Post-Grad Book 2

On Holiday

by Te


He needed a shower and a bed and some goddamned food. Motels passed him by cheerily as he drove and Xander scowled. Any one of those places would soothe most of those needs, but carrying a body-shaped tarp into the room with him in broad daylight just wasn't a good plan.

And he couldn't just walk into the truckstop to get some food. For one thing, his shoes had flown away at some point when he'd been dozing with his feet out the window. For another, both t-shirt and sweats were stained.

Obviously stained.

Xander got an image of himself walking in there just like that, ordering up some grits -- he'd been rather pleased to learn that grits were made out of corn sperm -- and coffee. Looking like a hustler after a long but probably lucrative night.

No probably about it once he pulled out the wad of cash Spike had stuffed in his pocket.

After that, the only question would be which trucker would take him out back for a good, old-fashioned queerstomping.

Or maybe just for a grope.

"Spike, if you're listening right now, I'm thinking about being groped by random truckers."

Spike was, of course, silent. Xander took it as encouragement.

"It's your fault, you know. At least you can sleep through your hardon. Me, I have to be awake and drive. With no food.

"If I sucked your dick now would I get any protein?"

Xander settled back in the driver's seat and relaxed a bit. The ultimate captive audience.

"There are some things you're going to have to tell me about like, yesterday. First and foremost -- what happened to Dru. She's this snarling ghost at my ear right now and will probably remain so until I can... Well, I guess it's possible that I won't understand, but I still want to know.

"Sort of.

"Anyway. I also want to know what your plans are for the rest of this month. Travel? Seduction? Pub-crawling? Or just a little starlight vacation intermingled with fucking and sucking and biting and sucking some more? I need some idea of how I should be behaving so I'll know exactly what I should be doing wrong.

"Did I tell you about the random truckers? They've got really big hands.

"And how come we haven't passed one drive-thru in the past hour?"

Xander turned to the radio, took out Spike's tape. It was overheating in the sun. Xander, on the other hand, was just heating. He hadn't realized he'd been so cold.

But it would probably get worse as the day progressed. Which raised other thoughts.

"Do you know how good it feels when you're biting me? It's like coming again, only I can understand more of it, see more. Something. It was more intense when you bit me on the thigh, I know, but I was also in an altered state.

"Wasn't I?

"In any case, I think you should do more research. Even though I'm not back there right now sucking you off, I will get myself fed soon. Keep the fridge stocked, right Spike?

"Could you maybe live off me entirely? How much blood do you need?"

He let himself mull over all the different ways Spike could say no, or yes. Wondered if that question would be considered cheating.

Xander was reasonably sure he hadn't meant it to be a cheat. On a purely sensual level he enjoyed being bitten. Nothing precisely wrong with wanting something that felt good. Certainly not when it did no one damage but yourself.

"Would you try if I asked you to?"

Xander listened to the silence for several moments, wondered if he was interrupting Spike's rest-cycle somehow. TiredAndGrumpy!Spike might not be pleasant. Though it would probably be good for a couple of wisecracks before Spike gagged him or something.

"I like hearing you speak."

"This is your fault, you know. You just don't tell someone you like the way they talk and then expect to not be yammered at all day and night.

"Which brings us back to the what-are-we-doing question. I've decided that we have to stop somewhere soon. If I sleep all night while you're dead all day it'll be a pretty dull month.

"Do you talk to me when I'm asleep? It might be interesting to see what kind of dreams you could give me.

"On second thought, maybe stick to groping me while I sleep."

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