy for being able to put into words all his thoughts, feelings and fears. He knew he would never master the fine art of babble, and it was just as well. A skill like that should be left to the experts.

Will scratched his ass as he nodded and shook his head at the appropriate times. When she ran out of breath they just stood there and looked at each other.

"You want I should open it?"

Will nodded.

Bungy paused only for a second then proceeded to rip open the sealed envelope. Smoothing out the paper inside she scanned the page quickly then, lifting her eyes to her anxious employer she folded it and returned it gently to it's place.

"I think maybe you should call Mr. Xander."

Part Three

The phone in the small office trailer rang only twice before it was snatched off it's cradle and answered gruffly. "Wilxan Construction"

"Oh, hello Dave, it's Will. Is Xander around?"

Immediately the tone of the voice changed, lightened and purred."Will, you sweet sexy thing. Are you ready to run off with me for a mad afternoon of hot passion? We could get a room at the No-tell Motel and heat up the sheets."

Will giggled despite himself. He should be used to Dave's teasing by now but it always made him laugh. "Stop it Dave. You know you're straight. You wouldn't know what to do with me."

"You could convert me. Teach me all those mysterious gay things you guys do behind closed doors. I'm a quick study. I'll bet after a day with you I'd be swimming in the gay end of the sex pool and treading water like a pro."

Will hollered and laughed but before he could think of a response Dave continued in a loud exaggerated voice.

"Xnay with the otelmay. Here comes the big guy. Xander! My boss and best buddy. It's for you. The phone. It's Will. We weren't talking about running away together. We weren't about to have phone sex."

Will continued to snicker as he heard Xander take the phone and call Dave an idiot.

"Will? Hi, Babe what's up? I just got here. You forget something? You need me to pick something up? Milk, bread, lube? I could stop by the store on the way home."

Will paused. Silence. Yup, Xander was done. That's when the memory of why he called came back to him and the joy dropped from his voice. "Xan, after you left I got a telegram. A man delivered it to the door. Came right up and made me sign for it."

"A telegram? Who the hell sends a telegram? Why not just call?  Number's in the book. A telegram is never good news Will. Did you read it? What does it say? Do you need me to come home? Are you alone? Is Willow or Bungy there?"

Will sighed, stirred his tea, and waited. Nope, a transplant from England could never be Sunnydale enough to do that. Will resolved right there and then to not try. When he realized it was finally his turn, or Xander needed to breath, he jumped back in.

"It's from Mr.Canters. You remember, the caretakers Mr. Rayne hired to look after the estate outside London. He says something very wrong is going on at the house. He has been unable to contact Mr. Rayne, who has gone abroad, and he doesn't know what else to do. He says I should come right away."


"Xander? I'm sorry. I know this is a bad time. You're always so busy I can't expect you to drop everything and just go off with me like that. Maybe I could go alone. I'm sure I could do it. Maybe."

Will's voice trailed off as the thought of traveling alone back to the scene of his past imagined crime settled in his stomach. The place that brought him so much joy as a child, and fear and terror as a young man. The place so full of memories of his beloved Grandfather and Mother.

The place where he had murdered his step-Father.

"Huh? What? Sorry, Baby, I was checking my calendar. We're winding up this project and won't start the next for another month. I can sit down with Larry this afternoon and go over some things that need to be done to finish it up. We could probably leave by the end of the week. Is that alright? You can go ahead and make the flight reservations today. Do we need to go sooner? Did he say what the problem was?"

Relief washed over him like a tsunami. Bungy could tell by the look on his face that everything would be o.k. Mr. Xander would see to that. Giving Will a quick pat and rub on the back she tied on her apron and headed for Miss Willow's apartment at the side of the house. "No, I'm sure Friday would be fine. He didn't say what it was, just that we needed to come and sort things out. Thank you Xander, for going with me."

"Oh, God Will, I would never let you go back there alone. Whatever it is I'm sure we can straighten it out together. I love you Baby. I'll see you this afternoon."

Will hung the phone back up on the wall bracket and sat down at the marble top kitchen counter. He looked at all the luxury around him and knew it was bought with money he had not earned.

All the old feelings of unworth started to grow. Feelings he thought he had resolved a long time ago. Feelings that said he only had all this because he had killed the man and taken it. Will jumped to his feet and smacked himself on the forehead. "NO! Stop it! Stop it! This is your birthright. Given to you by your family. That con man never had a right to it in the first place. He murdered my Mother and Grandfather to get it and he deserved what he got. I am not a child and I will not be intimidated by a dead man any more."

With that Will slapped his hand firmly down on the counter top and turned toward the bedroom. He had a shower to take and a laundry list of plans to make.

Rushing to the bathroom, Will's mind was whirling as he scrubbed himself head to toe, taking extra time to make sure all evidence of his early morning activities was rinsed away.

He often wondered if Bungy couldn't catch a whiff of him since she often got there before he had a chance to clean up and start his day. If she did she never indicated it. Of course after cleaning their room and sheets what else could surprise her.

Will blushed at the thought of some of the things she must have found in there. He seriously considered giving her a raise.

After quickly drying and dressing Will went directly to his small office. Sitting at his desk he decided the best thing to do was make a list. He snickered as he wrote down on his list:

#1. Make a list. Get organized and write down all the things that need to be done in such a short time.

He tapped his pencil nervously. Get out their passports. Pack their suitcases. Cancel the mail. No, no. Bungy could take in the mail. Call the airlines and make the reservations.

It was all so overwhelming he didn't know what to do first. Xander was counting on him to make all the arrangements. He would prove to Xander that he could do this. He was up to the task and he knew just where to start.

Part Four

Xander's head was starting to pound. The migrain was growing by the minute and now threatened to pop his eyeballs from their sockets and cause his ears to fall off. He sat at his desk rubbing his temples willing the headache to go away.
No luck.

The outside crew he had hired to work on the completion of the inside of the offices in the building project now claimed they thought they weren't needed till next week. All the drywall finishing, plastering, sealing. Everything that prevented the project from being finished.

He knew that was bullshit because he had a copy of the contract in front of him. The owner of the new project wanted to be able to move his business into a completed building by the fifteenth when the lease was up on the property he was now using.

All that meant that if those assholes held him up it would not only cost Xander money, it would cost the owner money and guess who he would come back on? It would be both expensive  and would put an ugly dent in a business
reputation that Xander strove to keep spotless.

Fuck! They were so close to finished. There was no way he could take off for parts unknown with this glitch hanging over his head. He would spend the entire time worrying about what was happening. He'd just have to call Will and tell him they would need to postpone.

Xander flinched and jumped at the slam of the trailer door and Larry's booming voice.

"Hey, Buddy. You feeling any better?"

Xander lifted his head and tossed his best glare in Larry's direction. Jerking open the desk drawer Xander pulled out his large economy size bottle of aspirin, popped three in his mouth and began to chew, cringing at the bitter taste.

"Fuck, Larry, I can't dump this mess in your lap. I'll talk to Will tonight. A couple more weeks and when this is all ironed out we can go then. I'm sure it isn't anything that can't wait. Shit, it's thousands of miles away. How the fuck bad can it be? After all we don't even know what the fuck the problem is." Xander grabbed the receiver.

Without giving Xander any response Larry walked over and plucked the telephone out of his boss's hand and spun the rolodex.. He located and dialed the number then very calmly waited for someone to answer. As soon as they did, his tone, face, and demeanor changed dramatically.

"Miller? Listen here you fucking asshole. I have a signed and sealed fuckin' contract right here in front of me and if you and your fuckin' worthless crew aren't here first thing in the morning and on the job I'm gonna sue you for everything you got. By the time I'm done with you I'll not only own your business I'll be driving your truck and fucking your wife. No, scratch that, I'll be fuckin' your brother. Now do we fuckin' understand each other?"

Xander's eyebrows shot straight up as he waited to see what would happen next. Although he couldn't make out the words on the other end of the line he could certainly read the tone behind them.

After a brief pause Larry accepted the apologies so earnestly given, set down the phone and grinned.

"Mr. Miller says he incorrectly read his calendar and is very sorry. He and his crew will be here first thing in the morning and are sure they will be able to complete the job on time easily. He doesn't know how he could have made such a silly mistake and promises it will never happen again."

Walking around behind the desk and the man who sat there, Larry began massaging Xander's temples in slow pressing circles. Xander leaned his head back, closed his eyes and sighed.

"Now, Boss, I want you to admit that I am more than capable of handling any problems that arise."

"Hmmm? Oh, yes." Xander wasn't sure if it was the aspirin, the phone call, or the nimble fingers, but his head was beginning to feel much better.

"Good. So now picture a perfect, private holiday. Just you and that gorgeous blond. A real honeymoon. Walking, sightseeing, holding hands on romantic strolls. Big comfy beds in quiet quaint little hotels. No one around that knows you. No phone. No work. No aggravation. You take care of whatever that pesky little problem is and the rest is gravy."

A little smile played at the corners of Xander's lips as his closed eyes began darting around behind the lids. Still rubbing Xander's head, Larry leaned in close to his ear and whispered. "Who says you have to wait for the hotel. Do you know how big those seats are in first class? You ever heard of the mile high club?"

Xander eye's popped open wide and he burst into a full on grin. The headache was completely gone and he suddenly felt lighter than air.

"You know what Larry? You are absolutely right. I mean I trust you completely, hell, you're my right hand guy, at least at work. Besides we do need a break. Haven't missed a day's work since we started up. Will deserves a vacation. Yup, this might be just what we both need. Mile high, huh? You know?"

Larry walked back around and dropped down into the chair facing Xander's desk. He propped both feet up on the smooth mahogany top and put his hands behind his head. "Sure did. Took me a little trip out to Reno a couple years ago. Ended up sitting next to this sweet redhead. Got to talking to him and he asked me. Can you imagine? He asked ME!

So anyway he strolls up the aisleway and ducks into an open restroom. Gives me a wink and slips in. Well what's a guy to do?  I casually follows and when I don't think anyone is paying attention I go in after. Well let me tell you those are some tiny ass johns, but we made it work. He drops his boxers, bent waaay over, and wiggled his ass."

Xander's mouth fell open. "What the hell happened then?"

Larry just shrugged. "I fucked him. Seemed rude not to."

Both men burst out laughing. Xander didn't know if the story was true or not but fact is it really didn't matter. Point made. Life is too short to be rude. When life drops it pants and wiggles it's ass at you, you're a fool if you don't fuck it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent finalizing the plans to finish the project. Larry had a good concept of every aspect of the job and Xander had to admit there was nothing that Larry couldn't do just as well as he would.

Slightly distracted by the half a hard on he had sported ever since listening to Larry, he was still thinking about how wonderful it could be. Alone with Will. Together. Just the two of them.

Finally by early afternoon when a whimper slipped out he knew it was time to go home. Xander threw his hard hat and tools in the cab of the truck and while thinking about his other hard headed tool, sped home. His excitement over the prospect of a honeymoon with the love of his life had his feet skipping inches above the pavement. He refused to be concerned about the problems plaguing some musty old house a million miles away, and he would not permit Will to be worried about it either.

After parking in the long circular driveway in front of the huge garage Xander ran for the house. The lunch bucket under his arm still full with the sandwiches and pudding he was too geeked up to eat.

Flinging open the front door he fell backwards with his arms full of squealing redhead. Bouncing wildly, Willow threw her arms around his neck.

"OH MY GOD XANDER! How exciting. We're going to England. I can't wait. I've already started packing. Will and I spent all day making plans. There is so much to see. Museums, monuments, castles. We have every minute of every day planned."

Xander glared over her shoulder at his very contrite boyfriend.

Ducking his head Will mouthed "sorry" and tried to hide his grin.

Part Five

The outline of sunshine framed the curtains of the bedroom windows as Xander stretched and rolled over. Reaching for Will, Xander figured he was due at least one more blow job as apology for Will inviting Willow to go with them.

Although Will had offered oral apologies several times over the last two days just one more didn't seem like asking too much.

Their flight didn't leave till late afternoon so a leisurely morning might be just what the doctor ordered. Feeling around it didn't take long to realize he was alone in their soft musty bed. "Will?"

"Oh, good, you're awake. Give me a quick kiss before I leave." Will leaned down over the bed and Xander could see that he had already showered and dressed to go out.

"What? No. No leaving. Come back to bed. As of this morning we are officially on vacation and I thought we could start it off right." Xander waggled his eyebrows and grabbed for the man now dancing back out of his reach.

"Nope. Miss Willow is taking me to the dentist this morning. He is going to fix this pesky toothache and we will be back in plenty of time to leave for the airport. While we're gone you need to check over the house, load the bags in the car and talk to Bungy about looking after things. And stop pouting, there will be plenty of time for woo woo later."

Xander scowled as Will swept out of the room. This was not getting off to a good start. And what the hell kind of grown man still calls sex "woo woo"? Xander grinned, his Baby, that's who. 'O.k. I guess I can wait till later. After all there is still first class. Mile high might just have two new club members.'

Xander snickered and threw the blankets off his naked body just as Bungy came barging into the room.

"You still in bed? Roll that lazy ass out and into the shower. I need to strip the bed and you need to get the bags loaded."

Xander clutched wildly at the sheets trying to cover his dangly bits and tried to decide if he had the nerve to yell at her.
He did. "Hey! A little privacy here!"

Bungy stood firm at the foot of the bed and waited patiently as though speaking to an errant child. "Well first, I've seen plenty of those." She wiggled her fingers in the direction of his very limp and getting limper, cock. "and secondly, Mr. Will said not to let you lay about when there is so much to do. So I'll leave the room to let you get up but I
expect you to head straight for the shower." Bungy headed for the door, but paused before leaving. "By the way, Mr. Will is a lucky man." With that she let out a belly laugh and disappeared.

"Damn!" Xander, pissed and deprived, grudgingly headedfor the bathroom. He quickly showered, fearful of taking
the time for a soapy jerk off. He wasn't exactly sure if he was allowed or not.

Bungy laughed as she returned to the kitchen cleanup. She was very fond of Mr. Xander, but Mr. Will had her heart.
They spent their days together puttering around the house and sharing chores, stories and lunch. He was the sweetest person she had ever known. A true good soul. He reminded her so much of her own son that had gone missing so many years ago. After he left, her husband died, and she had been alone. Now her family was her boys and their sister, Willow.

She loved them all and considered it her place in life to do her best for them. The only thing lacking was someone for Miss Willow.

Miss Willow's luck at love rivaled that of her own. Love always seemed to slip through her fingers. But there was no giving up. Bungy was certain they could find someone nice for her. Someone as perfect as Mr. Xander was for Mr. Will. That was true love. The everlasting kind that restored your faith. Whenever she saw them together the phrase "storybook ending" always came to mind.

"Fine, I'm up and dressed." Xander had stomped in but knew his bad mood was going to be hard to maintain when he smelled the breakfast cooking on the stove. "Ooo. Belgium waffles? With sausages?"

"Yup. Mr. Will said to feed you good and cheer you up. They should be back in a couple hours. He wants you ready to go the minute they return." Bungy's voice was stern but the smile in her eyes told the truth. Either way Xander didn't care as long as she piled a little more food on his plate.

Morning passed in the blink of an eye. The car was packed all their travel documents were in the carry on case and
Xander had checked the house at least ten times. "Where the fuck are they? They should have been back an hour ago. Better not make us fuckin' late. Goddamn Homeland Security requires a two hour check in for overseas flights. They better not be goddamn shopping."

Xander paced, stomped and fussed, but truth was he was getting a little more than worried. He knew what this trip meant to Will. Only something serious would have made him late. "BUNGY! What's the Goddamn number for that Goddamn dentist?"

"Stop shouting, I'm right here. Aren't they back yet? Bungy was already riffling through papers on Will's desk for the
number. At the exact moment she found it they both heard the front door. Relief and annoyance battled for ownership of Xander's face as he rushed to the foyer. Entering first, Willow's expression immediately screamed "back down!"

Directly behind her Will came in. Xander was stunned. The entire left side of his face was swollen. His cheek and
jaw puffed out and his eye squinted nearly shut. "Holy Shit!"

"Oh nice, Xander. Real subtle. Poor Will feels bad enough without you acting like he should be selling tickets in a booth
next to the lobster boy and the snakehead woman."

Will's eyes got big as Willow's words sunk in. "Mfm a freep?"

Willow hugged him close growling at Xander for upsetting him. "No, sweetheart. You are not a freak."

Xander pried Will out of her clutches and turning his head from side to side, examined him carefully. "Can he still travel?"

Willow snatched him back. "Yes he can go. The dentist had to cut that wisdom tooth out. He's packed with gauze just for today. He should be fine by tomorrow. He also gave him some pain pills to take on the plane. It should knock him right out. Lucky guy will probably sleep through the whole trip." With her arm around his shoulders, Willow led Will to the packed car sitting in the driveway knowing Xander would be right behind.

"The whole way? He's gonna sleep the whole way?" Xander locked the front door and ran to catch up

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