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Titles K

The Key of the Dragon Witch by Kirasmommy   Spike is the lock/key over the Hellsmouth and Xander must guard him after Willow interferes with a spell   Comedy; Developing Feelings; Not Human

Kind of Luck by Skellerbvvt   Spike loses his memory, becomes the adorable little childe we’re sure he was, or should have been, and Xander steps in to help. He’s selfless that way   Just Kids; Lost Memory

King of Non-Sequitopia by Misanthrope   Spike has a lot of emotional baggage to work through. Can Xander give him what he really needs?   Angst; Sub/Dom; Epics with Plot

Kisses by TheShadierTwin   It was a good kiss. It wasn't their first.   Sweet and Schmoopy

Kniaz' t'my by Kisa   Xander goes back over 300 years in time to Russia in the 1600's, where he is turned, and lives as a Vampire until he reaches modern times again. Now a much-older-than-Spike Master Vampire, he claims Spike as his own   Vamp!Xander; Time Travel

Titles L

The Lamest Spell by Nomelon   The lamest spell in the history of Sunnydale is cast on Spike. Xander gets caught in the crossfire.   Preview   Under a Spell; Comedy; First Time; Something Made Us Do It

Learning Curve by Litgal  The Watcher's council sends Xander to Cascade where he learns a few things. Crossover with The Sentinal   Preview   Crossovers; Souled Spike; Superpower!Xander

Learning Curve: A Divertissement by Herself_nyc   Its care and feeding, its moods and manners   Developing Feelings; Secret Lovers

Learning to Live Again by Darkling Dawns   After eight years of adjustment after adjustment, Xander couldn't help but think that he'd earned a little downtime   Post NFA

Leather and Lace by Josie_h  Illyria took her Pet back with her after the Fall. An old friend found him. Given time, they both might just rescue each other.   Hurt/Comfort; Vamp!Xander

Lesser of Two Evils by Litgal   Sometimes the choices you make are the only ones you think you can   Preslash

A Lesson in Principles by Annie Sewell-Jennings   Nicely written, Season 4 Spike/Xander smut, with both of them getting reluctantly drawn to each other against their will.   First Time; Developing Feelings

Let's Talk About Sex by Estepheia   Unlife takes an interesting turn when Xander visits Spike with an unusual proposal…   Spander Plus

A Lifetime in a Minute by Desert Wren   Xander goes back in time and falls in love with William. He lives seven years in the past in a matter of moments.   Sweet William; Time Travel

LiL   dEVILs by Evil Manic Laugh   Xander, a starstruck groupie lands the dream job of managing up and coming Rock Star Spike and his band   Human AU; On Stage

Listening and Lies by Daedreams   Spike and Xander discover that they have more in common than they thought   Developing Feelings

Longest. Day. Ever. by Shadowscast   The Scoobies are forced to repeat a day over until they can find a way to prevent the Hell Mouth opening.  Preview   Time Travel

Long Time Gone by Yin Again   Xander's been away for eight years having a normal life. That's all been shot to hell and he's come back to Sunnydale looking for a little help from his friends, and Spike.   Hurt/Comfort; Epics with Plot

Lost by Authoress Nebula   Xander disappears, and months later arrives on Spike's doorstep, very much changed.   Hurt/Comfort

Lost in the Dark, Cleansed in the Flame by Margie   The Initiative have captured the boys for testing.   Consort!Xander; The Initiative

Lost Soul by Creed & Echos Revenge   Being given to Spike was the best thing that had ever happened to Xander   Vamp!Xander

love me leave me by TheShadierTwin   When Spike rejects him, Angelus kidnaps Xander in revenge.   Hurt/Comfort

Loyal and Gentle by Josie_h   A portal misfire results in Xander changing places with his Pet!Xander twin.   Sliders; Pet!Xander

Titles M

Madhouse by Whichclothes   After the battle with Wolfram & Hart, Spike and Angel are sent to different worlds. On returning, Angel enlists Xander to rescue Spike.   Spander Plus; Sliders

Magpie by Sparrow2000   Set post Chosen. Xander is travelling around Europe doing jobs for the Council when things start to happen...Developing Feelings; Epics with Plot; (Eventual) Vamp!Xander

Male Bond-age by Beamer   Spike and Xander run into a little trouble on a routine patrol the summer after Buffy’s death.   Trapped Together

Man of His Dreams by Whichclothes   Some years post-series, Xander's trying to lead a normal life, when he starts dreaming of Spike, who was last seen burning beneath Sunnydale High.   Ghost!Spike

The Man Who Stole the Heart of William The Bloody by Darkhavens   Xander gets interviewed by the "No.1 Magazine for demon-human relationships"   Comedy

Memento Mori: Hominem Te Memento by Whichclothes   In order to save the world, Xander must travel back in time and make sure that William becomes Spike.   Sweet William; Time Travel

Midnight at LAX by Ahestele  Set 15 years after the end of season 6 (but season 7 never happened). A combination of romance and emotional hesitations and miscommunication eventually set right.   Preview   Angst; First Time

Mission Implausible by Spikedluv   Xander and Spike undertake an undercover mission   Comedy; Developing Feelings

Mouse by Whichclothes   In an alternate universe, Spike went to Angel instead of Sunnydale after earning his soul. That didn't turn out well for Spike.   Hurt/Comfort

Mr Tig by Kirasmommy   A cat's eye view of the boys   Comedy

My Scorpion by Firehorse   Xander offers Spike a deal after his failed attempt to remove the chip.   Preview   De-Chipped; First Time; Abused Child!Xan

My Sweet Prince by Pirate Purple  How hard can it be to get morphine in L.A.?   Drink'n'Drugs

Titles N

Near Wild Heaven by Electricalgwen   What if it was Xander Spike went to right after he got chipped, instead of Willow?   Basement of Doom

Never Have I Ever… by Darkhavens   Spike and Xander get drunk and compare resumés.   Developing Feelings

The New Initiative by Rosejax   The Initiative captured Xander, put a chip in his head, and sent him off to kill Spike   Developing Feelings; More Than Human; First Time; Kidnapped; The Initiative

No More Snakes And Ladders by Tabaqui & Reremouse   The summer of 2004 finds Xander and Spike back in Sunnydale   Hurt/Comfort

No Power on Earth by Circe   Season 4, post "The Harsh Light of Day." Xander has something Spike needs.   Original Spike; First Time; Xander in Oxnard

Not Gonna Happen… Really. by Tisienne Blue   Spike and the girls have a plan. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan… and it’s for the best.   Beginnings

Nothing the Same by Orchidluv   summary   category

Titles O

The Offering by Spikedluv   Angel offered Xander to Spike; Spike accepts.   Preview   Developing Feelings; Original Spike

Old Enemies by Tisienne Blue   It's seven years on… Xander is a famous author   Consort!Xander; Epics with Plot; Working Man

Old Friends by Cimmer   Spike gets to play Dear Abby to a forest sprite   Fairy Stories

On The Job by Kimalis   The sound and smell of Harris is playing havoc with his senses and his soddin’ jeans are too tight again   First Time

An Orange Day by Eyezrthewindows   Spike gets a really crappy surprise on Christmas...and also a pretty good one   Human AU; Christmas

The Other Replacement by Cordelianne   Re-write of The Replacement   Double Trouble

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