Addictive Personalities

by Raihne


"What the Hell are you doing?" Xander demanded, "That's it! I am. . ." He froze.

"You're what?" Spike asked.

The human sniffed the air and swallowed hard. It was that smell again, but this time it didn't just smell good. It smelled irresistible. He turned slowly to see Spike stroking himself, and his gaze was rivited to the precum oozing from the head.

"Smell it do ya?" Spike spread his legs and pressed his hips forward a bit. "Never done this before. Didn't know if the addiction would 'ave started so soon."

"Addiction?" The question was put forward in a distracted voice. Xander was putting most of his attention into resisting that smell.

"It's the Ksani in you." He sighed and stroked a litle faster. "Vampires are addictive to your lot."

"'m human," he insisted in a small voice, eyes never leaving the pale flesh.

"So then why're you coming closer."

Xander couldn't have stopped himself if he wanted to. "Why?"

"That little bit in the food wasn't enough to satisfy ya. Didn't think it would be. Most of it probably cooked out."


Spike laughed and moved his hand, "All yer's."

"I. . ." Xander fought his body to stillness. His eyes were glued to the slim white cock in front of him. It was like he had two voices in his head. One was begging him to run into the bedroom and lock the door. To sleep and forget all of this. He was human. He was straight. And there was no way he wanted to suck Spike's dick no matter how good it smelled. . . Mmm, smells so good. Just a little more. A taste. Just to see what it's like coming straight from him. cuming. . . mmmm. . . and that would be the other voice. Xander was panting, breath catching every so often as he stared at the vampire's offering. I am not going to do this. I am not! He was repeating the mantra even as his body surged forward.

The minute Spike's cock touched his lips, Xander stopped thinking almost completely. All that was running through his mind was the taste, the feeling, the smell. He buried his face in the honey blond hair at the base of the shaft and moaned, his tongue lapping all around it, his gag reflex completely gone. Nothing mattered except getting more of the creamy, salty treat.

"That's it pet, all yours." Spike cooed and buried his fingers in the chestnut brown hair. "Suck on it luv, more will come out if you. . . yeaaaaaaaaah." He groaned, "Ooh that's good. You got natural talent for this Xan. Try swallow. . . shit! ah! aah! oooh! Yeah! just like that."

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