Spoilers: none really
Warnings: Takes place in an AU season four.
Summary: Spike and Xander claim each other.

Disclaimer: I hardly own this computer Iím writing on, much less the wonderful town of Sunnydale and all those within. Joss Whedon, UPN, WB and other people who arenít me own Buffy and all of her friends.

Of Tongues and Teeth


The room was dark except for the few candles he had lit. They were lying together on the big wrought iron bed, facing each otherís groins. It was as if there were nothing else but this room, this bed, this man, this demon that was the center of Xanderís universe.

A hot body met a cool one on silken sheets. Tongues danced around each otherís most special areas. Spikeís teeth nipped at Xanderís length and he moaned. They were celebrating the removal of Spikeís chip. Just the thought that Spike could now bite, and that his teeth, his fangs were scraping Xanderís length so slowly that it hurt as good as it felt, made Xander harder - if that were even possible. He fought to keep from thrusting at his lover.

Xander took a deep breath through his nose and sucked at his treat all the harder. He wanted, no, needed to come, but not without getting Spike off first. He took his fingers and traced where his mouth didnít cover, around Spikeís balls, into the cleft.

Spike bucked beside him, and Xander could feel his groan through his dick, vibrating. Gods. Felt so good, he could do this forever. Once they found the right binding spell they would do this forever. Spike was his future, his life. Never had he felt so safe, so beloved as in the vampireís arms. He would never give this feeling up, not for all the money in the world. Xander pulled back, licked at his mateís length, savoring the flavor, the feel. Steel covered in cashmere. Beautiful.

Spike was almost there; he could tell by the noises alone. Just one more thing to make this perfect. He circled Spikeís hole while waiting for Spike to open his eyes and look at him in frustration because he wasnít sucking any more.

There. ďSpike, Wil, I love you, forever.Ē With that, Xander not only pushed into his lover with his finger, hammering against his prostate, but took him all the way in. His nose pushed against his base, the curls tickling his nose.

Spike howled his release while Xander swallowed. Then Spike did something with his tongue, and Xander felt the prick of fangs. For the very first time he felt his loverís bite as he sunk them in right at the base and lights flashed behind Xanderís eyes.

He felt as if it he were at the beginning of the universe, the Big Bang. He was coming undone and being remade all at once. It was heaven and hell all at once.

When he finally came to, he could feel Spike licking at the wound and down his penis, cleaning him of his seed and blood. He returned the favor.

When they were tidy, Xander squirmed around to face his love. They kissed, sharing the taste of each other. Finally Xander had to stop, had to breathe. Spike looked at him with eyes so deeply blue that sapphires would never match.

ďLove you too, Xander, forever. Gonna take you away from this place, this basement, this life. Gonna do for you what no one has ever done for you before. You are mine, Xander Harris, now and forever.Ē

Xander grew hard, knowing what was coming. The claiming bite. He watched as Spikeís face morphed into its true form, traced his ridges and leaned forward to kiss the mouth full of fangs. Gods he loved this, loved him.

Spike licked at his neck, at the place where he would bite. Everyone would be able to see his mark of ownership. At that thought, Xander couldnít help but thrust at Spikeís groin, let his cock meet his mateís and rub. Spike struck, fangs sliding through the skin, into the muscle and vein.

Xander could feel the pull of his blood, felt it leaving his body, could feel Spikeís tongue laving it up like a cat licked up the finest cream. He groaned and rubbed harder, picking up the pace to meet Spikeís. He figured turnabout was fair play and leaned forward, licked at Spikeís neck at the junction, and then bit at hard as he could. The feeling of Spikeís blood in his mouth and Spike screaming his release brought him to the edge and pushed him over again. It was like parachuting, a swift fall and then floating back to earth.

After this night, they didnít have to worry. They were all set to move into a new apartment. After this night they were each otherís, no matter what happened. No matter what Buffy or Riley might do, or what Giles and Willow might say. They were each otherís all, and Xander had never been happier.

The End

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