What Happens in Vegas

by BmblBee


And the worst part was with all the ducking and dodging, he still didn't get a really close look at it.
Something that Xander found he was quickly becoming obsessed with. He felt that if he could just get a really good look he would be satisfied. At least for now.

Xander paced around the living room. Watching the bedroom door, it was just killing him that Spike was right in there.

Probably sleeping naked.

On his back.

With the sheet pulled down.

With his legs open.


A plan. That's what he needed. A way to get a close up examination of the goods, so to speak. Checking the clock, Xander saw that it had been about twenty minutes since Spike went to bed. Knowing from past experience that it only takes the vampire about five minutes to conk out, he figured Spike must, by now, be dead to the world.

Pardon the pun.

'Just a quick peek', he thought. 'If that goes o.k., then maybe a little longer. Just play it by ear.' Easing the bedroom door open, Xander poked his head in.  "Spike?" he whispered. No answer. Stepping inside the door, he tried again. "You awake, old buddy?" Nothing.

Creeping towards the bed, Xander saw that he was absolutely right. Spike was indeed on his back, stark naked, legs spread, and sheet down. 'Can I call it or what?'  Feeling bolder, Xander slithered right up next to the bed. 'One final test' he told himself. "Spikey, old man. You in there?"

Wow, if he hadn't known Spike was a vampire, he would have thought he was dead for real. No breathing, no moving, no nothing. 'O.k., Xanman, this is your chance. Get a really good look and get it out of your system.' Bending at the waist, Xander tried to take it all in. Visually at least.

'Damn! It's too fuckin' dark in here' Frustrated, Xander tried getting closer, but it didn't help. He tried squinting, and leaning to see it from different angles. Nothing worked.

Glancing around the bedroom, Xander knew he was going to need a flashlight.

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