The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Each Time You Tell The Story Meredith Bronwen Mallory Dru knew just what her Spike needed. Original Spike
Early Evening Maude M Just a quick Xander and Spike fight. Basement of Doom
Easy To Love Nash After Buffy died, Xander made himself responsible for Spike Sweet and Schmoopy
Eat at Joe's FireHorse and Milady Xander and Spike had been going to the Texas Lunch every Friday since they had first gotten together Established Relationship
Eating In, for Two Snowpuppies Drabble. Xander's risen and his sire's made dinner arrangements Vamp!Xander
Eau De Oblivious Off Suit Spike's aware that Xander's a totally randy bugger Oblivious
Educating Xander Queenie Spike wants Xander to become his willing pet, now that the chip has stopped working. Pet!Xander   De-Chipped
The Education of Lieutenant Harris Salustra  &   Petxnd A dashing pirate (Spike) captures a young Lieutenant (Xander) and decides to keep him.   Unfinished Alternate Incarnations
The Education Series Pet Xander figures out what he wants. Spike benefits. S/X/Oz/Devon   Preview Developing Feelings
The 8 Ball of Fate Jameschick Xander gets a roommate . . . Spike First Time
Eight Maids, Uh, Milking? Crazydiamondsue Early Season 7 AU, Spike and Xander are together, but Xander’s still got things on his mind… Christmas   Established Relationship
El Cuento del Bucanero y del Vampiro Whichclothes and Emelye Xander is in Mexico undercover, and Spike is sent from L.A. on the same mission.   Developing Feelings
Elderly Pets Josie_H Bitter/sweet sad story set in a dark future world where the demons won, and humans are slaves Sub/Dom,   &   Post Apocolypse   &   Final Death   &   Vampire Courts
Elegantly Wasted Alexandria/td> Spike discovers Xander broken and working as a rent-boy (unfinished) Prostitute/Slave
Elements Blue Icy Rose Xander has found a new family   Original Spike
Element X Nasty Shrew Spike looks for some fun, bumps into Xander in Oxnard Extra Dark   &   Original Spike   Xander in Oxnard
Eleven Pound Karen Ever wondered why Dracula owes Spike money? Comedy
Eleven Things Spike Loves About Xander Savoy Truffle Spike reflects Sweet and Schmoopy
Eleven Twenty Three O Five Josie_H

What if a new watcher/ex Scoobie caught on patrol and a certain law firm had an agenda… and a vampire. Vamp!Xander
Elf Catchers Yin Again You need the right bait to catch an Elf. Fairy Stories
Embraced Amejisuto The others just didn’t get it Sweet and Schmoopy
Embraced Rune Xander is horrified to find he's in love with Spike Vamp!Xander
Emerging Anna S Xander wasn't sure how to date a vampire. Beginnings
Emo Boys Kissing EntreNous Xander tries to impress Faith with unexpected results. Human AU Kissing
The End Of The Beginning Off Suit After Buffy's leap from the tower, Xander and Spike are left to raise Dawn.   wip Epics with Plot  &   De-Chipped   &  Developing Feelings
Enemies, Closer SunnyD-lite Xander leaves town post the wedding that wasn't. Who should he almost run over but Spike, who has his own reasons for not wanting to hang around good ole Sunnydale. Road Trips
English Rain Sorrel Spike returns home to England after the battle in LA, and finds peace in the arms of a man as changed as he. Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Souled Spike
Enjoy the Silence Dustandroses Who'd have ever thought that silence could speak so loudly? Basement of Doom
Entropy Sorrel Xander breaks. Spike picks up the pieces. Nobody's happy on the Hellmouth, right? Developing Feelings
Epiphanies Whichclothes Several years post-series, Xander thinks Spike needs to get his unlife together. Developing Feelings
Episodes of Attraction Dragon's Phoenix Spike and Xander watch The Sentinel Oblivious/Denial
Episode 23 Melissa It was becoming ever more obvious the Scoobies had to meet to discuss the UST between Spike and Xander Comedy
Equality Kitty Poker1 Xander is sick of being used just for sex, by Spike Hurt/Comfort
Erogie Leaves Skuzzbopper Spike and Xander are affected by erogie leaves Something Made Us Do It
Errand Boy Blues Jane Davitt Xander knows one thing is certain as the sunrise, the way Spike feels about him. Contempt would be an upgrade.   Preview Basement of Doom
The Escapades of Baby!Vamp!Xander and Sire Spike Darkhavens Vamp!Xander
Escape Juliatheyounger Xander confronts Spike about certain events in Entropy Angst
Escape To Oblivion Loopy Spikes got a new habit and Xander decides he needs to quit. Drink'n'Drugs   &   First Time
Essentially A Partnership Reremouse Good thing it's too late for Harris to go back to the old solitary, normal, Spikeless lifestyle Beginnings
Established Relationship Drabbles Jane Davitt Various short relationship ficlets Established Relationship
Established Relationship Drabbles Nash Unconnected snapshots of the boys life together Established Relationship
Established Relationship Shorts LadyMerlin A series of Drabbles and ficlets within an Established relationship between Spike and Xander Established Relationship
The Eternal Question Randy Sex Kitten Willow asks Xander a question… What is it about Spike? P W P
Even Vampires Get the Blues Twilightofmagic What do vampires do on New Year's Eve? Sometimes they get the blues Established Relationship;   Holiday Fic
Everlasting Love Amejisuto Weird weather invades Sunnydale and Xander tries to bring the Scoobies together to figure out what’s happening, while at the same time he figures out that his vampire roommate has a crush on him. Continued in Damned With You First Time
Everybody Thinks Skitterby Non-con of the "But, Spike, I don't wanna--oh, god, do that again!" variety. Comedy   &   First Time
Every Claim You Stake Electricalgwen Xander can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching him  Preview Ghost!Spike   &   Developing Feelings
Every Claim You Stake Eyezrthewindows Xander joined the W&H crew after Sunnydale's collapse. Beginnings
Every Man Skargasm It wasn't every man that got Spike to wondering but this one did.... Beginnings
Everyone Says Hi Jameschick Willow rings to say hi Established Relationship
Everything You Ever Emelye "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."   Preview Beginnings;   Angst; Hurt/Comfort
Every Time Milady Spike has unusual methods of self-control Established Relationship
Every Which Way Byrne This was supposed to be a follow up to Truth or Dare, but it morphed. S/X/Giles Spander Plus  &   Drink'n'Drugs
Evil! Spike-1790 Xander thinks Spike's turned Dawn evil. Secret Lovers
Evil Soulless Things

Cicirossi Spike makes a wish, and then things are... different. Vamp!Xander
Evil Takes The Summer Off Reremouse Xander has an unusual encounter at Theme Park World Beginnings
Evil Things Skuzzbopper Summary: Xander has dug a hole. Now it's time to fill it up.   First Time and Beginnings
Exceptions To Geometry Qwerty Lee Xander gets turned into a dog by an annoyed demon. Spike reluctantly takes him in.  Preview Puppy!Xander   Video Night
/arvs/lusciousspike/exchange.html Lusciousxander and Lusciousspike Warren made another laser gun that had some unintentional results, in turn causing Xander, Buffy and Willow to fully understand the old saying 'walking in somebody else's shoes'. Body Switcheroo's
Excuses Electricalgwen Hate is only love with its back turned. Angst
Ex-Evil Blonds Anonymous Nash Xander and Harry Potter chat while Draco and Spike attend the EEBA. Crossovers
Exhaustion Off Suit Xander learns a few things Basement of Doom
Exodus Maz In the aftermath of The Gift, Spike and Xander are leaving town. Angst
The Expanding Universe Yin Again Spike had a thing for dangerous and mean and hot, and that thing was located in his pants. Kissing
Expecting EntreNous The things that happen when you're least expecting them. Mpreg
Experience Curve Litgal The boys share the news with Angel.   Sequel to Learning Curve Established Relationship  &   Souled Spike   &   Superpower!Xander
Extremes Yin Again There's a lot to be said for air conditioning. Established Relationship