The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Abject Pleasures of an Abject Mind Sevendeadlyfun Because no way did he want Evil Dead to want him. Except, maybe, a little? First Time
Abstraction Paperk8 It was second nature now, to hold tight to that barrier, to reinforce it. Hyena!Xander
Absurd Collapsible He's been healing for fourteen days and he looks worst off.   S/X/Anya Spander Plus
Acceptance Eyezrthewindows Spike takes a newly vamped Xander to Angel for acceptance into the family. S/X/Angel Vamp!Xander   &   Spander Plus
Accidental Charm Dustandroses Spike and Xander have no idea what just hit them. Something Made Us Do It;   Under a Spell;   Comedy;   First Time
Accidentally Mine Joan Z Spike is a sentinel and accidentally bonds with a guide. Crossover with The Sentinel Crossovers  &   Alternate Incarnations
An Accidental Meeting Tisienne Blue Post NFA, Xander meets up with Spike by chance Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Souled Spike
Accumulated Interest Lazuli.Kat Dracula repaid Spike with the only thing he owned. His thrall…Xander Harris Comedy
Acquaintances Tisienne Blue Continued from Old Enemies 7 years after Bs7... Xander is a famous author and Spike's Claimed Consort!Xander
Acquainted with the Night Pirate Purple The search for a soul Angst
Across the Miles Rakshathewolf Xander comes to LA to fetch Spike when he finds out he's survived Developing Feelings   &   Souled Spike
Acting Out Markedxup The Scoobies were approached by Joss to make a show out of their lives. A few minor adjustments, and thus Buffy: The Vampire Slayer was born Oblivious/Denial
Addiction Xanphibian

Every second away from Spike is like withdrawal. P W P
Addictive Personalities Raihne Xander isn't completely human. Surprised? He is. And when Spike realizes what he is, no one will be able to save him.   wip   Preview Not Human
Adjustments Baudown Xander's learned to adjust Established
The Adventures of Hopalong Peter Cicirossi Spike and Xander go to Vegas. Established Relationship
The Adventures of Yarn!Spike Dragon's Phoenix The adventures of Yarn!Spike Comedy
Aftermath Roses Are a Weed Things haven't been the same for Xander ever since that night.   Sequel to Body. Weapon. Denial
Afraid of a Little Fire? Dragon's Phoenix Spike gets the chip out De-Chipped   &  Vamp!Xander
Afterlife Sucks! Jameschick The soul's point-of-view Sweet William   &   Final Death
Aftermath Beetle What if the battle against Glory had ended a bit differently? Vamp!Xander
Aftermath Imaginary Images Spike, Xander, Illyria, Dawn and a few OCs are stuck in an apocalyptic LA, Post "Not Fade Away." Spike and Xander start a relationship while trying to create order in the chaos. They have to deal with Angelus and others who want to rule what's left of the city. Post Apocolypse
Afternoon Wesleysgirl It was the first time Spike had said his name since this had started Beginnings
After the Fall Josie_H It's a black day when humankind turns on the non humans. Survival can be as simple as a commitment to each other. Post Apocolypse   &   Mpreg
Agartha Wolfshark Spike and Angel need help from Xander Developing Feelings
Alexander Queenie Alexander purchases a new slave, in need of training. Prostitute/Slave   &   Alternate Incarnations
Alex and Will's Excellent Adventures Lady Cat Spike and Xander watch themselves in an earlier life Alternate Incarnations   &   Movieland
Alibi Snowpuppies When his soul gets too heavy, Spike needs an alibi. Extra Dark
All Bets Are Off Eyezrthewindows A drunken dare taken on and things don't go as expected Cross Dressing  &   First Time
All Consuming Need Skargasm Sometimes it's just all consuming need.... Hyena!Xander;   Possessive/Obsessive
All Hallow's Eve Shimmer It’s Halloween. Nothing ever happens on Halloween. Continues in By the Blessing of the Dark Developing Feelings
Alliances Whichclothes Wish!verse Xander wants what he'll never have from his sire, to be really wanted. Then Spike shows up in Sunnydale. Vamp!Xander;   Original Spike
All in, Balls Out Eyezrthewindows Spike and Xander meet for the first time under not so great circumstances. Original Spike, First Time and Beginnings
All I Need Tisienne Blue Misunderstandings abound, along with some angst when the boys meet again and find each other to be not what they expected. Hyena!Xander;   Angst;   Africa!Xander;   Epics with Plot
All I Want For Christmas Kimalis Xander just wants one normal day Christmas
All In The Blood Raihne I wanted to write a happy ending, Xander-gets-knocked-up fic and here it is. Mpreg
All's Fair

Spikedluv Spike finds Xander Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Souled Spike
All Souls' Night Sevendeadlyfun Ten years after Sunnydale's destruction, Spike returns to the ruins. Chasing his lover on All Souls' Night, when the dead can return and walk amongst the living, Spike will do whatever he must to get Xander back Established Relationship
All's Well That Ends apreludetoanend A night in the basement circa S4. Xander probably should have left Spike tied up Basement of Doom
All The Trimmings Crazydiamondsue Xander wants the tree to be perfect Christmas
All the While Collapsible Sometimes it doesn't have to be painful. Final Death
All Your Scars Robin the Crossover Junkie Everybody’s got scars. Angst
All Wrong Rayne Jelly Everything about that summer was backwards, rivers flowed up hill, cats chased dogs around trees, and Buffy was dead. Angst
Alone, Together Robin the Crossover Junkie Xander feels alone Angst
An Alphabet of Feelings Darkhavens A set of twenty six 'mood drabbles', in alphabetical order. Vamp!Xander
Alphabet Soup Sorrel Xander loves Spike. Spike has no clue. With a little help from some friends, they fumble their way towards a relationship. Oblivious
Alright Snowpuppies In Spike's capable hands, Xander feels a bit of alright. P W P
Alternate Reality Bites Whichclothes Xander begins to have some disturbing dreams about a less successful life. Part of the Bite!verse Not Human   Established Relationship  Sliders FireHorse & Milady Xander in a cyber-sex chatroom. Long Distance Loving
Amends, Friendship and Moving On Xandercordy1 Spike returns to Sunnydale to help his sire. And if he decides to help Angel, can he keep himself from chowing down on the citizens of Sunnydale, especially the Scoobies? WIP Developing Feelings   &   Original Spike
Am I The Only One? Robin the Crossover Junkie Spike and Xander reflect on life without the other Angst
Amnesia!Spike Mahaliem Spike was shocked when Buffy told him that he was a vampire. Lost Memory   &   Comedy
Amputation Sevendeadlyfun The language of loss Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
An Amulet, A Virgin and A Frog? Cath The boys head to LA, fun and smut happens. De-Chipped
Anchors Whichclothes Post series. Xander and Spike are in London, each struggling with his own (mental) demons. Can they help each other? Hurt/Comfort;   Developing Feelings
And Afterwards Remember Melissa Xander goes back to meet William, William falls for a mysterious one-eyed stranger and 124 years later, Spike starts to remember someone he'd thought long dead... Continued from   Civilized Conversations Sweet William & Time Travel
And All Was Said Baudown Xander's got a little something on the side. Alternate season 5ish where nothing whatsoever is happening to any other characters. Oblivious,  Angst, Secret Lovers

And Ice For Your Wounded Heart Tabaqui A questioning Xander develops a friendship/relationship with Spike and Dru. Season 2 AU Developing Feelings   &   Original Spike
And Let the Gods Do the Rest Reremouse and Savoy Truffle What happened in Oxnard stayed in Oxnard and so did Xander... until Buffy sent him a souled and crazy Spike to help out with a little case of Apocalypse. Xander in Oxnard
And Now For Something Completely Different Sabershadowkat An accident, a chance meeting, and a dark sense of humor lead to a very interesting companionship. Oblivious/Denial;   Original Spike
And Now For Something Mildly Disturbing

Raihne Spike discovers a new kink when he finds Xander dressed in a furry cat suit P W P
And Then Some Kimalis Spike and Xander are out P W P
Andumbulu Vinniebatman When Xander goes missing in Africa and is feared dead, Dawn and Spike are sent to investigate Africa!Xander, Beginnings
Andumbulu Vinniebatman When Xander goes missing in Africa and is feared dead, Dawn and Spike are sent to investigate Africa!Xander, Beginnings
And We All Fall Down (Demons In The Dark) Off Suit Spike learns that everyone's a little bit broken. Basement of Doom
Angels and Demons Shadith Sequel to Christmas Means Angels Spander Plus
Angst Monkey Kay Xander is turned by Angel to save his life, but to Spike's anger, Xander has been turned into the lowest of Vampires, an Abject. AU Season 2   Warning: Angel/X, X/S, Angel/S/X, Vamp!Xander   &   Spander Plus   &   Original Spike
Animal Electricalgwen Xander's Hyena is accidently released and Spike is nominated sitter while the cure is found Hyena!Xander
Anniversary Promise Randy Sex Kitten Spike keeps his promises Sweet and Schmoopy
The Annual Sunnydale Charity Bachelor Auction Cath Xander is asked to be in an auction, as merchandise. Beginnings
An Offer of Renewal Angelee What would you do if given another chance? Set in the same Verse as The Wedding Quilt Sweet and Schmoopy
Another Chance Stillrose Another Spike shows up in Sunnydale insisting he has a soul and that he loves Xander Double Trouble
Another Door NWHepcat Cordelia gifts Xander with her Visions Epics with Plot  &   Superpower!Xander
Another Nine Minutes Werewindle Xander solves his problem Comedy;   Basement of Doom
Another Victim calikocat Xander didn't answer but instead glanced over at Willow. "I think I'll take the Male demons over the female any day of the week." Kissing, Beginnings
The Answer to Your Question Gabrielle *Set during Beneath You* Nancy's question has an unexpected answer. Beginnings
Any Questions? Margie & Xanphibian Xander has a broken leg. Spike gets stuck with nursemaid duty First Time
Anything For You Raihne Xander's friends know he's in love with Spike, but Xander has another secret. Sweet and Schmoopy  &   Kid!fic
Anything For You SpikesKat Xander refuses to give up on his relationship with Spike. Ex Lovers
Anything of Nothing Yin Again A twisted love Angst
Any Time, Any Place Randy Sex Kitten Xander loses a bet and is humiliated. Spike is there to keep him safe Cross Dressing
Apart Skuzzbopper Annoyed with Spike and Xander's constant bickering, Willow uses a spell to separate the two. But it turns out the boys need each other more than they ever thought they did. Developing Feelings;   Drink'n'Drugs;   Under a Spell
Apartment 4A Kyrieane When Alex, a photojournalist, loses the use of his eye, he retreats to a small town in Oregon, trying to heal and find his place in life again. Human AU
Apocalypse Laterish Metaforgirl Xander Harris has lived a long life and now it's over. Or is it?   Preview Post Apocalypse  &   Souled Spike
Apocalypse or Not? Forsaken2003 Giles thinks an apocalypse is coming. Comedy
Apple Bobbing Kitty Poker1

The boys finally come out Secret Lovers
Apple Tree Wassail Pirate Purple It's almost Christmas Christmas
The Approved Mode of Payback Herself_nyc Harris was a mess, but he was a succulent, compelling, gorgeous mess Developing Feelings
Acquaintances Tisienne Blue   Continued from Old Enemies 7 years after Bs7... Xander is a famous author and Spike's Claimed Consort!Xander;   Working Man
Arcana Cobalt Mystic Xander thinks he's losing his mind, or perhaps gaining someone else’s, either way, he wants help and it comes from the most unexpected of sources Original Spike
Are You There? Eyezrthewindows Xander is hurt and in a coma and astral travelling Sweet and Schmoopy
Ark Multiple Authors Xander wakes on a Space Ship, his only companion Spike. Unfinished Round Robins
Arresting Misconceptions Skargasm Xander Harris is blackmailed into selling drugs at his High School. William Jeffers is the undercover detective sent in to crack the drug-ring. Human AU;   Developing Feelings
The Art of Staying Beetle The morning after Awakenings Sweet William
As Black As Sin Dragon's Phoenix It's their second anniversary and Spike has a surprise Sub/Dom   Established Relationship
Ashes to Ashes Sevendeadlyfun Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Grief and a kind of madness take Spike and Xander places they aren't sure they want to go....  Preview   wip Developing Feelings
As If We Should Forget We Have No Hands Tabaqui Injuries Xander suffered while searching for a missing Slayer in Vietnam have caused amnesia. Lost Memory
The Assistant Witling When Xander becomes Wesley's assistant, nobody expects Angel to lose his soul. Vamp!Xander
As Two Such Men Should Be Mwrgana For some reason, Xander is feeling... adaptable. Can he persuade Spike it's the real thing? First Time   &  Comedy
Atlantis Antics Vinniebatman SGA/BtVS insane fic crossover   Preview Unfinished Crossovers
At Last!verse

Beetle Will there be a place for Spike in Heaven? Final Death
Attack of the Sniffles Eyezrthewindows Spike's not a good patient when he gets sick Established Relationship
Attic Yin Again An encounter in Buffy's attic. First Time
Audience or No Audience Jameschick Six years after Sunnydale, Xander goes home to California only to find a familiar face in an unexpected place. Beginnings
Auld Acquaintance WmGeorge Two friends meet again after a long time separated. Angst;   AfterLife
Awaken Virtual Personal Xander brings his statue to life. Preview Under a Spell;   Oblivious/Denial;   Working Man
Awakening Rune

Smut fest! Ovlivious/Denial   &   First Time   &   Christmas
Awakenings Beetle Spike wakes up to find himself in the place of William who post-Shanshu had made himself a nice human life with Xander Sweet William   &   Lost Memory   &   Angst
Awakening!Verse Blue Icy Rose Spike has a change of plans   Original Spike
Away Randy Sex Kitten Xander takes a dare. Sweet William   &   Sweet and Schmoopy  &   Kissing
Away From the Numbers EntreNous Spike's been more than done with the high-school and college crowd for years. Good thing Xander Harris is now very grown up. Daddy Kink; Beginnings