The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know MissE Spike comes to the Hellmouth early, during Xander's hyena possession First Time;   Hyena!Xander
Madhouse Whichclothes After the battle with Wolfram & Hart, Spike and Angel are sent to different worlds. On returning, Angel enlists Xander to rescue Spike. Spander Plus  Sliders
Mafia! A Xander and Spike Love Story Michelle Mob boss Angel's favorite childe Spike falls in love with Xander, son of his arch enemy. Developing Feelings
Magic Moments Sukiblue A naughty blue demon decides it would be good if Xander has Spike's baby Mpreg   &   Developing Feelings
The Magic Number Witling Moves beautifully from a Spike who despises Xander to the start of feelings developing between them. Developing Feelings
The Magic of Computers Sabershadowkat It's the year 2009, and Angel unknowingly hires Willow's company to design a website for Angel Investigations. Sweet and Schmoopy;  Established Relationship
Magical Cage Lit Gal What happens when Willow's spell meets a wormhole? Crossovers  &   Preslash
Magna-Save StillRose Xander's searching for something in an condemed building in the middle of the night. Second in the Fatal Promt!Verse Preslash
Magpie Sparrow2000 Set post Chosen. Xander is travelling around Europe doing jobs for the Council when things start to happen... Developing Feelings;   Epics with Plot;  (Eventual) Vamp!Xander
Majority Rule Bruttimabuoni Spike and Xander are sent to investigate a strange Stepford-type town. Ex Lovers   &   Post NFA
Making It Clear Kargrif Xander has something he needs to say. Secret Lovers
Making Peace Charmin In order to make peace with Xander Spike offers Xander an opportunity to get even Sub/Dom  &   One Hour
Making Preparations apreludetoanend An intimate moment. (drabble) P W P
Making Them Pay Michele Spike has his bite back and decides to make the Sunnydale gang pay for all they've done to him.  unfinished Developing Feelings   De-Chipped
Making Up Karen Xander needs to apologize. Sweet and Schmoopy
Makeshift Chivalry Vinniebatman Xander is acting weird, and Spike is clueless Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Souled Spike
Male Bond-age Beamer Spike and Xander run into a little trouble on a routine patrol the summer after Buffy’s death. Trapped Together
Male Bonding Jackson Sequel to Two's Company They've kissed. Now what?   wip Oblivious/Denial
Mall Crawl JitkaJaylor The boys have been dragged out on a mall-crawl. Preslash
Mama Africa kk-d The thing about Africa that has changed him the most? The Silence. Africa!Xander   &   Developing Feelings
Manacle Mishap Kargrif Willow discovors more than she wanted to know about Xander’s sex life. Secret Lovers
Manchester United Milady Manchester United won Established Relationship
The Mangled Spells Series Litgal Thanks to Willow's mangled spell, Xander finds himself turned into a girl, and Spike likes the change Body Switcheroo's   &   Possesive/Jealous
Manifestation Lazuli.Kat Six years on and Xander's newly developed psychic skills are needed Developing Feelings;   Epics with Plot
Manly Girly-Giggles Kiara Xander has woken as woman, much to Spike's delight Body Switcheroo's
Man of His Dreams Whichclothes Some years post-series, Xander's trying to lead a normal life, when he starts dreaming of Spike, who was last seen burning beneath Sunnydale High. Ghost!Spike
Manroot: A very bad Spander pornfic Sukiblue Pure corn, a poke at over-the-top porn fic Comedy
A Man's Worth Authoress Nebula While out searching for a nest of demons, Xander finds a piano, and memories, good and bad, come rushing in. Spike can't help but overhear, and learns a thing or two about what Alexander Harris is really made of Sweet and Schmoopy
The Man Who Would Be King Forsaken2003 Robin Hood, Spander style Alternate Incarnations
The Man Who Stole the Heart of William The Bloody Darkhavens Xander gets interviewed by the "No.1 Magazine for demon-human relationships" Comedy
Marge Nasty Shrew Marge likes to keep an eye on all her neighbours Sweet and Schmoopy
Marked, Branded and Owned Loopy A night club, some dancing, some smutt Possesive/Jealous
Marriage and Other Strange Arrangements   Randy Sex Kitten Xander comes back to Sunnydale for a wedding. Unfinished Developing Feelings
Mary Spike 1790 Set sometime in the future, Spike fulfils a promise he made to Xander. Angst
Master and Pet Amejisuto Xander offers himself to Spike as a Pet Sub/Dom
Master Of Thornfield Naughtyfae In the 1850's Xander secures employment at Thornfield as Tutor to the temperamental Drusilla and meets The Master of Thornfield, the handsome, mysterious William Rochester Alternate Incarnations   Human AU
Master!verse Queenie Spike and Xander fell through a dimensional rift into a slave world where Vampires rule. Sub/Dom   &   P W P
Mastering a Desire Markedxup It turns out Xander was adopted. He's actually demon-spawned and now his Master is coming to claim him. Not Human
Masturbation Theater Moosesal Andrew discovers why he can never have Spike Masturbation Theater
A Matter of Confrontation Kay Who's going to tell Buffy?   Continued from A Matter of Control Spander Plus
A Matter of Control Kay Xander is affected by a lust demon and will die unless Spike and Angel can find a cure  S/X/A Spander Plus   Something Made Us Do It
A Matter of Trust LadyMerlin Someone wants Xander for himself Angst
May Lady Cat tipped up at him, disconcertingly innocent given Spike was stark naked. Masturbation Theater
Meant to Be LadyMerlin Xander makes a confession Beginnings
The Meat Show Gabrielle Willow catches Xander in a compromising position. Secret Lovers
Meditation in Motion Yin Again I tell myself that there's no one I want there. I lie. Developing Feelings
Meeting Aunt Mae Angelee Sequel to The Wedding Quilt Sweet and Schmoopy
Meeting of the Minds Cobalt Mystic Spike, a Scooby meeting, and kissage Sweet and Schmoopy
Meet the Family Mrs Sakuma Spike was meeting the girls for the first time. Human AU
Meeting The In-Laws Jujukittychick Xander and Spike deal with meeting the In-Laws Comedy
Meet The Master Michele Buffy goes to visit dad for the summer. Who's looking after the Hellmouth? Developing Feelings
Memento Mori: Hominem Te Memento Whichclothes In order to save the world, Xander must travel back in time and make sure that William becomes Spike. Sweet William;   Time Travel
Memories Margie Xander remembers a night a few years back. Masturbation Theater
Memories Randy Sex Kitten A view of Spike’s life from human to demon to human again, on the day of his wedding Sweet and Schmoopy
Memories Taruma What if Dawn was just Buffy's little sister? Always has been there. And it's Xander who was the Key? Ex Lovers
Memories of Christmas Spike 1790 Spike tells Xander a story about Christmas Christmas
Mercy Robin the Crossover Junkie Xander's sexual dysfuntion problems stem from his long suppressed and forgotton childhood abuse Hurt/Comfort   Abused Child!Xan
Merely a Possession T J Goldstein How do the Scooby Gang cope when they find out Xander is missing.   wip Hurt/Comfort   &   Prostitute/Slave   &   Angst
Mermaids Steam Kirasmommy Nobody realised that the swim coach had turned Xander into an Immortal Not Human
Merman Love WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead Spike is kicked out of his town and then wanders around looking for a new home. He meets Xander and falls in love. Alternate Incarnations;   Not Human
Merry Christmas, Luv Charmin Very dark fic but has a hopeful ending Christmas
A Message Temari Grace What would happen if one of Evil Spike’s victims came back to give ensouled Spike a message? No Category (No Pairing)
Messages in Red Jameschick A spell goes wrong. Or so we assume. P W P
Messing With Fate Spikedluv Feeling cheated by fate, Spike goes back in time to change time and prevent Xander's death. Final Death
Messing with His Head Lusciousspike Xander wakes up next to Spike after a night of binge drinking  wip Comedy  &   Drink'n'Drugs   &   Oblivious
The Middleman Witling Sequel to The Assistant So exactly how do those two crazy kids work things out? Vamp!Xander
Midnight at LAX Ahestele 15 years after the end of season 6 (but season 7 never happened), a chance meeting between Spike and Xander leads to angsty schmoop. A mix of romance and emotional hesitations and miscommunication.   Preview Angst
Midnight Clear Kayla Xander's got the holiday blues; what's a horny Spike to do? Christmas   &   Established Relationship
Midnight Revelation Harikari Spike and Xander talk (and more) after a successful hunt Beginnings
Miles to Go Cobalt Mystic Xander isn’t coping well with the aftermath of Sunnydale, but Willow thinks she may have found just what the doctor ordered…   Crossover with Supernatural Hurt/Comfort   &   Crossovers  &   Souled Spike
Million Dollar Bachelor Forsaken2003 William Pratt is a successful author of books about the adventures of a vampire named Spike. Developing Feelings;   Human AU
A Million Miles from Everything Moosesal Xander's in Africa but someone's waiting for him back home Africa!Xander   &   Long Distance Loving
Mind's Eye Sevendeadlyfun So when Xander Harris comes calling, all he can do is think of what it would be like to be owned by this lapdog of a man Extra Dark
Mine Darkhavens Xander loses his temper and Spike teaches him a lesson Sub/Dom
Mine Kirasmommy Spike is badly injured when a mine shaft collapses under both him and Xander. Hurt/Comfort;   Trapped Together
Ministrations Misanthrope   &   EntreNous> This is bad!fic. Are you looking for misguided angst? Random ennui? Unprecedented sexual skills? Generic traps? Cliched descriptions and inappropriate goofiness? You will find it all here. Oh, and there's a teensy bit of crossover too, with The Sentinel Comedy
Mink Tabaqui Spike's finally come home P W P
Minute Man Lady Cat Spike has some special needs P W P
Miraculous Fangstress Angel discovers something miraculous in his new family.... Set in the Souled!Vamp!Xander!Verse Established Relationship
Mirror Kisses Crazydiamondsue Just a short bit of kissing fun Kissing
Misbehaving CJ Spike's been a bad boy P W P
Miscalculation Spikedluv A teeny tiny miscalculation when Willow and Giles practice a spell has unforseen consequences. Hyena!Xander
Misconception IamtheLizardQueen Xander’s life was tough enough, and then he got pregnant. Spike tries to benefit from Xander’s predicament, but there are some nasty side effects to constantly being around each other, like they just might start to care… wip Mpreg   &   Developing Feelings   &   Kid!fic
Missed Opportunities Yours Truly In search of love, Xander must settle for grief. Everyone deals in their own way. Final Death
Missed You Dragon's Phoenix Xander's been missing Spike. Ex Lovers
Missing Jasonsnene Anya is convinced that Xander is giving away her orgasms and retaliates by selling him into slavery. Kid!fic
Missing You Darkhavens Xander misses more than he expected to after the loss of Sunnydale. Beginnings
Mission Implausible Spikedluv Xander and Spike undertake an undercover mission Comedy   &   Developing Feelings
Mister Cellophane Amejisuto Xander has faded into 'Invisible Boy'and the only one who cares is Spike Sweet and Schmoopy
Mistletoe Kayla It's a tradition Christmas   &   Comedy
Mistletoe Kiss Dragon's Phoenix It's bad luck if you don't kiss under the mistletoe. Christmas;   Beginnings
Mistletoe Kisses Amy Xander is being followed by enchanted mistletoe Christmas
Mistress Willow T J Goldstein The Willow we would all like to see.   S/X/Willow/Angel Comedy   &   Spander Plus
Misunderstandings Piksa Xander arrives in LA on council business. Post NFA
Molesting the Xander Dustandroses Spike has plans for Xander, but Xander is too caught up in Ampata, the beautiful South American exchange student/Mummy Girl, to notice. First Time and Beginnings, Original Spike
A Moment in Unison thatotherperv Xander is having a series of amazing dreams P W P  &   Wing!Fic
Moments Lazuli.Kat Spike is more irresistible than Xander is straight. Developing Feelings
Mom! I'm Not Gay! Tienco Xander's mom thinks he's gay. . .what does he do now?


Monday Morning Going Down Dawn Sharon & Misha Pillow talk Extra Dark
Monster Dragon's Phoenix Sequel to skargasm's story, Frankenspike's Creation. What happens to Xander after he realized he's a copy, created to kill his beloved? Angst
Monster Lady Cat Spike's return post-Grave and Xander's waiting for the one he blames for the past year's troubles. X/S, NC-17, graphic BDSM and torture. Extremely not nice or happy Extra Dark
Monsters Inside Me somanyhands After a life of abuse and fighting monsters on the Hellmouth, Xander left Sunnydale for Africa to help in the search for new slayers.
As he returns to the US, he realises he is still battling his own demons and finds help and friendship from an unusual source.
Epics With Plot
Monstrous Dustandroses The Scoobies are doing their best to track down a monster that's kidnapping men, and mutilating them before it finally kills them, but when it strikes too close to home, they're suddenly under enormous pressure to find this one before it's too late. Established Relationship;   Kidnapped
Moon Dance Jenny Once a month there really is magic in the air First Time
Moonlight Marie Macgivens Xander goes away for the summer and comes back with different ideas.   wip Not Human
Moonlighting Margie Spike finds Xander moonlighting in a gay bar Christmas  &   First Time
Montana Ruth Sadelle Alderson Xander moves to Montana, and back again. Developing Feelings
The Most Beautiful Woman Moosesal Spike gives Xander lessons in dress up Cross Dressing
The More Things Change Sorrel The more things change, the more they stay the same. Xander's still a demon magnet. Developing Feelings
Most Beautiful Ugly Thing Misspandypants Spike and Xander find a way to deal with Buffy's death. Only Xander gets more than he bargained for. Angst
Mouse BmblBee Xander has a fear of rodents and enlists Spike to rid him of a mouse. Spike, who has his own agenda, accepts the challenge.   Comedy   First Time
Mouse Whichclothes In an alternate universe, Spike went to Angel instead of Sunnydale after earning his soul. That didn't turn out well for Spike. Hurt/Comfort
Moving Randy Sex Kitten Xander’s moving. Sweet and Schmoopy
Mpreg Drabbles Mrs Sakuma Mpreg drabbles Mpreg;   Sweet and Schmoopy
Mr Happy Scorpio Spike decides to find out what the "big deal" with Xander is for himself... P W P
Mr Tig Kirasmommy A cat's eye view of the boys Comedy
Mrs Harris Scorpio Mrs Harris talks about her son and his new boyfriend Comedy   &   Basement of Doom
The Multiple Pairings of Xander Harris Electricalgwen A list of every Xander pairing, including of course Spander Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Mum FireHorse Spike gets a fairy demon mother. Fairy Stories
Murder at the Neptune Express Cordelianne Spike and Xander investigate unusual happenings in Neptune. Crossover with Veronica Mars Crossovers
Musical Wars Litgal Second in the Secondverse series Original Spike   &   Developing Feelings
My Funny Valentine Witling "No, I got nabbed by vampires, who made me kinky. Willow's gay. I'm kinky. There's a difference." Secret Lovers   &   Ex Lovers
My Hero Dragon's Phoenix Spike needs to be saved. Oblivious
My May Day Human Raihne What if Spike met Xander as a kid? Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Preslash
My New Favourite Day Spike_1790 Alcohol, truth and dare, and a good time had by all. Drink'n'Drugs;   First Time
My Room Amejisuto Instead of Xander leaving Anya, Anya leaves Xander at the alter. The rest of Season Six gets a little altered from there. First Time
My Scorpion FireHorse Xander offers Spike a deal after his failed attempt to remove the chip.   Preview De-Chipped   First Time   Abused Child!Xan
Mysterious Child RogueSpike Spike's having funny mood swings Mpreg
Mystic Egg Timer Eyezrthewindows Spike gets the chip out, on one condition Sweet and Schmoopy   De-Chipped
My Sweet Prince Pirate Purple How hard can it be to get morphine in L.A.? Drink'n'Drugs
My Valentine Virtual Personal Spike is left to deal with Xander's sudden and untimely end Final Death
My Way Obsession_is Dialogue between Spike and Xander. Who will get their way? Comedy