Sequel to Double Bluff

This was written as a mod challenge over at[info]nekid_spikefor [info]rockstarpeach. She wanted a sequel to my Spangel fic Double Bluff">Double Bluff. She asked for Spike and Angel (who are brothers) to fuck Spike's friend Lindsey...

Needless, to say, I was MORE than happy to oblige!  :-D

Now, now...please remember to read the warnings, okay? Thanks! Oh, and one other thing...The boys are NOT nice in this. Do not expect any decency or fluffiness!

Pairing(s): Angel/Lindsey, Angel/Spike, Spike/Lindsey, Angel/Spike/Lindsey
Rating: I think we'll go with NC-17...In the absence of something higher...
Disclaimer: Really so very not mine. If they were mine, a social worker would come and take them away.
Warnings: INCEST, UNDERAGE SEX (it is clearly stated in the fic that the age of consent in their area is 18 and that Angel is younger than that), language, light bondage and spanking, rough sex, references to sexual deviancy...And may I just mention the INCEST again? If it squicks you, then please don't read. 

Summary: Heh...Not to repeat myself or anything, but brothers Spike and Angel set about seducing Spike's best friend Lindsey. Dirtiness ensues... ;-)

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Ash Carpenter

Part One

“Fuck off!”

“I’m serious, man! He ate seventeen slices of pizza!”

“That’s ridiculous! And he wasn’t even sick?”

“Well, of course he was sick. He ate seventeen slices of pizza,” Lindsey repeated, looking at Spike as if he was stupid.

“I don’t get it.”

“What’s to get?”

“Americans are fucking weird. No-one should be capable of eating that much pizza.”

Lindsey shrugged and then looked thoughtful for a moment. “Back where I used to live in Texas, I think I knew a couple of girls who coulda managed that.”

Spike grinned at him. “Yeah? No wonder you turned queer.”

Lindsey punched him lightly on the arm as he followed him through the house. They had been to see a movie and were now just planning to chill out with a few beers on the porch, but they wanted to pick some music to listen to.

Spike was looking over his shoulder at Lindsey as he opened the door to his room, so he saw the surprise on his friend’s face before clocking the scene that had caused it. Lindsey’s eyes went slightly wide as his eyebrows shot up and then he inhaled sharply, nostrils flaring as a familiar scent hit him.

The blond identified the smell of cum before he whipped his head around to see his brother Angel sprawled on his bed, asleep, with an arm crooked over his eyes and various magazines scattered around him. Porn magazines.

Gay porn magazines.

At least the little fuck was still fully-clothed, and Spike was suddenly extremely grateful for the massive kink his brother had for coming in his jeans. They weren’t even damp any more so he guessed that Angel had been asleep for a while.

Fuck! He felt like killing the little shit, who’d known that Spike would probably bring Lindsey home.

They’d been fucking for nearly two months now and he knew that they were getting way too reckless about it. It was summer vacation from school, so Angel stayed with Spike and their father most of the time, rather than his Mom, relieved that she encouraged him to bond with his half brother. It was a bloody good job that their father was as absent and oblivious as he was because they got it on at almost every opportunity. They even slept in the same bed half the time.

“Angel!” he roared and even Lindsey flinched. The boy himself jerked awake, sitting bolt upright and looking around wildly, his hair delightfully ruffled.


“Wot the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” demanded Spike, striding over to the bed. Angel cringed backwards from the potent wrath and cried out when he was grabbed and shaken. The blond dragged him off the bed with a strength born of rage and boxed his ears brutally.

“Spike!” shouted Lindsey in shock. He’d never seen him so unreasonably angry; sure, it might be annoying and a little strange to find that his brother had jerked off in his room and fallen asleep – because it was pretty obvious that was what had happened – but there was no need for such an overreaction.

Spike ignored Lindsey’s admonishment and the tears that were springing up in his brother’s eyes. The kid had to learn that he couldn’t keep taking risks like this! If they got caught, Spike could go to jail for what he’d done!

“Get out of here right this bloody second or I’m gonna give you a real beating, you little git!” he yelled, half throwing him towards the door.

Lindsey stepped hurriedly out of the way as Angel scrambled to his feet and tore out of the room, ragged breaths catching in his throat. The Texan turned to Spike in astonishment and glowered at him. “What the hell was that?!”

The blond was almost panting, enraged and agitated. He knew that no-one, not even Lindsey, would guess what they’d been up to just because Angel fell asleep in his room, but he couldn’t help but feel as if their guilt was plastered all over them. It made him nervous and he had taken it out on his brother. The fact that he knew that he was in the wrong only served to make him more irritable.

“Oh, wot a surprise that you’re taking his side! Are you hopin’ that if you pander to him enough he’ll let you fuck him?” he snapped, regretting it instantly.

Lindsey shook his head incredulously. “You’re such a fuckin’ asshole,” he hissed through his teeth, turning on his heels and marching back out of the room. He paused in the doorway and looked over his shoulder at Spike. “I’m goin’ to check on him, which is what you should be doing. Pull your head out of your ass and get your act together or I’m leaving.”

Spike cursed as the door slammed, running his hands distractedly through his hair and messing up the gel. He cupped his crotch and wasn’t exactly surprised to discover that he had a raging hard-on. Everything had been going haywire recently; he’d suddenly found himself attracted to Lindsey again after nearly seven years of their relationship being completely platonic, which was thoroughly pissing him off, and of course his brother was the sexiest fucking creature on the planet.

He groaned aloud at the thought that the kid had jerked off in his room, thinking about him, and then fallen asleep waiting for him, all tousled and beautiful and with cum drying in his pants. He just wanted to nail him into the sodding floor.

“Fuck…” He threw himself down on the bed, rubbing at his groin.



He heard a sniffle and a throat clear. After a pause, the kid warily called that it was okay for him to come in.

“Are you alright?” he asked, closing the door behind him and sitting down a little self-consciously on Angel’s bed, next to where he was lying prone with wet and puffy eyes.

He shrugged, trying to look unconcerned. After a moment, he turned his eyes towards Lindsey’s and ruined it by saying in a small voice, “He’s really mad with me.”

“Nah, he’s just being a dick; don’t worry about it. I think he was just…surprised.” Lindsey knew for damned sure that he’d been surprised. And he’d tried very hard not to notice or be turned on by the fact that Angel had obviously been beating off to gay porn.

It hadn’t really worked.

Angel spotted the way that Lindsey wasn’t quite meeting his eyes and propped himself up on his elbows, leaning closer to him. He lowered his voice conspiratorially. “I didn’t mean to. I know I shouldn’t, it’s just…Well, I can’t get that stuff back home. I’m too scared that everyone will find out.”

“Find out?” He held his breath, hating himself a little as he felt a throb through his cock.

“That I…you know, like boys.”

Lindsey tried to release the pent-up air in his lungs slowly and calmly. Damn. He’d tried for months not to lust after his best friend’s little brother, and had unfortunately met with about as much success as he had in not lusting after Spike himself. Which wasn’t a whole helluva lot.


“Do you ever get ashamed? You like guys too, don’t you?” asked Angel innocently.

“Me? Oh. Well…Yeah. I mean, yeah I’m…into guys. But no, I’m not ashamed of it…Not usually, at any rate,” he mumbled to himself as an afterthought. He was blushing.

Angel sat fully upright, looking deeply into trapped-in-headlights blue eyes. “That’s good. I wish you could teach me to be like that…not ashamed. There’s so much I want to do,” he whispered, soulful brown orbs pleading and unblinking.

Lindsey swallowed hard, cursing himself when his mouth wondered, “Like what?” without consulting his brain first. A completely different organ seemed to have taken over the proceedings for the time being.

Angel smiled shyly and then his brows drew together in consternation. “I don’t want to say. You’ll tell Will and he…” He sniffed loudly, his bottom lip tremoring slightly. “He’s already so angry with me.”

Lindsey felt a tugging on his heartstrings. The kid had always worshipped Spike so much and now he was sitting there with red ears and a bruise coming out on his temple, obviously trying valiantly not to cry. “Hey, shhh, I wouldn’t tell him. And he won’t stay mad with you anyway,” he soothed, putting his hand on Angel’s shoulder. He gasped when he suddenly found that his arms were full of the boy. He patted him awkwardly, praying that they weren’t pressed close enough for Angel to feel that he was hard.

Lindsey felt warm breath against his neck and the hot, wet sting of spilled tears. His eyes rolled and he forced himself to remember that Angel was not only five years younger than him, but also his best friend’s half brother. And just what kind of an asshole came to comfort a kid and ended up wanting to fuck him anyway?

Angel pulled back slightly and looked guilelessly into his eyes, their faces mere inches from each other. “Thank you,” he whispered. “You know, I dream about all the things I shouldn’t do – about giving head and getting fucked…Sometimes I dream about you.”

“What?!” Lindsey tried to push Angel away, shocked and nervous and pretty sure that he couldn’t trust himself in any way.

The kid was strong, and much more determined to stay close than Lindsey was to keep him at a distance, and he gripped the older man’s biceps to maintain their intimacy. “Please don’t. Don’t tell me that you don’t want me.”

“Angel,” he said pleadingly, still trying half-heartedly to free himself from the kid’s grasp. “It ain’t that.” In fact, it really, really wasn’t that. “You’re Spike’s brother, and you’re too young.”

“You’re worried that I won’t be good,” he mumbled sadly.

“Huh? No! That’s not what…Stop it! What the hell are you doing?” he squeaked in panic as he felt hands sliding down from his arms to his chest and over his stomach.

“At least let me try. Please?” He closed the distance between them, pressing his lips to Lindsey’s and feeling the sharp intake of breath. Stubble grazed his cheeks, and that was kind of new because Will didn’t have much facial hair; he liked it.

“Fuck! No, Angel. Stop! Please, stop?” he murmured against his lips, the conviction of his tone rapidly descending into begging as it became apparent that he wasn’t really strong enough to resist the boy.

Angel ignored him, licking sweetly at his lips to encourage them to open and letting his hand trail down over the big belt buckle to cup the bulge beneath. Lindsey groaned and closed his eyes, brows drawn together as if he was in pain. “Angel…”

“Shh, it’s okay. Just let me,” he said in between little kisses. “Please?”

He actually felt the Texan give in and he smiled against his lips as he frantically went to work on the buckle. Suddenly, he was being kissed hard, his mouth mapped out by an insistent tongue and teeth nipping at him. He liked the way that Lindsey kissed – it was passionate and very masculine – although he missed Spike’s tongue stud.

Lindsey heard the jangle of his belt and felt his jeans zipper sliding down and then there was a large, warm palm wrapped around his hard flesh and he kinda forgot to feel bad about what he was doing. He moaned at the loss as Angel wrenched their lips apart, his body hankering after more of the dark chocolate taste of the boy, sweet and slightly bitter, and then cried out with shock. He didn’t know exactly what he’d been expecting, but it sure as shit hadn’t been an enthusiastic mouth practically swallowing his cock whole.

“Fuck!” He looked down to see the sexily dishevelled head bobbing in his lap and knew that he wasn’t going to last very long. Which was probably a good thing, since Spike was bound to come looking sometime soon…

It took Lindsey less than ten seconds to realise that Angel had been playing him. There was no way in hell that the kid was new to sucking dick; first-timers didn’t tend to swallow around your shaft or manage to coordinate playing with your balls or press their tongue into your slit and against the thick vein…and they most certainly did not deep throat.

He wasn’t sure whether or not to be angry, but decided that he could worry about that after he’d come.

When Angel felt fingers winding into his hair, he knew that Lindsey was close. He found it relatively easy to ride out the bucking motion of the older man’s hips because he was nowhere near as rough as Spike, who would pound into him until his lips split, but he was pleased to feel that Lindsey wasn’t being overly gentle with him. The hand in his hair tightened convulsively and his head was forced down even further as Lindsey stifled a shout and his throat was flooded with cum.

Angel drew back slightly while the release was still being pumped into him so that he could garner the taste on his tongue and roll it around his mouth. Releasing the shaft with a loud pop, he looked up at Lindsey, eyes sparkling with lust and amusement.

“You taste good,” he confided, licking his lips.

Lindsey dragged him up by the hair until their faces were close again, panting softly. “Been getting some practice in, have we?”

“I’m sorry; did you hope you’d be the first?” he asked silkily.

Lindsey glowered at him, resenting the implication that he’d wanted to taint Angel’s innocence. Even if it was a little bit true. “Felt like I wasn’t even close to being the first. I hope your ass ain’t as slutty as your mouth or you’ll be ruined before you hit twenty.”

Not even slightly put off by the harsh words, Angel gave him a lascivious look. “Wanna find out?”

Lindsey released him with a groan of frustration, pushing him away. “Christ, Angel! No, I don’t wanna find out!” He was starting to feel concerned about how Spike would react if he knew that he’d let Angel blow him and he ran restless fingers through his hair.

“Come on! You’ve gotta do something for me,” he insisted, grabbing one of his hands and forcing it to his groin. “Look how fired up you make me,” he continued beguilingly, all but fluttering his eyelashes.

It was true too. He thought Lindsey was as sexy as hell, and Spike had been talking a lot recently about the things they used to do together, which he had found to be an incredible turn on.

Lindsey didn’t remove his hand, but he didn’t do anything with it either. He seemed caught between a number of conflicting emotions.

“Please…?” Angel pulled his very best puppy dog expression, soft brown eyes begging silently as he looked every inch his namesake.

Lindsey couldn’t help but smile, even though he was fucking irritated. “Y’ain’t fooling anyone with that innocent routine, just so’s you know…” he muttered, grasping Angel’s erection and jacking it roughly through the denim. He knew he shouldn’t be doing it, but now that he’d let the kid bring him off it didn’t seem exactly fair to leave him hard and wanting.

Angel had actually been playing with himself throughout the blowjob, so he was already pretty close to spilling. When he felt Lindsey’s fingers working at his zipper, he shook his head. “No, don’t. Just keep touching…Fuck…”

“But you’ll…” he protested.

“I know,” interrupted the kid. “I like it.” He leaned forwards and buried his face in Lindsey’s neck, running his hands over the muscular torso. He cried out against the man’s shoulder as he thrust his hips roughly into the strong, sure hand and filled his jeans with spunk again.

Lindsey cursed softly, surprised to discover a brand new kink.


Spike had calmed down enough to decide that he really ought to check on Lindsey and Angel, although he was still so bloody horny that he could barely think straight.

As he stepped into the corridor, he was almost flattened by Lindsey rushing towards the stairs.

“Where are you going?” he demanded, jumping out of the way just in time to avoid being knocked over.

“Home,” he muttered, eyes sliding away from Spike’s. “I…I need to go.”

The blond raised his eyebrows and watched Lindsey’s retreating back as he practically ran down the stairs. He jumped as the front door slammed and frowned deeply. What the hell? He marched into Angel’s room, flinging open the door.

He was about to order the kid to tell him what was going on, when he became distracted by how adorably sexy he looked lying on his front with his feet waving in the air and his face propped in his hands near the foot of the bed. He smirked at Spike and crooked his finger at him. “Come here.”

“Wot?” he said, his voice stern although he obeyed the command regardless and crouched down by Angel’s bed so that their faces were level.

He gasped in surprise as his brother grabbed his neck and dragged him forwards for a kiss that was wet and slick and very heavy on tongue. Spike realised why Angel was kissing him that way when the musky, salty taste exploded in his mouth. For a couple of seconds he sucked and licked hungrily to chase the flavour, but then he broke free, face darkened with rage.

“You little fucker!” he yelled. He wasn’t sure whether he was more angry that someone else had received head from his brother or that the little bastard had gotten his grubby hands on Lindsey.

“Jealous, bro?” he asked slyly, making a show of licking his lips.

Spike, despite the black rage nibbling at the edges of his composure, smiled sweetly. He gently took one of his brother’s hands and brought it down to his crotch, letting him feel the hardness there.

“Angel…You’ve done such an effective job of turning me on. Congratulations. Now, do you have any fucking idea wot I’m gonna do to you?”

The kid’s eyes darted nervously for an escape route, but Spike had seen the flash of lust too, unsurprisingly. He squealed as he was dragged roughly to the floor and then bent over the bed, fighting a little because being forced to submit was more fun than giving it up willingly.

And then, after a short, brutal battle in a flurry of limbs and clothing, Spike was pounding into Angel’s ass, which was never quite unprepared these days because they fucked all the time. And the door was wide open, but they didn’t care or even really notice because the hotness and intensity of the sex blotted out all other considerations.

They both thought they were playing the other to get exactly what they wanted, and maybe they were. In the end, it didn’t really matter since they wanted the same thing.

“Fuck! Will!” screamed Angel as Spike yanked his head back by the hair while simultaneously driving inside him with a particularly vicious thrust.

The blond clapped a hand over his mouth. “Shut the fuck up, you beautiful little slut…”

And after they’d come, and cleaned up the blood and thrown yet another set of sheets and clothing into the washer, they watched MTV until their Dad came home.


Lindsey looked uneasily over at Spike. The fact that he’d been avoiding him had started to become noticeable, so he’d invited the blond to his place in preference to explaining why he’d suddenly been steering clear…and also to prevent the possibility of seeing Angel.


“Huh?” he asked, startled. “Nothin’.”

“You keep looking at me funny.”

“No, I don’t.”

Spike rolled his eyes, but then a wicked grin stole over his face. He fluidly pushed himself out of the armchair, hips rolling forwards, and then stalked with almost feline grace over to the couch, sinking down right next to Lindsey. He dropped a hand onto the Texan’s thigh in what purported to be an innocent, friendly gesture, and might have succeeded if it had been placed a few inches lower and with less of an accompanying leer.

“Come on, you can tell me,” he said persuasively.

“Nothing to tell,” he insisted, eyes flicking briefly to Spike’s curling lips and glazing slightly when he saw a hint of pink tongue.

“Ah. Well, then…There’s only one explanation,” he smirked.

Lindsey looked down with a species of detached interest as the hand climbed slightly higher. Fingers were pressing against the inner seam of his jeans and he could already feel his cock beginning to take notice of the development. “What the hell are you doing?”

He sounded amused, if a little surprised, rather than angry and Spike smiled at him, fluttering his eyelashes prettily. “Well, if you’ve got nothing to say, then you must be checking me out.”

“Oh, is that right?” He was conscious that his tone was as inappropriately flirtatious as Spike’s had been, but he felt that he could be forgiven considering that knuckles were almost nudging at his balls.

Ever since Angel had blown Lindsey, Spike had been determined to act upon his recently reawakened feelings. He couldn’t get the intoxicating image of the two of them out of his head, and it made him want to fuck the Texan right through the couch. He’d been frustrated that the other man had been avoiding him and he wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. Not when he’d been watching that pretty, wanton mouth and hot body all night and his dick was trying to punch a hole out through his jeans.

Spike didn’t see the need for an involved seduction. He and Lindsey had messed around before, albeit a long time ago, and then there was also the minor fact that the brunet had a very obvious erection that he was doing nothing to hide.

“Wanna fuck?” he asked pleasantly with a slight eyebrow raise, as if he was enquiring as to whether Lindsey might like another soda.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” asked Lindsey, not particularly taken aback by the bluntness of Spike’s offer – they’d known each other too long for him to be surprised anymore.

“Who cares?” he shrugged, sliding his hand the rest of the way up so that he was cupping Lindsey’s groin and pressing his palm against his shaft.

“Good point,” murmured Lindsey as lust shot through him with a hot thump and he pushed his hips forward into the blond’s touch.

Spike grinned and swiftly shifted so that he was straddling the other man’s lap, pressing up hard against him and forcing him back into the couch cushions. He ground their cocks together, snagging Lindsey’s wrists and taking his mouth in a demanding, possessive kiss.

Lindsey tried to adjust to the sudden assault, instantly remembering why he and Spike had given up on this in the first place. Despite the fact that the blond turned him on more than anyone he’d ever met, he’d pushed him too far, way too fast and then become annoyed when Lindsey tried to put the brakes on. In the end, they’d decided that they were going to destroy their friendship over it and that it wasn’t worth losing each other for.

Of course, that had been seven years ago. Lindsey was a far cry from being a virgin now and he found Spike’s fervour arousing, years of repressed desire roaring through his veins. He tangled his tongue with the other man’s, trying to buck his hips into the friction but finding that he had little leverage with Spike’s solid weight bearing down on him.

He knew that he should mention what had happened with Angel before letting this happen, but it just felt like an extremely inappropriate time. He somehow thought that “By the way, I let your underage brother suck me off,” might be a bit of a mood killer. As it happened, he was entirely wrong about that, but he knew nothing of their fucked up relationship and he kept his mouth metaphorically shut.

Spike released Lindsey’s wrists to unbutton his shirt and strip him out of it, quickly whipping off his own tee. Once they were skin-on-skin, warm torsos moulding together, he began to unfasten their pants with nimble fingers.

As their dicks popped free and brushed against each other, hot and silky, Lindsey groaned into Spike’s mouth. He looked down to see them sliding, getting slick from the beads of pre-cum leaking from both heads. He wrapped his fist around them, closing his eyes at the feel of Spike’s foreskin moving against his palm; he’d dreamed of uncut cock for so many years now.

The blond watched for a few moments and then reached down and gripped his wrist, grabbing the other with his free hand. He grinned as he pinned them behind Lindsey’s back, crushed against the sofa. “You know better ‘n that, Texas. I’m always in charge.”

Lindsey raised an eyebrow at him, although he didn’t try to get free. “I don’t know who you been playing with, Blondie, but I ain’t just rolling over and taking it.”

Spike leaned forwards and licked teasingly at his mouth, nibbling his lower lip and rocking their hips together. “Wot makes you think you get a choice?” he asked huskily.

Lindsey couldn’t deny that it turned him on; he liked it a little rough and there was something highly appealing about the thought of being fucked raw by Spike. However, just giving in to the blond would be a huge mistake and set the kind of precedent that Lindsey really didn’t want. He knew enough about his friend to be sure that he was into some pretty edgy stuff…if he could get away with it.

He was a good twenty pounds heavier than Spike, so with the element of surprise on his side it was relatively easy to push off the couch, even with his hands pinned. With a curse and a squawk, Spike found himself dumped on his back on the floor with Lindsey wedged firmly between his thighs.

“You know I won’t put up with your shit. Wanna fuck? Great. But I ain’t gonna be your bitch.”

“Fair enough,” shrugged Spike, trying not to flutter his eyelids and give away how turned on he was. He had a bitch at home, so he was more than willing to let Lindsey take charge if that’s what he wanted. The Texan was a delicious, tanned powerhouse, compact and sexy as hell. His longish hair was tickling Spike’s face and he was not so subtly using his strong thighs to spread the blond’s legs wider. Spike was suddenly glad that they were both still wearing their jeans – begging for Lindsey to just ram it in would be a little embarrassing so early in the game.

Lindsey kissed him passionately and he couldn’t help but compare him to Angel as he arched and moaned. They both turned him on in such different ways; his friend was adult and masculine, skilled in seduction but almost tender despite his strength. His brother was still a boy in many ways, and only just learning the mechanics of it all, but he was desperate and wanton, offering himself up like a slut and willing to take anything he was given. If Spike wanted to smack him around or make him beg on his knees or tie him up, spread and helpless, then he could. Lindsey wouldn’t take that shit, but he would fuck him with talent and power, using his body to make him see stars.

He thought that if he could roll them up into one person, he could die a happy man.

“Come on,” demanded Lindsey, standing up and hauling Spike to his feet. Smiling lasciviously at him, he gave a couple of leisurely tugs on his cock and then dragged him in the direction of his bedroom.

They didn’t make it the first time. They got carried away in the hallway and Lindsey ended up fucking Spike against the wall. The blond shouted out as he took it with his jeans around his knees, chest slamming up against the cool plaster as his hands scrabbled for purchase on the smooth surface. “Fuck! Harder!”

Lindsey pulled his mouth away from Spike’s throat, where he had been kissing and nipping at the pulse point, which still drove the blond crazy even after all these years. “Jesus, man…I had no idea you were such a slut for dick.”

Spike grunted at the guttural, whispered words, accent thick and sinfully sweet. “Sometimes I go out to clubs…Shit, cowboy!...I go to clubs and pick up big, stacked black men…And get ‘em to pound into me in the fuckin’ parking lot…”

“Fuck, Spike!” It was just so very wrong. And hot. He picked up the pace.

After they’d come, they literally fell to the floor and lay in a tangled heap, recovering. Lindsey watched Spike’s spunk sliding down his wall as he tried to catch his breath, and then they managed to stagger into the bedroom, finding that they were already hardening again by the time they made it and tumbled onto the bed.

“Have you asserted your manly authority over me enough now, Linds?” asked Spike sardonically, trailing fingers teasingly over his dick. “Can I fuck you now?”

Giving him a dirty smile, Lindsey reached in between his own legs and worked fingers deep inside himself. Seeing Spike’s eyes cloud over with lust, he whispered seductively, “This want you want? To be buried in my ass?”

The blond leaned down and licked over where Lindsey’s fingers were fucking in and out of his own asshole, briefly plunging his tongue in beside the questing digits.

“Fuck yeah…” breathed Lindsey, bowing his back and trying to get the thick muscle deeper. Grinning, Spike crawled up his body and braced himself above him. He leaned down and kissed him hard, forcing his tongue into his mouth and moaning when Lindsey sucked it.

“Turn over, Texas. I’m gonna fuck you like the dog you are…”

An hour or so later, they were sprawled on the bed, languishing in utter exhaustion and lying half on top of each other.  

Eventually, Spike roused himself enough to retrieve his cigarettes and lighter from his jeans. He sparked up and turned towards Lindsey, slapping him lightly on the inner thigh, which was sticky with God knew what.

“Wot you thinking about?” he asked, offering him a drag.

“Huh? Oh…nothing,” he answered, accepting the smoke and giving him a distracted smile.

Spike nodded and paused for a couple of beats before saying casually, “Are you sure you’re not trying to think of a good way to tell me that you let my little brother give you head?”

Lindsey froze in the action of raising the cigarette to his lips, breath catching in his throat. “He told you that?”


“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. The urge to rip your dick off has passed.”

“That’s a relief.”

Spike chuckled, pinching the vulnerable flesh high up on Lindsey’s thigh. “So…was he any good?”

Lindsey looked pained, realising that the blond wasn’t going to let him off the hook completely. He didn’t blame him, and he was grateful that apparently his friend couldn’t be too upset with him, or else he’d have said something sooner. “Spike…”

“Wot? Just wondering. Interested to know if skill’s genetic.”

Lindsey snorted at Spike’s arrogance, stuffing the fag back between his lips. He thought for a moment and replied, “He’s better than he oughta be at his age.”

Spike smiled.


“Where’s Angel?” asked Lindsey, slightly nervously. It was the first time that he’d been back to Spike’s place and he was kinda worried about the whole thing, especially now that he and the blond were fucking like bunnies.

He found it hard to believe that Spike was really taking it as well as he seemed to be. He also didn’t know how the kid would react if he realised that Lindsey and his brother were having sex.

Little did he know that Spike had been graphically describing the incidents while he bent the boy over any available surface and ploughed into him, both exciting and enraging him at the same time.

“I think he’s out,” lied Spike, leading him towards the den. He stood to the side as Lindsey pored over the shelving unit that contained the blond’s DVD collection, trying to decide what he wanted to watch.

He smiled when he saw his brother appear in the doorway; he’d known that he’d come to investigate the voices he could hear at some point. The boy leaned silently against the doorjamb.

“You really wanna watch a film?” asked Spike smoothly, sidling in between Lindsey and the DVDs, slipping his arms around him and cupping his ass. “Can think of other ways to pass the time…”

“Oh yeah?” he breathed, gasping a little as Spike slid one hand around to the front of his jeans and groped him thoroughly. “What do you got in mind?”

Spike leaned in to capture his mouth in a heated kiss, maintaining the fondling. Lindsey began to grind against him, getting lost in sensation, and it was pure chance that he opened his eyes to realise that the other man was watching something over his shoulder. He broke away and swivelled his head around.

Angel had a dark scowl and a hard-on, although Lindsey only spotted the former.

The Texan hurriedly stepped back from Spike, glaring at him; he’d obviously known that the kid was there.

“Dad just called me,” announced Angel, pretending to be nonchalant and doing a piss-poor job of it. “He won’t be back tonight. So…guess you’ll have all the time you need to do…well, whatever.”

“Cool. Hear that, Linds? I got all the time I need to do you,” he grinned, grabbing hold of his ass again.

Angel turned and stormed off.

Lindsey smacked Spike’s hand away and shoved him forcefully up against the shelves. “You are such a fuckin’ asshole! What the hell was that?!”

“Wot? I can’t touch you when he’s around? Why exactly is that, Lindsey?” he asked dangerously. “Hoping for a repeat performance?”

Lindsey shook his head in disbelief. Spike was possessive and capable of being a total jerk; he wanted to rub Angel’s face in the fact that, despite the blow job, he was the one that Lindsey was fucking.

“You know what, man? This is reminding me exactly why you and me didn’t work out last time. You’re a great friend, Spike, but when it comes to anythin’ else you’re a complete fuckin’ prick.”

“Yeah?” countered Spike, “Well wot kind of bloody friend are you?! You face-fucked my underage brother!”

“You’re right – I did. And now, you’re flaunting the fact that we’re screwing right in front of him. It’s not fair.”

Spike’s glower was met by fierce blue orbs and they stared each other down for a few beats. Finally, he rolled his eyes and sighed. “Alright, fine. I’ll go check he’s okay. Happy?” he snapped.


“Sit your ass down on that fucking couch and wait here. You’d so better put out after this.”

Lindsey couldn’t quite stifle a grin, despite his irritation, and Spike kissed him on the side of the mouth as he landed a hard slap on his ass.



Lindsey watched him leave and then turned his attention back to the movies, trying to convince himself that he hadn’t noticed how sexy and fuckable Angel had looked in his white muscle top and blue jeans, feet bare and hair mussed.


“Oi, brat! Where are ya?”

“In here…nimrod.”

Spike followed his voice to the kitchen, where he found him sat on the free-standing island in the middle of the room, drinking straight out of the milk carton. He shook his head to clear it of the image of Angel letting the milk spill over his face and chest and of him licking it off.

“Lindsey made me come check on you. I think he likes you; it’s kinda sweet really…”

Angel snorted and set the carton down as his brother stalked towards him with his usual predatory grace. “Yeah? Well, I’m planning on letting him show his affection by fucking me.”

“You think you can seduce him, eh?”

“Please. He’s dying to get a taste of my ass.”

They were both quite annoyed with each other for wanting Lindsey, and yet turned on by it at the same time. Like everything else between them, he was just a game.

“You think so, huh? Maybe he’s more than happy with mine,” grinned Spike, laughing when Angel’s eyes narrowed. The kid didn’t like the thought of his older brother being fucked, especially since he wasn’t allowed to do it. Spike saw the glare soften into a faraway expression and knew that he was imagining what it would look like.

“Do you wish you could watch, baby brother?” he wondered huskily, placing his hands on Angel’s thighs and stepping up to the island, settling himself between the parted limbs.

Angel had to admit that, regardless of who was fucking whom, the thought of the pair of them together was thoroughly intoxicating. He nodded slightly, looking down to watch Spike’s hands slide slowly up until fingers were on his hips and thumbs were dancing along the crease where his legs met his groin.

Spike nudged his growing erection against Angel’s, making them both gasp. He licked the kid’s lips apart and shoved his tongue into his mouth, mapping it out in an insistent, totally obscene way that made Angel wriggle closer to increase the friction between them. Spike insinuated a hand between their bodies and rubbed briskly at the brunet’s trapped cock, wrapping his other arm around his back to prevent him from trying to escape the intense sensations.

He drew his head back and looked into need and pleasure-filled brown eyes, smirking mischievously. “I gotta get back – I have a Texan to fuck. Think about that while you’re bringing yourself off, little brother.”

“Will!” he whined, bucking his hips forward into Spike’s now still hand and causing the island to creak. “Just finish me off…please?”

They were so wrapped up in each other that they didn’t know Lindsey was there until the glass he’d been holding smashed on the tiled floor.

Part Two

They both whipped their heads towards the source of the sound and were greeted by bright blue eyes impossibly wide with shock.

For a few moments, which seemed to drag out forever, no-one moved or said anything. Lindsey stood staring at his best friend wrapped up in an embrace with his kid brother, hand covering his groin, and the seconds ticked interminably by.

The frozen tableau abruptly dissolved as Lindsey stumbled backwards a step, and then turned and bolted.

Spike and Angel shared a quick glance and then both raced after him.

The blond chased him down through the main passage of the house, while Angel broke off and dashed through the living room, vaulting over the couch and emerging through the second exit in order to cut him off before he could reach the front door. Since the back door was in the kitchen, he now had no escape route.

Angel skidded into the hallway just in time to see Spike tackle him to the floor and land heavily on top of him.

“Lindsey! Stop it!” he growled as the other man tried to squirm and thrash out of his grasp, despite the fact that he had been winded.

“Get…the fuck…off me!” he panted, howling as Angel fell to his knees beside them and they worked together to flip him onto his back and pin his arms.

“Stop, Lindsey. Let’s just talk about it, yeah?”

“What the fuck is there to talk about? He’s your brother, you sick bastard!” he shouted, twisting wildly before giving up his struggles when he realised that he had no chance against their combined strength.

“Half-brother,” corrected Angel, as if that made it okay.

“Oh, well that’s alright then,” he hissed sarcastically. “At least you’re only related by blood!”

“Stop being so melodramatic,” ordered Spike with an eye-roll. “It’s not like it’s hurting anyone.”

“You could go to prison, Spike!”

“So could you,” he pointed out. The age of consent in their state was eighteen, and Angel was near enough twelve months shy of that.

“Hey, you could be cell buddies,” pointed out the kid cheerily. “Wonder if they’d let you keep the cuffs…?”

Despite the incredible inappropriateness of the humour, Spike laughed.

“You two are fuckin’ crazy,” snarled Lindsey, renewing his futile efforts to escape their clutches.

With Angel pinning him down via one hand on his shoulder and the other on a straining bicep, and Spike straddling his groin, pressing his torso to the floor, he didn’t get very far. He suddenly noticed that there was a hard column pressing into his hip, and it was as if the realisation that the blond was erect made them all aware of how very sexual their position was.

“Spike…” he began warningly, seeing the devilish lust sparkling in his eyes. “Don’t you fuckin’ dare even think about it…”

“Come on, Linds…You want me. I know you want him too…It’s not like either of us is your brother…”

“What you’re doing is sick and wrong,” he snapped. “I won’t be a part of it. Let me go!”

“It’s okay, Lindsey. He’s not taking advantage of me,” clarified Angel.

“Yeah, I can see that you little shit. Fuck, I should have known you’d be as depraved as him...” Lindsey could very clearly remember what Spike had been like when they were seventeen and while there had never been anything as bad as incest, there had been whores and sugar daddies, dogging and various other unsavoury things that he’d refused to be part of.

“But you didn’t know, did you, cowboy?” said Spike silkily, rocking his hips.

“No,” continued Angel slyly, still holding his arms but now leaning down so that his lips were close to Lindsey’s face. “You thought I was innocent…and you still put your dick in my mouth.”

It hadn’t been that way, and they all knew it. But Lindsey felt both lingering guilt and arousal from the encounter and he closed his eyes against them, trying to ignore the warm breath dancing tantalisingly over his lips and the solid weight of Spike at his groin.

He had actually fantasised about having them both. Of course, in his fantasies they had been giving all the attention to him – not to each other. However, his first gut reaction when he’d seen them, before thought had kicked into gear, had been that they looked incredibly fucking hot and he’d like to be sandwiched between them. Then, a split second later, he’d remembered that they were brothers and the wrongness of it had hit him like a tonne of bricks.

“Get. The. Fuck. Off. Me,” he hissed out through gritted teeth.

“I think you know that’s not gonna happen,” replied Spike. God help him, but he was so impossibly turned on by the fact that he and Angel had Lindsey trapped beneath them. The very worst part of him was whispering that they could force him if he refused to give in to their desire, but thankfully he was pretty sure that it wouldn’t come to that. He really didn’t need to add rapist to incestuous paedophile in his repertoire of depravity.

Lindsey glared hotly at him, although there was a faint trace of pleading in his blazing eyes. Within a couple of seconds, Spike figured out why.

He smiled as he felt Lindsey hardening, grinding down to let him know that he’d been busted. “Little Lindsey seems to think it’s okay…”

“Yeah, well he doesn’t really appreciate the finer moral points of the situation,” sneered Lindsey, a flush rising in his cheeks. Man, he hated his body sometimes.

“Seems a little hypocritical for you to start preaching from the moral high ground,” commented Spike with an eyebrow raise.

“This coming from the guy who’s fuckin’ his baby brother,” shot back Lindsey.

“This coming from the guy who wishes he was fucking my baby brother,” countered Spike with a nasty grin.

Angel laughed. “You two are really turning me on.” He kissed and licked a trail along Lindsey’s jaw, sucking and nibbling on his earlobe when he turned his head to the side with a sound that was part distressed mewl and part groan. “Is it true? Do you wish you were fucking me? You can, you know. I want you to.”

As Lindsey closed his eyes so that Spike wouldn’t see them rolling back in his skull, the blond leaned down and laid a teasing pattern of bites from his neck up to his lips. “Isn’t he just the perfect little slut?” he asked admiringly. “Loves taking it even more than you do…”

“Fuck off, Spike,” he snarled in response. “You don’t see me getting bodybuilders to gang-bang me out behind clubs like some kind of cock whore!”

“What?!” Angel looked at his brother with shock, disbelieving that Lindsey could be implying what it sounded like he was.

Ignoring Angel, resisting the urge to smack the Texan for being so difficult about everything, Spike kissed him hard, thrusting up against him and completely disregarding his struggles to get free.

Lindsey hated that he was erect. He hated that he was letting Spike kiss him. He hated that his shirt was being ripped open while he was spread and pinned to the fucking floor like some kind of bitch. He hated that, when Spike removed his mouth and Angel took his place, he latched on and moaned into the kiss like a cheap slut.

He hated it…But he was so turned on that he couldn’t fight it. He’d never actually had a threesome before, and to be able to have both of the objects of his desire, whatever the circumstances, was incredibly hot.

He was also slightly afraid to fight it, because he honestly didn’t think that they would stop. He loved Spike, had done so for the entire ten years that they’d known each other. But he understood him well enough not to trust him an inch when it came to stuff like this; he would probably take whatever the hell he wanted, because he was selfish and it was all about his pleasure and he adored anything extreme. And Angel was obviously no different – or Spike was training him not to be any different...

Well fine. If this was happening one way or another, then he was damned well gonna make sure that he enjoyed it.

“Stop. I ain’t going anywhere, so fuckin’ let me up. No way I’m doing this in your hallway…and if you want me then you can both work for it. Which definitely involves you takin’ your clothes off…” he clarified, dragging his eyes lasciviously over Angel.

The boy grinned, kissing him with a loud smack and rising instantly, bouncing on the balls of his feet with excitement. Spike eyed Lindsey with both amusement and irritation. “Think you get to be in charge, eh?”

Without Angel’s weight holding him down too, he was able to sit up, even with the blond still nestled in his lap. He slipped one hand into his hair, winding his fingers into the stiffly gelled locks and tugging sharply while he whispered in his ear, “Yeah…and unless you want me to teach your little bro what a fuckin’ slut you are for dick, then you’d better let me have my way.”

Dry humping him, Spike groaned and nodded. Lindsey had wised up a lot since the last time they’d been involved…and apparently he’d become considerably more perverse as well. It pissed him off that he was about to see someone other than him ordering his brother around, but it was also impossibly sexy.

Spike made to get off him and Lindsey watched with fascination as Angel reached down and hauled him to his feet, pulling him right up close to his body. He and the blond shared a penetrating look for a split second and then they were helplessly kissing as if they just couldn’t fight their desire for each other.

Lindsey kinda felt like he should be disgusted. He really wasn’t. They were both so ridiculously hot as they devoured each other, grunting softly and rubbing their hips together…and like Spike had said, it wasn’t as if they were his brothers…

He couldn’t help but notice how comfortable and familiar they were with each other’s bodies, and he wondered exactly how often they’d fucked since this whole thing had started. It looked like the answer was a lot.

Spike slapped Angel’s ass and then grabbed it obscenely as he pulled away from the kiss. “Come on, baby boy: strip. Get your arse into my bedroom and out of your clothes.”

He grabbed Lindsey’s hand, yanking him to his feet and then dragging him upstairs after Angel, smiling at the boy’s retreating back as he pulled his top off and discarded it carelessly before unbuttoning his jeans.

“I’m thinking of banning him from wearing clothes altogether,” he confided as they followed.

Lindsey’s eyes were fixated on Angel’s smooth, muscled torso and that fucking lickable tattoo. “You really should,” he agreed, making a conscious effort not to drool as the kid let his jeans slide to the floor.

By the time they made it into Spike’s room, Angel was completely naked and crawling into the middle of his brother’s bed, which was still rumpled from where they’d fucked on it earlier in the day.

He turned onto his back and draped himself appealingly over the creased covers, leaning up on his elbows and letting his legs fall apart. “So…How do you want me?” he asked, looking like a thoroughly debauched, decadent fallen angel.

He smiled at the lustful looks he was receiving from both his brother and Lindsey, revelling in the attention. The Texan let his unbuttoned shirt drop to the floor and pool at his feet, leaving his beautiful torso gloriously on show. Angel eyed it hungrily while he watched Spike reach his arms around Lindsey from behind to unbuckle his belt.

The blond dropped his lips down and began to kiss the other man’s shoulder and neck, looking over at his brother as did so. He noted (with a mixture of arousal, anger and amusement that was rapidly becoming familiar) that Angel’s eyes were riveted on his hands unfastening Lindsey’s pants. He seriously considered removing the heavy belt and doing something interesting with it, but managed to restrain himself.

“I want you spread wider…Wider…Okay, good,” grinned Lindsey, enjoying the way that Angel flushed slightly about exposing himself so blatantly; it was good to know that he had some lingering shame. The Texan gasped as Spike grabbed his cock tightly and pulled it free from his clothing, jacking it as he used his other hand to shove Lindsey’s jeans down and then cup his balls. He thrust his still clothed erection up against the other man’s ass, rubbing it up and down the crack.

Angel let out a little whine at the sight of his brother mauling Lindsey, letting his own hand stray to his painfully erect dick.

“Stop that, right now,” ordered Spike sternly, lips still against Lindsey’s throat.

Angel ignored him completely, taking hold of the aching shaft and sliding his fist over it on the slick trails of pre-cum.

Hearing Spike growl, Lindsey smiled and stepped forwards, away from him, and the bed dipped as he settled onto it. The kid yelped when his hand was smacked and he hastily withdrew it.

“Wanna play with the grown-ups? Then you obey. Got it?”

Angel groaned and nodded, feeling his heart thudding against his ribcage as Lindsey leaned over his spread form and kissed him. He responded hungrily, arching up against him and trying to thrust his groin up high enough that their shafts grazed. Chuckling, Lindsey pulled away from him and kneeled back up between his legs, slapping his flank. Spike had pulled the Texan’s jeans and footwear off as he’d been kissing Angel and then divested himself of his own clothing.

The blond watched as Lindsey leaned down and licked up his brother’s inner thigh and then proceeded to lave his dick and suck his balls into his mouth, nibbling along his perineum and then passing over his asshole with broad sweeps of his tongue. Angel fisted the sheets with white knuckles, cursing incoherently and trying to push back against Lindsey’s face.

It was fucking hot. It was also making him insanely jealous; it was a double-edged sword because he felt as though they both belonged to him. His ire was somehow heightening the arousal, but that didn’t stop him from reaching forward and stabbing his fingers into Lindsey’s ass far more forcefully than necessary.

The Texan jumped, his shout of indignation muffled by Angel’s body, and Spike couldn’t stifle a grin. Fortunately, Lindsey couldn’t see it and the kid was far too absorbed with being tongue-fucked to notice.

“Mhu hmhuh heem mphulhehamph?”


Lindsey drew back, eliciting a frustrated whimper. “I said, you ever hear of lubricant? Fucker.”

Laughing, the blond smacked his left ass cheek hard and crooked his fingers so that there was a sudden, deep pressure on his prostate. “Yeah, like you fucking need it.”

“Fuck!” Lindsey’s body surged forwards in response and he almost fell onto Angel. “Spike!”

The blond relented with an eye roll, withdrawing his fingers and wandering over to his nightstand, rummaging through the bottom drawer. “Want restraints?” he asked. “Gag?” he added, looking pointedly at his brother, who was almost keening now that Lindsey was pushing a finger into his spit-slick passage.

“Nah, I like the way he sounds,” smiled the Texan. “And y’ain’t gonna try to get away, are you?” he said to Angel. “Gonna lie back like a good little bitch and take what you’re given?”

He nodded, lust-drugged and eager to please. He wanted to be good and for Lindsey to enjoy fucking him like he obviously enjoyed being with Spike.

“Good boy,” whispered Lindsey affectionately, leaning down to kiss him again.

Spike rolled his eyes heavenwards as he retrieved the lubricant from the drawer and stood, but his expression softened when they both tilted their faces towards him and reached out to him. He knew fully well that to be jealous was ridiculous. Lindsey loved him, had ruined two perfectly good relationships with decent, caring men because he refused to give up their friendship. And as for his brother…He was the kid’s idol and he knew it and used it.

As he crawled onto the bed, Lindsey grabbed him and pulled him close. They shared a rough, heated kiss that had them both grunting and groping each other, Spike thrusting against Lindsey as he awkwardly swivelled around to press up against him from between Angel’s legs. The boy watched them wide-eyed, realising with a sliding little jolt of lust from their almost violent movements that they were furious with each other.

Lindsey hissed as Spike bit his bottom lip and pinched his nipple almost cruelly, drawing back and scowling at him. His hand shot out to grab his throat and he yanked him close again. “You’re getting everythin’ you want, same as you always do, you fuckin’ asshole. You could try being a bit more gracious about it.”

“And, wot? You don’t want it too? Tell me you aren’t turned on by me offering him to you like a bloody pimp,” he returned, still pitching his voice partway between amused and enraged.

God, but they were beautiful. Lindsey’s bronzed skin and his brother’s paler flesh contrasted well, as did thick, powerful muscles and the more wiry definition, mahogany and platinum, cobalt and denim. He was turned on by the animosity and jealously between them, particularly as it was mostly inspired by him, but it wasn’t gonna help him get what he wanted right at that moment.

Angel raised his foot and nudged it against their thighs, none too gently, finally breaking their aroused deathstares.    

“Hey! Will you two knock it off and fuck me already?”

They looked at him in surprise before both laughing, thankfully easing the biting tension.

“Seriously, man…”

“I know. Complete slut.”

Grinning, they rested their foreheads together and shared a lingering, almost chaste kiss that was about as tender as they were capable of. Lindsey held out his hand and Spike squirted a small amount of lubricant into the palm. At the Texan’s eyebrow raise at his stinginess, he grinned and said, “He likes the burn.”

“Yeah, right,” he grunted, spreading a little over his cock and the rest over Angel’s ass before working it inside with his fingers. “Or you’ve told him he does often enough that he’s starting to believe it.”

Spike shrugged, not really seeing the difference, and Angel proved his unspoken point by moaning and fucking himself back against Lindsey’s hand.

“Damn…” breathed the older man appreciatively, wriggling his fingers within the tight, hot confines of Angel’s body and watching his sexy writhing, long limbs flexing and hard dick leaking tacky patches onto his toned stomach.

Pesky moral considerations had never seemed so far away.

Lindsey leaned over Angel again and kissed him. “Are you ready for me?” he asked against his lips, nibbling him lightly.

“For months,” smiled the boy, winding a hand into his hair and tugging him forwards to deepen the kiss, mashing their lips together and dragging his tongue over Lindsey’s. He bent his legs, feet still planted on the bed, and squeezed the older man between his thighs.

Lindsey felt Spike reach beneath his body, pawing his balls on the way, to gip his cock and guide it forwards; it pulsed and jumped beneath his fingers. Gasping, Lindsey pulled his fingers free and pushed forwards into Angel’s open passage.

He was caught by surprise as Spike grabbed his hips and shoved him sharply so that he became fully seated inside Angel is one harsh stroke. The kid shouted out and jerked off the bed, shocked by the intensity of the sensation and Lindsey mumbled a distracted apology as he focussed all his attention on not shooting his load. “Damn it, Spike!”

The blond laughed and smacked his thigh. “Come on, cowboy, get a handle on yourself. My little bro wants to get fucked.”

Lindsey took the time to scowl over his shoulder before returning his attention to Angel and kissing a tear of pain from his cheek. “Y’okay?”

It was taking every ounce of willpower he had to stay still while the boy adjusted to the intrusion, so he was very grateful when Angel nodded and started to rock against him insofar as he could with all his weight bearing down on him. “Please move, Lindsey? Please?”

He began to thrust, soon forgiving Spike as skilled, slender fingers found their way into his ass and stretched him. Angel felt amazing, heated and incredibly tight, and the slight drag from insufficient lubrication made him bite into his lip and curse. He knew it was wrong, but he was so fucking glad that they weren’t using rubbers, and he just hoped that Spike was being safe like he claimed and not putting them at risk. Not that he was capable of worrying about it too much, with velvety muscle clamped around his dick.

Angel was overwhelmed by the newness of being fucked by someone other than his brother. Lindsey felt more solid and heavier, and he was entering him with long, intense strokes, but he was gentler than Spike. Even though Angel couldn’t exactly go anywhere with the weight of the Texan pressed along the length of his body, muscles flexing smoothly against him, he wasn’t being held down. He didn’t really know what to do with his arms, so he slipped one hand back into Lindsey’s hair, because he liked that, and gripped a broad shoulder with the other.

Spike watched them with eyes heavily lidded with desire; they were so fucking hot together. And they were both his.

“How does that feel, little brother? Do you like it?” he asked, jacking himself with one hand as he continued to finger-fuck Lindsey with the other.

“Yes…God, yes,” answered Angel breathlessly, squirming enthusiastically to get Lindsey deeper and to rub his leaking cock up against him.

“Want me to fuck him, Angel? Hammer him into you even harder…?”

Lindsey bit the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from begging for it, especially since the question wasn’t actually directed at him.

“Shit! Yes, Will! Do it, please…I want to feel you both,” he pleaded.

Lindsey panted raggedly as Spike pushed his dick into him, screwing up his rhythm entirely before establishing a new dance of thrust and withdraw that had him bouncing deliciously between the two of them.

“Damn…” he breathed into Angel’s mouth as the blond pumped hard inside him, the momentum sending him crashing into the kid. Spike was gripping his hips hard enough to bruise and landing the occasional resounding smack on his firm flesh. “Can you feel that, Angel? Him fucking me into you?”

The brunet nodded, unable to form coherent words. He had an incredibly view of Spike fucking Lindsey and he could feel the motion of his brother’s thrusts passing through the other man’s body. As Lindsey kissed his throat, he looked up and locked eyes with his brother over the muscular back. Spike blew him a kiss and smiled, before ducking his head down and licking at the sweat pooling along Lindsey’s spine.

The blond reached around and took hold of Angel’s inner thighs, pushing them as wide apart as they would go. “Good boy…You’re doing so well, bro, spread and taking it all like a little whore…”

Angel groaned and began to push back even more forcefully against Lindsey. He could already feel liquid fire surging through his spine and ass and balls and he knew it wouldn’t take much to send him over the edge. He was still pretty new to sex in general, and the fact that he was having such a dirty threesome was really getting him off. Plus, both men very obviously knew what they were doing.

Lindsey’s lips moved sensuously up his neck to worry at his earlobe, making his stomach muscles clench and flip. “So damned hot…You’re about ready to pop, aren’t you, baby? I can feel it. Bet if I jacked your dick, it would just bring you right off, huh? Do you want me to do that? You gonna come for me…?”

“Fuck! Yes! Please, yes…Touch me…” he asked, his eyes begging.

Angel’s hands tightened convulsively on Lindsey’s back, leaving fingernail marks, as his cock was suddenly fisted in time with the battering that they were both receiving from Spike.

“Yeah, that’s it…So fuckin’ hard for you, Angel. I wanna feel you shoot, wanna feel your dick pulse in my hand…”

The dirty, raw, honey-sweet words seemed to travel straight to his groin and Angel’s eyelids fluttered as the pleasure started to roll through him in fast, hot waves, hurtling him towards his peak.

“Lindsey!” he called as he arched up and came, and Spike narrowed his eyes, unreasonably annoyed by his brother shouting the other man’s name…and by the fact that the Texan grunted with arousal at hearing it. However, it turned him on too and he increased the pace of his thrusts.

As Angel’s release splashed Lindsey’s abdomen in hot spurts, Spike hissed, “Keep going, Texas. Fuck! Harder!” He didn’t want the other man slowing down or backing off as Angel became sensitive and started to feel the pain and discomfort.

“Spike,” he gasped back, trying to sound authoritative and failing.

“Fuck him through it; he’ll be fine,” he said dismissively, slamming forcefully into Lindsey. Angel was squirming a little, but in Spike’s experience it would barely take him a minute or two to re-harden with his teenage recovery rate.

“Nah, I got a better idea,” rumbled Lindsey, pulling free of the kid to a loud gasp and kneeling back upright, almost knocking Spike off balance.

“Lie down,” he ordered the blond over his shoulder, throwing a hand back to grab his hip and still his movements.

Spike hesitated. He didn’t know if he wanted to be in the more vulnerable position; he still wasn’t completely convinced that his friend wasn’t going to pull some stunt for revenge – he was pretty pissed about all the lies.

“Spike…” Was he really going to say this? “Lie on the fuckin’ bed – I wanna see your brother riding you.” Apparently, he was. And when exactly had incest sidled out of ‘sick and wrong’ and into ‘hot as hell’…?

The blond grunted with lust and then grinned. “See, lover? I knew you’d come around.”

“Shut the hell up and lie down,” he growled. “I’m gonna fuck you into the middle of next week.”

Angel had been watching their discussion – conducted with Spike still buried deep in Lindsey’s ass – with hooded, languid eyes, fully accepting of the fact that he would do whatever the hell he was told. His goal of having them both together had been achieved far more speedily than he was expecting, thanks to Lindsey accidentally walking in on them; he’d anticipated having to ease him into the idea gently. And, as he’d predicted, it was the only thing that could be hotter than getting cored by his brother. He stroked his hardening cock, using the last load of cum as slick.

Spike slid his hand up over Lindsey’s neck and cheek and pulled his face around for a deep, wet kiss that was hard and horny. “Fine. But only ‘cause I know you’ll sulk otherwise, you git.”

The brunet laughed, wincing when Spike pulled free with a deliberately harsh movement. He grabbed him in retaliation and threw him sprawled on the damp, creased covers next to Angel. “Get up,” he instructed the kid.

As Angel got to his knees, still palming his dick, he looked to his brother. Spike held out a hand and beckoned him over, eyefucking him shamelessly with a dirty smile.

“Come here a sec, pet. Face Linds and straddle my chest. Good boy…”

Lindsey watched with what he was sure was a slack-jawed, perverted expression as Angel obeyed and Spike moved him into the position he wanted, braced with his ass just above the blond’s mouth. Lindsey grabbed his cock at the base, warding off potential climax, as Spike pushed his face into his brother’s ass, licking over his stretched hole and thrusting his tongue in as far as it would go. He pulled the kid down until he was literally sitting on his face, eating him out enthusiastically with muffled little groans of appreciation.

Angel’s natural reaction, apart from a scream of pleasure that he managed to suppress with some difficulty, was to buck wildly, but Spike’s hands clamped over his thighs prevented him. He locked eyes with Lindsey as excitement burst through him and pre-cum dribbled liberally from his cock.

After a short time, during which Lindsey didn’t breathe at all and Angel panted like a winded puppy, Spike pushed the kid off him. “Sit on my dick, baby,” he ordered casually, before looking around him at Lindsey, eyes glittering. “Can taste you in him, cowboy. Your dick and his ass…One fucking delicious combo.”

“Christ…” Lindsey scrambled forwards, roughly shoving Spike’s legs apart and hauling his ass up into his lap a little. “Hurry up, Angel,” he demanded, grabbing his shoulder from behind and practically ramming him down on his brother’s erection. “Sorry,” he added without much sincerity as the kid cried out.

As Angel wriggled himself into a fully seated position, Lindsey lined his slick, straining dick up against Spike’s asshole.

“Hey! Wot the bloody hell are you doing?!” asked Spike in sudden panic as it occurred to him that he hadn’t had so much as a passing whisper of preparation. He tried to move back up the bed, but didn’t get very far with one hundred and eighty pounds of horny brother in his lap.

Lindsey smiled evilly. “Don’t worry, darlin’. You’ll like the burn…”

“Motherfuckingbastardsonofabitch!!!” yelled the blond, body spasming violently as he tried to escape the biting, fiery pain as Lindsey breached him. Angel canted with the motion, throwing his hand out for balance, and ended up looking like he was riding rodeo, which entertained Lindsey no end.

When Spike finally stopped thrashing around, although he carried on cursing colourfully until he ran out of swear words, he glowered at Lindsey. “I’m gonna tie you down and shove my entire fucking fist in you until you squeal like a bitch…”

He flashed a shit-eating grin at him and slapped his flank. “Stop whining, Blondie. You’re so loose I’m surprised you even noticed.”

“Shoulda just arse-raped you in the hallway,” complained Spike in a mutter.

“Yeah, well hindsight’s a wonderful thing,” he smiled, starting up a steady, firm thrusting motion.

Angel could feel Lindsey pounding into his brother; the momentum was passed up to him, plus the other man was fetching up against his back with every stroke. He leaned back slightly, relishing the feel of their sweat-slick skin sliding together. When Lindsey slipped an arm around him and dropped the hand down to play with his cock, he gasped with bliss and settled back against him. He rode his brother almost indolently, letting Lindsey’s movements drive his own.

Spike, who was feeling slightly less hostile now that his prostate was getting nailed and the pain had faded, gripped Angel’s hips. “Stop being so lazy,” he chided, pulling the kid back and forth to a more energetic rhythm. He tilted his hips and braced his legs wider so that Lindsey could drive even deeper, and his eyes rolled back as his friend took the hint.

Lindsey kissed and licked at Angel’s neck, giving him a love bite because he knew that the mark would piss Spike off when he noticed it, and jerked him off in time with his thrusts into the blond. The kid was a solid weight against him and he tasted fresh and sweet, while he was making adorable little sounds of need. Lindsey whispered low, sexy words to him about how beautiful he was, gripping the back of his brother’s thigh with his spare hand and using the hold to spread him even wider.

Spike trailed one of his hands from Angel’s hips to his cock, letting his fingers entwine with Lindsey’s so that they pumped it together. The kid cried out and snapped his groin forwards, incredibly turned on by their combined attention. He opened eyes almost black with arousal and looked into Spike’s bright blue.

“You like that, baby brother?” he asked huskily.

Angel groaned and nodded, biting his lip. Lindsey flicked his tongue against his pulse point, guessing that it would turn him on as much as it did Spike. He tried to ignore the fact that their blatant perversion was getting him off.

“Fuck! Oh my God…Please don’t stop…I’m gonna come again…” He was fucking himself between Spike’s dick and their hands, movements becoming more wild and disjointed.

“Fuck, yeah…Come on, baby boy…Just keep doing that…” The mixture of Lindsey pounding into his ass and Angel bouncing around on his cock was tipping the scales for Spike and he was about ready to blow his stack. “Harder, cowboy!”

“Ask me nicely,” Lindsey panted, smirking against Angel’s skin and slowing down slightly, even though his full, drawn-up balls protested that a decrease in pace wasn’t helping them out any.

Spike very nearly whimpered. “Come on!”

Lindsey continued his measured pace.

“Shit! Okay, alright…Please? Please fuck me harder, Lindsey…” pleaded Spike, trying to wrap his legs around the Texan’s ass.

“You hear that, Angel? That’s how you make your brother beg,” breathed Lindsey against the boy’s ear. “And now I’m gonna give him what he wants and he’s gonna lose it and shoot his load all over you…”

Angel bucked up into their joined fists and came with a loud shout, cum erupting from his shaft and raining down on Spike and the bed.

“Fuck!” cursed Spike as Lindsey slammed into him with enough force to make stars burst behind his eyes. The other man lifted Angel enough for Spike’s cock to pop free and he grabbed it for two rough pumps, and then the blond was jerking wildly and splashing his spunk over Angel’s thighs, groin and abdomen.

Lindsey pummelled Spike’s ass a couple more times and then withdrew to unload all over Angel’s back, streaking the air blue with his language.

As they drifted in the pleasant post-orgasmic haze, all of them feeling that heavy, aching sensation from being well fucked, Angel looked down at himself. “I feel…sticky.”

Lindsey chuckled and stroked his back, which also had the side-effect of rubbing semen into his skin. “A shower might not be a bad idea,” he agreed, his voice hoarse from yelling out.

“Wanna join me?” asked the kid coyly, glancing over his shoulder and all but batting his eyelids at Lindsey.

The Texan pressed their kiss-bruised lips together and wrapped his arms around him. “You’re an insatiable little slut,” he smiled.

Spike struggled to sit up, his brother still comfortably nestled in his lap. He slipped his arms around Lindsey’s back so that the kid was sandwiched between them, and kissed them both.

“So…” he began, smirking at Lindsey. “About this being sick and perverse, and you refusing to be a part of it…?”

“The fact that I’m apparently a sick bastard too doesn’t make it any the less perverse or wrong.”

“That’s true. But you’re part of it too now, Linds, dwelling in this murky, taboo world with us…”

“Don’t kid yourself, Spike. I ain’t nowhere near your league. I don’t believe I’ve fucked one single member of my immediate family…”

Spike smiled, but then gave him a considering look. “It gets you off though, doesn’t it? That we’re brothers?”

“Maybe,” he admitted.

“You’ll do it with us again, won’t you?” asked Angel, sounding slightly concerned.

“Maybe,” he repeated, a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth as he ruffled the kid’s hair and kissed him on the cheek. Apparently satisfied, Angel nodded once and allowed his eyes to drift closed.

Spike was looking more serious, although there was a wicked gleam to his scrutiny that made Lindsey a little apprehensive. “Too late now, lover. You can’t take it back and I know you’ll wanna do it again.”

“No doubt,” nodded Lindsey. “But it’ll be on my terms.”

Spike snorted and the Texan appraised him coolly. Angel was leaning back against him, practically sleeping in his arms and Lindsey cradled him as he spoke to the blond in low tones. “You and me? All bets are off and you can do – or try to do – whatever the hell you want. We can fuck each other up and fuck each other over as much as we please. But I ain’t getting caught up in the middle of your shit, and I ain’t being responsible for whatever damage you do to him.”

Spike raised an eyebrow and ran his eyes over his dozing brother. “Believe me, he’ll be fine.”

Lindsey shook his head. “I don’t care how tough he is. I don’t care if he’s as much of an asshole as you are…This is gonna end badly.”

The blond shrugged and smiled sadly. “Everything always does…Except you and me.”

Lindsey laughed. “Just ‘cause it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it’s not gonna.”

Spike reached up and cupped his face. “Think we’ve got the potential to fuck everything up spectacularly, do ya?”

“Hell yeah.”

“Think we have a chance of not fucking it up…?” he asked almost hesitantly.

Lindsey looked at him thoughtfully and then smiled. He kissed Angel’s temple and laid the now-sleeping kid down on the covers before leaning in and pressing his forehead to Spike’s.

“Not a snowball’s chance in hell.”


Angel drifted contentedly, pushing back against the warmth of his brother spooned against his back. He was aching but he felt amazing and also quite smug that he’d had such a hot threesome.

Next time, he wanted to blow one of them while the other fucked him; he thought that being pounded from both ends would be awesome.

And there would be a next time, he was sure of it. Plus, he fully intended to fuck Lindsey without Spike. He wondered whether he could make the Texan fall in love with him.

Regardless, the more jealous Spike became about the whole thing, and the stronger Lindsey’s comparative position became, the more likely it was that Angel would get to fuck his brother. He thought that, under the right circumstances and with Lindsey’s help, Spike would give it up.

He smiled into the pillow, sighing softly when Spike kissed the nape of his neck.


Spike pulled his brother a little closer, enjoying the solid heat of him. Angel made him feel adored.

He could tell that the kid liked Lindsey, and that the fondness was mutual, although he was pretty sure that it was mostly about their feelings for him. Still, the affection between them might be useful; Angel was a stunning little fucktoy to entice Lindsey with and he’d never been very good at resisting temptation.

He thought about Lindsey’s assertion that they didn’t stand a chance of having anything other than a short-term thing that was bound to get royally fucked up. Spike supposed that he was probably right.

He didn’t care. This was good and he intended to keep doing it, one way or another. Angel was already completely hooked on him, and he didn’t think it would take much effort to get Lindsey into the same helpless position.

Spike always got what he wanted.


Lindsey drove home on autopilot, singing along distractedly to the radio. What he’d just done was very wrong, but he couldn’t seem to care as much as he should.

They would take anything they could get from him, and they treated the whole fucking thing like some kind of a game; they’d use him to get at each other if he let them. They loved one another, but it was completely fucked up – an intense and brittle love that had obviously evolved into something unhealthy for both of them.

He should walk away and never look back.

But he wouldn’t.

For a start, he wasn’t about to turn down sex like that. He’d wanted Spike for so long, and maybe subconsciously he’d known that he would get him eventually; why else would he have consistently fucked up every relationship he’d ever had? And if Angel happened to be thrown into the deal like some kind of promotional offer, then so much the better.

It was gonna be a car wreck, but living on the edge had a dark appeal that he couldn’t turn away from. He and Spike had somehow jumped the central reservation again and were hurtling dangerously down a road that they shouldn’t be on, and thought that they’d escaped years ago.

And how he loved to feel the wind in his hair.

The End

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