Rating: NC-17
Content: Rape, slash and BDSM. (POV)
Pairings: A(us)/X, A(us)/S
Spoilers: Beginning of season 4, nothing major
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Description: Xander stumbles upon Spike's lair just as Angelus returns from LA. Angelus takes over and decides to keep Xander around for some fun.
Setting: Angel looses his soul after the drug incident and before Darla. Don't ask me how, he won't tell. Takes place just before the scoobies find out Spike has returned to Sunnydale in season 4.
Disclaimer: Not my characters, not my show. Just my imagination.
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What's Mine Is Yours

Angel Jade

Part One

Willy was beginning to piss me off. The guy had given us the wrong address one too many times. Now he'd given us a whole list, which of course, meant splitting up. We had to find the little demon that had run off with Giles' books. He'd stolen something rather important which, in the wrong hands, would lead to the apocalypse. Again. And so I got to check out the abandoned house in the woods. Buffy had given me more equipment than I needed, as blood-sucking vamps inhabited most abandoned houses in Sunnydale. And I had no intention of dying tonight. As I crept through the woods, I actually got embarrassed with my behaviour. I was jumping at shadows, making a real fool of myself. My fear levels were through the roof. I tried to get myself to calm down, telling myself that all the vampires in Sunnydale would smell my fear. Of course that only led to freaking myself out more.

The house used to belong to some old guy who lived alone with his staff. A gamekeeper or something like that. He owned the woods until he went insane and killed all his servants. Although that was quite possibly just rumours from 4th grade. When I finally found the place, those rumours seemed more like an understatement. The house symbolised every tacky horror movie I had ever seen. The only thing missing was the streak of lightning. I shook my head and made my way to the house, being careful to stick to the shadows, hoping that whatever lived there, was not in.

I peered in the windows cautiously. A dark empty room leered back at me. I wondered round the edge of the house, glancing in each one and seeing nothing. There were no curtains, no paint and no boards, so logically, vampires couldn't have lived there. Feeling a twinge of courage, I decided to look inside, not at all bothered about running into the little demon. If it hadn't have run off with Giles' books, I would have wanted to keep the thing as a pet. It looked like a little munchkin. Of course, after we had seen it, we looked it up and discovered its mischievous, but harmless nature. Why couldn't all demons be that way? I made my way to the front door and pushed it. It opened slowly, as if it hadn't been opened in a long time. I took one look around and knew right away I had been seriously mistaken. The floor had very recently been cleaned and there was little dust anywhere. A coat lay draped on the banister and some books (not Giles', I noticed) had been pulled from a nearby bookcase and flung on the small sofa. Giving up all ideas of bravery, I spun round to run away, not willing to take any chances, but three tall figures blocked my way. These were no munchkin demons.

"Xander!" Spike grinned, baring his teeth. Shocked, both by the sudden appearance of them and their ugly faces, I stepped back, unwittingly into the house.

"Spike." I greeted, my mind frantic with a million thoughts at once. Will Buffy be on her way here? Is there anyway out? What's he going to do with me? Could I be any stupider? All very good questions.


"You should know better than to be out in the woods all alone in the dark." Spike teased, moving forwards, his minions close behind. Their group had grown. Three more now stood behind Spike.

"I was looking for you," I lied, trying to keep my cool. There was no way I could run from this. I didn't stand a chance.

"Oh yeah? By yourself?" Spike asked, his tone slightly cautious. He was wondering if Buffy was nearby.

"No. Buffy's around." I said carefully. He could see through me, I just knew it. He continued to advance, keeping his game face on, to frighten me no doubt. "What are you doing back in Sunnydale? I thought Buffy kicked you out."

Spike growled. "You think I do what that bitch of a slayer tells me to?" he scoffed.

"Yeah...well." I stuttered. "I came here to tell you, I know you're here and Buffy's gonna get real angry if she sees you here..." Oh it had sounded like a good plan in my head.

"And how angry will she be if she finds the dead body of her good friend Xander?" Spike asked. I stopped stepping backwards. Any further and I would have been out the room.

"Buffy!" I yelled, hoping to trick him in a last desperate attempt to convince him I was not stupid enough to be here alone.

In one quick motion, he was in front of me, his hand clasped around my throat, threatening to rip it out. I grabbed his arm with my hands, trying to pull him off me and alleviate the pain that crushed at my windpipe.

"I don't think she's coming, mate." Spike grinned. "In fact, I don't think she's anywhere near here. Perhaps we should wait for her." He cocked his head. "Nah, I'm too hungry." He released my neck and pushed me against the wall, ready to sink his teeth in.

"Didn't I teach you anything?" Angel's voice questioned Spike. Spike's game face fell and he looked at the front door, shocked to see the face of his sire.

"Angel!" I called out, making sure he knew I was there and in need of serious help.

"I was following you, Harris, but like the slippery fuck that you are, I lost you." Angel's voice was so much different from the usual cold tone. It sounded so pitiless and empty. The little relief I had felt on seeing him was quickly replaced with a dread more intoxicating than the previous one. It wasn't Angel. "Then I heard you call out her name."

"Angelus." Spike spat angrily. "When did you get back?"

"Just." He smirked. "I was hoping to catch up with some of my old friends from Sunnydale"

Spike shook his head and turned back to me, his face morphing back. He went to bite me again but his sire's tutting stopped him. "What?!"

"You're just going to eat him?" Angelus asked, the critical tone in his voice was obviously pissing Spike off.

"Yeah." Spike yelled. "Why? You wanna fuck him too?" I wondered if he referred to Angel fucking Buffy or perhaps Angelus fucking...gross! I tried to wipe the images from my head.

"Now that you mention it." Angelus grinned. I felt my heart stop. Fuck me? They were kidding right?

"Fuck off, he's mine," I heard Spike growl.

"Why don't you ask Harris?" Angelus suggested. I watched them both, my eyes wide with terror. "Do you want to die a virgin?"

I wasn't a virgin. Not with women anyway. But I got the feeling he didn't mean it that way. How could I possibly answer that question? "I don't want to die." I blurted out, regretting the words the moment they left my mouth. What a pathetic thing to say.

"Go fuck Buffy," Spike hissed at Angelus, before returning his attention to me. Angelus moved with frightening speed, pulled Spike off me and threw him across the room. I moved across the wall, as far into the corner as I could possibly get, wondering...no, praying Angelus was pretending. It was Angel, it had to be. He was just messing with Spike.

"When I'm finished with you you'll wish you were dead," he whispered in my ear. Too late, I thought. They hadn't been joking. All the rumours I had heard about vampires and I never took them seriously. Was he really...? I felt my knees buckle under me but his hands caught me and pulled me back onto my feet. "Whoa! Not yet Harris. You can drop to your knees later. If you think I'm staying in this dump you've got another think coming."

I glanced over at Spike, who was picking himself up off the floor. He looked fiercely at his minions, who stood by. They hadn't even tried to stop Angelus. He looked back at me, hiding his humiliation with anger. Before he could speak, Angelus opened his mouth. "Don't forget who you are, Spikey. Or I may just have to teach you." Spike dropped his eyes to the floor and shook his head. He looked at a loss, which I could really relate to.

"Buffy's gonna come after me," I warned Angelus, in some vain attempt to win back some dignity.

"I really hope so," Angelus grinned.

They dragged me for what seemed like hours. Angelus led the pack, with Spike and his minions following, not daring to challenge the new Master. Spike had attempted to stay but Angelus had threatened his childe. It would have been funny if I weren't in such a dangerous position. Spike...the big bad, was afraid of Angelus. I didn't blame him, but it was amusing nevertheless. I resisted the urge not to call out for Buffy, sure that he would either kill me or something worse.

On arriving at a small house on the outskirts of town, I was taken inside. I wondered how exactly Angelus got these houses. My question was answered when I saw a couple of bodies in the corner. I looked away, desperately trying not to throw up. Angelus laughed at me. "You'll get used to it, boy."

Shivers ran down my spine. I'd get used to it? Exactly how long did he plan on keeping me alive? My throat tightened at the thought of him keeping me here. Where was Buffy when you needed her?

Spike stood by the door, obviously pissed off. He lent against the wall and glared at Angelus. Angelus turned to the minions and looked them over, a dissatisfied look on his face. "Any of you over ten years?" he asked them. No one made a sound. Angelus looked at Spike. "You never change, you know that." I had no idea what it meant, but Spike sure did. He kept staring at Angelus, until he decided to back down and looked away.

"There's a new Master in Sunnydale. Whom do you serve?" Angelus asked them.

"You, Master," they said, dropping to their knees. I felt equal emotions of amusement and disgust at the sight. The world of the vampire is fucked up.

"Spike?" Angelus asked calmly, when Spike didn't speak.

"What?" he snapped, immediate regret crossing his face. But he didn't take it back.

"I didn't hear you," Angelus told him. "Whom do you serve?" he asked again, with more strength behind his voice.

"I don't serve anyone but me," Spike said angrily. "So fuck off."

Angelus looked at the minions and they knew exactly what he wanted. They grabbed a protesting Spike and dragged him over to Angelus, forcing him down onto his knees. I stood against the wall in shock.

"It's been too long, Spikey." Angelus grinned. "You're going to pay for that." Spike struggled violently, but there were too many of the vampires holding him.

"Fuck you!" Spike yelled in defiance.

Angelus grabbed Spike's chin and raised his head so he was looking into the eyes of his sire. "Take him upstairs and use the equipment in the first bedroom to tie him to the bed. Spread legged, on his stomach." Angelus commanded. I felt sick at the thought of what Angelus was obviously going to do. But then a stronger wave of terror took over me. I was alone with him.

He turned around and looked at me. The terrified boy pressing into the wall, as if he could go through it if he tried hard enough. I must have looked pathetic. "What's the matter, boy?" Angelus asked me. I couldn't answer, so I just swallowed and kept my eyes on him. "You look scared. You're not scared of your old pal, Angel, are you?" I looked away and gritted my teeth in angry embarrassment. "We'll see to that. He grabbed my shirt collar and dragged me upstairs, where I heard Spike's angry protests. I was taken into the last room down the hall. The giant bed gave me fresh shivers down my spine. I was flung onto it and left, as if he knew I wouldn't escape. It made the humiliation worse. The fact that I didn't even try to run away, that thought would haunt me later.

Angelus took his shirt off in front of me and I sat there gawking at him. I could not comprehend what was happening. It seemed too surreal but the intense feeling of terror that pounded at my chest made it real. I struggled to breathe, as he took his pants down. He glanced at me. "Strip." He ordered simply. There was no way I was going to do that. It was bad enough I couldn't force myself to run, but to strip willingly? That was out of the question. "Now, Harris!" he growled. My hands betrayed me and flew to my shirt. I took it off as quickly as I could, keeping my eyes away from his satisfied smirk.

I was vaguely aware of Angelus' naked form watching me, but managed to block it out by closing my eyes. My brain wasn't functioning properly. Was he doing this to humiliate me or was he really going to fuck me? I wondered if he'd let me go afterwards. Doubtful.

"Pay attention, Harris," he said, bringing me back from my thoughts and straight back into reality. I looked up at him, both of us now naked. I would have never guessed I would be in this situation. I had often thought about him killing me, but this was completely new to me. "Good boy," he patronized. "On the bed." I tried as hard as I could to hide the horror that crossed my face, but I felt my eyes betraying me. His eyebrows rose, as I didn't move. That look was enough to get me moving. I lay down on my back. "If you want me to fuck you like a girl..." I turned over quickly.

My hands grasped the bed covers in abject fear. My knuckles turned white as I felt him climb on the bed. "Please don't." I finally found words. I may have said it like a moron, but they were words.

"Come on, Xander, you can do better than that," Angelus taunted, as his hands fell upon my ass. I decided not to bother. Nothing I could say would convince him to stop. I'd save my grovelling for later. "No more begging?" he asked. "Then let's begin." My heart stopped as I felt his cock push at my ass, ready to enter. I held my breath and screwed my eyes closed, awaiting the pain I knew was coming.

As his cock entered me dry, I felt an explosion of pain. My whole body tensed and I cried out, unable to keep my pain to myself. He started to push in further, stretching my ass more than it should ever be stretched. Tears rolled down my eyes and I tried with every ounce of energy I had to concentrate on something other than the throbbing that stemmed from the sick intrusion he was forcing upon me. I automatically started to struggle, but his hands bore down on me and pressed me into the bed. "Mmm, I love it when they struggle." Angelus said to no one in particular. "Makes it more fun for me." That was the last thing I wanted, but I didn't stop. Pride seemed so unimportant right now, but I clung to it. If he took my pride, I knew I would just submit and take it.

Minutes crawled by and he made no sign of finishing. My body slumped in exhaustion and I had stopped crying. There were no more tears left. I just lay there, as he thrust into me, stabbing me harder each time. My eyes stared off into the distance and I simply breathed. It was all I could do.

The grunt he made startled me and I felt his cold load shoot into my ass. He waited for a moment before pulling out. I closed my eyes, thankful it was over finally. I had no idea how much time had passed, but I had long since given up ideas of rebellion and pride. It was all I could do to stay alive now. Not that that was much of an issue now. I was ready to curl up and die. My heart jumped as he slapped my ass, as he was climbing off the bed. He didn't say a word, but I felt his gloating envelop the room like a bad smell. "Get up," he demanded. I couldn't have complied even if I had wanted to. Rather than yell again, he stalked over to me and grabbed my arm, lifting me off the bed with little effort. He threw me on the floor and I landed in a heap. This time I did move, despite the crippling pain running through my sodomized body.

"Consider yourself lucky," he said, coldly. "I could have done much worse." I stared at the floor, hoping he'd mistake my attempt to focus on something else as submission. "Now it's Spike's turn," he said, his voice cheering up. I wondered what he was going to do to me now. "Follow." He walked out the room, obviously not at all bothered he was stark naked. I followed timidly, wondering if he'd kill me if I didn't.

"Fucking unchain me now, you fucking traitors." Spike yelled at the vampires who stood waiting by the bed. He glared at Angelus as we entered. "You're going to pay for this!" he swore.

Angelus laughed and shook his head. "You need to be taught to think before you speak."

"I think you're fucked in the head." Spike spat. Angelus just laughed. He wondered over to the cabinet on the far side of the room and pulled out some objects. Spike's face drained as he saw what his sire was holding. I shrank back into the corner, wondering if anyone would notice me leave.

"Leave," Angelus instructed the minions, frightening me. For a moment, I had thought he had been talking to me. The minions left quietly, some rather upset that they would miss all the fun.

"Wish you were dead yet?" Spike asked me as he pulled at his bonds. I opened my mouth to talk but Angelus shot me a look and I shut it again.

"You'll rip your hands off, if you keep that up." Angelus commented as he walked round the edge of the bed, keeping his eyes locked on Spike's naked body. I could see Spike was trying to think of something to say. He knew swearing and insulting would only get him so far.

Angelus caressed the whip he held in his hand, with sick fascination. I saw the hesitation on Spike's face. I wondered if he had had previous experience of this kind. Then I remembered Spike and Angelus' past. Spike had lived with Angelus for years; it was hard to believe that Angelus had never punished him. He seemed to enjoy it way too much.

"Boy," Angelus called me and I looked at him, nervously. I tried to keep my breathing even, but I was far too shaken up. "I hope you're watching. This is what happens to people who disobey me."

"It happens all the fucking time, regardless," Spike argued. "Any bloody excuse." Spike sucked his breath in as an angry lash crossed his back. Angelus smirked, noticeably satisfied now that he had shut his childe up. I closed my eyes and looked away, trying to block the vision out. How could he stand the pain? The noise had been enough to unnerve me.

The second strike ricocheted off Spike's back, the loud snap echoing in my ears. Spike didn't make a sound, but I had a feeling that Angelus wouldn't stop until he did. Why was Spike making this worse on himself? And I thought I had a pride problem.

"Come on, Spikey!" Angelus mocked. "You've missed this and you fucking know it."

A low growling sound came from Spike. I opened my eyes and dared to glance at the two vampires, only to look away again. Spike had two deep red lines across his back, which was soon three, as Angelus landed another across Spike's shoulder blades.

He kept going and I soon lost count of the painful sounds. Spike had begun to moan involuntarily at each strike. When I looked back over, I almost fainted at the sight of Spike's back. It was torn open, blood everywhere. The elated look on Angelus' face was unsettling. I felt my knees weaken and I wondered how much longer I could take this. I was only watching this disturbing scene and I felt sick. I actually felt sorry for Spike.

Not long after, Spike began to cry out, followed by full on screaming. His pained cries made my stomach turn. I was just glad I didn't have to watch the pain on his face. This was truly sick. I silently prayed that Buffy would find me before this sort of thing happened to me. If she did come, what would I do? How could I tell her what Angelus had done to me? A wave of remembrance flooded my mind and I felt the sudden urge to scream. Good sense prevailed though...yes, even I have that. I kept quiet.

Angelus dropped the whip and I heard the relieved sigh that Spike released. I looked up, trying to avoid Spike's back. Angelus was unchaining him. I wanted to shrink back further into the shadows, but I was as far as I could go. I watched as Angelus lifted Spike off the bed and helped him over to the table. The table? With horrifying realisation, I sank to the floor and sat with my arms wrapped around my knees. No one noticed. Spike was forced onto the table, his feet, barely touching the floor. Angelus pushed down on his back, pressing into the exposed flesh.

Spike yelped in pain. I stared at them, a sick fascination forcing me to watch. Angelus was going to rape Spike. He slid his hands down to Spike's ass and parted the cheeks, a hungry look in his eyes. He looked at me, and then back at Spike, satisfied I was watching, then with brutal force, slammed his cock into his childe, tearing his insides in one swift, painful movement. Spike cried out in shock and terror, desperately struggling with every bit of strength he had left. But his sire was far superior to him and he was weak. I watched, as Angelus moved back and forth, impaling the younger vampire, as he lay sprawled across the table. And then I realised that Spike was.... hard. He was enjoying this, in some sick perverted way, Spike was enjoying it. The look on his face, the sound of his pained groans would lead anyone to believe otherwise, but I could see the evidence right there. It was being pressed into the table from Spike's uncomfortable position. Once again, it fascinated me. Was it really possible to have your skin whipped off your back and then get raped and to still get hard? And yet watching it...it was kinda turning me on. Nah, that's impossible. I'm not gay and I don't get off on pain and domination. Unless it's (Buffy) Anya doing it and even then...gross.

"You see how he likes it, boy?" Angelus asked me, mid thrust. Spike looked at me, half-heartedly glaring.

"Yes," I replied meekly, when his eyes stayed on me. I felt obliged to answer.

"Is it turning you on?" he asked, as if reading my fucked up mind. I averted my eyes to the floor in embarrassment. He snorted in his usual arrogant fashion and returned his attention to Spike. "You think he wants to see more?" Spike opened his mouth to speak, but seemed to be too overwhelmed with pain to make a sound.

Angelus grunted as he came and pulled away from Spike. "Ready to apologise?" he asked, in a deceptively sweet manner.

Spike just breathed, as the ex-humans did...for some reason. He couldn't answer, so he just nodded.

"Good boy." Angelus praised. "If you hadn't, I'd've given you to Xander here. Sure he doesn't have much...any experience, but I'm sure he could stand there while you gave him head."

Again with the sick feeling. Spike looked at me again, venomous eyes that seemed to wish me dead. What had I done?

Angelus left him on the table and walked out the door. I stood, ready to follow but he didn't tell me to, so I stayed put. Spike wasn't going anywhere for a while so I fancied my chances against him rather than the sex-crazed master vampire.

"Boy!" Angelus yelled, startling me. I moved to the door, staying close to the wall for support. I was still in unbelievable pain from before and I knew at any moment I could black out. As I poked my head around, Angelus stood there waiting for me. His face twisted into the vampire form that made me nervous. A human face I could handle, but the demon that looked back at me was a horrifying sight, despite the amount of vampires I had seen since meeting Buffy. "I'd usually introduce you to the minions about now, but I think I'd rather have you all to myself."

I swallowed a gulp of air awkwardly. I dreaded having to be near him. Would he hurt me the same way he'd hurt Spike? He seemed to be waiting for an answer. Rather than struggle with words that I couldn't form right now, I nodded gently, hoping that was enough.
He spun round and walked back to his room, the room I had no desire to go back to. But like the coward I was, I followed him, silently cursing myself for not doing the manly thing...and running away.

As I entered the room, my eyes darted round, looking for him. He wasn't there. I looked around and he stood behind me. He'd hidden behind the door. I realised my heart had taken up refuge in my throat and calmly coaxed it down. "Harris, Harris, Harris." Angelus sang, walked towards me, forcing me to walk backwards. I hated it when vamps did that. His face had reverted to its human-like form.

"I never had you pegged for such a dirty little shit," he told me. I didn't understand and it obviously showed, as he decided to show me exactly what it meant. He reached out and grabbed my balls, squeezing them harshly. I winced in pain and made every effort not to move. "I could smell your arousal." Oh shit.

"Arousal?" I managed to choke out.

"I wonder whether it was the dominance or the pain that turned you on?" he asked, a sardonic edge to his voice. "Unless you're like Spike," he said, releasing his grip on me. "Perhaps you like both."

"I didn't..." I muttered. His left hand grabbed my jaw and propped my head up so he could look directly into my eyes.

"Did I ask for your input?" he asked, bruising my face with his hand.

"No," I replied, thankful I could finally get words out regularly. Shame they weren't the ones I really wanted to say.

"Then shut the fuck up," he sneered. "You'll talk when I tell you to, you'll move when I tell you to and most importantly, you'll come when I tell you to."

Silence ensued. The only noise was the constant sound of my uneven breathing.

"Is that understood?" he asked me. I nodded as much as I could, his grip on my jaw making it difficult to move. "You're gonna make a great sex slave, Harris."

Slave. Sex. A sex slave. Buffy, where the fuck are you?

"You think you'll grow to love it?" he asked me, every word dripping with cruel amusement. At least someone was happy. I decided against answering, as I knew he would simply twist my words or decide to prove me wrong. Either would have led to sex. I was just trying to stay alive long enough for Buffy to rescue me. Any time soon, Buff...

"Whatever happened to those witty comebacks, huh Harris?" he taunted. "Have I scared some sense into you? You're finally watching your tongue around vicious killers now, are you?" I stared at the floor, downing out his words with thoughts of his body disintegrating into a pile of ash. "Perhaps you have nothing to say. Maybe you want this. Is that why you can't fight back?"

"What's the point?" I muttered, his mocking evoking the Xander he knew and reviled, no doubt.

"What was that, boy?" he asked, sounding way too much like my father for my liking.

"What's the point?"

"The point in what?" he coaxed, getting off on my little act of rebellion.

"Fighting back," I whispered.

"Makes it more fun," Angelus sneered. "More fun when I break you. More fun when you beg me to let you come." I shook my head, hiding the bubble of arousal that pounded in my chest.

"I'd die first," I hissed, growing the nerve to finally stare him down.

"You're a fool, Harris," he chided. "And I thought you'd finally learnt a thing or two about vampires."

"That you're all cock-sucking psychos?" I shot back. "Trust me, I know."

"We don't all suck cock," he said, a lop sided grin spreading across his face.

"For Spike to do it is exactly the same," I said, inwardly kicking myself. Great way to get yourself killed, idiot.

"Spike loves it." Angelus laughed, placing a hand on my shoulder. "And you will too." His touch turned into a grip, as he forced me down onto my knees. My blood ran cold from fear, dreading this more than being raped. This was worse. Not as painful...but sucking another guy's cock was my idea of hell.

His fingers began to run through my hair, finally finding a place to settle and grab. I felt pain shoot through my head as he held onto my hair, controlling my head's movement. His other hand ran down to his half-erect cock that lay directly in front of me. He knew he didn't have to warn me about biting. I knew what he could do to me...I wasn't that stupid.

"Open your mouth, Harris," he ordered. As his fingers tightened in some form of threat, I opened my mouth little. Before I had a chance to do anything else, his cock rammed down my throat and poked harshly at my windpipe. My body shook as I automatically tried to gag. The intrusion stretched my mouth open painfully and left little room to breath or move. I felt his hand yank my hair back, pulling my head with it. I sucked in much needed air before I was forced back onto his hard dick. I felt better prepared this time and managed not to gag. He started to thrust into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat at each push. The pain caused my eyes to water and small tears ran down my cheek. I did nothing but sit there and take it. I made no attempt to use my tongue as Anya had done to me so many times before. I briefly wondered how Anya could do this. My mouth ached so badly and I felt so...disgusting. My eyes drifted up to look at his face. His face twisted into a look of pleasure and satisfaction, moments before I felt him come in my mouth. I tried to pull back and choke but he kept his hand behind my head and I was forced to swallow. I started to gag on the cold substance so he pushed me away. I fell onto my side, coughing and retching. Stray drops of come escaping from my open mouth. I lay there, trying to breath and not vomit. I didn't even notice him kneel down beside me.

"You've got a lot to learn, kid," he patronized. "And I'm gonna take great pleasure in showing you." He reached down and ruffled my hair playfully, then walked out.

For hours I didn't move. Overcome with shock and revulsion at what I'd just done. I curled up in a ball and cried quietly. It was too much. Never had I felt so violated and dirty. I silently vowed I would kill the son of a bitch. Just as soon as I could move without the pain threatening to rip the ground from under me.

I couldn't work out whether I was too scared or too humiliated to run. I knew I wouldn't get far, but was that really what was stopping me? After all, how do you explain to your friends the things that had happened to me? It's quite possible that I was in shock for the hours that had passed since Angelus' last visit. I couldn't bring myself to move and a million thoughts tried to speak all at once in my usually quiet head. It seemed as if nothing I could do would silence them. Scenes from my earlier experiences replayed in my head, like an annoying rerun and I just knew that if I didn't do something I would go insane. If I'm not already.

I heard noises from downstairs and tried to block them out. Screams, both male and female. I wondered if they were those of the minions or poor humans who were to suffer a similar fate to me. If they were lucky they would die.

I stared at the door, waiting for the moment that he would return, ready to shatter the last shards of dignity and hope that I clung to. I dreaded it more than anything, but I wished that he would hurry. The waiting was torture.

I felt my throat tighten as the door finally opened. A half naked Spike walked in, completely cured from his earlier run in with Angelus. I envied the healing abilities of vampires. He cocked his head and looked at me strangely. The hate and blame had disappeared from his eyes, and now he watched me intently, other emotions running through his mind.

Awkwardly, I looked down, waiting for whatever comment he would make. I wasn't going to stand up to him; there was no point in that. Right now, the only thing I wanted was to be in as little pain as possible.

"You didn't answer my question," he stated simply. I looked at him, having no idea what he was talking about. "Do you wish you were dead yet?"

This seemed like the kind of question where the wrong answer would lead to bad things. Then again it could have been the kind that there is no right answer to. I took my chances. "If it meant never having to see him again."

Spike nodded, with an understanding I couldn't quite grasp. "He won't kill you. Not yet. No matter how hard you try, he'll just keep torturing you more and more."

I wondered whether he actually had a point to make. I answered the only way I could. "I know."

"You don't know, you have no idea." Spike told me, walking closer. From my crouching position on the floor, I looked up at him, a hesitant look upon my face. "You think what just happened was bad? Wait 'til you piss him off. Then the leather really flies, if you know what I mean."

Speechless and unwilling to let those thoughts into my head, I just ignored him. He didn't seem at all bothered. He wanted to talk, not listen to my pathetic contributions.

"I was like you once," Spike said, sitting on the bed, facing me. "Well, not at all like you actually, but I was ignorant. I thought that I couldn't fight back, that I should just let it happen. I was wrong. We vampires were not made to be weak. I am a Master vampire. I do what the hell I like."

Why the hell was he telling me this? What do I care if he has inferiority issues? I wanted to scream at him, tell him to leave me alone, but a little voice in my head told me not to yell at the vicious and evil vampire.

"I'll show him." Spike said, no longer talking to me. He focused on me for a couple of unnervingly silent seconds. "You were mine first."

Fear once again began to choke me, as I realised why he was in here. I had no idea whether he planned to kill, rape or torture me and parts of me argued over which I would prefer. I couldn't take anymore of this.

"Stand up," he ordered, sounding remarkably like Angelus. I soon realised Spike had his own style. He didn't ask again. Instead, he yanked me off the floor and threw me against the bed. I landed on my stomach in the position I least wanted to be in. However, he turned me over and pulled me to my feet. He wasn't going to fuck me after all. I stepped back, pulling against his grip on me, as his face morphed into its demon form. "Have a nice after-life," he muttered, as his teeth closed around my neck. I feebly tried to struggle, but there was little point. As I was slowly drained of my blood, I thought of Willow of all people. Images of her when we were little.

A low growl brought me back to reality and stopped Spike from continuing. He pulled away and growled back. Angelus stood in the doorway.

"Have we not learnt anything, Spike?" Angelus asked, angrily. "The boy is mine."

"I found him first, Angel." Spike yelled.

"Actually, I did. I met him about a year before you, that makes him mine," Angel sneered.

"That was soulboy, not you," Spike replied. "You only met him after screwing the slayer."

"Why do you want to kill him so badly, Spike?" Angelus asked, as if I wasn't even there. "Trying to prove you can have something of your own, is that it?"

"I had plenty of things before you showed up," Spike yelled back. "I had Dru, I had minions, I even had my own enemies, but you have to take everything. You're not having him, Angel, he's mine."

"Angelus!" he corrected Spike, his tone growing even more annoyed.

I felt myself weaken from the lack of blood coursing through my veins and I could no longer stand. Spike threw me on the bed.

"When are you going to understand that nothing is yours? I own you," Angelus remarked.

"And when are you going to understand I don't belong to anybody. You can beat and fuck me all you like but I won't ever belong to you," Spike cried.

"We'll see," Angelus smirked. "I've got all the time in the world to teach you otherwise."

"You won't be able to hold me here forever," Spike said.

"You know I'll always find you," Angelus reminded him, amused at his childe's obvious distress. "And how exactly will you run away when I remove your legs?"

Spike tried not to back down, but he understood the seriousness of his sire's threat. He looked down at me, a defeated yet angry look on his face. "Sorry mate. Looks like you live after all."

Maybe it was the blood loss, but it actually sounded sympathetic. Maybe Spike had felt sorry for me. Maybe it was supposed to be a taunt. But somehow I was strangely happy at his remark.

Spike walked out, brushing Angelus' hard shoulder as he went. Angelus looked at me, a satisfied half-smile on his face.

"Perhaps it's time to turn you into a vampire," he said, cocking his head in contemplation. I didn't even try to move, I just lay there, wondering if I was dying. "Chances are you won't last the night if I leave you like this..." He sniggered to himself. "Would that be such a great loss? I'll let you decide, Harris. Do you want to die or do you want to live forever?"

Living forever had its set backs, I knew that. And so did being a vampire. Angelus' vampire to be exact. A scene from 'Interview with a Vampire’ ' flashed across my mind. I was just like Christian Slater and that made him Tom Cruise. I almost smiled at the thought.

"Haven't got all day, Harris," he interrupted my thoughts rudely. "What's it going to be?"

"No," I muttered, weakly.

"No? Are you sure? Are you ready to die yet, Harris?" he taunted me, walking over to me.

"I'd rather die than become Spike," I said, almost in a whisper. Angelus laughed.

"You're no Spike, Harris. Trust me." His face changed and I found myself looking into the eyes of the vampire.

"I...don't want to," I said, my voice failing me again.

Angelus nodded. "Shame. Cause I like having you around." He leaned in closer, his fangs dangerously close to my neck. "But alas, I can't let Spike win, you understand that don't you? If it makes you feel better, you won't have a soul."

I gasped in more shock than pain, as his fangs sunk into my neck and he drained more of my blood. I felt myself dying and I prayed he would keep going but he pulled away. My eyes were closed at this point; I had no energy to keep them open. I felt the world slip away from me as cold liquid began to drip into my mouth. I swallowed it unconsciously and drifted into blackness.

Part Two

It wasn't like waking, although opening your eyes and finding yourself lying on a bed would usually indicate that you were. It was a lot like being born. Or how you would imagine being born. You open your eyes and things are blurry. You don't know what to do, who you are. Where you are.

And then you feel something. One thought above the emptiness in your head.


And he was there to make sure I got it. I see him, blurred and distorted, but it's him. He bites down on his own wrist and holds it above me. The smell overpowers me and I drink, clutching his wrist to my lips in a powerful hold. The moment the blood touches my tongue; I feel a force inside that envelopes my body. Makes me strong.

And makes me remember.

With disgust, shock and sheer horror, I pull back and practically fall over the bed in the process. My eyes quickly gain focus and I see his face. Twisted into its demon guise. He doesn't look impressed, but he wasn't exactly shocked by my behaviour. I guess all vampires act kinda weird when they wake up.


Me, a vampire.

"Get over here," he says, roughly. Still Angelus. I remember Angelus.

I walk over hesitantly, half of me driven by my desire to obey, half of me hesitant and afraid. Once near him, he looks at me, studying my face as if he hasn't seen it a thousand times before.

"Your new face suits you," he says, smiling.

I blink, not sure what he meant by that. New face?

"It's a little hard to loose it at first, I know," he says, either not caring or not realising I'm completely lost. "Relax."

I do as I'm told and feel my face go funny. Oh...I see.

"There, much better," he smirks. I'm completely unprepared when his hands shove against my chest, sending me backwards onto the bed. I look up at him waiting to see what he'll do next. I see him reach for his zipper and know what comes next. I remember my life before I was turned, I remember everything...

He roughly turns me over and I cringe, at what I know I'm about to feel. I remember the pain that goes with it.

I cry out desperately as I feel his cock nearing my entrance. The cry turns into a scream of agony as he rips past, tearing my insides with ruthless movements. No matter how many times he does this, it's still painful.

"Who am I?" he growls at me, mid thrust.

At first I couldn't answer. I knew from the lump in my throat that no sounds would come out, but I managed to choke back the sobs of anger and pain and spoke. "Angelus."

"Wrong," he says, pushing harder as punishment.

I thought quickly...what did he want to hear? The pain as he pounds into me makes my head go funny and I have to force myself to think clearly. "Master?"

"Nope, but getting better." He laughs, thrusting even harder to make his point.

"Sire." I finally realise what he's after.

"Good boy," he says as he comes and pulls away from me. "You're gonna have to learn very fast, boy, because I have no time to deal with you, is that understood?"

I nod, remaining in position. Don't know where this desire to be obedient came from. Must be the abject fear I have of the more experienced vampire.

I can't see if he's pleased with my behaviour but he doesn't complain.

"Stand," he says, replacing his clothes and indicating that I do the same. I do as he says. "Who do you belong to?"

"You, Sire," I reply quickly. I'm not going to repeat Spike's mistake.

"You will obey me without question. You will do nothing unless commanded and above all, you will stay away from the slayer. You're to go nowhere without my permission, understood?"

"Yes, Sire."

He's pleased with my obedience and I intend to keep it that way. The need to please has never been so strong.

"Time to introduce Spike to his little brother." Angelus smiles with evil amusement. He grabs me by the nape of my neck and leads me out the room and towards the stairs. "Spike!"

"What?" Spike calls back from the living room.

"Get in here!" Angelus yells angrily. Spike's in the hall in a second, obviously still remembers the beating he got for being disobedient.

He's shocked when he sees me. It takes him a few seconds to work out how it's possible I'm still alive. And then he realises, I'm not.

"Say hello to your little brother," Angelus smirks. I watch Spike warily, waiting for a sign of hate, jealousy or even sympathy...I don't expect...

"Welcome to the family," he says. No smirk, no sarcasm. He looks genuinely happy to see me a vampire. Oh, he's a good actor.

I say nothing in return. At this point, I'm afraid to speak without being told to. Spike seems to understand and waits for Angelus to tell him what to do.

"I'm taking Xander hunting," Angelus says, continuing to walk down the steps, leaving me behind. I follow cautiously. And then I see it. A flash of jealousy on his face. I see it, recognise it. Hell, I've used it enough.

"But it's his first night," Spike protests.

"And?" Angelus asks impatiently, standing by the door.

"When you turned me, you spent a week...you never took me hunting. Wasn't allowed to eat for a whole fucking week." Spike is really pissed now.

"You were a disobedient little fuck. I had to teach you some manners," Angelus points out. "Xander's already more obedient than you." He takes great pleasure in making Spike jealous.

I really wish he wouldn't. Spike's gonna try and kill me again. And while I feel more powerful than I ever have...I know I don't have a chance against a Master vampire.

Spike clenches his jaw and looks away. I look at Angelus and he smirks at me before walking out. I follow, too excited to be bothered about Spike. I was going to hunt. My Master was going to teach me everything he knew. I was going to get to rip some poor human's throat out.

Wow, where did those thoughts come from? Still not too sure about this bloodlust.

"First of all we change those clothes," he tells me, frowning at my choice of clothing. I look at it myself and have to agree. What was I thinking when I brought these?

He leads me into the centre of town and scans the closed shops for clothing. He finally settles on one of them, looks around briefly, then kicks down the door. I follow him in, a surge of excitement ringing through me. A thought crosses my mind...I was all-powerful now. I could do whatever I wanted. Except maybe sunbathing.

I watch him scan the clothes, picking something out for me. He looks over at me, checking out my size and maybe what would suit me. He pulls out a leather jacket and throws it at me. I smile in appreciation. Now that's what I'm talking about.

He's trying to decide between the black pants and the black jeans. Black it is then. He finally settles on the jeans. I change into the jeans, waiting for him to decide on a top. This reminds me of when my mom used to take me shopping for clothes. I try not to smile at that thought.

"Which?" he asks me, finally giving me a choice in what I wear. He holds up a white v-neck t-shirt and a red shirt.

"Both," I grin. He shakes his head and tosses them both over. I slip the t-shirt on, followed by the red shirt, leaving it completely undone. Then finally slip the jacket over the top. Okay, so it doesn't' go as well as I had thought, but I don't fancy carrying it round with me as we hunt.

"Dead and still no fashion sense," Angelus mutters as he walks out the shop.

Dressed in my new outfit, I walk out, a new walk for my new look. As I leave the shop, I lean over and grab a pair of sunglasses from the stand just inside the door. I hang them over the collar of the t-shirt. There...perfect.

Angelus sees and rolls his eyes. "Now for the best part," he says, his eyes gleaming. "It's your choice. Anyone but the slayer."

He's asking me who I want. Who I want to kill...

"Willow." I say with conviction.

He raises his eyebrows. I think he was hoping I would choose her.

"Can I make her one of us?" I ask meekly, scared he'll snap.

But by the look on his face, he was expecting me to ask that. "You're not strong enough to sire. Wait until you're a master vampire."

"How long will that be?" I ask, struggling to keep up with his pace.

"Not very long. My childer are naturally strong," he says, proudly.

"Oh." I say. Oh well, as long as I can taste. Know what it's like to tear someone's throat out.

"Xander!" Someone's calling me. I look around and see Anya running towards me. I glance at Angelus to see his reaction. He smiles charmingly at her, pretending he's Angel. I look back at her and do the same.

"Anya, good to see you." I say, trying not to focus on her neck.

"Xander, where have you been?" she asks, an annoyed look on her face. "You made me worry."

"I've been around," I reply.

"Yeah, well, we were all worrying. Even Giles," she tells me. "What's Angel doing here? What are you doing with him?"

"Xander and I were just on the way to find you," Angelus says, before I can reply. "He has some disturbing news."

Anya looks at me for confirmation. "Anya, I've been going through some changes lately."

"Are you going to break up with me? Because if you are, you've got some balls. You wouldn't want me to get back into vengeance, would you?" she babbles.

I grin. "No, baby. I'm not gonna break up with you." I get closer to her and relish the feeling of my face morphing. She steps back, gasping. "I'm gonna kill you."

Before she can run off screaming, I pull her close, tilt her head and bite into her neck. The taste of blood is like a fix; it makes me feel high. I don't stop until my hunger stops, and then let her body drop to the ground. I turn and look back at Angelus.

He's standing right behind me. He lifts his hands up to my chin and wipes a drop of blood off it, before placing it in his mouth.

"How'd I do?" I ask, eagerly.

"First times are always messy," he says, indicating my new t-shirt. Spots of blood all over it. Oops. "Apart from that, your technique is adequate. You show yourself to be more than a minion."


"You played first. Most vampires have no control and it's all about the kill," he explains. "I'll show you how to savour the kill. It's in your blood. Our bloodline...we take pleasure in the kill."

I nod. "Can we find more, Sire?" I ask, deliberately adding sire to the end. It works.

"Now you're no longer hungry, you can take more time," he says in agreement. "And besides, I haven't eaten yet."


Spike is waiting for us when we get back. Still splattered in blood, and both of us happy and horny. The look on his face says it all. He's jealous.

"Took ya time," he growls.

"I killed my girlfriend," I tell him, keeping away from the angry vampire.

"And you should have seen what he did to his parents. This boy has potential." Angelus rubs it in and I see Spike barely controlling his anger.

"Just another Penn." Spike shrugs it off. "You'll get bored of him."

"I think perhaps that's what I need right now. An obedient childe who enjoys the same things I do."



"Who says I bloody well don't like violence?" Spike demands.

"No, Xander likes to play. You were never one for playing, if I recall." Angelus says, making the situation worse.

"He'll never last. The slayer'll kill him," Spike declares.

But Angelus ignores him, grabbing my arm and leading me upstairs.

Once we're back in his room, he pulls at the clothes I'm wearing, being careful not to tear them, but otherwise showing little care. I stand submissively, my head slightly bowed. Funny how this all comes naturally.

The moment I'm completely undressed, he shoves me against the wall, savouring the pained grunt I make on impact. He gives me no time to recover, before grabbing me and dragging me over to the table. With violent force, he rams my head down onto the tabletop.

My eyes blur with the pain, but the prospect of being bent over a table and fucked by my sire is way too exciting for me to care. Just the feeling of his hand on my back makes me hard.

"Yeah, you like that, don't ya boy?" he mocks, as his pants fall to his feet. Sounds like a rhetorical question so I don't reply.

His hand grabs my hair and yanks my head back. "What was that, Harris?"

"I like it!" I say, the pain and dominance turning me on even more.

"I thought you'd say that," he whispers in my ear. I feel something snap down over the base of my cock. "You ever heard of a cock ring, boy?"

"No," I reply, weakly as I feel his cock entering me.

"It's to stop you from coming," he says, snidely. "And why do think I wanna do that?"

"Because I don't come until you say so," I reply. Sires fucking pet, that's what I am.

"Good boy," he says, thrusting harder.

I groan in anguished pleasure. This is going to be torture. I don't think I can last seconds without coming, and something tells me he's gonna last longer than that.

He speeds up violently, his fingers running down my back, scraping the skin off. I moan desperately. I need to come.

"Please Sire," I beg quietly.

"What boy?" he asks, knowing full well what I want.

"Please Sire, I need to come," I plead with him.

He continues to thrust, ignoring my pleas. He comes and waits a few seconds, before withdrawing and replacing his pants. "Well, as you asked so nicely." He reaches down and removes the cock ring. "Bring yourself off."

I hesitate for a second. This is humiliating, but even that thought makes me harder. I need to come, so I reach down and stroke my cock. I can't believe the things that turn me on. And I thought I'd been bad as a human. Now pain and humiliation is a big turn on.

I grunt as I come and then look at him. He's staring. His face is unemotional and cold. I wait for further instructions.

"Stay away from Spike," he warns me. "He's got it in for you."

I nod. I'd already worked that much out.

"Don't leave the house," he tells me. "Go on. You can take one of the bedrooms. Though I don't suppose you'll use it much." He grins to himself. I nod and leave, my clothes in my arms. I know which rooms his and Spike's are. I wonder where the minions sleep. I look into a couple of rooms. I find an empty one that looks as if it hasn't been used in a while. I get dressed and take a moment to let things wash over me.

This night has been fucking amazing. I've been given all this power, a great sire and a great position in the clan. Angelus favours me over Spike. I've killed Anya...now that was fun! It was just a shame I didn't get to see Willow. I'm really hoping to run into her soon. Or I might wait...stalk her perhaps...play with her like Angelus said. Then, when my sire says so, I'll make her mine. If I can't have Buffy...I want Willow. I don't understand why my human self never saw how perfect she is... She'll make a great vampire. I remember when an alternate reality Willow appeared in Sunnydale. She was hot...

Spike opens my door and looks at me. I look back, unafraid...cocky even. He wouldn't dare while Angelus was across the hallway. "Going to bed?" he asks simply.

I shake my head. Too damn excited.

"Did Angelus explain what you're supposed to do about the minions?" he asks me.

"No," I say carefully. I don't trust this guy.

"You've gotta go downstairs and challenge a couple. Show 'em whose boss and all. You can't get a decent position in the clan until you do."

"Oh. But I'm not strong enough yet," I say, trying not to make myself sound too weak.

"'Couse you are...you're a childe, they're minions. And Angelus' bloody childe. If you can't beat them...you ain't got a chance here."

I feel strangely confident. Spike thinks I can take them on. I better ask Angelus about this first.

"Unless you're too weak. Maybe that's why Angelus didn't tell ya already," he says, thinking out loud.

"I can do it," I reply, frowning. I know I can.

"Whatever you say, little brother," he says, emphasising the brother as he walks out.

I think back to what Spike had said...I could challenge the minions. And I'll win...sounds like fun. I do enjoy kicking ass. Or I would, if I had ever done it. I wasn't exactly Mr. Hard-ass when I was human.

I get up and open the door hesitantly. No one's in the hallway so I make my way to the stairs. I walk down, my perfected walk coming in handy. Cool...hard...I'm ready to show the minions there's a new big bad.

They're all in the living room, playing cards. Spike's nowhere to be seen. I cock my head as I've seen Angelus do, complete with smirk. I plan to learn everything from him.

They look up at me with disgust. "Fledgling," Someone mutters.

"Care to come over here and say that," I challenge, a half-smirk on my face. The big guy stands up and walks over to me, grinning.

"I called ya a fledgling, boy," The minion tells me. I laugh to myself, before bringing my fist to his face. The vampire goes flying. I'm on him in a second, the others surrounding me. I use my legs to kick out of them, trying to get down to one. One at a time I can handle. I wrench the head off the one below me and watch as he turns to dust. Two come at me from both sides so I grab one and send him flying into the other. One of the older minions stands up and comes at me. I grab his arm and twist it, ramming him up against the wall. I bring his arm up behind his back until it's painfully high and very close to breaking. He winces with pain.

"What am I?" I ask, nastily.

"A Master vampire, sir." He replies quickly. That wasn't hard. I release him and smile. The others have backed off, seeing I'm more than a match for them. I turn around and see Angelus and Spike in the doorway. Angelus doesn't look impressed. And Spike...Spike's smirking.

That bastard. He tricked me.

"What the hell's going on here?" Angelus asks angrily.

I lower my head. "They challenged me sire," I reply, wondering if he'll stake me for killing one of the minions.

"Then they're lucky they're not all dead," Angelus says. "They know better than to attack one of mine."

Spike's face falls. He was obviously expecting Angelus to yell at me.

"You're stronger than I thought, Harris," he says. "You'll be stronger than Spike in no time."

Spike growls angrily and storms off. Angelus laughs as he walks away. "You're not supposed to fight with them, Xander."

"Spike told me..."

"I know Spike told you, but I warned you he had it in for you and you ignored me," he tells me, an annoyed look in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Sire," I say, looking down at the ground.

"Basement, now," he says. I don't question him, I just leave the living room, looking round for a door that looks as if it might lead to the basement. I hear the pained cries of the minions and smirk. I don't care if he punishes me. I've proven to myself and my sire that I can handle myself in battle. And I've pissed Spike off which makes my day.

I find the basement and walk down the steps. I see various objects lining the walls and chains hanging from the ceiling. Cool.

A thought crosses my mind and I smile. I quickly undress and place my clothes neatly in the corner. I grab one of the whips from the side, and then kneel in the centre, holding the whip out, in the palms of my hands. I wait and wait...until I finally hear him.

As he comes down the stairs, I don't see his face because my face is cast down in submission. He walks over and stands directly in front of me. He takes the whip from my hands and circles round until he's behind me. I clench my teeth and eyes, waiting for the first lash.

"You see, Spike," he says. "This is how I want you to behave."

Spike's in here? I feel slightly embarrassed having someone else watch, but Angelus' praising makes it all worth it.

The first lash hits my back and I unintentionally cry out from the pain. Each lash hurts more than the last, but I manage to remain on my knees, which I think is quite an achievement. He stops after ten, which I'm really grateful for.

He walks back round to my front and stands close to my face. I realise what he's waiting for and go to open his zipper. I take out his semi-erect cock and coax it to full hardness. He moans and grabs my head, pushing me onto his cock. Not having to breathe makes this so much easier and I can take all of it, without choking. I use my tongue, hoping I'm hitting all the right spots. Right now, the only thing that's important to me is pleasing him. I forget Spike is in the room and give it all I've got. I feel someone come behind me and realise it's Spike. I want to scream in protest, but Angelus would say something if he didn't want Spike near me. I feel Spike's cock at my ass and hope that he's lubricated it. He enters me and I'm happy to realise he has. The feeling of having two cocks in me was making me very hard and I wondered who was going to bring me off.

Angelus came first followed shortly after by Spike. I look up at them both from the floor. Angelus looks at Spike and without even speaking, Spike nods. Angelus pulls me up by my hair and nods at Spike. I look at them helplessly. How did they do that? Spike gets down on his knees before me and places his mouth around my cock. Slightly scared at this change in attitude I looked questioningly at Angelus. He simply smiles and watches.

Spike has amazing technique. I know I should probably try and learn from him, as he's been with Angelus long enough to know how he likes it. It really doesn't take me long to come.

Spike gets back up. He looks at me. No smile, no smirk, and no glare...he's trying to talk without words. And then I get it. He's apologising. Angelus must have done something while I was waiting for him. I nod briefly.


Months later, I wait in the bushes, carefully watching my target. Willow. She sits next to Buffy on the gravestone and they talk. No longer sad about my turning. They found out not long after it had happened. It was fun to watch them in so much pain. But now...they have accepted it. Time to make them hurt some more.

Angelus is waiting on the other side, watching his prey. And Spike...Spike's nearby, ready to help us out. He has yet to pick out someone to stalk. Angelus says Spike's not one for long drawn out hunts. He prefers to just kill them. But he comes in handy when we need a distraction.

"Well, well, look who's here!" Spike says as he walks into the clearing. Buffy and Willow jump off the gravestone, stakes at the ready.

"Here for another ass kicking, Spike?" Buffy asks, watching him carefully.

"Not exactly pet." He grins. "Thinkin' a bit of one on one on one action'd be nice."

"You're a pig, Spike," Buffy hisses.

"Angelus has got a message for you," he tells her.

"Yeah? Well why doesn't he deliver it himself?" Buffy asks.

"Good idea, Buff." Angelus smirks as he makes his presence known.

"Willow, get out of here." Buffy indicates the only way Willow can go. Where I am so conveniently waiting. Willow goes to argue, but Buffy glares at her.

She turns and runs towards the bush I'm hiding in. As she gets close, I grab her roughly and drag her back to the clearing.

"Buffy!" she cries out, terrified.

"Xander..." Poor Buffy...she still sees the human me.

"Looks like you're surrounded, Buff," Angelus points out.

"Let her go, this is between us," Buffy tells me.

I smirk. "Nah, this is between me and Wil." I kiss her cheek and laugh.

Willow whimpers and tries to struggle. Buffy comes at me, but Angelus uses her distraction to pin her to the ground.

"If it makes you feel better, you won't have a soul." Angelus and I say as we bite down on their necks.

The End

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