There's Always a Sneer in Vegas

by Stillrose


“Shhh,” Spike said. “Relax, Xander.”

Oh c’mon, Spike! Xander thought angrily. Try something original. ‘Relax and enjoy it,’ is so clichéd.

Spike took another unneeded breath. Any other demon would just take. I gotta be a bleedin ponce about this!

The soothing hand stopped and left Xander’s back and the mattress gave as Spike got off the bed. Xander heard Spike rummage through the nightstand drawer again.

“Ah, here it is,” Spike muttered. Xander heard a squishing sound and trembled.

Lube, Xander thought and squeezed his eyes closed tighter. Why does it come back to this? Why can’t they just kill me or leave me alone?

Spike watched Xander’s tense form as he spread the lube on his cock. While Spike couldn’t help but enjoy the sight of Xander’s nude form and firm ass, he knew this was going to be a one sided bag off. Spike let his eyes wander down Xander’s body even as Spike’s fingers slid over his cock.

Lorne’s right, Spike thought as Xander trembled again. Boy’s not broken but he’s close. Have to be careful. I need Xander, not “broken Xander.”

Spike gave his dick a few more tugs and then crawled up in bed. He slid in behind Xander. Another tremble raced down Xander’s body.

“Easy,” Spike said as he pulled Xander close so they were front to back. Xander felt Spike’s lubed erection press again his backside.

Please…Spike….I don’t…Xander thought.

“Now, we're gonna do this Xander.  We’re gonna do this often,” Spike said softly. “But I know things are a bit much right now. There’s a lot ya have ta learn so I’m gonna give ya some time, eh? I’m gonna give ya choice for awhile. You can keep your back to me and stare off, close yer eyes, or you can roll over and participate. ‘S up to you.”

Choice? Xander thought bitterly.

Spike gently tapped Xander’s leg and said, “Slide it forward a bit, pet.”

Numbly, Xander did as he was told. Spike wrapped his arm tighter around Xander’s waist and pulled him closer. Spike slipped his cock in between Xander’s legs and underneath Xander’s ballsac. Spike thrust gently.

“Keep your legs tight around me,” Spike whispered. “Make a nice warm little nest just for me.”

Again, Xander did as he was told.

“M…good, pet,” Spike murmured as he thrust again. Xander could feel the slick cock sliding under his and between his legs.

What’s he doing? Xander thought in confusion. This isn’t what I expected. Is this a trick? A game?

Spike nuzzled his face into the side of Xander’s neck. He licked Xander’s scarred flesh. Xander stiffened.

“Shhh, Xander,” Spike whispered. “Not gonna bite. Just tasting you. Ya taste and feel so good.”

Spike’s gentle thrusting grew a little harder and faster.

“Yer so bleeding warm,” Spike muttered against Xander’s ear, “taste like cinnamon and cedar.”

Cinnamon and cedar? Xander wondered.

Spike’s cock was pushing insistently between Xander’s legs. The friction against his scrotum was having an effect. Xander bit his lip.

Only a matter of time now, Xander thought, he’ll move his hand down, claim ‘his’ other penis and…I’ll be just a bottle again.  Xander dreaded being forced to orgasm for another’s pleasure, again.

“Oh pet,” Spike panted and kissed Xander’s neck as he thrusted faster. “’S good. Wanna know what’s it like ta be buried inside ya….don’t wanna break ya…gotta…do this…gotta…demon customers…gotta…but wanna.…”

Then why don’t you? Xander thought angrily. You’re the Master! I’m the Pet! If you “gotta” and you “wanna,” why don’t you?

Spike’s arm pulled tighter around Xander’s waist. Spike’s hips no longer thrust but pumped quickly and powerfully. Human teeth bit Xander’s shoulder and Spike let out a long groan.

Cool thick liquid spurted between Xander’s legs and he could smell the musky scent of sex. Spike held still for a moment then began to pepper Xander’s neck with kisses again.

That’s it? Xander thought dazedly. No rape? No forced ejaculations?

Spike relaxed his hold on Xander then said, “Gonna need a cig soon, but don’t wanna let go of ya.”

He meant it, Xander thought. He really meant it! Was my choice to…or not…to..well…. Why? For how long?

Xander lay stunned. Spike lay holding Xander and soaking up his heat and the scent of him. Fear’s fading, Spike noted and placed another soft kiss on the back of Xander’s neck and rubbed his hand up and down Xander’s arm.

“I’d offer a pound fer yer thoughts, but I know you can’t tell me ‘em,” Spike said softly. Who’d have thought I’d miss yer babble, Harris?

Wouldn’t know where to begin if I could, Xander thought honestly.

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