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The Spander Files

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Tainted Returns Kiristeen Out for vengeance after 'the bathroom scene', Xander ends up having to rescue Spike.   Preview Hyena!Xander
Taken Beetle AU. Xander was abandoned by Jesse after their first night together. Three years later Jesse's back, but now another Vamp wants to stake his own claim. WIP Developing Feelings
Take Shelter and Hide Forever Wolfelements "It's okay," Spike said, clearly faking his careless tone. The vampire looked away, his hands clenched into fists where they were held above his head. "I won't let them hurt you." Hurt/Comfort
A Tale of Literature and Lust Akasakasan Literature teacher Mr Bradshore, nicknamed Spike by his students, decides to take his student Xander in hand and have some fun along the way   Warning: Underage Sex Sub/Dom
The Tale of the Vampire and the Mummy Boy Dustandroses Spike's bored of being the Slayer's tame vamp. This time he's going to take what he wants. Halloween;  Masturbation Theatre
Tales of The Zeppo Cimmer Buffy never came back. Established Relationship   &   Angst
Talking About the Past Maz There is a lot of history there Developing Feelings
Talking During Movies Vinniebatman Spike and Xander have a conversation on the true nature of agony Established Relationship
Tallywackers In Love Amejisuto   and   Sukiblue

Penis meets penis, penis falls in love with penis, and they get damp. Comedy
Tangled Hearts Tgray As best friends and roommates, can Xander live with slut!Spike and still keep his sanity? Human AU;   Angst
Taste Like Sin Just Ink Me Xander wonders how blood tastes to Spike First Time;  P W P
Taunt the Vampire
includes Taunt the Human
Kay and Jenny Spike is in Denial Sub/Dom, Master/Slave   &   Oblivious
Tears Like Rivers Vinniebatman Spike deals with Xander's death Angst
A Teeth and Claws Bloke Moosesal A few years post-Chosen, and a lot has changed Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Souled Spike
Temptation BmblBee AU. Xander is a young man living in an Amish community when he finds himself confronted by the evil of a vampire. Alternate Incarnations
The 10 Commandments of Spander Spike 1790 Spike and Xander rewriting the ten commandments to suit themselves and their relationship. Comedy
Tender Loving Care Raihne Xander needs some TLC Sweet and Schmoopy
The Ten Minute Spanking of Xander Harris Sevendeadlyfun Spike, Xander, spanking and dirty-talk. Irreverent use of Giles as fantasy material and not even a thin veneer of plot to hide the flaws... P W P
Tension Rayne Jelly A moment in the middle of the first night. Basement of Doom;   Preslash
Tequila! Just Ink Me After Xander's recent breakup with Anya, the girls decide he needs a night to let loose. Drink'n'Drugs;   First Time and Beginnings
Terms Lady Cat There is just porn. And some very disturbing, twisted kink, including daddy!sex Daddy!Kink   &   Extra Dark
Test Drive Nash In an alternate universe Vampires are household slaves Sub/Dom
A Test of Skill Cicirossi Ice cream wrestling Established Relationship
TGI Friday Tisienne Blue Xander loved Fridays Established Relationship
Thanks for the Fluffernutter Dustandroses After a month of struggling to convince Willow that bringing Buffy back from the dead is a bad idea, Xander seeks refuge at Buffy's grave.  What he finds there gives him hope for the future. Preslash; Holidays and Special Days
That Night Harikari It's Valentine's Day night and Spike and Xander are on patrol. Something Made Us Do It
That Old Silk Hat Eliza Shaw Spike and Xander chase down a demon in the midst of Christmas on the Hellmouth. Christmas
That's All Randy Sex Kitten PWP. The guys are out shopping. Established Relationship
The Kiss: A Valentine's Day Tale Dustandroses Xander is careful to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, but who is it he's really thinking of? Holiday!Fic_St Valentine's Day
The One in the Cave Anna S The evening had gone wrong somewhere around seven a.m. when the alarm went off and he'd decided to get out of bed First Time
The One in the Home Depot Up the Road from the Home Depot Savoy Truffle He’s looking forward to lingering among the lumber. A rare treat when one’s wood-loathing boyfriend is in tow. Established Relationship
The One Where Xander Isn't Quite James Bond Anna S Real virgins for the sacrifice are rare these days, but Spike can pass on a technicality. First Time
Theories Jenny Xander has a huge crush on his homophobic vampire roommate Consort!Xander
Therapy BmblBee Dr. Alexander Harris lives and works in the rich and colorful area of the Florida Keys and his life seems right on track. Then, one day a man comes to him for help. Lost Memory;   Working Man
There... there! T J Goldstein Spike's birthday surprise for Xander doesn't work out well. Established Relationship
There’s Always a Sneer in Vegas Stillrose It’s been seven years since Angelus killed Buffy the Vampire Slayer and opened a portal to hell on Earth   Preview Post Apocalypse   &   Angst   &   Vampire Courts
There's a Hole in My Bucket Jane Davitt Shutting him up is suddenly the most important thing in the world Basement of Doom  &   Comedy   &   Kissing
There's Always Consequences Blue Icy Rose When a spell of Willow and Dawn’s goes wrong, Spike is the one who ends up having to take care of the result.   wip Just Kids   Under a Spell
There's an End to all Time Xocoatldreams The doctor gives Xander some bad news that he has to tell his lover Final Death
There's Your Trouble

Savoy Truffle Season 4. Last night, certain problems drove Xander to drink. This morning, it’s a whole new set of problems. Sliders
These Nights Baudown Post-series, living together Established
They Might Have To Cut Off My WHAT?? Robin the Crossover Junkie Some activities shouldn't be done in the snow Comedy
They Tell Me It Rained Savoy Truffle Xander's passing through when he runs into Spike in LA Angst
Thief of Life NWHepcat Xander's dealing with the holidays. Spike's dealing with the death of someone who meant something to him. They find a way to deal together. Pre-slash Angst
Things Seen Mwrgana The boys get caught doing naughty things behind the stock shelves at the Magic box Comedy
The Things We Never Talk About Margie He didn't know when he'd gone from taking what Xander offered to giving what Xander needed Angst
Things You Never Want to See Eyezrthewindows Xanders sees something that squicks him badly Established Relationship
Thinking Of You Witchway They were both two men in need of comfort and solace. Angst
The Thin Line Between Hell and Heaven Dragon's Phoenix There's a thin line between love and hate... Rewrites;   Developing Feelings
This Inhuman Place WmGeorge Is Xander willing to lose his friends for a future with the man he loves? De-Chipped   Hyena!Xander   Superpower!Xander
This Is Not a Love Story Lunabee How long can Xander keep lying to himself? Denial
This Is Not A Love Story Rayne Jelly The events of School Hard don't go the way they were supposed to.  Warning: Major character death Original Spike
This is Not a Trilogy Apreludetoanend & Savoy Truffle Three stand alone stories evolving from the same beginning Angst   &   Oblivious/Denial
This Is The Way His World Ends Kimalis A chance encounter with a new slayer and Spike's world ends. Final Death
This Rocky Path We Tread Sorrel Spike and Angel hire on with Serenity as extra guns for a particularly dangerous job. Little do they know that the client is Xander Harris. WIP Crossovers
This Song and Dance Rewrites
He saw the world in color for the first time when he was five years-old
This Sexual Feeling Blue Icy Rose Spike's got a surprise for Xander. Established Relationship
This Time Estepheia This time he’s not too busy or too proud. Post NFA   &   Preslash
This Time of Year apreludetoanend Twelve months of Xander's life. With kittens. And Spike. (12 drabbles) Angst   &   Preslash
This Year's Vamp China Shop Spike/Xander, set in season 6 after "Flooded" in a world without Spuffy. Xander wakes to find he's in Spike's body, and Spike is in his Body Switcheroo's
Thoroughly Jossed Collapsible Wistful angst Secret Lovers
A Thousand Swords Lady Cat and Yin Again It was a good thing Home Depot was open 24 hours. Established Relationship
Thrall Margie Spike uses his Thrall to get what should always have been his. Sub/Dom;  Basement of Doom

Jezt Sequel to Rota   S/X/Angel Spander Plus
Three Reremouse So he's the emotionally unavailable but charming mystery-shrouded one-eyed single gay guy Developing Feelings
Three Blankets Thedabara_cds Three short stories with a blanket theme Sweet and Schmoopy
3DD Ficlet Druffine Spike has a soul, Xander calls Angel Preslash   &   Souled Spike
Three Dog Nights Skuzzbopper Spike catches Xander reading a book on seducing non-mortals, and offers three nights of hands-on "lessons" in the subject-- which is just wonderful, since the non-mortal Xander had been hoping to seduce was Spike. Developing Feelings
Three Inches Druffine A spell goes wrong and Spike is reduced in size to just three inches tall Under a Spell
Three Postcards Dragon's Phoenix Xander gets jealous of Spike's past relationships. Established Relationship
Three Quid Whore Nasty Shrew Spike is an addict in every sense of the word, lead singer of Three Quid Whore, an up and coming rock band Human AU   &   On Stage   &  Drink'n'Drugs
Three Ring Circus Spankinsandwich Xander has no problem wolf-sitting Oz   S/X/Oz Spander Plus
Three R's Trilogy Spikedluv Spike takes revenge on Xander De-Chipped   &  Sub/Dom
Three's a Crowd Savoy Truffle Vamp Xander meets up with Spike
(("Okay, we… um…. so need to do something about this. And fast. Because two of me - when it was just the regular old me split in half, you know, with the Toth demon - that was company. But three of me - when the other two are either eating people or having sex with Spike - that's definitely a crowd."))
Double Trouble
Three Scoobies & The Big Bad Vamp Lady Flame A new slant on the Three Little Pigs Fairy Stories
Three Times Spike’s had Xander Tied Up in Knots Rayne Jelly Three unconnected stories about a tied up Xander Extra Dark;   Secret Lovers;   Sweet and Schmoopy
Thrice Damned Denied Heaven Angelus came back and sired Xander, Willow ensouled Spike, Angelus and Xander, and now Xander has to learn to live with it all.  wip Spander Plus   &   Vamp!Xander
Thrill Me!verse Amejisuto Xander and Spike meet in the summer after the Master's death while Buffy is in L.A., visiting her Dad and a friendship develops. Developing Feelings; Original Spike;   Epics with Plot
Through the Eyes of a Child Cath Xander is affected by a demon and regresses to his abused six year old child-self. Abused Child!Xan   &   Just Kids
Through the Looking Glass Kimberly_A Xander follows a Spike look-alike all over town, only to discover that it actually is the supposedly-dead vamp ... and that Spike's working as a "dancer" in a gay peepshow Lost Memory;   Working Man Developing Feelings
Throwing Shapes Anna S Spike and Xander, amnesiac and on the run.   Preview Lost Memory
Thrown Out Of The Closet Eyezrthewindows New Years Eve party Secret Lovers;   Holiday Fic
Thursday Sparrow2000 Nothing ever happens on Thursday... Masturbation Theatre
Thursday Night Kitten Poker Thedabara_cds A game of kitten poker at Willy's leads to a friendship with Spike,which eventually deepens into true love and lots of hot kinky sex Developing Feelings   &   First Time
Tides Chocgood84 Xander attempts an unachievable goal. Established Relationship
The Tiger C. Woodhaven On the demon slaver world of Abaddon in the distant future, Spike buys a new pair of slaves.   Preview   wip Future Fic;
Prostitute/Slave; Vampire Courts
Tight Lace Byrne Spike in a corset Cross Dressing
'Til the End Litgal Spike mourns the loss of his human lover Angst
Time Kyrieane Time just can't move quickly enough for Xander P W P
Time After Time Virtual Personal and Nash Spike and Xander are soul mates, and they’ve met time and again in past lives.   Continuing Series Alternate Incarnations   &   Denial
Time for the Little Things Kiristeen Xander's feeling restless, not liking the path his social life is taking. He and Spike talk. Preslash
Time Has Told Me... Pirate Purple Shared grief leads to a quest. Xander does the knight thing again, but this time, it's for Spike, of all people Developing Feelings
Time Out Kimalis Don't piss off a witch Christmas
Time Well Spent Creed   &   Echos Revenge Spike, Angel and Xander are transported back in time when Sunnydale is destroyed. For Xander's protection, he must pretend to be their Pet   S/X/A Spander Plus   &   Time Travel
Tin Soldier Kyrieane Post Angel S5. When Spike reappears after the final battle, there's only one place he wants to be Hurt/Comfort
Tiny Smiles Sabershadowkat Slow seduction of a shy Spike Sweet and Schmoopy
Tired Spiceblueeyes Spike finds a very tired Xander Vamp!Xander
To Be Beneath You Tienco Spike's having issues. Xander offers to help. Rewrites   &   Beginnings
To Be His Boy Darkling Dawns The first time he'd been told to ask for that, he'd stammered and balked   Preview Sub/Dom
To Be Reborn Ohyaoincafe Crossover with The Adams Family.   wip Crossovers
To Be Wanted Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess Xander gets his heart broken and a wish granted on Valentine's Day. Season 2 BtVS meets Season 5 Ats.  Preview   wip Time Travel
To Break, To Mend Kyrieane Xander is badly hurt and Spike gets the job of looking after him Hurt/Comfort
To Dream in the City of Slayers Cobalt Mystic Parts of the dream were always the same. Under a Spell
To Find the Warmth Bohofemm Angel knew he'd only held a fraction of Spike's heart Final Death
Together Forever Kahuna Burger Heaven isn't complete for Xander without Spike   AfterLife
A Toke and A Stroke

Truly Tazi Spike. Xander. Drugs. Smut P W P   &   Drink'n'Drugs
The Token Human Jujukittychick Xander has always been the token human.   S/X/Angel Spander Plus
Tokens of Affection Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess Whenever Xander gives jewelery, it tends to end badly. Sweet and Schmoopy
To My Fellow Castaway Witchway Vampire Sestina (From Spike to Xander) Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Tonight's Different Flufshepherd Spike wants something, and maybe tonight's the night. Beginnings
Too Darn Hot Amejisuto Spike takes Xander for a night out in Miami Established Relationship
Too Much Tequila Werewindle Xander had too much tequila last night. Comedy  &   Drink'n'Drugs
Torture Kitty Poker1 Xander should have known his impulsiveness would lead to this Comedy
To Start Again Gnome Xander takes an injured Spike and Dawn to Angel for protection from Glory.  wip Developing Feelings
Touch Jameschick Spike gets a surprise. PWP
Touch Two Ladies of Quality Set during the episode Seeing Red, but Spike delays a little longer and Xander arrives a little earlier, and things get discussed. Sequel to Steam First Time
Touched Robin the Crossover Junkie Without realizing, the boys have become close First Time
Touched Virtual Personal Xander finds he’s touched by magic. His powers lead to hilarity and angst Comedy
To Want To Need Cath Visitors at Xander's hospital bed Hurt/Comfort
To Wed Or Not To Wed WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead Spike is forced into an arranged marriage, but in the end... is it really forced? Developing Feelings
Towels Deird1 Only Spike would start a letter, "Dear Pretentious Twat" Comedy
Toys Litgal In the Basement of Doom, Spike is bored, and Xander is there. Basement of Doom   &   Sub/Dom   &   Vampire Courts   &   De-Chipped
Trading Places Salustra   &   Petxnd Xander comes to L.A. and meets up with Spike as a ghost. Ghost!Spike
Transfer Shanyah Xander just can't seem to settle down Beginnings
Trashy Romances MissE Just like Buffy's books Beginnings
The Traveling Red Velvet Curtain Sajinn Sins of omission, the tragedy of an unexamined life and Xander as the unresisting victim of Spike's force of nature Extra Dark & Vamp!Xander
Treading Water Skuzzbopper Xander accidentally releases a "genie", and in a state of melancholy, gives in and starts making wishes. Beginnings
Treasure Lady Cat The Giles's have just moved to Sunnydale. They are fabulously wealthy and just-this-side-of-callus.   Unfinished Human AU
Trespass Sweetly Urged Sevendeadlyfun After cheating on Cordelia with Spike, Xander followed him when he left Sunnydale, and has been living as Spike's pet/slave/toy for two years.   S/X/Dawn   warning: Under-age Dawn Original Spike   Spander Plus   Sub/Dom
The Triangle Randy Sex Kitten Under the simmering moonlight of Texas and Bermuda, Xander and Spike face more than a Hellmouth, they face each other.   Unfinished Gradually Developing Feelings
Trickery CJ Spike makes a surprising discovery about Xander. Do they both end up getting what they want? First Time
Trickster Litgal Xander's halloween costume turns him into a Master vampire sired by Nusa the Strigoi over 900 years ago Vamp!Xander  &   Original Spike   &   Halloween

Tricky Treat Scribe Xander uses his halloween costume to come out to his friends Comedy
Triple Dog Dare Rayne Jelly There was a part of me that knew it was a generic leer, and wondered in a mean sort of way what would happen if I took him up on the offer First Time and Beginnings
Tripping Maz Spike discovers a stoned Xander and takes him home Drink'n'Drugs   &   Original Spike //-->
Triptych Lady Cat   &   Xanphibian A Second Season AU. Angel's a bit more gray, Spike's a bit more lonely, and Xander's kinda confused   S/X/Angel   Unfinished Spander Plus
The Trouble With Elves Harikari Spike doesn't want Xander to off and help his friends kill a group of troublesome elves Established Relationship
Trouble!Verse Savoy Truffle An all-human AU 'verse in which Xander is working as a bartender in a tropical resort bar when Spike walks into his life and stirs things up Human AU
The Trouble With Tequila Spikedluv Xander ‘had too much tequila last night’ Comedy  &   Drink'n'Drugs
Trucker Lady Cat Xander picks up a young hitchhiker in Pennsylvania. Daddy!kink   &   Human AU
True Feelings CJ & Slaygaluk Spike finds a way to make Xander admit his true feelings First Time
True Innocent BmblBee Spike seeks the answers to questions he has about Xander from the dark Angel.   Preview   sequel to Temptation Vamp!Xander   &   Road Trips
Truely Whole Creed   &   Echos Revenge 'Happily Ever After' needs to be worked at.   Sequel to   Becoming Whole Vamp!Xander   Spander Plus  De-Chipped
The True Meaning of Family Beetle Spike suddenly drops back into his brother’s life, only to find that Xander’s changed in unexpected ways. Human AU   &  Possesive/Jealous   &   Brother!kink
True Romance: A story of 2004 words Savoy Truffle Spike has unusual notions of romance Comedy
True Strength Wolfshark Post NFA, Spike is taken by the military and broken. Xander has to put him back together Post Apocolypse   &   Hurt/Comfort
Trust Whichclothes Communication Established Relationship
Trust Xanphibian Xander gets to act out his fantasy Sub/Dom
Truth Spikedluv Xander spills the beans. Sweet and Schmoopy
Truth and Sacrifice C. Woodhaven Spike and Xander are forced to team up with Tara, an ancient and powerful demon witch.   wip Developing Feelings   &   Post NFA
Truth Denied Perverted Pages About five years post NFA, Xander needs a job, like, NOW! And runs into someone he knows where he'd least expect it.   Preview On Stage  &   Oblivious/Denial   &   Epics with Plot
Truth/Friction apreludetoanend The truth is in the friction (7 drabbles) Developing Feelings
The Truth of a Vision Randy Sex Kitten Season One. Spike has been sent to Sunnydale for a reason First Time
Truth or Dare Byrne Dawn dares Xander to ask Spike out on a date First Time
Truth or Dare Flufshepherd What happens when you try to make Spike play 'moronic games'? Preslash
Truth or Dare Jameschick A drunk game of Truth or Dare Comedy  &   Drink'n'Drugs   &   Kissing
Truth or Dare MissE Spike, Xander and Giles play drunk Truth or Dare First Time;  Spander Plus
Truth or Dare Whichclothes Spike and Xander find a way to pass the time. Post Apocalypse
TumbleTurnOverflow Tabaqui Post shanshu, and Spike is not coping with the limitations of being human. Drink'n'Drugs
Turnabout Eliza Shaw Spike returns from burning up on the Hellmouth to find a broken Xander. wip Angst
Turn on the Bright Lights Cordelianne Each November there comes a day when Xander boldly declares that he is going to quit smoking Human AU
The Twelve Days of Christmas LadyMerlin The boys celebrate Christmas their own way Christmas  &   Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
The Twelve Days of Christmas Wish Book Kimalis This booklet entitles the bearer to redeem one coupon per day Christmas
Twelfth Dustandroses Spike watches Xander fight, and reminisces about how they got to the twelfth Vamp!Xander, Extra Dark, De-Chipped,Re-Fanged
Twelve Drums Pirate Purple Xander has found a home of sorts in Africa Preslash   Africa!Xander
12.06 a.m. CowardlyShep By 12.05 a.m. the screaming had started. Sequel to Safety Hurt/Comfort
20/20 Vision Tisienne Blue Voyeurism, illegal surveillance... Seduction
Twice Bitten Whichclothes Spike and Xander are with Angel in LA. They have a number of issues to deal with, though, including Xander's werewolf bite, Lindsey in the basement, and Wolfram & Hart. Sequel to Hard Bitten Not Human   &   Post NFA   &   Established Relationship
Twilight Time Shadow Spike comes across Xander injured and hiding out in the cemetery and takes him home. Xander becomes his Consort Consort!Xander   Hurt/Comfort   Abused Child!Xan
Two and Out Bruttimabuoni A Spander ‘The Replacement’. Yes, it’s Toth: The Revenge! Double Trouble
Two-Beer Queer FireHorse Xander loses his inhibitions after a few beers Developing Feelings   &   Drink'n'Drugs
Two Birds with One Stone Cimmer A prudent demon plans for his future, and Spike is fond of Xander. Extra Dark
Two for the Price of One Xocoatldreams Spike spends the night with two Xanders Double Trouble
200 Years Reremouse Sod instinct. It's Harris. And apparently, he's dead. Vamp!Xander;   Working Man
Two Into One Bruttimabuoni The Plucky Boy Detectives in... The Nether Wallop Mystery First Time
Two of a Kind Rowaine Dawn wants her two boys to resolve their UST Developing Feelings
Two's Company Jackson Sequel to Divided. Spike has been rejoined with his demon side but those pesky feelings just won't go away, and he wants Xander, however something in the form of a hot ex-demon is in his way. Oblivious/Denial   &   Comedy   &   Possessive/Jealous
Two Squared Josie_H Togetherness becomes survival, when there is so much more to learn Not Human
Two Weeks to Eternity... Tisienne Blue Spike and Xander get together just two weeks every year Sweet and Schmoopy