Alternate Universe branching off after Book 6.
Eleven years since he ran from Hogwarts and seven years since the end of the war, Draco has moved on.

Parity Transformations

by Sukiblue


Harry held up his hands. ‘Draco, please calm down and lower your wand. Think of the children. You don’t want them hurt, do you?’

Draco looked at him like he was crazy. ‘Are you patronising me or are you really that stupid? I’m aiming for you. I won’t miss.’

‘Okay fine, but the last thing you want is for Kasen see you pointing your wand at his best friend’s father.’

Potter had a point, damn him. Draco lowered his wand but kept his distance.

‘I’m not trying to take Kasen,’ Harry continued. ‘And I’m not going to tell anyone about you or your home or anything like that, I promise. Please believe that.’

‘I don’t understand what you want from me. You don’t even like me.’ Draco looked away.

‘I do like you. A lot. More than a lot.’

Draco frowned and had a funny thought. ‘Do you fancy me?’ he asked.

When Harry turned as red as the top of a traffic light, Draco knew it was true. He laughed. ‘You do!’

‘Thanks a lot, Malfoy. Thanks,’ Harry said, utterly offended.

‘That’s Malfoy sweetheart to you.’

‘Fuck you.’

Draco was still laughing. ‘You hope.’

‘Right, that’s it, I’ve had enough, I’m leaving.’ Harry started striding across the living room, heading towards the back garden to find James. ‘You are a complete nutter.’

‘No, wait, I’m sorry! Harry, please.’ Draco snagged Harry’s t-shirt. He turned him around and tried to look suitably guilty. The problem wasn’t that Harry liked him.

‘Don’t, Draco. Don’t insult my intelligence. You don’t like me, fine, but— ’

‘I do like you, Harry.’

‘Then why are you laughing at me?’

‘I’m not. I’m laughing at myself. I’m an idiot. I thought … Well, we’ve been getting on so well and the thought that … that it might not be real, it hurt. But you want to know more about me because you like me, not because you want to destroy me.’

‘Destroy you?’ Harry shook his head. ‘You are such a drama queen.’

Draco nodded. ‘This, I am aware of.’

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