Who Wants to Live Forever

by Metaforgirl


He was here. Well, of course he was here. Xander had known on the plane, in the cab, in Giles' car all the way up here, that Spike would be here. Hovering over Dawn and probably growling at the guests. Still, he hadn't been prepared. They had walked through the door and Xander had felt him there. God, what was that, some kind of automatic demonic warning device? His hair stood up on his arms. Something in his belly tensed, as some inner compass directed his gaze up the staircase. Slim, elegant in a black tuxedo, those shocking eyes looking directly into his. Xander felt a jolt shoot through his body to his toes. He felt that a knife had sliced him from neck to knee. Their gazes locked for forever, it seemed, and then Spike was gone, turned and up the stairs with vampiric speed.

" ... hardly any traffic, was there Xander?"

Giles was looking at him expectantly. Xander shook his head, attempting a weak smile. His whole body was tingling and buzzing. God, what was this? "Yeah," he managed, "it was a breeze."

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