The Education Series

by Pet


A heatbeat, less, and he was up against the wall SLAM!  And maybe this wasn't such a great idea, because chip or no chip Spike looked PISSED and was almost snarling up into his eyes.  Six inches infinite distance from his face, and Xander had enough time to think hysterically that Spike really WAS shorter than him, as if that made a bit of fucking difference right now.

"What the FUCK are you playin' at?"  Ah, there it was.  Silk and leather voice, growl down below, and gameface.  A quick shake made him realize he was staring like a complete loon.

"Er..." and all the words were gone, his rehearsed little speech Spike, you up for a shag?  No, that won't do...Spike, I have something to tell you...ugh, too girly.  Spike, I've been thinking about you a lot recently... fled his brain like it had somewhere much better to be, and he was left gaping.  "Um...not?  Not playing?"  Smooth, Harris.  Way to calm the growling vampire who has you pinned to the wall.

A slight release in the pressure on his shoulders then, and he breathed, and Spike's eyes darkened, and for a split second he hoped, and then Spike let him go and stalked back to the couch.  Leaving Xander against the wall, aware for the first time of the cool concrete on his sweating back.

"'m not your werewolf or your little singer, so hands fucking off, right?"  And there was the gasping thing again.  Dammit, brain!  You've been processing speech for, what, sixteen years now?  Get on with it!

"Er...what?  I mean, you KNOW?  Knew?"

"Can smell 'em all over you.  Have for weeks now.  Good on you, pet, but sharing's not my thing.  As NUMMY a treat as you might be."  Sneering now, sprawled back on the couch, completely indifferent to Xander, except...

"Spike?  Your hands are shaking."  Thank you, brain.  He'll just kill me now, and this whole ridiculous situation will end...wait, no, chip.  Maybe...

The vampire scowled down at his hands, which were holding the remote again and definitely trembling.

"Are not."  He stopped them, punched at a button and stared at the television.  Teletubbies.  Ech.

"Were."  Xander finally moved away from the wall, moving into the room, towards the couch.  Hey!  I'm prowling!  Didn't know I could do that...

Spike looked at him, finally, maybe a little wariness there.

"Whelp?  What are you doing?"  Inching back against the couch as Xander moved closer.

Xander found a reasonably credible growl of his own.

"Getting what I want."  And smiling, and moving even closer, to stand pressing Spike's legs against the couch Nowhere else to go.  MY vampire and leaning down, and

Oh.  Cool mouth under his own, and the nothing he'd imagined.  And the shocked blue eyes staring into his own pretty eyes, and hands pushing on him SHIT! and then resting on his chest, then holding onto his shirt, and

Oh.  Tongues.  Playing just a bit with each other, tasting and touching, then pulling away, and there it was, pushing into his mouth, and the hand that was on his shoulder curling up to cradle the back of his head, slim fingers twisting into his hair, and suddenly he was sprawled across Spike's lap and Spike's tongue was just fucking his mouth, and his own frantic hands were wrapped in ice-pale hair, scrabbling at buttons, needing to touch skin...

And Spike pulled back.  Still holding his hair, still inches away, but serious now.  Staring into his eyes.  Intense.  Xander felt a little shiver run through him this is what you want, remember?  This is what you've been wanting for so long and stared right back.

"This what you're looking for, pet?  Speak now or," smirk, "forever hold your peace."

"Yeah..." he breathed, and pulled that smirking face back down, and his last coherent thought tastes so GOOD went screaming off into the night, and he just started processing sensation.

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