Acquaintances by Tisienne Blue   Continued from Old Enemies 7 years after Bs7... Xander is a famous author and Spike's Claimed

Awaken by Virtual Personal   Xander brings his statue to life. Preview

Brown Eyed Boy by Naughtyfae   William Foster is a billionaire businessman in LA for a week. He needs a partner to attend a number of high powered, social functions.

Credence by Tabaqui   Instead of escaping the Initiative right away, Spike didn't get out until Buffy and Co. came in to wipe out Adam.  Preview

Detour by Tgray   Spike finds a little treat waiting against a dark lamp post.

Dirty Dancing Spander Style by Savoy Truffle   Xander and his sister Buffy reluctantly accompany their parents on a holiday cruise

Discoveries by Kay   Spike discovers Xander has a job at Jefferies, a local gay bar. Preview

Discoveries by Tgray Xander, the new kid in town, meets up with local band lead singer Spike

Dream of You by Tgray   Xander's expensive escort bears an uncanny resemblance to Spike, dead now these three years.   wip

The Five Stages of Grief by Tabaqui   There were five years and three continents between them

The Fragments Series by Shadowscast   What if Spike really did get the Shanshu?

Gentleman's Night by Lady Cat Xander never told anyone that the night he was forced to strip was Gentlemen's Night

Good Guy, Bad Guy by Cordelianne and Reremouse   Post-NFA, Xander's working with the Council and Spike's working with Angel. Somehow they keep running into each other.

Good Mojo by Whichclothes   Spike is Xander's only hope when a spell goes wrong.

Half-Windsor by Lady Cat   Xander has to go to a company dinner and Spike shows up as his date/partner, to Xander's surprise

Hard Time by BmblBee   Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.

Higher Learning by Yin Again   Xander had intended to start his PhD this fall, not teach literature to a bunch of privileged rich kids

Holiday!verse by BmblBee   Working for the Council, the boys are sent on assignments that require their special talents

Human Frailty by Shadowscast   Spike's now human, and he and Xander are both working for the new Watcher's Council in Rome. Fourth in the Fragments series.

Hunger by Lazuli.Kat   AU years after the last apocalypse. Everyone died except Spike and Xander. Xander is emotionally crippled and Spike is working as Guardian of the hellmouth for TPtB

Hustler!verse by Lady Cat   Xander purchases Hustler!Spike's services

If You Ever Hunger by Eyezrthewindows   Rent boy Xander meets Spike

Incident on the Bay of the Descending Dragon by Reremouse   Spike's not the kind of guy who'd show up in Vietnam to joke about being Xander's whore.

In From the Cold by Savoy Truffle   &   Reremouse   An all-human AU that takes place in a Northern city featuring Xander as a fast-food worker and William and Spike as homeless twins. Warnings should be read before starting the fic.

Late Night Porn Store Blues by Shadowscast Giles sends Xander to L.A. to investigate rumours of a Slayer in the city. What Xander finds is not at all what he expected.   Second in the Fragments series.

Letters by Tabaqui   Xander and Spike keep in touch

London Calling by Shadowscast   Buffy receives a mysterious telephone call from Spike in London, and sends Xander to find out what's going on.

Loserville   by   Shrift  Xander's attempt to prove he's not gay backfires

Old Enemies by Tisienne Blue   It's 7 years on... Xander is a famous author

Payless by Metaforgirl   Xander finds an emotionally damaged Spike after the destruction of Sunnydale.   Preview

Postcards from a Hotel Room by Wolfshark   Spike is a prostitute and Xander is his customer. Human AU

Prawnverse by Witling   Grinning lecherous Spike. Hungry wounded eyes-downcast Xander

Precious Jewel by Eyezrthewindows   Xander goes on a slayer-seeking mission and finds someone he never thought he'd see again and discovers a perfect opportunity for revenge

Press "2" by Kayla   Xanders rings a phone sex number and gets a sexy English accent on the line

Real by Nash   After the end of season 7 Xander got to working for the new Council. One day he gets a very unexpected guest.

Repossesion by Lazuli.Kat   Six years after Xander leaves Sunnydale Spike is kidnapped and tortured and then found by him half dead in an alley. (hints of Highlander in this series)

Rosebud Murders by BmblBee   Spike is a Homicide detective trying to stop a serial killer before he strikes again. Xander is a psychic who offers to help him.   Preview

Rough Diamond by BmblBee   Spike is a brilliant detective with OCD issues. When he is told to hide out in the woods with a male prostitute witness to protect, he gets more than he could have imagined

Scaling Heaven by Tabaqui   A sci-fi adventure

Scoffs At Gravity by Reremouse   Xander's a watcher, Spike's a ghost, Angel's a CEO.

Seeing Beyond Imperfections by Melissa   Fifteen years on, Xander has become the Seer for the slayers in America and discovers that even though Spike has been dead all this time, he has been anything but gone.

Shame the Devil by Yin Again   Spike and Xander have both left Sunnydale, it's seven years on and Spike is now a famous rock star, Xander is his manager.

Speed Demonby Denied Heaven   Spike as a cocky race car driver. Veerryyy loosely based on Days of Thunder.

Subtleties by Anna S   A few years after Spike settles in NYC, Xander is sent to find him, because they need him once more for a mission.

Sympathy For The Devil by Sakuri   In a Sunnydale without Buffy, Agent Harris may be the only initiative soldier able to get vital information about Angelus from Hostile 17   Preview

Therapy by BmblBee   Dr. Alexander Harris lives and works in the rich and colorful area of the Florida Keys and his life seems right on track. Then, one day a man comes to him for help.

Through the Looking Glass by Kimberly   Xander follows a Spike look-alike all over town, only to discover that it actually is the supposedly-dead vamp ... and that Spike's working as a "dancer" in a gay peepshow.

200 Years by Reremouse   Sod instinct. It's Harris. And apparently, he's dead.

When Boy Meets Boy by Nash   The girls are in UC Sunnydale, Xander's working construction and Spike is a student at UCS too. Boy meets boy, boy runs after boy.

White Lightnin' by BmblBee   Set in the early 1940's, Spike is a G-man sent on a mission to search for and destroy illegal alcohol when he has an accident. Xander is a moonshiner who takes him in.

White Marble by Josie_H   Exquisite statue... admirer... magic... and everything changes

Wonder!Verse by Savoy Truffle   Spike's a barely legal hustler.

The Woodshed by Rayne Jelly  Xander has become a successful business man with an engaging hobby who believes his life is close to perfect. Spike disagrees.

Working Man by Cleeaz Xander has left the scoobies and is living a successful life running his own hand-crafted furniture business when Spike unexpectedly re-enters his life

Writer's Block by BmblBee   A very successful mystery writer, Alexander Harris, is suffering from a severe case of writer's block. He accepts a $10,000.00 bet with his publisher after claiming he can crank out a full manuscript in a 24 hour period. Based slightly (very slightly) on the plot of the old movie "House Of Long Shadows"

Writer's Block by Spike_1790   Spike is an author. Willow is a fan. Xander gets caught up in the plot

Xander Harris - Undercover by BmblBee   Xander is drifting, looking for a purpose in life which finally comes clear when he spots a certain hairdresser by the name of Mr. William.

You've Got Spike by Michelle   Spike takes a job as a phone-sex worker.  S/X/Anya



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