Tainted Returns

by Kiristeen


Eyes blazing, Spike jerked his head to the side. "You're letting the Margaso paperwork go to your head, Whelp!" Spike snapped, his gut clenching as he realized that instead of teasing him as he'd expected, Xander was apparently planning on taking his claim as 'owner' quite seriously. "My, my," he continued snidely, "what would your friends think -- 'owning' a vampire."

"Who's going to tell them?" Xander asked sweetly. "You? I can see it now."

"Buffy . . . Yeah, I know I did, but you've got to listen. Xander 'owns' me, and he's . . . gasp . . . taking advantage of me."

Spike growled again. "Not even remotely funny, Harris."

"Really? I thought it was."

When Spike didn't retort, Xander sighed. "Nothing left to say?"

Spike remained silent. He was determined, now, to ride this out without saying another word. He seemed to only dig himself deeper every time he opened his gob.

"Ah, well," Xander said finally. "I discovered something a long time ago, but I've never had the opportunity to test it. I don't really understand how it works, considering you guys don't actually have circulation -- no working heart to pump it round."

Spike frowned again -- it was getting to be a habit. What the bloody hell is he going on about?

"Damn, Spike, if I'd known it was this easy to get you to shut up, I'd have done this a long time ago."

Spike glared, but stubbornly kept his mouth shut. He knew damn well that the boy was trying to get a rise out of him, and he sure as hell wasn't going to let the wanker win that easily. He was, however; beginning to wonder if he might not have been better off staying with the Margaso.

"Not even curious?" Xander asked with another laugh. Shrugging, he reached up.

Spike reared forward as Xander's thumbs pressed into the veins on either side of his neck, coming to an abrupt halt when he reached the end of the chains holding him. He brought his chin down savagely, trying to block, or alternately, to break, Xander's fingers. The chip twinged at that thought, and Spike groaned mentally. NOT fair!

Spike didn't have a clue how it worked either, but he'd used the manuever on Dru, so he knew it did. If he didn't dislodge Xander's thumbs he had about twenty seconds of consciousness left. Spike's vision started darkening. Okay, he admitted, I might have overestimated a tad. It was his last thought before the darkness reached up and grabbed hold of him.

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