by Rowaine


What caught Spike's attention, however, wasn't the string of mildly entertaining nonsense out of the boy's mouth. He breathed deeply, and a wicked grin grew across his face.

"I know what you're thinking," he singsonged in Xander's ear. "Int'resting, very int'resting. Do Slutty and the Watcher know about your... preferences?" Spike quickly put his hand over the boy's mouth, cutting off whatever excuse or distraction he might try to use. "Can smell it, can't I? Not nice to lie, Xander."

Face flushing a brilliant red, the teen kept his head tucked down to his chest. "Spike," his voice was resigned and slightly huffy, "I'm a teenage male. Linoleum gets me hot, so don't let your ego explode, ok?"

A quick glance over his shoulder showed the girl to be hard at work. Or at least pretending like she was doing what she was supposed to do. Spike dropped down into a squat beside the boy, letting his knee brush against a warm shoulder, and inwardly applauded himself as the fresh wave of desire flooded his senses. He leaned down to whisper directly into Xander's ear, "I doubt that even the fanciest flooring could make you scream. From pleasure, of course." Making a point to breathe against the boy's neck, he continued the taunt, "You'd be wanting someone strong to take ya in hand, yeh? Someone to show ya the... ropes. Teach ya everything there is to know about how to please a body, train ya up just right."

Xander's higher brain functions issued a stern No way in hell, not from you!, but his dick was practically drooling at the implied offer.

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