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Tribute by: katekat1010

When I read the first paragraph of this fic, I wondered what the heck I'd gotten into.  I was confused.  I was intrigued.  I felt a little like a perv.  At the same time, I read further and found that it is this wonderful, beautiful and often lyrical story. 

This particular work is entirely self-indulgent, entirely bizarre, yet at the same time it really works at the end. When I was done I was amazed that something so resonant came from such an inauspicious beginning.

The premise?  Spike is a professional escort in New York and Xander is sent to fetch him and bring him back to a Sunnydale that never fell into the hellmouth.  Xander's ridiculously wealthy, and they mess around, and mess around, and mess around some more and it turns into something truly beautiful.

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