Outside Pride

by Cordelianne


“… a brief reminder since you already know this.”

Xander rolls his eyes. If the ten minute preamble is any indication, Wesley needs to learn the definition of brief. A lawnmower starts running off in the adjoining field, Xander strains to see if it’s coming this way. Maybe it’ll drown out the lecture.

“Non-seductive clothing is to be worn at all times.”

The lawnmower comes into view. It’s one of those big red ride-on ones Xander always wished he could drive. One glance at the driver has him wishing something else entirely. He wipes his hands on his shorts.

“Clothing that is skin tight is not to be worn.”

Okay, someone should really share that with lawnmower guy. In his skin-tight black tee shirt, he’s like the poster child for what not to do. Xander suddenly sees why the rules are a good thing because even from this distance he can tell the guy is ripped, and the knowledge is really distracting him from – Okay, those black jeans? Definitely not Wesley-approved.

“Clothing with a low neckline is not to be worn.”

Xander wipes his hands on his shorts again and looks down at the ground, away from the only guy he’s ever seen who can wear head to toe black in the summer and actually look good doing it.

Really good. The kind of good that goes straight to areas that are not camp appropriate.

“… taken seriously. Staff are not to be alone with staff members of the opposite gender unless in full view of others,” Wesley continues.

The opposite gender is the farthest thing from Xander’s mind, not that his brain’s doing much thinking. The most it can muster is gah and hot.

Wesley adjusts his meticulously tucked in shirt. “As counselors, you are expected to reflect the moral standards of the Word of God and conduct yourselves with integrity and wisdom, as well as spending time with God in daily prayer and study.”

Xander watches his right foot draw spirals in the dirt. If ever there was a time to bail, this is it.

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