True Innocent

by BmblBee


Xander was doing great. He crouched low and kept his body in the shadows next to the dumpster as he crept toward his bulky, fumbling victim.

Spike let out a giggle as Xander paused, not five feet behind. Everything was perfect. Spike wiped his sweaty palms on the legs of his pants as his little inner voice chanted rhythmically. 'Pounce. Pounce. Pounce.'

Suddenly, just when Spike was beginning to think the boy had lost his nerve, he watched as Xander threw his arms up and leaped forward. Spike whooped with glee when Fat Daddy spun around on his heels and pissed all over his own shoes.

Apparently a short dick has poor aim.

Spike was somewhat dismayed to see the boy spitting and snarling but at least he was in vamp face so they could work on technique later. His dead heart swelled with pride.

He snickered as he saw Fat Boy stumbling backward toward the urine covered wall. He had either forgotten or was unconcerned about the small piece of pink that was still dangling from his open zipper. He guessed 'shaking off' would be pointless.

The bubbly cheerleader in Spike's brain had now taken up a new creed. It was cheerfully shaking it's pom poms and repeating  'Bite that ass. Bite that ass.'

Spike leaned forward gripping the wheel tightly. He didn't want to miss a single thing. Seconds ticked by. Spike was becoming somewhat confused and concerned as he watched his childe, who by now had turned and was standing with his back to Spike.

Xander had taken two more steps forward and was right in Fatty's face. From Biker boy's expression Xander must have been saying something to him. Something that was not inspiring the blind terror Spike had hoped for. Quickly Spike rolled down the window and stuck his head out like a golden retriever hoping to hear what the boy was saying. Unfortunately both sides of the conversation were too low to be picked up.

Just as he was beginning to wonder if he should get out and show the boy just how to rip a throat out and fuck a corpse, things went from strange to fuckin' bizarre.

All humor fell from Spike's face and his chin hit the floor as he watched his beloved childe hold out his arms and scoop Fat Daddy in a warm embrace. Without further ado, and apparently with much cooperation, the biker pulled back his hair, tipped his head and bared his neck for the young vampire to take a bite.

Spike scowled as he watched his childe continue to rock the slob of humanity in his arms lovingly while sucking his blood. After a few minutes Xander pulled his fangs out and licked his lips and stepped back from his wobbly, blood weakened victim. With a triumphant smile on his face, Xander turned and rushed back to his sire. Spike waited impatiently. He wanted some answers and he wanted them NOW!

Before he had a chance to demand the explanation, Xander stuck his head in the open window. "Hey, sire, guess what? I just saved a soul! It seems Hector over there has been floundering through life since he was confronted by a vampire last week. Can you imagine that? Wow, there must be others around here." Xander shook his head in wonderment.

Spike just cleared his throat and focused on a piece of strange lint that had somehow got stuck on the interior roof of the DeSoto.

"So anyway, after we talked for a bit we came to an agreement. He gave me some blood and in exchange we are going to take him to the Church of Good Hope out on highway 15. They will take him in and help him change his evil ways. Wait here and I'll go get him."

Spike barely avoided whiplash as he snapped around. "No! Xander, no! Goddamn it childe, get back here!"

Spike's voice fell on dead ears as he watched in horror while his do gooder childe retrieved the weakened, suddenly spiritual, sinner.

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