Why We Love Willow

by Lady Cat


Spike knew damned well how wicked this grin looked; minions and dinners made effective mirrors. "Oh, no?" Pushing Xander -- gently, so fucking gently -- back against the wall, Spike's head darted forward to lick a broad path from shoulder to jaw.

And damned near came in his pants.

"Oh, yeah," he purred, moving even closer, fitting their bodies together. "You taste good, pet. Gonna taste you everywhere I want, get as much of this as I need... "

Xander's thought process was stuck in neutral, his mental wheels spinning in the...

Spike. His brain played with the permutations of the phrase 'Spike licked me', trying out the emphasis on every word and finding that all were plausible. Then, as he was trying out two words at once, Spike began to talk.

“...taste you everywhere...”

WHOA! This time he did push, hard, and Spike stumbled back. Xander darted out into the alley, blindly tripping over a wayward box and landing right on his ass. When he looked up, Spike had his bearings and was advancing. This was not happening. This was impossible, it was...

Magic! Obviously! "Ah ha!" he shouted, as though catching Spike in a lie, pointing his finger. Spike paused, momentary concern on his face, and looked around for some threat. "You're magicked! Jinxed! Bedazzled!" Xander burst out. "There's something Hellmouthy in Denmark, and I am lookin’ at him! We gotta get to Giles..."

Spike growled, low and menacing. "And let him have you? Not a chance. You're mine now."

Of course, the lumbering stomp of several demons filtered through street noise to inform Spike that several other demons had the same idea. No chance. I'm William the Bloody and this boy is mine. Angelus gave him to me, and I'm not letting go.

Grabbing Xander's arm as tightly as he dared, Spike hauled him up and slightly behind him. "Hang on," he growled, "take care of this shortly."

It was on the tip of Xander's tongue to deny Spike's insane claim, but when he saw the dinosaurs coming down the street he decided to let the loopy vampire think whatever he wanted, so long as he was between the demons and Xander.

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