The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
A Spander Advent Whichclothes Angel sends Spike on an errand, and Spike meets up with an old acquaintance. First Time and Beginnings, Oblivious
Spander 5K Witling Xander has to run miles to save the world. Spike isn't helping. Comedy
Spander 4eva Nasty Shrew Really really good bad!fic Comedy
Spander in Love Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess Fluffy, and sweet enough you might get a cavity, though there is a bit of bedroom fun. Established Relationship
Spander in Spandex Kay A series of lucky chances has given Xander's team a place in the Tour de France, to the disdain of some other riders. Human AU;   Developing Feelings
Spander in Verse, a Collection Darkhavens A collection of Spander poems in various styles Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Spander is Exploitive Witling The boys discuss porn and fic writers Comedy
Spander Kink Series Lit Gal Spander kink. P W P
The Spander Kissing Meme Moosesal A game of Spin-the-Bottle Comedy  &   Kissing
Spander Schmoop Witling A series of unconnected snippits Sweet and Schmoopy
A Spandery Christmas Mwrgana Spike tells Xander a Christmas story.   Set in The Ripper Files verse. Christmas  &   Post NFA
A Spandery Fairy Tale Nash  &   Virtual Personal Child!Xander has his very own vamp!fairy. Fairy Stories
Spark and Ignition MissE In the end, all it took was one look Beginnings
Sparks Jasonsnene Spike is a wealthy night club owner. Alex is a dancer at the club. Spike wants more. Alex really doesn't. Human AU
Speak No Evil Skargasm Sunnydale is gone; so is Wolfram & Hart. Angel has the visions and Spike helps the helpless. And what could be more helpless than a mouthy Scooby who doesn't talk and seems to no longer be himself... Hyena!Xander;  Double Trouble;   Spander Plus
Special Toy Darkhavens He knows there's something wrong with being here, being naked, on a bed with someone - vampire - beside him and another on his back.  S/X/Dru Spander Plus
Spectacular Pain In The Ass Spank Spike Xander enjoys his vampire babysitting duties much more than he anticipated... Daddy!kink
Spectres!Verse Whichclothes Spike and Xander go to investigate a haunted house Seduction  Developing Feelings
Speech Therapist Sevendeadlyfun Xander could swear he heard Spike’s voice inside his head. Preslash
Speed Demon Denied Heaven Spike as a cocky race car driver. Veerryyy loosely based on Days of Thunder. Human AU;  &   Movieland;   Working Man
Speeding Whichclothes Xander is a cop, and catches Spike doing something illegal. How can Spike bribe his way out of the situation? Human AU
Spells, Sex, Men and Babies Kiwileesa Somebody has cast a spell. Xander is pregnant and Spike is the Daddy. Mpreg
Spending the Night Pirate Purple Xander's not gay, he just lets a male vampire get him off. Developing Feelings
Spike James Walkswithwind In which yet another author perverts yet another icon of childhood, and we have fun with Spike and Xander. Comedy
Spike and The Harris Boy in The Case of the Ascending Angel Skargasm and LadyMerlin Spike and Xander run A.I. Sunnydale . the weird and wacky cases that walk through the door..... Established Relationship;   De-Chipped
Spike/Xander - A story told in 20 drabbles Skargasm The stages of becoming a couple Beginnings
Spike and Xander's Excellent Hogwarts Adventure Nash and Virtual Personal Spike knows that Harry Potter is doing Draco, and 'wishes' he could prove it to Xander Crossovers
Spike and Xander's Rocking New Year's Eve Dustandroses Spike, why are you in my house, wearing my last clean pair of underwear? Holiday Fic;  Beginnings
Spike Claus Forsaken2003 Spike does his good deed for the year. Christmas
Spike's Boys Wordsmith Spike has two Xanders on his hands Double Trouble
Spike’s Holiday Hunt EntreNous What Do You Get for the Vamp Who Has Everything Christmas
Spike's Masterpiece Dustandroses He belonged to Spike. That should be a disturbing thought, but it wasn’t. It felt right. More right than anything had ever felt before. Sequel to Never As Safe As You Think You Are Vamp!Xander
Spike's Movie Byrne Spike, Xander, some rope, a chair and a movie. P W P  &   Video Night
Spike's Pet Skargasm Sometimes the bars of the cage cannot be seen until someone sets you free...   Beginnings
Spike's Plan No. 1034 Nash and Virtual Personal Spike's plan goes awry. Oblivious!Spike
Spike's Revenge CJ Spike's rid of the chip, now he has plans for Xander. De-Chipped   &  Extra Dark
Spike's Secret Little Tenshi Spike's got a dirty little secret Sweet and Schmoopy
Spike the . . . Cuddly? Raihne Spike messes with the wrong mojo and is left with only one person he can turn to. . . but how is the whelp supposed to fix him if he doesn't even know it's Spike?! Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander
Spike/Xander Drabble. Except kind of a story instead Witling Xander has no idea Spike has feelings for him Oblivious/Denial
Spill Miriam Heddy Harry only went because Murphy knew a guy named Liam who lived out in L.A. and vouched for this Watcher guy.  crossover with Dresden Files Crossovers;   Established Relationship
Spooks Collapsible What was that noise? Possessive/Obsessive
A Spot of Dreaming Lady Cat Spike is bored in the basement PWP   &   Basement of Doom
A Spot of Trouble Sevendeadlyfun There’s nothing heroic about skulking in an alley.   wip Developing Feelings   &   Souled Spike
Spring Break SunnyD-lite Anything can happen on a road trip. Kissing   &   Human AU  &   Road Trips
The Square Root Of Two Misanthrope Xander seeks comfort from the only source available Final Death
Stakeout Vinniebatman Batman gets more than he bargained for when he stakes out an unusual pair. Crossovers - DC Comics
Stalker!verse Strickens_girl A study of addiction, obsession and manipulation. Xander/Riley, Xander/Spike   WIP Possesive/Jealous
Star Light Jane Davitt Their first Christmas together has to be perfect Christmas
Starts With An Earthquake Dustandroses What do you do when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, celebrating the fact that you've made it through an entire year since the world as you knew it ended? Post Apocalypse;   Established Relationship
The State We're In Rune Xander misunderstands a letter he finds with disastrous consequences Extra Dark
Stay Megg Spike saves Xander from a demon attack Hurt/Comfort   &   Sweet and Schmoopy
Stay Spikedluv Spike, Xander, and a dirty little secret. Developing Feelings

Stay Tabaqui Spike remembered somethin' Xander said. P W P
Stay Away From my Ass! Eyezrthewindows Xander has an embarrassing problem Comedy
Steam Two Ladies of Quality Xander in Denial mode Oblivious
Steel Robin the Crossover Junkie Spike and Xander are handcuffed together for three days Comedy   &   Oblivious/Denial  &   Trapped Together
Still Lazuli.Kat It was terrifying, Spike knew, to be completely out of control De-Chipped;   Under a Spell
Still Nasty Shrew Just an average day Established Relationship
Stilled Desire Josie_H Anya utters a final garbled set of words that sets off a wish that will alter Xander's existence forever... Consort!Xander   Under a Spell
Still Wrong Perverted Pages Xander finds someone hurting and makes them feel better. Secret Lovers   &   Angst
Stingy Jack Randy Sex Kitten Two men and a sexual spell. Right… Halloween
A Stitch In Time Tienco Xander and Willow go back in time and change it when they meet and fall in love with Angelus and Spike Time Travel
Stranded Michele Xander, Spike and Angel go on a trip and get stranded Spander Plus
Strange Mentors Creed   &   Echos Revenge Spike and Xander need a little push in the right direction from the strangest of mentors in love.   Crossover with X-Men Crossovers
The Stranger Things Series Esmerelda Xander is kidnapped and Spike has to arrange his release Developing Feelings   & Epics with Plot

Strawberries and Cream Nash Xander has cravings Mpreg
The Stray Josie_H Spike survived the Black Thorn but only because the Senior Partners had heard Illyria refer to him as suitable for her pet and decided to amuse themselves Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander
Street Hassle Madame Meretrix 91 days after the Xangel story Pretty Baby, Angel runs into Spike. They have a lot of catching up to do. Human AU  &   Drink'n'Drugs
String of Pearls Kyrieane Spike remembers the past and how he and Xan got together. Developing Feelings
Striptease Velvet Crypt Spike forcibly snapped his jaw shut. “You’re a stripper.” Nod. “At a gay club.” Nod. “And you like it.” Nod. “Well, bugger me.” Developing Feelings   &   On Stage
Stroke of Midnight Lady Cat Xander spends Christmas eve camped outside his parents house. Basement of Doom   Christmas
Stuck On Repeat Spike 1790 The word 'wish' should never be said in Sunnydale Halloween;  Secret Lovers
Stuck on You Bohofemm On an otherwise normal morning, their comfort levels change for the better. Sweet and Schmoopy
Stupid Cupid Spikedluv A seemingly ordinary crossbow bolt causes Xander and Spike to develop lustful feelings towards each other. Under a Spell   &   Comedy
Subtleties Anna S A few years after Spike settles in NYC, Xander is sent to find him, because they need him once more for a mission. Developing Feelings;   Prostitute;   Working Man
Subway Sorrows Perverted Pages Spike and Xander get stuck so come up with something to pass the time Daddy!kink   &   Established Relationship
Such A Part Of You Emelye Miller Dying for someone you love is easy, it's living for them that's hard.   Sequel to The Resolute Urgency Of Now Souled Spike
Sucking Skuzzbopper Xander has a little secret Secret Lovers
The Suicide Plot Kayla Xander attempts suicide. Spike fixes him. Hurt/Comfort  &   Beginnings
A Summer Sun in Winter LadyMerlin Spike wants to feel the warmth of the sun again Christmas;  Beginnings
Sunday Rayne Jelly A lifetime of regrets Angst
Sunday Morning Coming Down Crazydiamondsue Post BtVS "The Gift." Xander struggles to come to terms with the resurrection spell in light of the "reality" of Buffy's death and his changing feelings for Spike. Developing Feelings   &   Angst
A Sunnydale Christmas Carol Amejisuto Rewrite of Charles Dicken's story, A Christmas Carol Christmas
The Sunnydale Files Frk_werewolf Set in an all-human universe, at Sunnydale High (WIP with regular updates) Human AU   &   Sweet William
Sunnydale General Hospital Michelle Buffy the Soap Opera BadFic Comedy
Sunset Lady Flame Romantic poem about love between a vampire, and a mortal. Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Sunshine Kitty Poker1 Hopes and wishes Sweet and Schmoopy

Robin the Crossover Junkie Spike likes to dress Xander in leather P W P
Surprise apreludetoanend Xander gets an early Christmas gift. (drabble) Christmas  &   Wing!Fic
Surprises Jenny Spike makes a surprising discovery Preslash
A Surprising Gentleness Authoress Nebula Xander's hurt on patrol, and help comes from an unexpected source Hurt/Comfort   &   Preslash   &   Souled Spike
Survival Instincts Savoy Truffle After Sunnydale, Xander has a chance meeting with Spike. As they tend to do, things develop from there... Developing Feelings
Surviving the Fire Swamp Just Ink Me As you wish Sweet and Schmoopy
Suzerain's Companion Josie H Highly refined, purpose bred 'Companion' Alexander is 'liberated' by feral humans, and consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike's forces. Consort!Xander
Sweet Dreams CJ Spike peeks at Xander's dreams. P W P   &   First Time
Sweet Dreams Nash and Virtual Personal William the Bloody from an alt universe kidnapped Xander and Spike went to the rescue. First Time
Sweet Dreams Spank Spike Xander's asleep, Spike's evol. Sweet and Schmoopy
Sweeter Far Than Flowing Honey Tabaqui Spike really is evil De-Chipped   &  Extra Dark
Sweet Memories Kayla Both the boys lose their memories, but the evidence points to them being in a relationship. Lost Memory  &   Alternate Incarnations
Sweet Release Crazydiamondsue Season 4, post "The Harsh Light of Day." Xander has something Spike needs. Original Spike;  Developing Feelings
Sweet Revenge Jackson Spike's well-laid plan to revenge himself on the Scoobies misfires Angst;   Epics with Plot
Sweet Seduction Tisienne Blue A Xander, Spike and William sandwich Double Trouble   &   P W P
Sweet Tears LadyMerlin Spike and Xander find comfort in the only place left to them Beginnings
Sweet Tooth Kyrieane The courtship of Xander Sweet and Schmoopy
Swigging Syrup SunnyD-lite Xander knew he was seriously distracted. Comedy
Swinger's Club Eyezrthewindows Spike goes to a sex club, sees someone unexpected and takes the opportunity spread out in front of him. Developing Feelings
S/X-Files Kayla Second in the series Death Becomes Them   Spike and Xander meet up with a Russian rat and some nosy Fibbies. Vamp!Xander   &   Crossovers
Sympathetic Markedxup Xander finds something private Angst;  Souled Spike
Sympathy For The Devil Sakuri In a Sunnydale without Buffy, Agent Harris may be the only initiative soldier able to get vital information about Angelus from Hostile 17  Preview The Initiative;   Developing Feelings;   Epics with Plot;   Denial;   Working Man