Learning Curve

by Litgal


"Goin' to stay here and fuck your little friends?" Spike demanded with a sneer.

"Fuck off, Spike." Xander tried pushing Spike away, but Spike flashed into game face and slammed him back into the wall. For the second time that night, Xander felt like the rabbit at feeding time. Spike stared at him with a predator's yellow eyes, and his whole body froze in fear. Maybe fear. Maybe not since not all parts of him were frozen. Some were heating up nicely. And oh god, Spike was going to smell that. "Get off me," Xander insisted as he started struggling harder. He had to get free before his body outted him and then he'd never live it down. Bad enough to have Willow's sad eyes looking at him, but Spike's mocking eyes were more than he had the ability to endure.

"No," Spike said simply. "I can bloody smell them on you. The shaggy Shaman, his scent is all over you. And the Sentinel, I can smell him here too." Spike lowered his head to Xander's neck, and Xander had a sudden flare of panic.

"Hey, no necking… neckage, no neckage, no neck-anything with a vampire," he spluttered as he tried to squirm away. Unfortunately, Spike used a knee to keep him still, and a knee pressing into his groin wasn't helping him hide his problem although it did keep him mighty still.

"Want you, pet. Always wanted you from the day Angelus came back to the lair yelling about you makin' him back down. Wanted ya in the basement when you were afraid of me and still mouthed off. Wanted ya when you took me in even after I went a little bat-shit crazy with the soul. Wanted ya when you were dyin' of loneliness and pain in the middle of your little gang and none of them saw it. They saw the jokes and didn't see any farther, but I did, pet. Wanted to take you in my arms and bloody bite them." The words spoken in that low rough voice that Spike would so often get when he talked about Dru made Xander tremble with desire. It also confused the hell out of him.

"Spike, um, I hate to point this out, but you hate me, remember? Did you get hit upside the head when I wasn't looking? Willow can probably unscramble the brain... maybe. With the chip and the dying and the soul, it's probably pretty messy up there." Oh yeah, babble, thy name is Xander. And where the hell had he gotten that phrase, and what the hell was Spike doing with his hand and what did he have to promise the vamp to make him keep doing that with his hand? Xander groaned softly as that hand rubbed his nipples through his shirt.

"Thought ya wanted to kill yourself. I'd smell that lust rollin' off you when you came in the room, when ya came near me. But instead of lettin' yourself touch me, ya kept tryin' to get yourself killed. Got to where Buffy didn't trust ya enough to send ya to the store without an escort. I saw all that, and I thought you wanted to be dead before being with me."

"Oh god, Spike, no," Xander ran a thousand memories through his head as he considered the possibility that he was an idiot.

"I'm just stupid," he finally admitted as he realized the truth. "Seriously stupid. You were so grouchy and I thought you were still lusty over Buffy and I didn't want to make a fool out of myself and now I've gone and slept with Blair and you can't be too happy about that, not that you have any room to talk with Harmony in your sexual closet."

"Shut up," Spike said before cool lips met his, tasting and nipping until Xander gasped and squirmed in lust.

The Spander Files