This is a naughty little NC-17 Spangel ficlet that I wrote for both Spike's Good Day at [info]nekid_spike and the Hot/Sweet challenge at [info]feedmykink.

The feedmykink posting didn't have the little smidge of plot/explanation that is at the end of this fic. I say "plot" in the loosest possible way... *g*

PAIRING: Spike/Angel
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. I just borrow them and pervert them and get them dirty...

A Gift

Ash Carpenter

“Oi! Where are you?” Spike shouted, wandering through the penthouse. Hearing muffled sounds from the bedroom, he headed in that direction, stopping short and gasping at the sight that greeted him.

Angel was chained to his bed in a star-shape; naked, blindfolded and gagged.

“Well, well,” muttered Spike in delight, sidling into the room and shedding his duster. Angel’s head raised and he said something completely unintelligible, the words muffled by the gag.

There was no way that he could have gotten like that by himself, although Spike couldn’t catch any other scent particularly strongly. He could smell all of the gang to varying degrees, but the Brooding Wonder had spent the entire day with them, so it wasn’t surprising.

So, the question became: had he asked someone to do that to him, or had it been done against his will? And if he had asked someone, then who exactly was he waiting for right now? And why? Spike decided not to remove the gag to find out. He knew a free gift when he saw one.

The bed dipped as he settled his weight on it. Angel was still trying to speak and his muscles had gone taut where he strained against his bonds. Spike chuckled and ducked his head down to lick the inside of the other vampire’s thigh, delicately scraping a fang almost all the way to his balls. By the time he raised his lust-hooded eyes to look at Angel, they were both hard.

The other vampire obviously knew it was him from the scent and the voice. Even if he had either been waiting for someone else or had been tied up without consent, he was still getting aroused by having Spike between his legs. That was way more of an invitation than the blond needed. He sucked Angel’s cock into his mouth, not stopping until his lips fetched up against tight curls.

The brunet arched off the bed, thrusting forwards. Spike fancied he could detect a whimper when let the shaft slip free after one hard suck and crawled up to drape his clothed form over Angel’s naked body.

He licked from the hollow of his throat all the way up to his earlobe, nibbling on it and slipping his tongue into the shell. “Look at you; all spread and ready for me. I’m gonna fuck you Angel, shove my cock in that tight arse of yours – and don’t even try to pretend you don’t want it. Can feel you shaking, you want my dick so bad…”

He sucked and bit his way down Angel’s jaw line, licking at his throat and tasting the salt as the big vampire began to sweat. There was a deep rumble reverberating in his chest, indicating that he was growling, which could be either a warning to stop or displeasure at the slow pace of the proceedings. Spike grinned.

He trailed two fingers down Angel’s hip and then past his groin, behind his balls and along his perineum. Abruptly, he shoved them into the other vampire’s unprepared passage, rudely breaching the ring of muscle. Angel involuntarily tried to move away from the intrusion, but whoever had chained him up had been admirably thorough and he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Just shout if you want me to use lubricant, yeah?” said Spike with a grin. He paused, trying not to snigger at the indignant, muted sounds. “No? Sure? Now’s the time to speak up…Well, alright then…” He roughly scissored his fingers, stretching Angel harshly and efficiently. Judging from his still extremely perky erection, he didn’t mind too much.

Spike tugged his own aching hardness free of his jeans, deliberately remaining fully-clothed. Stripping him naked while staying dressed was a trick Angelus had always used to make him feel additionally exposed and vulnerable. Of course, it had also been as hot as hell, if he had happened to be in a submissive mood. He wondered whether Angel was.

“Feel that, peaches?” he asked rotating his hips so that the other vampire could feel the scratch of the denim against his inner thighs and balls. “Not even botherin’ to take my kit off. Just gonna fuck you like the whore you are and take off…”

The growling intensified and Spike could see that Angel had vamped out beneath the blindfold and gag, but he was beginning to press back into the fingers nevertheless and his cock was leaving sticky patches of pre-cum on his taut abdomen.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby. Push back on Daddy…Fuck yourself open for me…”

Unable to resist the tantalising sight of Angel spread and rocking back against his hand any longer, Spike braced his legs against the other vampire’s inner thighs to force them impossibly further apart and quickly thrust forwards, replacing fingers with dick. Angel cried out against his gag, snapping against his restraints and bucking wildly up as far as the leverage would allow.

“Shh; you’re ok, big guy,” smiled Spike, not giving him a second to adjust and immediately driving inside with hard, deep strokes. As he knew from experience, having your legs tied apart made the stimulation almost unbearably intense because it was impossible to shift into a different position or control the intrusion in any way. However, it also meant an inability to control your own pleasure, which could be intoxicatingly erotic.

“Fuck, you’re so tight, Angel. And your arse is so hungry for me! Just gripping and pulling me deeper…Wow, such a good slut…”

Holding himself up with a hand on either side of Angel’s chest, he pistoned in and out, ensuring there was minimum contact between their bodies apart from where they were joined. He angled himself so that he was slamming repeatedly against the brunet’s prostate with every hard stroke, making him twist and writhe frenziedly, insofar as he was capable.

“Oh, shit, yeah…Can feel you trembling…You’re about ready to pop and I haven’t even touched your cock…You just love me filling your arse, don’t you?”

Knowing that he couldn’t last much longer, not with the sight and feel of a bound, submissive Angel beneath him, he leaned forwards and plunged his fangs into the other vampire’s right pectoral muscle, just above his nipple, taking greedy gulps from him. Feeling Angel arch into him, he stretched up and tore the gag out of his mouth while reaching down to give his huge, straining erection two hard pumps. Viciously pulling his dripping fangs free, he commanded, “Come for me, baby.”

“Spike!” roared Angel hoarsely, his entire body snapping forwards and rattling the chains in their fixtures as he exploded, pumping streams of cum between them and soaking the blond’s tee-shirt.

“Oh yeah, fuck… Fuck!” shouted Spike as the dizzying ecstasy swept through him, pulling back and sitting on his haunches just in time to shoot his load all over Angel’s ass, balls and twitching cock.

As he finished unloading, he collapsed on top of the vampire below him, uncaring of the mingled cum that seeped into his clothing. Crawling up Angel’s body a little higher, he ripped off his blindfold and kissed him hungrily, his face morphing back to his human visage, as the brunet’s had already done.

Angel responded at first, but then nipped him hard on the lip. Spike pulled back with a hiss to find the other vampire glaring at him. “What the fuck?”

“Wot the fuck wot?” he retorted angrily. “You’re the one was all trussed up like a Christmas turkey for someone. Wot did you expect me to do? Resist temptation like that?”

“I mean: what the fuck; why am I tied to my bed!?”

“You didn’t get someone to do this to you?” he asked, puzzled.

“What? Of course not! I don’t go round asking random people to chain me up!”

“Well…that’s weird.”

“You’re fucking telling me, it’s weird!” snapped Angel. “You’re sure this isn’t your bright idea?”

“No,” he said defensively. “Though, I dunno why you’re so pissed off anyway. Seemed to enjoy it at the time…Slut.”

“Shut up!” he growled, eyes flashing yellow and a light flush rising in his cheeks.

Spike grinned. “Wot’s the last thing you remember?”

“Um…well, I was talking to Fred and saying that I wanted to think of something nice to do for your birthday…Then she got me some blood…And then it’s all black…”

“You remembered that it’s my birthday?” he asked, absurdly touched. Christ, he was turning into a total pouf.

As Angel was about to answer, the phone rang. Ignoring the other vampire’s protests, Spike answered, jabbing the Speakerphone button. “Yello?”

“Hey Spike! Happy birthday!” chorused Fred, Wes, Gunn and Lorne, before launching into a tuneless rendition of the traditional song.

“Thanks guys!” he said happily, hurriedly switching the phone off as Angel started swearing loudly and inventively.

“Oh stop it, Cavebrow. You know you love being my bitch.”

“When I get out of this I’m gonna…Hey! No, wait, stop! Mlummpphhh!”

Spike finished re-fastening the gag, though he decided to leave the blindfold off for now so that he could enjoy the outrage and lust warring with each other in Angel’s eyes. He had to hand it to the gang: this was hands-down the best birthday present that he’d ever received. And it was a gift that would just keep on giving…Until he relented and let the big pouf free. Which would of course result in some ungodly and perverse punishment – and that would no doubt be fun too.

“Shhh, peaches. If you keep makin’ a fuss, I won’t let you come this time…”

Angel suddenly became remarkably co-operative, and Spike smiled again. Oh yeah…Best birthday present ever!

The End

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