Dawn Summers, Matchmaking Genius

by Snowpuppies


So this one afternoon, I’m trolling through Tara’s fic disk, like always, when I find something totally unexpected: RPS about Spike and Xander.

No kidding.

Spike/Xander RPS.

Oh, RPS is Real Person Slash, by the way, because, you know, it’s slash about real people…or real people and vampires in this case…so I guess that’s technically RPVS…but, whatever, you get the point.

Anyways, it was totally hot—you don’t believe me? Here, let me read some of it to you…

Ok, yeah, so I printed it out so I could re-read it at my leisure. So sue me.

So…anyways, listen to this:

Spike grunted; Xander’s tongue was hot and slick against his own. Stubble scraped along his cheeks, his chin, and he moaned, one hand sliding up Xander’s back to knot in messy black locks, the other slipping down to cup Xander’s ass, pulling him closer.

I mean, how yummy is that? Can’t you just see it?

Oh, you’ve got to hear this part, too:

Spike’s cool hands roamed over Xander’s body, possessively. Xander shuddered at the feel of being claimed, being owned. He felt as if he could just melt into Spike’s arms and be safe, be special, be loved. As clever fingers began to unbutton his shirt, a wet, cool mouth ravaged his neck, his shoulders, his chest, and Xander felt his knees buckle. He didn’t fall—Spike’s arms held him close.

Wow. It gets better every time I read it. But don’t you see? It fits! It’s perfect—they’re perfect…for each other, of course, so when I read it, I just knew that they had to be together.

And then suddenly, I started to remember the way Spike would sneak looks at Xander’s ass while he was installing the new shelves at the Magic Box, and how Xander always seemed to fidget just a bit more when Spike walked into the room.

And I thought, “Why not?” I knew they were meant to be together, and since they’re guys and are therefore completely clueless when it comes to relationships, it was obvious that they needed a little help…

…so I did something about it.

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