Pairing: Spike/Angel
Rating: NC-17. Like, really.
Disclaimer: Not mine even if I squint really hard in poor light.
Warnings: INCEST. Spike and Angel are brothers. If that squicks you, then please don't read. UNDERAGE SEX. Angel is under eighteen. If that squicks you, then please don't read. Obviously, m/m relations, language, bit of dirty talk and rough sex, slight BDSM....Oh, and did I mention the incest and underage sex...?

Summary: Angel fantasises about his brother and tries to find a way to get physical with him. He succeeds beyond his wildest dreams...

Double Bluff

Ash Carpenter

Part One

“What’s wrong?” chuckled Lindsey, leaning back on two legs of the chair and perching his feet on the desk. Spike was pacing around the room, angrily lifting piles of clothes to rummage beneath them and shuffling through all the crap on his dresser.

“Lost my fuckin’ lighter again. I’ll bet he’s got it: little bastard doesn’t even smoke, but he keeps nabbing it just to piss me off.”

“Stop being a jackass; you’ve just lost it under all this shit. Why are you always so hard on him, anyways?”

“Dunno – but I do know why you’re always so sweet on him,” teased Spike. This last year, whenever his half-brother came to visit, Lindsey suddenly didn’t seem to think that hanging around with someone several years younger was weird or irritating. Of course, he claimed that it had nothing to do with the fact that Angel had (annoyingly enough) become a total Adonis since turning sixteen and now, just shy of his seventeenth birthday, was heartbreakingly hot.

Lindsey grinned. “Maybe that’s the same reason you’re so hard on him. What’s the matter – jealous that he’s so purty?”

“Fuck off, McDonald,” laughed Spike good-naturedly, finally snatching his lighter out from beneath a copy of FHM with a triumphant snort. “You know there’s no-one prettier than me.”

“Well, there’s certainly no-one more deluded,” he muttered, smirking when Spike flipped him the bird and blowing him a kiss in return.

“See? Even you can’t resist me.”


Angel listened to them joking and bullshitting from the other side of his brother’s bedroom door, grinning.

Although he knew that they were just friends, he always vainly hoped that he would hear something different to the usual banter: breathy moans maybe, or pants…or the slick sound of mouths and cock. Damn, even the thought of it made him hard. He reached his hand down and ran it idly over his groin, lightly cupping the bulge there.

He spent quite a lot of time visiting with Spike and the British father they shared: he and his mom only lived a couple of hours away and she was keen for them all to bond since she and their Dad had never really gotten off the ground following a brief cross-Atlantic fling. He was always fascinated by how they had grown up so differently, despite the fact that his brother had lived in the US for nearly ten years now – since their father had emigrated for his job – and they had really spent a significant amount of time together. He wondered if he’d have wound up with that sexy accent if he’d lived with them too.

He wouldn’t mind a shot at Lindsey – and he knew he could probably have him too, although the Texan might worry about how his friend would react. But it was Spike that he really wanted. He had lusted after his brother for as long as he could remember, and he didn’t waste any time agonising over the wrongness of it, or trying to convince himself that it would never have happened if they’d been raised in the same house like normal brothers. No, he knew damn well that it was the plain taboo dirtiness that got him off most.

Listening to the low rumbling sound of their laughter, letting his imagination roam free, he began to rub himself through the rough denim of his jeans. He smelled marijuana and fantasised that they smoked to lower their inhibitions enough to make the first fumbling overtures that would lead to sucking and fucking, riding and coming. He thought of his brother bending that gorgeous cowboy over his desk and fucking him raw while he clamped a hand over his mouth and whispered that he was going to shoot his load into that sweet, tight ass.

It didn’t take long; it never did. He increased the pace of his hand once more, grunting as he sprayed cum over the inside of his jeans, finally stilling and just feeling the wetness seep through the denim. He took the time to remind himself that he had just come in his pants thinking about his brother, and he smiled again, wishing that he didn’t have to go change straight away. The thought that finally got him moving was that he wanted to jerk off again already, and he liked doing it in the shower.


“Oi, where are ya? Little git,” muttered Spike, who still couldn’t seem to appreciate the fact that Angel was a good three inches taller and outweighed him by twenty or thirty pounds.

“Here!” he called from the den, where he was settled in front of the TV. The blond came in and threw himself down on the couch next to him, immediately picking up the remote and flicking through the channels.

“Lindsey gone home?”

“Yep. Why?”

“No reason,” he shrugged. Their father wouldn’t be back until late, or possibly even tomorrow: they had the house to themselves.

“Want me to order some pizza for dinner, little brother?” asked Spike, having settled on South Park for entertainment and now clumsily dragging his cell phone out of his pocket.

“Could it be any more obvious that you’ve been doing dope?” laughed Angel.

Spike scowled at him. “Could it be any more obvious why I wanted to be an only child?” he retorted mockingly. “Anyway, don’t tell me you never do it.”

“Nope. Don’t need to.”

“Yeah, how’s that?”

“Don’t have any inhibitions, and I’m already mellow. What would be the point?”

“Might make you less annoying.”

“Is that why you do it?”

“To make you less annoying? Yeah, maybe.”

“Fuck off,” grinned Angel, and Spike punched him lightly on the thigh.

“Watch the language, kiddo, or your big brother’ll have to teach you a lesson.”

Angel was suddenly extremely grateful that he’d come twice in the last couple of hours. Even so, the words flowed straight to his cock, and he knew that they’d be bouncing around his head for days. Internally, he grinned evilly before saying with almost imperceptible emphasis, “You couldn’t take me.”

“Any day,” disagreed Spike. “Could take you with both arms tied behind my back.”

The evilly smirking internal Angel bounced up and down with glee. Now, that sounded like fun!

“Shut up and order the pizza,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“Hungry, are you?”

“I could eat you,” he replied smoothly, and internal Angel fell off his internal chair with laughter and excitement. Damn, he entertained himself.



Spike glared at him. “How many times have I told you not to call me that?”

“Spike’s a dog’s name.”

“So? Angel’s a girl’s name,” he shot back. Off the look of irritation, he suppressed a smile and said, “When I talk ‘bout you and Lindsey, people always think you’re my sister and he’s my girlfriend or something.”

His scowl smoothing out, Angel ventured slyly, “Well, he is queer.” At his brother’s shocked look he said, “Oh, come on! Like I wouldn’t spot that – he’s not exactly subtle about it.”

Spike shrugged. “Why should he be? He’s comfortable with it.”

“What about you?”

“Wot about me, wot?”

“Are you comfortable with it?”

“Doesn’t bother me. ‘S’not like he comes on to me or anythin’.”

“He comes on to me,” he said deviously, eager to see the reaction. It wasn’t exactly true, but it might as well have been – he knew the Texan wanted him.

Spike shot him an unreadable look. “Most everyone does, kid. But I know that he’s not one of them, so shut up.”

“Would it bother you?” He shifted on the couch, surreptitiously sliding a little closer to the blond.

Spike shrugged again, although his face puckered in a frown as if the thought was new and unexpected. “Dunno. Maybe.”

Abruptly swinging the conversation, wanting to catch Spike off balance, he asked, “You ever done anything with him?”

His brother looked a little angry, though not as shocked as Angel was expecting. “I don’t like boys,” he snapped.

“You didn’t answer my question,” pointed out the brunet.

“Why the sudden interest in all of this?” he asked in annoyance. He muted the TV and turned fully in his seat to look at Angel, crossing his arms over his chest.

“What did you do?” wondered the younger man with a wicked smile. “Jerk him off? Make him suck your dick?”

“I told you,” responded Spike through gritted teeth, looking as though he was considering giving him a good beating, “I don’t like boys.”

“I do.”

The admission, said with so much heat and lust, knocked Spike completely off balance. He stared wide-eyed at his brother, scrambling for an appropriate response – hell, any response. Thankfully, the pizza chose just that moment to arrive, and the blond leaped gratefully to his feet at the sound of the doorbell.


Spike paid the delivery guy on complete autopilot. He couldn’t believe that Angel had just said that, and he tried to suppress the sick, twisted satisfaction that threatened to well up within him. He cautioned himself not to get too excited and make a false move; after all, admitting that he liked boys was a far cry from the depravity that Spike was hoping to lead him into.

Still, it was a step in the right direction.

Lindsey had been partially right about why Spike ragged on his brother so much: yeah, it bothered him that the boy was so fucking hot. But not for the reasons that his friend thought. When Angel was around, he had to spend every minute of every day exercising almost inhuman self-control to keep from jumping him.

At least, that was how it had been in the beginning. Then, the first time that he had caught the kid giving this odd little sideways glance at him and Lindsey when they had been play-fighting or something, he had realised that there were much better ways of dealing with his problem. Like trying to tune Angel in to his wavelength. He had started leaving the door open when he showered, inviting Lindsey round in the really hot weather and then convincing him to play sweaty contact sports in the back yard with their shirts off, not that he seemed to mind. And then there was the jerking off at night when their father wasn’t home – loudly, deliberately banging the bed frame against the wall and gasping out his completion.

Apparently, it was beginning to work. He was just going to have to be careful to gauge exactly how fucked up his little brother was before he did anything drastic. Spike knew there was something wrong with him – well, plenty actually – but he didn’t care. He was comfortable with it, even though he knew ‘normal’ people wouldn’t be. That was why his and Lindsey’s adolescent fuck-sessions had never graduated into adulthood: they weren’t compatible, and Spike knew that he would never be able to convince the Texan to get on board with the things he really wanted to do.

The thought of forcing Angel to satisfy his lust rose in his mind, and a powerful shudder of desire thrilled through him. He tried to compose himself before returning to the den. He had the part of shocked, straight and slightly naïve big bro to play – for now.


Acting for all the world as if he hadn’t just admitted to fancying men, Angel asked casually, “Got any beer to wash this down with?” as Spike reappeared with the pizza.

Settling down on the couch again, the blond looked at him, trying to keep the amusement out of his face. “You’re not old enough to drink,” he stated.

“Doesn’t stop me.”

“You’re not old enough to fuck boys either,” he continued. “Does that stop you?”

Angel blinked in momentary surprise, quickly recovering to say brashly, “No.” In fact, he hadn’t slept with any men: he’d never met anyone he wanted as much as Spike and besides, he came from a small town where it would be difficult to hide anything he did.

Spike knew his brother well enough to know that it was a lie; Angel was a virgin. Oh, this just kept getting better…

“Beer’s in the fridge. Get it yourself, you lazy git.”


By the time that the pizza and the best part of a six-pack had been demolished, Angel was feeling ready to see how far he could push his brother. He had barely raised an eyebrow about the whole gay thing, which, while it was a little annoying, actually boded pretty well.

“You never did tell me what you and Lindsey did,” he pointed out nonchalantly, flicking the channel over as the commercials came on.

“I’m gonna smack you in a minute,” he growled, hiding his delight that Angel was so interested in that topic. He hoped it wasn’t just because he fancied Lindsey.

“Promise?” retorted Angel, instantly biting his tongue as if that would take it back. Shit! That may have been a bit of an abrupt boundary-crosser… Spike was looking astonished.

Spike was indeed astonished. He quickly revised his estimate of how far along the road to depravity his little brother was, noting absently that his dick was beginning to lay more heavily against his upper thigh.

Angel studied the blond, who was sprawled over the couch in his trademark casual style, tight black tee showing the defined muscles of his torso and one hand framing his groin. The hard planes of his face were drawn sharp by studying his brother, but there was a twinkle in his expressive eyes that might have been amusement. Might have been something else, too. But Angel didn’t have time to analyse that before he was distracted by Spike shifting and absently adjusting his cock.

“Is that wot you like? Not enough for you to be a faggot – you have to be a submissive one?” mocked Spike, biting his lip to keep a full smile from forming at the look of outrage that crossed Angel’s face.

“Fuck you,” he snarled. “I’m not submissive to anyone.” He stretched, arms rising above his head and chest bowing outwards, making his muscles flex as if to prove that he was too strong for anyone to get the better of him.

No, not yet. But you will be, little brother. You will be…

“Glad to hear it, bro,” he grinned, sliding his tongue stud along his teeth, before adding slyly, “Though it can be fun to give it up.” At Angel’s slightly shocked look, his tone changed and he inserted as an afterthought, “At least, that’s wot Lindsey tells me…”

Angel’s head whirled. Spike was acting weird, and he was getting the definite feeling that his brother was neither quite as straight nor as oblivious as he had previously thought. He took another long swallow of beer, rattling the can once it was empty and spotting that it had been the last one. “Drink’s finished,” he pointed out.

“We need something hard,” replied Spike innocently, keeping his expression passive as Angel narrowed his eyes and gave him a considering look, as if he was assessing whether that statement was as innocuous as it had appeared.

“Thought I wasn’t old enough to drink?” he grinned finally.

“You’re not. Still, it’s more fun when you’re not allowed, innit?”  

Angel nodded as Spike rose to his feet, watching his ass shift in his jeans as he sauntered in the direction of the kitchen. Wasn’t that the truth…


When Spike settled back down with the Scotch, it was marginally closer to the centre of the couch – and Angel. He had taken his time in the kitchen, giving his little brother plenty of time to sit and think, absently rubbing at his crotch as he did so. God, he wanted the bastard. Wanted to fuck the insolence out of those pretty chocolate eyes and mess up that poufy hair.

“Glasses?” enquired Angel.

“Get ‘em if you want ‘em,” shrugged Spike, unscrewing the cap and taking a long swallow, relishing the raw burn down his throat.

Angel watched his throat work, feeling the familiar tingle as blood flowed southwards and settled heavily in his groin. When Spike handed over the bottle, he raised it to his lips and passed his tongue over the rim where his brother’s mouth had been before tipping it up and drinking.

“Fuck!” He winced at the harsh taste, coughing a little. “That’s rough.”

Spike laughed, pulling a cigarette out of the packet he’d cast onto the coffee table. Putting it between his lips, he said, “Yeah, well it’s for real men, little brother.”

“What, like you? Runt,” sneered Angel, knowing how much it pissed Spike off that he had grown bigger.

Spike scowled darkly, looking around for something to light his fag. “Bollocks! I’ve left my lighter in my room. Go get it for me.”

“Fuck off. What did your last slave die of?”

“A good beating! Now, go get it or you can forget about more drink and TV tonight.”

Rolling his eyes theatrically, Angel did as he was told. He loved it when Spike was so commanding and their little conversation was way too entertaining to risk pissing him off enough to put a stop to it.

Spike grinned as he watched the brunet leave the room. He was still enough of a kid that he retained his natural tendency to obey the brother who was nearly five years his senior, apparently not considering the fact that Spike would have some trouble making good on his threat to send him to bed.

When Angel sat back down, it was less than six inches from Spike, despite the fact that it was a three-man couch. Sparking the lighter, he leaned across to light the blond’s cigarette for him, unnecessarily pressing his chest against his side.

“Thanks,” muttered Spike, resisting the powerful urge to flutter his eyelids. Angel settled back, throwing the lighter onto the table, but he left his thigh where it was, just brushing against the older man’s.

“Wanna watch a movie?”

“Sure. Wot do you feel like?”

“Fight Club?” he suggested. He knew that his brother loved the film, and if often left him strangely charged enough that he could be persuaded to box or wrestle.

Spike almost groaned. He had a total hard-on for that movie, though he didn’t really know why. The scenes with the shirtless men pounding the shit out of each other just turned him on. He wondered whether Angel knew that; if so, then it meant that the sly git was doing it deliberately. Which in turn meant…Well, he wasn’t sure. But he liked it.

He was fully erect now. It wasn’t too obvious through his jeans, but it was getting increasingly harder for him to ignore.

“You wanna fight me, kid?” he grinned, knowing that they invariably got physical after watching it. “We can just cut to the chase.”

“Why would I want to fight you? I’m tired of kicking your skinny ass,” he retorted with a smirk. Yes, he very definitely wanted a throw-down. And he knew how to get one.

Spike glowered and reached around to cuff his ear, hard. “Watch it, boy. I can still beat you down, and if you’re not careful I won’t hold back like I usually do.”

“Sounds like a challenge to me, bro,” snarled Angel, though his heart was leaping in his chest and blood throbbed almost painfully through his cock.    

They both jumped to their feet and worked together to shove the couch and the coffee table to the side of the room. Then, without even discussing it, they lost their shirts and footwear before turning back and beginning to circle each other. Spike noticed from the way that Angel was moving that the beer and whisky had affected him slightly. That was good.

“You are in so much trouble…” he smirked.

“In your dreams,” replied Angel with a grin. Unable to contain his enthusiasm, he made the first rush, as his brother had anticipated that he would. Spike stepped to the side and then wrapped his arms around his waist while he was off-balance and threw him to the floor. Angel immediately rolled and bounced back up, just in time to receive a chest-full of Spike that knocked him right over again.

Before long, they were both down and grappling as they rolled over the carpet, laughing and swearing at each other and trash-talking. They were so absorbed in the wrestling and trying to gain the upper hand that it was a while before either noticed that they were both hard.

Spike was lying on top of Angel, triumphantly pinning his arms to the floor, when he suddenly decided that it might be prudent to lift his own erection away from the kid’s body before he noticed it. In the act of surreptitiously doing so, his thigh grazed along Angel’s groin and Spike realised with a start that a hot, thick column was pressing into him.

He froze and looked into his brother’s eyes, which was Angel’s first indication that he had been busted. It was the only time that Spike had ever noticed him getting erect during their play-fights, although it invariably happened.

Somewhat embarrassed and flustered, even though they were pretty much in the position that Angel wanted them to be in, he immediately went on the offensive. “Feel anything you like?” he sneered.

Spike was still trying to process the information that he’d made his brother hard. Sure, it was what he had been aiming for, but he hadn’t really expected to achieve something so perverse, especially not so speedily.

“You are one sick puppy,” he confided, still keeping his own groin raised so that he could maintain his secret for just a little longer.

Fear and uncertainty flashed through Angel’s eyes for the first time and he suddenly tried to wriggle free. “Let me go!”

“Nuh-uh! Don’t start things if you aren’t gonna finish them, bro…You wanted to fight. I can only assume you wanted to end up under me judging by that rocket in your pocket. Now wot, huh? Wot exactly was your grand plan?”

Angel stilled in the unyielding grip of his brother’s hands and looked at him in surprise. He hadn’t in a million years actually expected for things to go so…well. And he certainly hadn’t expected to see this unimagined side of Spike. He didn’t have a plan beyond this. “I just…”

“Wot? I mean, this is for me, right?” he demanded, grinding his thigh along Angel’s cock to a loud gasp of surprise and pleasure. “Did you think I’d touch you? Maybe suck you off…?”

“I don’t know…” he admitted, nervous but also ridiculously excited as Spike kept up the pressure along his dick.

“Or maybe you were hoping I’d fuck you…Is that it, little brother? Did you think I’d get you on all fours and slam my cock into your tight ass?”

He let out a shocked and lustful grunt, the low, dirty words shooting straight through his groin and making his balls draw tighter. It was only then that he realised that Spike’s deep blue eyes were stormy with desire and half-lidded. “Or maybe that’s what you wanted?” he whispered, almost squeaking when Spike changed position and rammed his denim-encased erection hard against Angel’s hip.

“Maybe it is,” he agreed. They were both covered in a light sweat, panting slightly both from the exertion and from the lust. “So, how about it, Angel? Are you all talk or are you gonna follow through?” He decided to tip the scales on the question a little unfairly by continuing to grind rhythmically until the brunet was arching up against him, trying to get off.

“I’m game,” he replied with more bravado than he actually felt. “What about you? Up for it or are you too much of a pussy?”

Spike laughed and suddenly pushed away from him. “Get undressed.”

Angel looked bewildered for a moment and the blond snorted. “I know you’re new to this but you’re wearing too many clothes. Strip. Now.”

Forgetting to protest that he wasn’t a virgin, he scrambled to obey from his prone position. He kept expecting Spike to come to his senses and rush off at any moment, so he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity while it was still there. Once his jeans and underwear had been carelessly discarded, he looked back at his brother expectantly.

Jesus fuck but the kid was beautiful, with his smoothly muscled body and thick dick. He hoped that Angel hadn’t been bluffing about any of this, because he meant to have him one way or another. He almost couldn’t wait to be buried inside him.    

He spread himself over Angel’s body again, grinding lightly against him so that the boy could feel the friction of the denim on his cock. And then he kissed him for the first time.

He wasn’t sweet or gentle, although he wasn’t too rough either. He pressed his lips firmly to Angel’s and then began the dance of press and release until the kid opened his mouth slightly. Taking that as an invitation, he darted his tongue out to tease the entrance wider before plunging inside it. Angel moaned and bucked up against him as he felt the metal of his stud mapping out the inside of his mouth and rolling against his own tongue, adding a pleasant pressure to the fluid sensation.

Spike ran his hands down and back up Angel’s sides and flanks, caressing lightly as they kissed and rubbed against each other. His brother was a good kisser, and he had high hopes that his mouth was going to have a lot of talents once he got some practice; the blond gave a pleasurable shiver as he considered how much he had to teach the kid.

Didn’t have to teach him much about being forward though, he reflected, as he felt large hands settling on his ass and drawing him a little closer.

Angel was overexcited and Spike suspected that he hadn’t really done anything sexual with another person, probably because he’d realised that he wasn’t into girls and felt it was too much of a risk to get it on with boys in that oppressive little town he was from. The thought turned him on, but it also meant that the kid hadn’t been through the whole ‘pushing for the next base, frottage, forbidden touches in the backseat etc.’ stage. He could probably come just from what they were doing now, and Spike definitely didn’t want that.

Angel was in fact extremely aroused, as his brother suspected. He’d made out with girls and even felt them up a bit, but it certainly hadn’t done much for him. This was the first time that he’d had a hard, muscular, masculine body pressed close and a hot, thick dick rubbing against him. Added to that was the fact that it was his brother’s body, which he had been fantasising about forever, and that apparently his brother was extremely talented. He’d never been so excited in his life.

Just as his movements against Spike began to get a little frantic, the blond pulled away and Angel let out a groan that was perilously close to a whine.


“Shush. You’re gonna spray your pants if I don’t stop.”

Angel flushed slightly but he didn’t try to deny it. He also didn’t think he should point out that it wouldn’t be the first time that day.

Spike placed a kiss on the pouting lips, plump with blood and the unfamiliar sensation of kissing someone with stubble. “Wanna see what dick tastes like?” he asked with a suggestive eyebrow raise.

Angel nodded dumbly, mind numbed by a bolt of lust. He propped himself up on his elbows as his brother rose to his feet.

“Get on your knees.”

Part Two

He did as he was told, brown eyes looking up almost solemnly and thick, hard cock jutting out in front of him. Spike’s eyelids fluttered a little.

“Good. Unbutton my jeans and take it out.”

The older man noticed the slight shake of his hands and the way that he almost fumbled the buttons in his eagerness, and reached forward to run a reassuring hand through his hair. The kid leaned into the touch, not even bothering to whinge about the fact that Spike was messing up his gel-job.

Once the blond’s hard cock was free, Angel’s tongue darted out to moisten his lips and Spike grinned. “Lick it.” He could see that his brother’s dick was pulsing out steady dribbles of pre-cum and he fought the urge to taste him, which would probably set him off like a firecracker.

To give him his due, Angel wasn’t even slightly hesitant in obeying and he laved the shaft from base to tip, keeping his eyes riveted on Spike’s face and moaning.

“Have you been watching porn, baby brother?” gasped the other man, thinking that he’d never seen anything so fucking sexy in his entire life. Angel nodded, taking another slow lick.

“All the time. And I always think about you,” he said silkily, before experimentally wrapping his lips around the head and sucking.

“Shit! That’s right…Good boy…Try to take a little more in…There you go…Careful; don’t choke…Okay, now press your tongue along it too…Yeah…And touch me as well…That’s it. Fuck, Angel! You’re a natural…”

Angel didn’t really know what he was doing and he wasn’t capable of swallowing too much at a time, but he followed Spike’s instructions to the letter and he seemed to have an inherent talent for sucking cock. He was doing well co-ordinating touching, swallowing and sucking, and when he pulled back and gave adorable little puppy licks to the head, Spike thought he might just melt.

“Yeah, pet…Just like that…Love seeing you on your knees for me, like a pretty little ten-dollar whore…”

Angel groaned around his shaft and the blond could see that he was practically humping thin air, pushing his hips forward and trying in vain to get friction on his aching dick. It was gratifying to discover that his brother had the same filthy streak that he did.

The boy’s greedy little grunts were threatening to shake loose the tenuous grip he had on himself. He almost couldn’t wait to be plundering that sweet, untapped arse. He knew in an academic sense that he shouldn’t be doing it, that he shouldn’t be planning to fuck the stuffing out of any underage kid, let alone his own brother, but he didn’t give a shit.

He wanted him. And he was going to take him.

“Okay, that’s enough. On with the show,” he grinned, giving Angel a shove so that he fell backwards onto his ass. “Turn over,” he demanded as he settled onto his knees in front of the kid’s sprawled form.

“What?” Angel replied, eyes shifting a little nervously. He wanted this, but Spike was surprisingly forceful and it was obvious that he was used to just taking what he desired, sexually speaking.

“I said, turn over,” he repeated deliberately, with a hard edge to his tone. He reached forwards and pushed at his hip, trying to get him to move.

“What are you gonna do?”

Spike rolled his eyes. “Wot do you think I’m gonna do, genius? I’m gonna fuck that tight virgin arsehole.”

Angel tried to sit up and the blond grabbed his shoulders and used his weight to force them both back onto the floor. The boy grunted and tried to wriggle free, pushing Spike away; he responded by snagging his wrists and wrestling them to the floor, pinning them with a hard grip as he straddled Angel’s lap, ignoring his ineffective attempts to escape. Angel let out a little noise of frustration and Spike dug his nails into the soft flesh of his inner wrists in annoyance.

“Now now, little brother. Stop being such a fucking cock-tease. You wanted this and you are gonna put out.”

“Will!” he cried out plaintively, still struggling although he couldn’t deny the lust that shivered through him at the words and rough treatment. “I’m just a little…scared.”

The sudden and unexpected vulnerability made Spike’s face soften and he ran his thumbs soothingly over Angel’s restrained wrists. “Hey, look at me, kid. I always look out for you, don’t I? You trust me, don’t you?”

Angel gazed into his brother’s familiar blue eyes and nodded slowly. Spike had always made everything alright, ever since he was a little boy, crying over a scraped knee or needing to learn to fight in order to deal with some bully at school.

“Well then. Trust me to make this better than anything you’ve ever felt in your entire fucking life,” he whispered, laying a kiss on his swollen lips. He liked it rough and the idea of forcing Angel turned him on, but only if the kid would enjoy it too (which he was fairly sure he would, once he got used to the idea). He loved him too much to actually hurt or scare him for real, although he really did need to learn that he couldn’t fire Spike up and not follow through.

“I do trust you,” he replied softly.

“Good boy,” he said indulgently. “Now, stop being a whiny little shit and turn over.”

He released his wrists and rose to take his full weight on his knees to give Angel room to comply, landing a hard slap on his thigh to hurry the manoeuvre along. Once the brunet was lying on his front, Spike took a moment to appreciate the view before shuffling backwards until he was straddling his lower legs. He then leaned forwards and kissed one of the firm globes of Angel’s ass, squeezing the other and smacking it as he did so.

“Fuck, you’ve got a hot little arse,” he confided, lips moving against the soft skin and making Angel squirm. “Gonna show you something nice now, pet.”

He dipped his head down and licked a line from the base of Angel’s coccyx all the way down past his ass and over his perineum to the back of his balls. Hearing his loud gasp, he grinned and spread the kid’s cheeks apart, exposing his entrance. He circled it with his tongue, holding Angel down firmly with one hand in the centre of his back when he tried to buck up into the sensation. When the boy was nice and relaxed, he passed his tongue over in a wet sweep and then plunged it deep inside, using the metal stud to stimulate the ridged walls of his passage.

“Jesus fucking Christ! Ohmygodthatisamazing!” he squeaked, wriggling as he felt Spike’s laugh resonating inside him.

The blond carried on pushing into him for a little while, sucking on the tender, pink, puckered flesh at the same time and massaging his balls with one hand. He wanted him as loosened up and aroused as possible. When he felt the kid rocking his hips against the floor to get friction on his dick, he pulled back.

“You like me tongue-fucking your arsehole, little brother?” he asked huskily, smoothly sliding the first finger of his free hand into his ass as Angel was distracted by the dirty words. By the time the action had registered and he froze, strong muscles clamping around the digit, it was already fully seated. Spike rotated it, stretching a little.

“Come on, kid…Relax,” he ordered silkily. He returned his mouth to the area and resumed licking as he crooked his finger to pass over Angel’s prostate. Before very long, the brunet was a panting, writhing mess again, so drugged on the intense, pleasurable sensations that he didn’t notice Spike adding a second finger alongside his tongue.

“Spike…Fuck! Oh my G…FUCK!” he shouted. “Please keep doing that…Please!”

Feeling that Angel might be getting close to release again, he pulled his mouth away.

“Spike!” barked the kid in a tone that purported to be commanding and the blond retaliated by smacking his left ass cheek hard with three successive strikes. He couldn’t help but smile at both the yelp and the fact that Angel immediately pushed back against the fingers still buried inside him.

“Don’t forget who’s in charge here…But I think you like that, don’t you? You like me telling you wot to do and tanning your pretty little arse when you don’t obey.”

“No, I like you getting the fuck on with it, idiot,” he replied and Spike knew that he was chasing a hiding. He didn’t disappoint.

“Little fucker,” he hissed, spanking his ass pink while he pressed relentlessly on his sweet spot. He didn’t stop until Angel was panting and mewling, tears leaking from his eyes and very obviously confused about whether he was trying to wriggle away from the pain or back towards the pleasure.

“Spike! Please!”

He stopped, grinning to himself. “Yeah?”

“Make me come. It’s just too much!” he pleaded.

“Forget it,” responded Spike dismissively to a little whimper. He spread himself out over his brother’s back, slowly rotating his fingers again as his lips brushed Angel’s ear. “You can come when I fuck you, and not before. But don’t worry, baby boy, I’m gonna give it to you hard and dirty, just like you want it. And I know you’re gonna love it.”

Angel knew that it was going to hurt. He didn’t care. He just wanted to get off and even his wildest fantasies hadn’t been able to predict how amazing Spike was making him feel. It was completely different to when he brought himself off and in some ways it was almost too intense, but nothing could make him stop now.

“Come on, Will,” he breathed, pushing his hips back up towards the hard length that he could feel nestled against him, burning him. The denim of the blond’s unfastened Levis rubbed against him and he knew that his brother had deliberately remained partway dressed to enforce the image of his dominance.

Angel felt Spike rummaging in his pocket and then a strange sound before the fingers left him briefly and were suddenly pushed back inside, much slicker and cold. He gasped, deciding that he didn’t want to think about why the older man carried lubricant around so handily.

As Spike greased up his cock, he licked the shell of Angel’s ear and said gently, “When I’m going in, bear down and it’ll be easier, okay?” Once he felt the boy nod against him, his manner changed entirely.

He snagged both of Angel’s wrists in his free hand, forcing them down onto the carpet above his head as he nudged his legs further apart with a strong thigh. The brunet struggled reflexively, although he didn’t want to get free, and was not altogether surprised that his lack of success turned him on more.

“Stop it!” growled Spike, enjoying the game. “Be a good little bitch and lie still…”

Angel felt something large and blunt at his entrance and then Spike’s fingers were leaving him and there was deep, burning pressure. He froze as he felt a sharp bolt of pain and suddenly both of his brother’s hands were restraining his wrists, his full weight solidly pressed up against his back. After a soft kiss to the temple, wicked lips were back at his ear.

“Gonna make you mine, Angel. Don’t care if you struggle or whine or beg me to stop – I’m ploughing into that tight, hungry little hole of yours…You’re gonna be feeling me for a week…”

As the sinfully arousing words distracted Angel, Spike pressed forwards slowly but firmly. He felt the strong muscle grip the head of his cock and he rocked a little until it loosened and popped. Inch by inch, he pushed his way inside, talking the whole time and finding that he needed to hold the kid down for real. He was bucking around like a rodeo steer.

He paused once he was all the way home, dropping his forehead down onto Angel’s heaving, sweating back. He kissed the warm skin, lips tingling from the salt.

Angel tried to control his breathing. Excited as he was, the pain wasn’t actually that bad; it burned and stung, sure, but it was more the intensity of the sensation that was getting to him. He felt so full!

“It’s so much,” he panted softly.

“That’s ‘cause I got a fat cock,” grinned Spike and Angel huffed out a soft laugh. “And you’re taking it like a real pro, baby. Ready for me to move?”

“Does it matter?” he asked huskily. He liked their little game, although he had a nasty suspicion that Spike was only treating it like a game this one time because he was a virgin. After this, all bets were off and he’d have to be careful about the cheques his mouth was writing. Because his brother would cash them.

“Not really,” he replied with a smile. And then suddenly he was driving in and out with long, deep strokes that made the brunet cry out and shake with the force of it. “This how you wanted your cherry popped, Angel? Getting pounded into the floor by your big brother?”

“Fuck!” The little explosion of lust that Spike’s words caused had coincided with a jab against his prostate as the angle of entry changed. His body snapped as if an electrical charge had been passed through it and the veins on his forearms stood out with the effort of straining against Spike’s uncompromising grip.

“That’s right…Just brace yourself and take it…”

Angel knew that this was not how it was supposed to be. Absolutely everything about it was very, very wrong…And yet it felt so fucking good.

By the time Spike had whispered a few more filthy words and relentlessly nailed his prostate for another minute or two, Angel was considerably more relaxed and found that he could concentrate on the pleasure building within him, although he still shouted aloud at every stroke. He’d never felt such sustained ecstasy before – whenever he’d been jerking off, if he’d been this excited, he’d just pumped himself right over the edge. But, because Spike was deliberately not touching his cock, his orgasm remained elusive.

And boy was it going to be one hell of a climax once it came; he was almost afraid of how powerful it would feel. Feeling emboldened now that the pain had subsided a little, he experimentally rocked his hips, meeting one of Spike’s thrusts and then sliding along the floor. He gasped as the friction on his dick melded with the internal stimulation and caused a hot little explosion to ricochet around his groin.

Fuck! He did it again.

Spike felt what he was doing and realised that Angel was getting close to orgasm again. Well…that was unexpected. He had thought it would take him much longer than this to get accustomed to the feeling of being fucked; sometimes, guys couldn’t come this way at all the first time.

He felt absurdly proud of his little brother for adjusting so well and apparently managing to enjoy himself even though he was grunting and gasping and gritting his teeth, clenching his balled fists rhythmically to ease his discomfort.

Much as it pleased him that he was having such an effect on Angel, he didn’t want him going off yet. He refused to admit that most of the reason for this was that he was fairly sure it would make him blow his own stack if he felt Angel’s hot, tight little ass clench and flutter around him. Fuck, but the kid was sexy, his thick, smooth muscles flexing and straining beneath Spike’s body.

Angel growled in frustration as Spike suddenly lifted off him and pulled him up onto all fours so that he couldn’t rub off against the floor any more. The blond ‘punished’ him with a hard slap on the flank.

“Shut it. You don’t want carpet burns on your prick and besides, I’m not ready for you to come yet.”

With that, he began to hammer even more forcefully inside the kid, the new position giving him much better leverage. He grabbed Angel’s shoulder with one hand and his hip with the other, using the grip to slam the brunet back against him with each thrust.

“Fuck! Shit, Will! SHIT!” He panted, a sharp little groan knocked out of him each time that Spike’s groin smashed into his ass, balls smacking against him. “It’s too much!”

He was seeing stars behind his eyelids and the hurt and stretch was greater now, despite the better angle. He felt as though his body couldn’t take it and part of him wanted to escape the sensation, but it was still so fucking incredible that he just braced his legs a little wider and tried to take what he was being given. His heavy, rock-hard dick slapped up against his abdomen on every stroke.

“Tough. I warned you, told you that I wouldn’t stop, and you wanted to get fucked anyway.”

“Don’t want you to stop,” he managed to mumble.

“Ah, I see…Do you like that, bro? That we’re fucking like dogs?” he smiled, pushing on Angel’s shoulder until it was propped against the floor, leaving his ass in the air. “And that’s just wot you are…A bitch in heat…”

God help him, he liked it all. He liked the pain, liked being insulted and degraded…and liked best of all that it was his brother doing these things to him. He was sick and twisted and he didn’t give a shit because he was pretty sure that nothing else on earth could make him feel so fucking amazing.

The pressure was so intense. He could feel tears streaming down his face and his breath was coming in ragged gasps. “Spike, please!”

“Please wot?” he demanded silkily, sliding one hand into brown hair and tugging hard, relishing the yelp and moan.

“Fuck me harder…Make me come. Please! I need to come so bad. I’ll do anything you want! Just…please…”

Spike gritted his teeth together and squeezed his eyes shut, fighting off the rising tide of excitement within him. Jesus! His baby brother was really threatening to strip away every ounce of control he had! “Are you begging me?” he asked huskily.

“Yes! Fuck, yes! Please, bro!”

“Will you really do anything to get me to slam my dick harder in this hungry, slutty arse and fuck your cum right out of you?”

“Yes! Shit…” Damn, but Spike’s words were pushing him right to the brink, causing shameful fire to roll through him in hot, nasty waves.

“Will you let me do anythin’ to you?”


“Will you get down on your knees and eat out my arsehole? Will you get under the kitchen table and suck my cock if I tell you to?”

“Christ, yes…”

“Will you let me bend you over the couch and the desk and any fucking thing I want and spread for me?”

“Yes…Damn it, Will…!”

Spike’s tongue curled around his teeth and he gave a wicked leer, as he canted his hips just the tiniest bit and added an extra little twist to his thrusts. “Will you let me fuck you in front of Lindsey? So he can see how much you like taking your big brother’s dick…?”

“Yes, yes, yes…FUCK, yes!!!” He roared as he came, the bliss cresting and bursting through him, making his muscles shudder with the force of it and his body buck wildly. He could feel the hot spunk pulsing up his length and shooting from his slit, the release of pressure such a relief that his eyes rolled ecstatically. Cum splattered his belly, chest, neck, face, arms and the deep shag of the carpet.

Dad wasn’t going to like that.

As expected, the feel of his brother creaming all over himself sent Spike’s own orgasm hurtling through him. He threw himself forwards, using his weight to force Angel to the floor as he spurted deep inside him, biting down hard and possessively on his shoulder.

They stayed as they were for long minutes, breathing harshly. When Spike felt Angel begin to shift with discomfort, he dropped a kiss between sweat-slick shoulder blades and kneeled back up, rubbing a hand over the brunet’s thigh when he hissed in pain. He looked down at his cock, noting that there was blood on it – but not too much.

Angel winced as he forced his limbs into helping him turn over and kneel facing Spike. He looked at him solemnly, wondering whether he was going to freak out and try to tell him that they couldn’t repeat what had been the single most awesome experience of his life.

Spike sniffed and grinned. “Congratulations, little brother. You’re a man now. A slutty, incestuous, fucked up little bitch of a man…but still.”

Angel gaped at him and then laughed, smacking his chest. “Hey!”

Spike reached out and grabbed his head in both hands, hauling him forwards for a short, searing kiss.

“Well, kid, you got what you wanted. Don’t forget that – you started this and you asked me to do it. You’re mine now.”

Angel suppressed a shiver that was mostly lust, feeling a little pulse through his softening cock. Nevertheless, he laughed. “You wish, Will. You just abused your underage brother…So, if anyone owns anyone…” He shrugged.

Spike chuckled. They both knew that neither of them was ever going to tell another soul about this, but they would make jokes and threats, the same as they did about everything else. “Yeah, try that line again when you haven’t got my spunk dribbling out your arse, baby brother.”

The blond smacked him lightly across the cheek and leaned forward to plant a chaste kiss on his forehead. “Come on, we need to clean this up. And you definitely need a shower.”

Angel looked down at the cum drying all over his body. Nodding, he allowed Spike to pull him to his feet, crying out at the sudden sharp pain. He looked helplessly at the blond.

“S’alright. It’s normal,” he reassured as he refastened his jeans. “Now stop being such a pussy. Go get washed and I’ll sort this.”

“Thanks,” smiled Angel, trying to kiss him on the lips again. Spike placed a hand on his chest to stop him.

“Not gonna be able to do that, even if we want to. Gotta remember that, kid.”

“There’s no-one here!” he protested, thinking to himself that Spike had been singing a very different tune about five minutes ago when he’d been fucking him through the floor.

“I know, but we don’t want any nasty little habits forming, now do we?”

“What? Like you coring my asshole for example?”

Spike scowled at him and then rolled his eyes. “Look, don’t get smart with me. Do wot I tell you.”

“Or what?”

He exhaled forcefully in frustration, casting a glance around as he tried to locate his fags. “Or I won’t let you indulge your sick, twisted little fantasies. Now, go have a shower or I’m gonna give you a spanking that you won’t enjoy.”

“You’re such a dick,” he replied, trying for his usual bantering tone. He almost pulled it off, but Spike could hear the faint edge of hurt to his voice.



“You know I just wanna keep us both safe, right? Love ya, bro.”

Angel nodded, finally turning to head towards the bathroom. “Love you too, Will.”


He stood under the spray, relishing the heat on his overwrought, aching body. He was bruised and sore, and his ass felt like it was on fire, but he was close to ecstatic.

He’d never really expected to have Spike, never thought that his brother was so completely fucked in the head. It was awesome.

And being the younger and more ‘vulnerable’ one definitely had its advantages. He knew that Spike wanted to carry on fucking him, and he’d been able to tell how much he’d turned him on. He also knew that the blond didn’t want to hurt him or screw him up too much. He almost snorted at that notion, figuring that it was a bit late.

Pretty soon, Spike would be eating out of the palm of his hand. He knew just how to play him, and was confident that he would get all the sex he craved, exactly how he wanted it. He’d seen the covetous, almost desperate look in his brother’s eyes as they roamed over his naked body. He wondered whether he could make him beg.

This was gonna be fun.  


Huh. So Angel was completely fucking bent? Good to know.

Sex on tap was going to be fun. Especially filthy, fucked-up, wrong sex on tap. Angel was young and pretty obviously open to anything; Spike was looking forward to moulding his desires and preferences until he had the perfect, obedient little fucktoy.

He was gonna make him scream, with pain and pleasure. Hopefully both at the same time. He was so responsive to everything, and Spike was confident that he could convince him to do anything. Being the older, more experienced one definitely had its advantages. The kid would be his slave.

He righted the room, grinning at the way that Angel had fought to hide the fact that he was still seeking his older brother’s approval, the same way that he always had done. Powerful weapon, that was. Much like trust…

This was gonna be fun.

The End

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