Quantum Xander

by Jameschick


Finally Spike found his voice and leaned over to the other Xander.

"He looks just like you pet, can we keep him?"

"Ew! No way, that would be like .... "


Spike grinned lasciviously at the Xander sitting beside him before pecking him on the mouth. The Xander in the doorway stared in abject horror as he watched his twin kissing Spike.

"Oh God! It's a hell dimension. I'm macking on Spike!"

Spike and Xander both looked up at this and frowned. Spike pouted at his Xander and whispered in his ear. Xander just shrugged his shoulders and looked at his double.

"I take it you and Spike aren't a couple in your reality?"

Xander frantically shook his head. He then pointed at Anya and himself, unable to make words. Giles stepped in and tried to make sense out of this strange situation.

"You mean to tell us that you are Xander, but from a reality that differs from our own?"


"And that in your reality, you and Anya are ... involved?"

"We were engaged."

"And this is the second alternate reality you have found yourself in?"

"Uh huh."

"Fascinating. I would like to speak to you about all of this. Would you join us?"

"Uh, are they going to be doing ... that ... the whole time?"

'They' were Spike and Xander who were sitting close to each other, holding hands and whispering.

"Quite possibly. If you like we could talk in the other room?"

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