The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Paid in Full Dustandroses Xander should never have gone looking through Spike's coat. Comedy;
Pain Pills Akasakasan Spike takes care of Xander when he's sick. Sweet and Schmoopy;   Beginnings
Pancakes Wolfshark This seemed to be all that Spike wanted and it was easy enough to give it to him. P W P
The Pandora!Verse Estepheia Neither is sure of what the other really wants Developing Feelings
Paper Skuzzbopper Xander and Spike screw around while stoned. In the process, Spike reawakens his love for the written word. Drink'n'Drugs;   Beginnings
Paper Anniversary Robin the Crossover Junkie Tonight was their anniversary P W P
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Amejisuto Spike, Xander, road trip. Who could ask for anything more.   wip Road Trips   &   Secret Lovers
Paradise Found Darkling Dawns More stunning than the glory hole was what he thought he could see through it. P W P
Parts Reremouse But no - no way - the Xand-man didn't take advantage of the women-folk. Even when he was the women-folk Body Switcheroo's
Party Time Queenie AU. On an alternate world where Vampires rule, Spike takes his Body Slave to Angelus' party.   Warning: Dark!porn Slave
Passions Noandwhere After nine seasons, Passions is ending Established Relationship
Passing Moment Xanphibian After the wedding-that-wasn't, Xander turns up at Spike's crypt Angst
Past Lives Cicirossi Past life fantasy P W P
Past Time to Go Skargasm Nearly too late, it's past time to go... Angst
Paths We Were Meant to Take Akasakasan All paths seemed to lead back to the Basement of Doom Basement of Doom
Patience Truly Tazi Some things are worth the wait. Extra Dark
Pavlov's Dog Queenie The chip comes with behaviour modification control Extra Dark &
Payless Metaforgirl Xander finds an emotionally damaged Spike after the destruction of Sunnydale   Preview Hurt/Comfort;   Angst;   Epics with Plot;   Working Man
Peaches and Cream Cobalt Mystic He still didn’t feel he had much to offer in these games, but anticipation was something he could do P W P
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mera Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies Sweet and Schmoopy
Peculiarities of Taste and Sentiments Miriam Heddy "A man's penmanship is an unfailing index of his character, moral and mental, and a criterion by which to judge his peculiarities of taste and sentiments."  Preview Angst
Peep Angelee Even vampires get scared. Set in the same Verse as The Wedding Quilt Sweet and Schmoopy
Peephole Randy Sex Kitten While Anya's out of town, Xander makes a discovery P W P
The Perfect Life Lusciousxander "One day I'll have money. Prestige. Power. And on that day they'll still have more," Xander in Reptile Boy. Lost Memory
People Change Nash While on patrol a vamp begins turning Xander. To save his life, Spike finishes siring him Vamp!Xander  &   Souled Spike
Peppermint Dragon's Phoenix Xander gets fed up with Spike's mind games Preslash
Perceptions!verse Sparrow2000 Spike sets out to amuse himself, but things don't go as he expects. Preview Original Spike   &   Seduction  &   Road Trips   &   Rewrites;   Epics with Plot
Perchance to Dream Sanguied A peek at a very different Scoobie Crew and Fang Gang when an alternate universe mixes with our own. Many pairings including altS/altX & S/A Sliders   &   Post Apocolypse
The Perfect Gift Authoress Nebula Maybe the perfect Valentine's gift will prove just what Xander wants to say? Sweet and Schmoopy
Period Of Adjustment BmblBee Is love enough or does it take a hell of a lot of work to build a life together?   Sequel to Rosebud Murders Human AU
Permutations of Humanity Creed   &   Echos Revenge Re-write of 'I Will Remember You'. It's Xander who comes visiting Angel and both are found and turned by Spike Vamp!Xander   &   Spander Plus
Perrilyn Spankinsandwich She'd obviously been distraught when she cast her spell on Spike, or surely she could’ve come up with a mightier plan of vengeance. Under a Spell
Personal Favor Darkling Dawns He'd taken advantage of Spike's absence to snatch a little private time. Masturbation Theater   &   First Time
Personals Lady Cat Xander puts his new computer to good use Comedy & Long Distance Loving
Pervasion Wesleysgirl and Jane Davitt While Xander's away on a trip, Giles gives Spike something he's been missing.   Sequel to Saturation Spander Plus   &   Sub/Dom
Pet Devo79 Angel rescues a nearly dead and broken Xander from Spike.   S/X, X/A Pet!Xander   &   Extra Dark
Pet Nash Spike wants one last thing before he leaves Sunnydale. Sub/Dom
Pet Perverted Pages Xander sees the fateful Magic Box video, and reacts rather badly. Angst
Pet Scorpio Spike comes to Sunnydale after hearing rumors that his Sire is alive. He brings his Pet with him Extra Dark  &   Original Spike
Pets Markedxup Vampires aren't pets De-Chipped   &  Extra Dark
Pet!Xander!Verse LadyMerlin In an alternate universe, Xander is the beloved pet of Master Spike of the House of Aurelius Vampire Courts;   Pet
Phantoms Lady Cat This is his last night in South Africa Africa!Xander   &   First Time
Phoenix Whichclothes Sequel to The Wednesday Museumbut can be read on its own. Xander and Spike attempt holiday-season travel. Christmas;   Established Relationship
The Phone Call Jameschick Spike makes a call. Oblivious
Phone Sex Lady Flame Pretty much just dirty talk from start to finish!! With a little 'surprise' at the end!! Established Relationship   &   Long Distance Loving
Pillow Talk Lady Cat A quiet evening in front of the TV Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Established Relationship
Pixie Dust Wolfshark Spike's been hit with Demon pixie dust First Time
A Place Called Home Lady Cat  &   Xanphibian Xander sees a fix-it-up house he'd like to buy. Developing Feelings
Plan B Spikedluv Xander gets caught red-handed and Spike gives him a helping hand. First Time
Plausible Deniablity Eyezrthewindows When Will's step-sis Faith comes back from college she brings unexpected complications with her in the form of a very attractive Xander. Human AU   &   Oblivious/Denial
Play Randy Sex Kitten Xander’s idea of play has changed over the years. Dark. Established Relationship
Playing Games Spikedluv Spike, Xander and the games they play P W P
Playing Pool Darkhavens Someone is watching Spike and Xander Developing Feelings
Play Pretend Lady Cat Spike tries something different for Halloween Body Switcheroo's
Plaything Lady Cat Vamp!Xander likes his own toy much better than Willow's Puppy Sub/Dom   &   Vamp!Xander
Playtime!verse Rowaine Everyone's got a kink or two -- Xander's was started by a misplaced shopping bag and ambiguous instructions. Preview   Unfinished Developing Feelings
Please Come Home For Christmas Chess Xander comes home for Christmas Oblivious/Denial;   Christmas
Please Don't Tell Me Strickens_girl Season 7, the night before the big battle, Xander and Spike finally see each other First Time
Plots and Popcorn Kargrif The girls spend the night watching some real ‘Reality TV’ Comedy
The Plunge Chocgood84 Xander has made his decision Angst
Poet and the Carpenter Jenny William is a poet and a professor at UC Sunnydale. Xander is trying to get his home carpentry business off the ground. This was also titled 'Weekend Project' Human AU
Poetic Justice Darkling Dawns Xander wants to know if there's something special about Spike. Extra Dark
Poetic Justice Lusciousxander An argument with Buffy results in a wish that will, obviously, be granted immediately. Body Switcheroo's
Poetic Justice Vichan Spike takes on the duties of Sire when Xander is turned. wip Vamp!Xander
Poetry Lesson Skargasm Spike shares his interest in poetry with Xander!   Sequel to How Spike and Xander Got Stuck Together! Established Relationship
The Poinsettia Protection Posse Jasonsnene It was truly amazing what one could acquire with a bottle of Jack Daniels, a carton of cigarettes, and a box of Twinkies. In Giles’ case, he acquired one vampire and one young Watcher   S/X/Giles Christmas  &   Spander Plus
Pointless Smut Noandwhere Just a little smut P W P
Poker!verse Strickens_girl Liam's buddy's started using their poker night as an excuse to fuck around. Daddy!kink   &   Human AU   &   Spander Plus   &   Prostitute
Pokes In The Night Dancetomato Spike was one fourth of the Scourge of Europe and scared of nothing. Established Relationship
Pons Asinorum Miriam Heddy The first time was pants Developing Feelings   &   Oblivious/Denial
Porch Estepheia The fact that Spike’s mannerisms felt familiar even when Xander wasn’t watching, well, that was just a little disconcerting First Time
Possession Randy Sex Kitten No one is allowed to touch what is Spike's Possessive/Jealous
Post-Apocalyptic Trends Crazydiamondsue Set post "Not Fade Away." Spike and Angel have Shanshu'd and Giles brings together "The Men Behind the Slayers" for a retreat, where discussion on recent research trends yields sadly literal results. Mpreg   Comedy
Postcards MissE Xander’s gone, but he’ll never forget his bestest bud. Vamp!Xander;   Original Spike
Postcards from a Hotel Room Wolfshark Spike is a prostitute and Xander is his customer. All Human AU Human AU;   Prostitute;   Working Man
Post-Grad Te Life tends to change after high school.   Preview Original Spike
Post-Grad 2   'On Holiday' Te Direct sequel to Post-Grad, Spike and Xander leave town.   Preview Road Trips   &   Original Spike
Postsecret Whichclothes A visiting demon causes secrets to be spilled, and those secrets change our boys' lives Rewrites   &   De-Chipped   &   Developing Feelings
Pounding FeatheredQuill Spike can't help but annoy his Sire even if its a bad idea.... Unfinished P W P
Pout!Verse Tabaqui Xander was always ready for him Secret Lovers
Power Play Daedreams Xander invites Spike back to his place. Spike has no idea what Xander has in mind. Extra Dark
Power Plays Lady Cat Xander has grown tired of waiting for what he wants. He's ready to take. Hyena!Xander
Power Switch Skargasm Powerless or powerful - it's all in how you look at it.... Sub/Dom
Prawnverse Witling Grinning lecherous Spike. Hungry wounded eyes-downcast Xander Developing Feelings;   Working Man
Precious MJ Gage Spike has a serious head injury, causing him to lose his memory. Xander becomes his default care giver. Lost Memory  &   Hurt/Comfort
Precious Jewel Eyezrthewindows Xander goes on a slayer-seeking mission and finds someone he never thought he'd see again and discovers a perfect opportunity for revenge Prostitute;   Lost Memory;   Working Man
Predators Kahuna Burger Xander hooks up with a guy who everybody likes... except Spike. Beginnings
Predatory Acts Jane Davitt Spike comes to Sunnydale while Xander is possessed by the Hyena.  Preview Hyena!Xander  &   Original Spike
Predictability Beetle Unpredictability in the Basement of Doom Christmas   &   Comedy   &   Basement of Doom
Press "2" Kayla Xanders rings a phone sex number and gets a sexy English accent on the line Comedy;   Working Man
Pressie and Cake Werewindle It's Xander's birthday. Spike has a present ready for him P W P
Pretty Picture Nasty Shrew Very dark pair of drabbles looking at Spike and Xander's relationship Extra Dark
Pretty When You Break Werewindle Spike wormed his way into every part of the boy’s life until Xander came to expect it Developing Feelings
Preying On My Mind Jane Davitt Spike returns to Sunnydale with no memory of his time with Xander.   Sequel to Predatory Acts Hyena!Xander   &   Lost Memory
The Price Katharina Angelus has returned and managed to defeat the Slayer. In the wake of her death, Spike agrees to keep one of the Scoobies as a Pet in order to save their lives.  wip Developing Feelings
Priceless Kimalis Xander deals with the aftermath of drinking too much at Clem’s birthday Established Relationship   &   Comedy
Priest Xander Kay While searching for a missing demon kid, Spike runs across a most interesting priest working at a shelter for runaways.   Preview Developing Feelings
Prior Claim Skargasm Xander's demon-magnetness attracts another Master Vampire, and Spike is forced to go claim him, since he's the only one with the "right" to do so. Vampire Courts   Superpower!Xander
Prior Claim Xocoatldreams The girls land Xander in the hot seat Secret Lovers
The Prisons We Make Whichclothes 10 years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander hears that Spike is on display at a tourist trap. Post NFA   &   Slave
Private Estepheia Xander comes home from work. Schmoop ensues. Sweet and Schmoopy
Private Dancer Skargasm All that power, that grace, belonged to him..... Established Relationship
A Private Performance Skargasm He'd known that Spike would appreciate being the only one to see him dance First Time
The Problem With Portmanteau Kahuna Burger Fanfic naming conventions are confusing Andrew Comedy
Proclivity Lit Gal Xander would really love to tell his friends. Secret Lovers   &   Angst
Productivity Electricalgwen Spike loses his concentration when teamed with Xander for Patrol Comedy
Promise Mrs Sakuma Xander has no clue Sweet and Schmoopy   Spander Plus
Promises Spikedluv Spike goes to Africa to find Xander Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Souled Spike   &   Africa!Xander
Proof Lady Cat Dawn's known about them for weeks now. Kissing
Proof Necessary StillRose Xander’s drunk, heart-broken and once again the victim of the demon du juor. It’s Spike to the rescue. First in the Fatal Promt!Verse Oblivious/Denial
A Prophecy Nasty Shrew A prophecy - what will happen to Spike and Xander? Angst
The Prophecy of the Defender & the Determined Protector Skargasm The words of a prophecy force Spike and Xander closer than they ever thought they would ever become but will it be close enough? Consort!Xander;   Hyena!Xander
Protected!verse Darkhavens Xander collects glyphs and protective tattoos that will keep him alive and safe forever with Spike. Established Relationship
Protector AngieJean While in a healing sleep Spike is a helpless witness hidden in Xander's closet as Xander is raped by his father Abused Child!Xan   Basement of Doom   Hurt/Comfort   Developing Feelings
Protective Custody Nash After the Hellmouth is closed, Spike gets a choice. Oblivious/Denial   &   First Time   &   Angst
Prove It Darkling Dawns Spike and Xander have a bet Beginnings
Provocation _obsession_is_ Spike's odd behavior peaks Xander's curiosity, and you know what they say about the cat that was too curious . . .  Unfinished Lost Memory
Provocation Sevendeadlyfun Xander watched, mouth falling open, as the black t-shirt fluttered to the floor, leaving a very shirtless Spike behind Masturbation Theater
Public Declaration Skargasm Did he really need to make a public declaration? Secret Lovers
The Pull of Tides Zowiebwalker Spike finds his way home. Preslash;   Souled Spike
Punching Emella Sometimes Spike gets punched. Second in the NewYorkNewYork!verse Oblivious/Denial
Punishment Whichclothes Immortality hurts. Angst
Punishment or Reward? Blue Icy Rose With two Xanders around, Spike decides to have a bit of fun Double Trouble
Punitive Damages Christina_O Xander saw Spike and Anya "comfort" each other in the Magic Box and decides to give Spike just what he deserves.   wip Developing Feelings
The Punk Duck Machine Skuzzbopper Xander's oboe Beginnings
PuppyEyes and The Three Vampires Shadith Rewrite of Goldilocks Fairy Stories;   Original Spike
A Puppy For Spike Spikedluv Angelus gives Spike a puppy Sub/Dom;   Original Spike

A Puppy is Forever Nash Xander got mojoed and thinks he's a dog. Comedy   &   First Time
Puppy Love Perverted Pages Dru had been so insistant he find a puppy to bring home. Pet!Xander
Pups 'O Plenty Frk_werewolf Oh, Willow. The things your spells do. And the naughty things puppies get up to Comedy   &   Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander
Purgatory Shimmer Xander and Spike spend some time alone in the wilderness. Extra Dark;  Drink'n'Drugs
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat Raihne Spike gets a surprise when his other half comes calling Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Double Trouble
PWP Jameschick He knows this can’t really be happening, guys like him just don’t get their every wish and fantasy to come true P W P