He Needs Me

by Slaymesoftly


He gave Willow a shamefaced grin and offered, “I have a theory about Spike.”

“Let’s hear it.”

“I think he needs to be…needed. To keep him alive and happy. “ He wagged a finger at Willow’s dubious face. “Just listen. He was a momma’s boy before he was turned, right? Dawn ratted him out about that a long time ago. And then, he took care of a loony-tunes vampire for over a hundred years. Lots of needing there. And then he fell in love with Buffy and started helping her, right up until she died.”

“Well, he didn’t try to kill himself then!”

“He would have; but Buffy had made him promise to take care of Dawn for her. Dawn needed him, so he stayed alive. Drunk, most of the time, but alive. And then, when Buffy needed him to help her again…well, the less said about why she needed him after she came back, the better – but he was there for her. When we weren’t. And then, when the world needed saving and she’d done all she could, he lets his brand new soul incinerate him so that she can live. Comes back and finds out Deadboy needs him to fight evil. Don’t ask me why he would want to help Angel …it’s probably some weird vampire thing…but they needed him. So, he stayed there instead of going to Buffy who was doing just fine without him.”

Willow wrinkled her brow, pondering the examples Xander had offered. Then she nodded slowly. “So, you think he’s decided that he needs to stay alive so that you can go back to being fit and healthy?”

“Yeah, kinda.” He shrugged. “If I’m wrong…”

“If you’re wrong, I’m going to have a lot of pieces to pick up, aren’t I?” she said

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